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It’s an amazing time to be alive in Africa. Just around 10 years ago, many were still describing Africa as the hopeless continent. Despite being a place amazingly blessed with natural resources, Africa’s name was synonymous with war, disease, illiteracy, dictatorship, genocide, corruption, economic stagnation, slums, ignorance and backwardness. Africans were some of the most discriminated-against people in the world. And for many Africans, the African Dream was to immigrate to a Western country and to leave the mess and poverty behind.

Today, a lot of that has changed. Governments, companies and private investors from across the world are beating their way here because of the rich mineral resources, a large young labor force, the peace and stability many African countries are now experiencing, and the huge investment opportunities now available. It’s becoming apparent to all that Africa is the continent of the 21st century!

For our visitors, throughout the month of June, we’re going through a series called “HEROES WANTED: An Invitation To Change The World” In the book of Acts, we discovered a group of very ordinary people who had a defining encounter with the Holy Spirit – and as a result became superheroes who changed the world. The exciting thing is that God is still in the business of turning ordinary men and women into world-changing super-heroes. Today we want to pick up the story from where we left off.

Read Acts 8:1-8, and then 14-17

Up to this point, everything seemed to be going so well, but soon, and pardon my expression, all hell broke loose! We are told ‘a great persecution broke out against the church in Jerusalem’. They were doing very well, they were the ‘cool’ church; real transformation was happening everyday and everybody knew about them! But in the process, they may have forgotten that God’s plan was for them to change their city, their region and ultimately the whole world. And so it seems because they wouldn’t go, God made them go by allowing persecution.

Note what happened as they scattered.

verse 1

all except the apostles were scattered throughoutJudea and Samaria

verse 4

those who had been scattered preached the word wherever they went’.

In Phase One of the church’s history, we mostly heard about what the apostles had done. But from this point on, there is a lot more emphasis on the regular members of the church spreading the gospel. A guy like Philip who until this point had only done background admin ministry – now he was in the forefront representing. Every single person engaged in their sphere of influence – students, housewives, artisans, business people, you name it – and wherever they landed, they shared with their peers what God had done for them.

Because of these regular believers, the same change that had happened in Jerusalem now began to happen in other cities in the region. And the job of the apostles became simply to come, see and bless what the church members were doing.

Our vision as Mavuno Church is to plant a culture-defining church in every capital city of Africa and in the gateway cities of the world by 2035. At the time, it felt impossible. But to my utter amazement today, we not only have a church in Kampala and Berlin in addition to 3 in Nairobi but we also have church planting teams in Lusaka, Daresalaam, Blantyre and Kigali! Today we talk to some international Mavunites who have experienced some of what God is doing through Mavuno their own countries to share that experience with us. Please put your hands together for Carol Maajabu (Tanzania) and Karl Kachale (Malawi)!


MW: Maajabu, you’re from TZ and played a huge role in leading your Life Group to go out to Dar and start Mizizi there. Karl you’re Malawian, and you were a major catalyst in putting together the team that launched Mizizi in Blantyre. What made you invest so much time and energy to bring Mavuno to your home cities?

CM: There are other one or two other churches trying to reach young people in Dar but what I love about Mavuno is our passion to reach not just Christians but people who wouldn’t ordinarily come to church. There are many people like that in Dar.

KK: I wanted my peers in Blantyre to experience what we take for granted here.

MW: Maajabu, you’re a regional brand representative and Karl, you’re an international banker. And yet you’re both using your professions as a platform to spread the gospel… what gives you the passion to do so?

CM: Mavuno is viral. You’re part of it and you want to spread it. At other churches I’ve been part of, it is a struggle to get people plugging in. But Mavuno is run by volunteers – people who feel they want to be a part of it. LGs doing stuff together really feels like we’re part of the church in the book of Acts..

KK: One thing I love about Mavuno is that you can be yourself and use your gifts for the kingdom. As a banker, I travel a lot to different cities and have access to a lot of information. I have come to see myself as an ambassador for Mavuno. It’s almost like I have two jobs! Wherever I go, I look for opportunities that can help get Mavuno started there. I realized that “What I do on a daily basis can be very goodfor the kingdom!

MW: What would you tell fellow Mavunites about why we must engage with Africa?

CM: A lot of the yuppies in Africa are seeing what multinationals know – Africa is the place to invest and they’re spending lots of money toget in position themselves. And if they were to combine this with the message of purpose that we learn at Mavuno, it could transform Africa!!

KK: Don’t sit back and watch! God is calling us to be marketplace pastors… to use our professions, skills and opportunities to share the gospel. Start where you are. It’s time to reinvent our thinking of what pastors are.

