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One Love Kenya

What do you celebrate (jivunia) about Kenya?
We are a great country, blessed by God from the very beginning. Here are some of the things that make me proud to be Kenyan:

  • Enviable weather (lots of sunshine, no storms, biting winter, heat waves…)
  • Diverse tribes (42 plus – Asians, Whites, etc)
  • National parks and wildlife
  • Creative and hardworking people
  • Community – extended families, relational
  • Our cultures (food, clothing, dance, language)
  • Medal winning Athletes
  • Vision 2030 (infrastucture, Konza city, etc)

Yes, there are some things we could and should change about this nation – driving habits, city planning and organization, kitu kidogo, impunity – but we have come a long way. And we will get there – to our Canaan land, the Kenya of our dreams!
Down memory lane: remember the following?

  • VOK and later KBC at 5 am – Now we can’t even count all the  many choices (radio & tv).
  • The song : oooh Kanu yajenga nchi – just before news (one party state with all-powerful presidency, we have grown politically)
  • Je, huu ni ungwana? Many talk shows and conversations around who we are and what we should become. Lots of great initiatives as well.
  • Nyayo school milk – Now free primary education and lots of empowered parents who can take care of their families.
  • 2002 elections – Yote yawezekana moment and season. We were immensely proud of our country and felt like we owned it.
  • 2008 post-election violence

We have come from far, but our future is even brighter.  As we consider Kenya Yetu, there is a scripture that speaks to us today: Acts 17:22-34
Here is what I learn from this text:
1. Kenya is God’s

(V24) – We are not just an unfortunate product of the scramble for Africa, we were conceived in God. Neither are we the brilliant creation of our founding fathers. God put Kenya together. Psalm 24:1 declares, “The earth is the Lord’s, and the fullness thereof.”
At the start of history, Genesis 1:1, the bible declares, “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.” God created. God gave us the natural resources and he made the people. Our land is a gift from God, it should not be a curse. God works sovereignly and redemptively in the affairs of men.
Kenya yetu is first and foremost Kenya yake!
2. We are one people basically

(V26, 28) – one blood, one people, one father, and varied expressions. God planned that you would be alive today, born where you were, with the color of your skin and the identity of your tribe and nation or race. God put us all here at this time in history for a reason. It is our chance and time. Nothing about origin, background and history is just an accident.
Be proud of who you are! We are better in our diversity. Each tribe contributes a certain strength that makes the nation great. (Verse 26, 28) Israel, the nation God dealt with especially in the Old Testament, was a nation of 12 tribes. Each had a unique gift and contribution.  We are all God’s offspring!
3. In God we should trust

(V 27) – The history of our nation is the story of God’s dealings. Every experience is an invitation to God. In our worst, we should look up to God for help (Ps 46:1). In our best, we should thank God. Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord!
In God we should live and move and have our being. In verse 30 Paul calls the people to change their worldview and connect with the God of the nation. True success in a nation is not in the condition of infrastructure, or economic power, or military might – true prosperity is a heart condition. It is found in alignment with the real God of the land. The West has lots of the things we dream of, but that has not cured the “fallenness” of man.
Those who wrote our national anthem got it right… it is a prayer to the God of all creation! A reaching out for him. And the Bible assures us, “… he is not far from each one of us.” (V 27)
Verse 31 is comforting: for the wicked – those who work to destroy, the cartels of evil in high offices, there is a God who will judge with justice. ICC has its politics, Willy Mutunga and the judiciary may have their biases, but the God of justice is constantly watching Kenya. He is the true, eternal Judge!
The one point of this sermon is this: Kenya yetu ni Kenya yake! (Our Kenya is God’s Kenya)
Kenya does not belong to the politicians, or the drug barons. Kenya is God’s idea. He has good plans for us and our better days are ahead of us.
Kenya yetu ni Kenya yake.
So what should be our response?
Kenya yetu calls each of us to:

  • Appreciate and love your country (Penda Kenya)– speak and act positive! Love the people God has put in his Kenya! You cant love Kenya and hate the people.. Love is different from like. I may not like what some people do but I love them. (Bible says love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you) Let’s not tear down our nation, or bad mouth it. Focus on the good and deal with the bad. Be a patriot – committed to Kenya yake. Remember – love is a verb, it is active.
  • Work for unity and progress (Jenga Kenya) – appreciate those who are different from you. Do not disintegrate into tribal emotions as we go into elections. Remember, we are one blood. The creation and conception of God! Counter small thinking and divisive talk. Work to build bridges across political and tribal divides. Get registered to vote. Participate in voter or civic education and the peace initiative launched by the principals. Jenga Kenya yetu! Because…

Kenya yetu ni Kenya yake!
Penda Kenya, Jenga Kenya. We should be confident of the future of this nation. We should look up to God and trust him for His kind of Kenya. Our country is a gift from the Almighty, and he will watch over it.
Imagine a Kenya, where the majority of us understood this is God’s Kenya, that we are one people and that in God we should trust? Imagine a nation whose God is the Lord! Imagine a people who love and build their nation as service to God!

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  1. What a Sermon!.Truly Kenya belongs to God and all who live here.We are just but stewards to live for one thing-Bringing Glory to God by our way of life through our words and actions.I agree that, God loves Kenya and Kenya belongs to Him.God Bless the work of Mavuno Church and God Bless Kenya now and forever.Amen!.


  2. I loved Kenya for the Churches, I got a high paying job at Saudi Arabia (2008) that is the time we came to Mavuno. Our only confusion is Mavuno or Saudi. Finally we said church is our priority, the same month the management matched with the Saudi package. FE


  3. I love this country and this sermon was a reminder of why!


  4. Robert Kemboi Says:

    If I Penda Kenya and Jenga Kenya then am not going to let anyone haribu my Kenya


  5. i love my country Kenya because of peace,good preachers and the weather that we have,so let’s pray for our country 4 God to give us more peace during the coming general elections.


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