First Church; First Prayer

Join us this month as we talk about conversations that changed the world. Senior Pastor Kenton Beshore of the Mariners Church, and one of our keynote speakers from the 2012 Fearless Summit kicked off the new series.

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  1. HI, Pastor Kentton, i really appreciate this sermon you brought it out in such a simple manner. It found me in a place where for the past weeks i have been thinking that GOd is the most selfish person i have ever met.As in why does everything have to bring Glory to HIm?? I was confused cause i thought I knew God i mean am saved. So my prayer earlier this morning was that God could bring me back to the place of understanding. needless to say you helped me start the journey. I am the one who is selfish, I think, and it is hard at this time to think that way because of dissapointments and everything working against the current. but like the lame guy i choose to dance “am a walker, am a walker”….

    Ps: Do you have a blog for your church sermons? if so send the link i think you are a great speaker. God bless the Mariners church. plus you and your families.


  2. Hi everyone. Thank God for this sermon. I was at fearless and the two messages by pastor kenton have left a deep impression on me.

    I now truly understand that God called me to something much greater and bigger than myself. God saved each one of us and instructs us on how to live a righteous life. He frees us from so many addictions and bad habits. But I dont think this is an end to itself. I really believe that God wants us to each take part in his great command to go forth and make disciples of all nations.

    I have come to Mavuno for over 18 months and have not served in any ministry even once. Shame on me! God called us according to his purposes and grace. I have reveled in the ministry that the church has so selflessly given and have not seen it fit to help spread that same gospel. That same selfish attitude permeates my prayer life. only turning to God to sort my meager problems. Lord have mercy on a simpleton like me.

    Your purposes are eternal Lord, your plans stand firm forever! What an ingrate I am. Thank you for showing me that pastor Kenton I also truly realise that our church has great selfless leaders who give of themselves tirelessly for the benefit of the word of God. Pastor Muriithi, Pastor Linda, Pastor Simon and everyone at Mavuno may God bless you infinetely more than you could ask or imagine. Let Him be your loving kindness, your fortress, your high tower and deliverer


  3. Kenn fuppi Says:


  4. Pastor Kenton’s message on Sunday was eye-opening and truly challenging. I’ve been re-evaluating my prayers all week to see if I am still stuck praying little baby Jesus prayers. For the most part I believe I am and working on the process to have bold conversations with God.

    That said, I am having domees with God. I know He is true and I believe every word and every promise He has made thro the Bible. I am facing one of the most difficult situations in my life right now but I thank God because even through this I am hugely blessed. I am healthy, my family is healthy, we have plenty to be grateful for.

    I am deep in debt and thankfully we have some assets that we have been trying to liquidate to pay off the debt. Its been several months but despite lowering our asking prices and lots and lots of prayer, we haven’t sold even one. I really really need to get out of debt; its a terribly debilitating thing and I am sure God does too. I just cant understand why he isn’t coming through for us.

    If you are reading this, please join us in prayer that God may make a way, any way to deliver us and help us pay off what we owe. I thank you.


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