Are you part of the change?’ Our mission is not an easy one; it is to take ordinary people with all their issues and turn them into fearless influencers of society who will change Africa in this generation

Are you part of the change?’ Let me be honest with you, none of the pastors at Mavuno has what it takes to change this Nairobi, let alone change Africa… It’s going to take every single Mavunite playing their role, stepping out of their comfort zone and asking God to open doors for them to impact Africa, beginning right where they are.

  • That business you are running, because you are from Mavuno, it can’t just be a neighborhood shop; it must have a strategy for Africa! Right about now you should be praying aboutexpanding to Kampala because we already have a church there! Somebody needs to claimAfrica through your business!
  • As a professional, you must ask ‘why has God allowed me to be in this particular job at this particular time? What does He want me to accomplish for Him here before He moves me? And if there is an opportunity to work in another country, apply for it! May the Lord use yourcompany to pay for the expansion of the gospel across Africa!
  • As a Life-Group, you can’t just meet every week and pray for God to bless you! Why not adopt a country and pray regularly for that country? Why not trust God for an opportunity totravel there as a group on a mission trip over the next year! I challenge you to be the marketplace pastors that this continent needs.

Are you part of the change?’

Mavuno, rise up stand up! This is our moment, this is our time! You need to see yourself as a blessing to Africa! You are the hero that Africa needs! Don’t get comfortable, don’t ever settle for less! Don’t just watch as things happen, don’t wonder what in the world was going on! I’m inviting you to an amazing adventure to be part of the company of heroes that changed Africa in their generation. Each of us has a role to play.

Be part of the change!

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11 Responses to “This Is Africa”

  1. solomon onyango Says:

    hae mavunites! am very impressed with with your efforts to spread da gospel in kenya,africa n beyond.i apploud u 4dat. now u say that u’ve got 3 churches in nairobi n u want 2establish more in major capital cities,why? yet even in kenya u’ve not preached deep-rooted gospel in up-country! pliz plz cum out with full light n shine the whole blessed.


    • Hey Solomon, thank you for your comment. As you know Mavuno has been called to change Africa. It is very apparent in most countries including ours that the rest of the country simply copies what the city is doing. So if we take over the capital cities of the African countries, Nairobi included, it is a matter of time before the same culture spreads to the rest of the country. Remember Pr M said he cannot change Africa and neither can Mavuno Pastors. Now that I have been changed, my family will be changed, my brothers will be changed and basically it should be a ripple effect to the rest of the country. This is what Mavuno has been called to and this is how it has been called to do. I hope this clarifies. Good day Solomon


  2. I was in church today,as i listened to maajabu and the other guy story i felt i was destined for more.I trust God for financial break through so that i can continue with my studies.I also want to bring can bring change in my family.I know i can bring joy to my mum who has been sruggling through her life to make sure that my sister and i are where we are today.I am requesting for your prayers .


  3. Already too willing Says:

    Hi guys, am in Dar fotr a job assignment for 2 months ending August and would love to be part of this while here. Whatever I can do with my time here. Could you send me details of where guys meets?


    • @already too willing, welcome to dar. We have mizizi classes that have just started and you are more than welcome to join us in any capacity. There’s a meeting on friday evening and another one on saturday morning. You can reach Pr Mark on +255788444280


  4. I was totally impressed by the two interviewees using their proffessions and their skills to be market place pastors, I am now inspired to do the same and I now view my boring dead end job differently and as whole opportunity for God to use me too!


  5. Margaret Says:

    wow i was not in church but the stories from the people who have commented are just overwhelming,iam part of the change and am starting where iam now


  6. I participated in a workshop on Monday with Youth from different walks of life and noted that one thing that I think Pastor M you should touch on in line with the theme of this month is the power of our thoughts especially amongst youth.

    Kenyan youth need to believe they have the power to make positive impacts in society, regionally and globally and their thoughts need to be geared towards this as we are no better than our thoughts. That is why the devil mostly attacks our thoughts towards our down fall. Similar to Spider-man’s story last week, If we think we are weak we become weak, if we think we are strong then we are strong, if we think we are failing-we fail… Kenya and the world generally is facing different issues currently, the question is what can we do about them and the answer is one thought away.

    We are always one thought away from the solution to our circumstances. One thought can deliver a drug-addict, a prostitute, a small scale entrepreneur, a non-performing student, a thief etc. By thinking that if I touched Jesus’s clothes the hemorrhagic woman was healed, Jairus daughter was raised from the dead, the woman at the well thirsted no more, the blind man received his sight…

    Another reason we need to go to church to put our heads together and feed our minds and spirit with the Holy word and positive messages. Negative words have the power to brng us down just as much as positive words do to deliver us from our problems. Have you ever noticed how much people and many preachers talk about generational curses and rarely talk about generational blessings? In my profession we talk about leaving a better world for our children but rarely about leaving better children for this world. We need to start working on generational blessings. Change starts with you and me.

