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What’s the worst advice you’ve ever received and acted on? It could’ve been bad investment advice, bad education advice, or rotten relationship advice. Bad advice abounds! We are going through a series last week called ‘Life Bila Regrets’. We’re learning from God’s Word some navigation tools that will enable us make good decisions consistently so that we can thrive in all areas of our lives. Today, we want to look at the third critical tool.

Read Exodus 18:13-27

Talk about being overwhelmed at work! After years herding sheep in the desert, Moses had finally discovered his purpose, which was to free a couple of million men, women and children from slavery and to lead them to a Promised Land that none of them had ever seen before. It was an incredibly difficult role to play and when he got to the office, he’d find a long line of people waiting from him. From early in the morning to late at night, he would be in appointments with all sorts of people, dealing with all their issues.

This was a terrible way of doing things on many levels. It was bad for his family, bad for his health; bad for his friendships, and ironically, it was bad even for those he was leading. The problem is that Moses had no idea that there was another way to do things – he was completely blind to the fact that he was endangering himself, his family and indeed the whole mission by doing things the way he was. He was setting himself up for a life of regret. And the sad thing is… there was no one around him who could tell him.

Like Moses, many of us today are making huge decisions in isolation. We are in danger of making major mistakes but there’s no one to speak to us about it. Why is this? There are many different reasons. Some of us are so qualified and organized-looking and so high up in the organization that people are intimidated to approach you! For others of us, we’re so busy that there are just no people around us who are able to pin you down enough to have a conversation with you. Some of us fear that asking for help will expose our weakness and so even if we can tell things are just not right, we maintain the façade that everything is okay and soldier on. Some of us come from family backgrounds where we were taught to keep our personal business to ourselves and not to trust others with our issues. We have made decisions this way for so long that it’s the only way we know how! And truth be told, most of us don’t like other people meddling with our lives anyway. Our problem with good advice is that it usually interferes with our plans… after all it’s my life!

Fortunately for Moses, he stumbled on an important decision – making tool that saved him from a life of regret – Godly Advice. His father-in-law was visiting town and after observing Moses at work, he courageously gave him some life-saving godly advice. There are a couple of things I have come to realize about godly advice.

1) Godly Advise Removes Blind-Spots

v.14 ‘What is this you are doing for the people?”

In all fairness, Moses was probably doing a pretty decent job at counseling people, and I’m sure the people really loved and appreciated him for it. Yet no matter how good at it he was and no matter how hard he worked, eventually he would become tired and overwhelmed and started making bad judgments. Fortunately for him, Jethro was able to ask him the right questions and begin to pinpoint the real issue. He was blind to the major danger lurking on the horizon if he continued at that pace. He needed to do something drastic before he crashed. You see, we’re often, too close to a problem to get the proper perspective. We can live blissfully unaware of our blind-spots. Many leaders have crashed because nobody was close enough to ask ‘why are you doing what you’re doing?’ Godly advice removes our short-sightedness and helps us see our true position. It helps us sort through our emotions and get to the reality. Ask your neighbor ‘Who Is Your Jethro?’

2) Godly Advice Multiplies Experience

v.17 ‘What you are doing is not good’.

They say “Experience is the best teacher”! Yes and no. Experience is the best teacher only when it’s someone else’s experience! There is no reason to learn every painful lesson yourself when you can learn from the mistakes of others. What Godly counsel does is help you accelerate your own learning curve so that you do not have to make the same mistakes that other have made. Who Is Your Jethro?

Not all advice is good advice and not all advisors are Godly advisors! How do I build some Jethro’s into my life?

  • Godly Advisors Never Contradict God’s Word – God never goes against His word! And godly counsel will never substitute or contradict God’s Word, but rather affirm the things that God is speaking to us in His word. Always test the counsel received against God’s word to ensure they are saying the same thing. Are your advisors godly advisors, or do they give advice that contradicts God’s values?
  • Godly Advisors Speak The Truth In Love – None of us like to be confronted or told we’re on the wrong. The temptation, especially when you’re in a position of leadership is to surround yourself with people who only agree with you to your face. It can’t have been easy to listen to someone telling him why he was wrong. Allowing others to confront our blind spots calls for a lot of humility. It takes cultivating a spirit that is moldable and teachable. And this is the only way we’ll have the perspectives needed to make decisions that won’t lead to regret. I love Prov.27:6 ‘Wounds from a friend can be trusted but an enemy multiplies kisses’

Who is your Jethro? Perhaps a better way to ask that is Who Are Your Jethros? Do you have advisors you can trust? People with your best interests at heart; who will listen graciously but will then give you godly counsel? Who are your Jethros?

