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When we were children, we had a tongue twister…If kantai can tie and untie a tie, why can’t I tie and untie a tie like Kantai.

When I was a child we would do all sorts of adventure games this included crawling through tunnels, climbing ALL sorts of trees, swimming across ponds and rivers. In my gang of childhood friends there always was one who was the wimpiest, the rule of thumb was, if the weakest guy was able to roll in the tyre everyone else who considered themselves less wimpish must roll in the tyre or else you will be automatically crowned the wimpiest.

Ever been in a situation where someone less educated/ gifted/ beautiful/ articulate/handsome/ earning less….pulled off something and you thought, “if that guy can pull it off, how much more can I?”

Allow me to introduce you to some wimpi-sh, less than ordinary fellows in the bible, they never had the privilege of an environment charged with possibilities like Mavuno…..but nonetheless they made a difference in their world. If they could then we can!!!! If Kantai can, why can’t I?

READ: 2 Kings 7:3-17

Here is some background. The city was under siege, and famine broke out.

How many families represented here are under siege , they are besieged by alcoholism/drugs/marital conflict/financial crisis/sicknesses. Not only are our families besieged, it is no secret this city is under siege from all sorts of sanctioned and un-sanctioned criminals, corrupt individuals, lawlessness, poor governance , organized crime…..and the list goes on…….

Is it possible that some of us are under siege? Not only was the City under siege but the survival of the 4 lepers was entirely dependent on the state of the city.

The most interesting part of this story is that the lepers did not wait for their status to change for them to start making a difference. They began an interesting journey that led them to a game changing result!!! They stated with what they already had…SO what did they have?

The lepers had one of the most powerful resource anyone needs to succeed ….they had each other! Imagine if it was just one leper? 90% of all the resources you need to succeed on this Earth are in the hands of men. Personal relationships are the fertile soil from which all advancement, all success, all achievement in real life grows.

We need to re-evaluate our relationships……they either drain us or they gain!!!! I can only imagine how the conversation between the lepers was like as they crawled towards the Assyrian camp!

Remember last week…If you want to walk fast walk alone if you want to walk far walk with others!
You can never change what you are comfortable with or what you tolerate. The more uncomfortable you get about your status quo the closer you are to change. Be satisfied with a dissatisfaction that cannot be satisfied! Restlessness is discontent and discontent is the first necessity of progress. Show me a thoroughly satisfied man and I will show you a failure.

Genesis 27:40…You will live by the sword and you will serve your brother. But when you GROW RESTLESS,you will throw his yoke from off your neck.

3. REASON (Vs 3b)
Stimulate your thinking glands….by reading, by observing, by healthy conversations and by exposure. If you don’t think you will STINK. Pain makes a man to think and thinking makes a man wise.

Q. Do you take time to retreat and review and think through how you do things put on the different hats…..Have become mere creatures of ROUTINE or are we becoming people of thought????

4. RESOLVE (Vs 5)
Resolution is not an emotion it is a decision and a choice. Resolution is nothing unless it is followed by initiative! The lepers rose up early! The most interesting bit of the story is the fact that God began to do something immediately they took initiative. Some of us are too busy WAITING UPON GOD, yet we may be shocked to discover that it is God who is waiting upon us!!!

The safest way to fail in life is to play it safe. The lepers were willing to do something they had never done before – they were willing to venture into new territories. They were not afraid of trying and failing. You never be remembered for doing what others are doing, or what others have done before you?

We have 3 kinds of people in this world Undertakers(when entrusted with any task or project they kill it and bury it), Care takers (they maintain status quo, given anything they will make sure it remains the way it was given to them) and Risk takers (they will try something new with whatever you give them). Who are you of the three?

When they Got to the Assyrian camp they found the Soldiers had fled and left so much plunder, their risky initiative had paid off!!! But as they spoilt themselves in the unbelievable abundance of plunder they had stumbled across…..something hit them……..

6. REMEMBER (Vs 9)
While Queen Esther had just begun to enjoy her newly acquired position as the Queen of the Ancient Medo-Persia Kingdom, She was reminded Esther 4:14…..

“For if you remain silent at this time, relief and deliverance for the Jews will arise from another place, but you and your father’s family will perish. And who knows but that you have come to your royal position for such a time as this?”



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17 Responses to “I Also Can”

  1. Thank you for this powerful message delivered hilariously which made it ‘swallow-able’.So grateful for the remineder that modern day ‘lepers’ like me have an opportunity to change the city too…


  2. Exactly what i needed to hear…..sometimes we pray and cry to God without taking initiative and think that he is not listening or isn’t moved but he is all along waiting for me to Take initiative and he will walk with me the rest of the road 😉


  3. Rose Okeyo Says:

    The message was powerful for such a time as this.May God bless Pastor Chogo


  4. Awesome service, great lesson that I dont wait to have more money , a better job etc for God to use me, if He can use a lepor, He can use me too, I am stepping out to be used. Thanks Pastor Chogo that was a great sermon, and u can be funny in a nyce way, it kept us all engaged…God bless you for an awesome service.