    Jesus ministry began when Mary visited Elizabeth and John lept in the womb and Elizabeth became the first person to call Him my lord, (Donnie, M. 2012). Kenyan youth not only need to touch the nation but the region and the globe. Parents and guardians need to raise their children with love in accordance with God’s guidance you may not know whether you raising the next Moses, Joshua, Jeremiah, Nehemiah… We surely should be market place pastors, we may not know who is listening or watching and might change their thoughts/perceptions positively towards life. Similar to how salvation got into Zacheaus house when Jesus spotted him on the tree. Let’s submit with obedience to become positive change agents towards serving a higher purpose other than our immediate needs.


  7. Pastor M Says:

    @Euphresia, well put! Or as Rev Kwame would say, ‘preach!’ Totally resonate with what you wrote. Thanks all for your comments! Let’s be the change that Africa needs.


  8. I love reading this blog around mid-week for encouragement purposes and must say that this lady is quite motivational. The last time I read something from her on the blog was sometime in April- I think you should join our L.G Euphy, God bless your endeavours in encouraging youth like you and me, It’s our time to shine!


  9. Aneri nyar Yongo Says:

    First and foremost; let me confess that i have been coming to church intentionally late, in order to avoid the worship session because i was warned its full of christened secular music. Recently, i invited my sister who was visiting from Dubai and i warned her of the music and requested her to excuse it because the preaching was really good. So that Sunday, the 27th, by Gods grace, i attended my first worship session at mavuno and i was not just amazed, i was touched. The music was not what i expected. The sound system was just great! I must commend you for that. My husband is an audio producer and he cannot withstand bad sound. He neither complained nor went outside; that is a great sign the sound is good, trust me. He is a perfectionist in his work.

    I worshiped God with abandon. Ever since, i hurry up my family to get ready quickly because i never ever want to miss out on worship again. The anointed lady who led worship last sunday was used of God in a mighty way. From where i stood, i felt the Holy spirit move… it touched me. Right then and there, i knew God was in the midst of His people. I knew God was in Mavuno.

    Coming to Mavuno was a God thing for my family. One of my best friend’s mother used to come to Mavuno and though she is already dead, i just started coming… Probably because of nostalgia and secondly because i felt the time was ripe for change. I was brought up in a God fearing family. I first fell in love with Jesus when i was 14 years old. My family is one in which Gods place is uncontested even to those who are not committed Christians. Our parents left no room for choice and i thank God for that because, they are the vessels through which God planted an unquenchable love for His work in our lives.

    Scripture says; train up a child in the way it should go and when they are old, they will not depart from it.
    It has been difficult to convince our parents about our move to Mavuno church because they are very suspicious of all new churches for the fear of wicked foundations. So far, its still a point of discussion. The bible does not promise us an easy time anyway; it says; the violent take; they take it by force!

    We are taking our position in the line up of Gods army, ready to go out and bring in the harvest. We are ready to go out and defend our boundaries. We refuse to sleep on our watch. The message last Sunday left no room for doubt. The time has come and it is already here when the righteous will worship the Father in spirit and in truth.
    Even as the creature awaits for the earnest manifestation of the children of God.

    I have never felt so much aligned to my destiny, the very purpose for my creation. I have never felt so much empowered. My faith can move any mountain on my path. I feel favoured of God to have found this church. The bible says that God favours whom he favours and He favours not whom he favours not but time and chance happens to them all. His ways are not our ways, and His thoughts are not our thoughts. Who can comprehend him? His steadfast love never ceases and His mercies will never come to an end. His faithfulness endures forever.
    I am blessed in every way. Coming from a background of mainstream church, i see all the good things Mavuno is doing. I welcome the efforts put to all the life enrichment programs that have been such an answer to our prayers.

    At Mavuno, we have been called up by loving strangers, we have been supported, counselled, taught, we have made friends, and now we are being empowered to take on our God given mandate. I ask for the nations… By faith i ask for the nation of Thailand. Not just because i am writting from Thailand, this a coincidence actually. When i was younger i came to Thailand and i saw a country that was to me, as perverted as Soddom and Gommorrah. Sexual immorality is normal here. Men who call themselves Ladyboys are all over and oh my, you can easily confuse them for women. When i walk the streets of Bangkok, i see so many foreigners most of whom are sexual tourists with perverted preferences.
    Jesus cried for Jerusalem… I cry for Bangkok. I cry for the boy child over defilement by homosexuality. I cry for the girl child over unwanted pregnacies, abortion and child mothers. I cry for marriages that are weighed down and cracking at the seams… i cry because Gods people are perishing all over the world for lack of knowledge.

    This is my call, this is my purpose.
    So help me God.


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