Overcome any fear or hurt that may be stopping you from surrounding yourself with godly counselors. You cannot thrive alone! If you’re not in a Life Group, please sign up today and we’ll do our best to link you up with one. If you were in one and it didn’t work out, keep trying and don’t allow the enemy to isolate you. And for those already in LGs, let me encourage you not to stay on the surface. We want to be a church of real people, with real issues before a real God. Let’s work to ensure our groups are safe communities where we can share with trusted friends who have our best interests at heart.

Challenge us to be a community of trusted friends. That we’ll be friends who advice, build, and rebuke each other. People you can trust to confirm God’s word to you and stand with you in prayer. Don’t be left behind while others are enjoying this blessing of having trusted people helping us navigate difficult decisions.

Who are your Jethros? Lord please open my eyes and ears to those you choose to help me with my current battles.

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23 Responses to “Social Network”

  1. This sermon could not have come at a better time! God’s timing is always perfect !!!! May God continue to bless you as you teach us His word.


  2. Thanks pastor m . i must say i was really blessed by your sermons today, i now understand the meaning of prayer and i wont give up but i will continue praying that i wont break my relationship with God


  3. this was deep. i pray to God that i will endeavour to surround myself with Jethros. God bless you pastor M. This message convicted me to read the bible late in the night in order to get to understand for myself, how the whole story started. I ve felt the conviction to relay the same message to colleagues in the office tomorrow morning.


  4. david chome Says:



  5. Hi Pastor M i really like your sermons and mavuno i always look forward to Sundays then somehow the devil keeps me out of church i don’t even go out somehow i get myself tied up in avoidable situations. Please make a prayer for me. Thank you.


    • wanguisummedup Says:

      Hi. Pastor M actually mentioned that God had given Him a word about evil being in Mavuno and he prayed against the devil distracting people from what God wants for them, because God is doing a great work in Mavuno. May the Lord give you focus and grace and plan to be there Saturday or Sunday! Please view the sermon on You Tube:


  6. thanks pastor M.been traveling along life’s road on my own counsel, this sermon has helped me begin the journey to a good decision maker!


  7. kimathi Says:

    Hallo Pasie i missed this sermon but for sure i have read it on the blog and i have learnt that we can never really advice our own selves but should get counsel from God Through fellowship with other church members especially LGs.Have a blessed week and cheers.


  8. “I am glad that I paid so little attention to good advice; had I abided by it I might have been saved from some of my most valuable mistakes.”


  9. Mashadamu Says:

    I want to thank you Pastor C for this sermon. For sure there was a time I was in dire need of advice. I was dating this guy and it had turned ‘intimate’. We are both born again and I was confused. Having been in the world, I knew in my heart what we were doing is wrong. I would come to church and serve but inside I felt like a traitor. So being I sought out advise from my fellow christian. You would be shocked to hear that I was told to go ahead with the relationship because finally God had brought a good man my way..
    I tell you Pastor C, I was torn. Was my spirit wrong? I kept reading the word and believe me Paul talked to me. Over and over I kept repeating his words to myself and eventually I sought more advise from my lifegroup. To cut a long story short, these guys Jethrod me to reality! Am glad I heard this sermon and I can now advice according to the bible rather than according to the circumstance.
    1 Corinthians 6:18 really spoke to me;
    ‘Flee from sexual immorality. All other sins a man commits are outside his body, but he who sins sexually sins against his own body.’
    May God continue to use you guys to speak to his people. Baraka


  10. Brilliant, after this sermon, I looked at who could be my Jetro, and it’s great to look at my wife and realise what she has been. she collects me irrespective of what my reaction will be, unlike most of my friends who will wish u stay out the whole night, rave and throw away the hard earned money, not to forget that when I go calling for a soft loan to get through to end month, these friends wont be there. Thus thanks for how you are impacting some of us, nice and can’t wait for sunday for some proper soul whipping…Regards.


  11. Hi Pastor
    There is no substitute for being real.I missed abit of this( i was in the greenhouse) but thanks for this blog.