  5. the only thing i can say is ‘RE-BLOG’ THIS ASAP!!!!!

    by order of fellow leper!


  6. I was so blessed by that message, a friend had talked to me about the same bible verse, about the lepers, and i felt God was telling me something too, infact i was so amazed when i heard Pastor Rogo speak about it. I was like, again! indeed God works in mysterious ways. His ways are not ours. Happy and blessed. Liz.


  7. Ole Maina Says:

    This message was just meant for me, suddenly i am so uncomfortable about my life and that of my family! I trust the Lord to en grace me to take bold steps!
    Thank you Pastor Chogo, this was not just from you heart but also from Gods own heart!


  8. wonderful sermon….i can like kantai!


  9. That was good …………


  10. Rachael muthoni Says:

    that was lovely sermon. keep it up


  11. great sermon it was


  12. First of all,
    this comment is waaaay overdue!!
    I think it’s been over two years since I sat in for all services just to hear the sermon again!!
    I remember telling my friends this Sunday that I just had to look for Pastor Chogo after service and give him a thorough handshake..which I did,while in tears because I was so overwhelmed with joy and conviction.

    I don’t have much to say,but the little that I do is that,it’s been a while since the word of God has sounded so relevant to me..especially because of the fact that I serve in church and sometimes I only listen to the sermon because I’ve done all my rounds in church during the previous services of the weekend! No offense Pastors..ninawalove!! 🙂

    This past weekend’s sermon was not even what I was expecting to hear or that I wanted to hear,but I’m very glad I heard it…twice!!

    I didn’t even realise that it was for me until the end of the sermon and I think that was what did it for me.

    Pastor Chogo shared some very true truths,and in a very fun and funny way,if I may add!
    My story is that my sister and I live in the same house and have not spoken to each other for ten years! Not even “hi” or “please pass the salt” or “mum is asking if you can do this thing for her”..nothing.
    All my friends who come home,leave the house soooo bewildered because they cannot believe the situation – but that’s how it is.
    The reason we started not talking(I think) is because those 10years ago I was diagnosed with clinical depression which caused such huge changes in my life that my sister just thought I had very many issues and didn’t want to associate with them/me in any way. That is when I can trace it back to. So since then,she has been openly treating me with contempt and sometimes even literally spitting in my face. She is The elder one by the way.
    So anyway,because of the hate I felt from her,I withdrew even further,mostly due to fear.
    And it’s been like that since then.

    Friends and relatives and my parents have tried all they can to bring us back to being the best friends that we were as children,but pride(my sister) and fear(me),have caused us to leave things in the lucky state that they are.

    This entire August,a friend of mine has been relentlessly suggesting that this year I should just send my sister a “Happy Birthday” message.
    After a lot of arguing with this friend and crying at the thought of my sister preferring to throw her expensive Blackberry in a pit latrine than torture it by having a text message from me in its inbox,my loving friend finally convinced me to send that message come my sister’s birthday.

    So this Sunday as I was thoroughly enjoying the sermon,it only hit me that the sermon was actually for me when Pastor Chogo talked bout (and prayed for) risk-takers.
    I’ve been praying about the situation since I joined and got saved in Mavuno 3 and a half years ago. But when Pastor Chogo said that thing about how we are always waiting for God to move and He is probably doing the same, I was like ummmm,I think that was for me! More so because my sister’s birthday was that following monday, the day right after that sermon!!!!!!

    Long story short, on Tuesday night( because I had panicked on Monday), I called my friend over, and asked him to watch me as I sent the text, just so that I wouldn’t back out(again).
    I sent the text, and I’m now waiting on God to either move or to give me more instructions( but I would really prefer if He moved!)

    Thanks Pastor Chogo.
    Thanks Mavuno.
    Thanks Persistent Friend.
    Thanks God.


    • Hi Jaya,how r things going with your sis? Be encouraged and don’t just keep your faith,spread it.Family is precious.


  13. Great sermon Pstr Chogo – thank you for praying for us to be restless


  14. Wangeci Kanyeki Says:

    What a well crafted sermon. Had me captivated, hooked and convicted……left service more restless than when I walked into church!


  15. diamond in the ruff Says:

    this has rly struck a cord in me…..I have been feeling like a failure for such a long tym and due to this i have shut myself out bcoz i feel like a disappointment at the moment i dnt av a single true friend ….But after ds preaching have decided to take a RISK and renew all the relations bcoz i knw i nid frnds and i knw dei r God-given …so help me God…gv me confidence and courage..


  16. thanks Pasi, didn’t make it to church then….but am grateful for the sermon. I want to make the next step


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