    Personally, I am lucky to have a brother who has been my Jethro. A few years ago I slipped into alcoholism. None of my friends & siblings had the guts to face it and tell me it is bad. Maybe coz I was the most educated with good income in the family. So….none had the guts to face me.

    In any case, I supported them financially. So i wasted time and resource on it. Even my Christian friends didn’t face me. But thank God for one of my brothers. He visited me one day and told me the truth. He asked “what is the benefit of alcohol?” It was painful to discuss the topic, very embarrassing and awkward. But I thank God the courage to converse on it and heed his advise. It marked a turning point in my life. Guys, it is good to have Jethro’s in our lives.

    Thanks pastor.


  12. Muthoni Says:

    Lovely sermon. My problem however is that I have done Mizizi and Ombi, but I feel so isolated in Mavuno. My LG is not active, a few of us made several attempts to revive it at some point, which sadly did not bear much success. Our LG is non-existent basically. Additionally I moved to a different neighbourhood, so can I ‘transfer’ to another LG in my new ‘hood? *i’d really love this!*

    It feels awkward to just come to church sit, listen to the sermon and leave as though I were a visitor whereas I am a member through and through.

    So basically I don’t want to feel like a visitor, I want to engage and I would like to have a Jethro. Any advise please?


    • Hi Muthoni, where did you move to? This info could help connect you to an LG. I should warn you though that a new LG means you’d have to sacrifice time and relational energy to connect and grow with your potential LG. (Terms and conditions apply 🙂 )


  13. thanks for the great work you are doing ,baraka kibao


  14. Pastor M, your sermon was right on the money. It is pride that drives us to hide our weaknesses not realising this actually keeps one permanently weak. The humility to acknowledge our weakness and ask for help is key to breaking the vicious cycle. God has blessed us with mature, caring people who recognise our common struggles and will help us deal with them. We are part of Christ’s church, and ‘if one member suffers, all the members suffer with it; if one member is honoured, all the members rejoice with it’ (1Corinthians12:26 NAS). God instructed Moses, ‘Select…some…honest men who fear God…They will help you carry the load’ (Exodus 18:21-22 NLT).


  15. Khadija Says:

    Hi Pastor,

    i came to mavuno first time in april and have not missed one saturday. Wow you are real. Who are my jethros? …….. Been to busy to litsen but that sermon was an awakening call.


  16. Thanks pastor M this has been the best sermon ever. I have learnt how to be Gods friend and how to pray and i ope one day i will someone jethrol and mostly i want to have a jethrol friend who tell me the truth


  17. Monicah Njeri Says:

    Right at the moment that i entered and walked all the way to my usual seat, i knew something was either right/wrong…let me take that again…. Sunday morning i wasn’t OK at all! my chest was heavy and it was on fire! Anyways i sit and right through the worship session, am crying!&crying am convicted big time! i just couldnt get it! it was so so different,Them Pr. M takes the stage&pierces through the already sore heart with his sermon so alive, oooh how i have had wrong jethros!& how much i have ill jethro’d a bunch people in my life! i needed help, i need out…but not yet, Pastor makes the altar call&no way will my hand go up! tears turn into sobs!&everyone around me turns but my hand was 10tonnes heavier than usual…the pastor calls again and this time he says.”…i sense there is someone else,please dont leave this compound before you give your life to christ, see any of our senior pastors before you leave” what a sigh of relief!!the service was over but could my feet walk away? No!!!! my chest? oh goodness…i stood out there literally torn apart,……may be i should tell you next week? but No!!…infact, drum rolls!!!!!!!!! i gave my life to christ that day!& the heat the weight and the tears all gone!!! am sooooooo exited!! Mavuno rocks!! God Rocks!!!! am new!…there is more, i had merely started mizizi a week earlier, can yu imagine how timely all this is?No you cant, ask me about it!


  18. Damaris Musinguzi Says:

    I guess it is time for me to take a stand and start helping people. I always watch people fall because i say its none of my business.

    I will start to be involved with other people and also let them help me. i have been so isolated. i have been so i don’t care.

    I believe if i become someone’s Jethro someone will be willing to be my Jethro and i will make GOOD decicisions in the future.

    Let me open up to people now and let God work in me


  19. If only i could brave up and strech out for help.God help me


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