God’s Positioning System (GPS)

We started a series last week called ‘Life Bila Regrets‘, where we’re saying that we are the products of our decisions. Today’s decisions will determine tomorrow’s reality. Last week we looked at the first decision-making tool. Today, we want to look at the next critical tool.

Read Luke 22:39-46

In the passage we’ve read, Jesus was facing his toughest decision yet. He was in a terribledilemma. On the one hand he was committed to doing God’s Will which was to take on thepunishment for human sin. But on the other he knew that would cost him dearly, includingexperiencing the complete and utter separation from God, the Source of all life. There would bea huge cost to obeying God. And he wished there could be another way! And so our passagetells us that in his dilemma he resorted to what he had always done; prayer.

How does prayer help us when we’re facing huge decisions?

1. Prayer Establishes Connection

v.39 ‘Jesus went out as usual to the Mount of Olives’

The most significant purpose for prayer is not to get answers to our problems but to bond with our heavenly Father. You see, prayer is a conversation with God. It sets up a connection between you and your heavenly Father. It’s a bonding time, where you confide your feelings, thoughts, joys, frustrations, struggles and questions to a trusted friend. And in the process, you establish a connection!

The amazing thing about God is that He’s not just any other friend. He has a birds-eye view ofmy life. He can see the road ahead of me. He can see where there are roadblocks and traffic letme know which routes are best to take home. In that way, conversation with Him is like having a divine GPS. GPS or Global Positioning System is a satellite navigation system is used todetermine ground position and velocity (location, speed, and direction) is helpful in selectingwhich road to pick.

As we make difficult decisions at the crossroads of our lives, we connect to our own spiritualGPS, God’s Positioning System to ensure we always make the right decision.

James 1:5 promises, ‘If anyone lacks wisdom, let him ask God who gives generously to all without finding fault’.

The bible tells us that God and Abraham were such good friends that when God wanted todestroy a city, he thought, ‘it would be unfair for me to do this thing without talking to my closefriend!’ Talk about connected! How do you establish such a connection? The secret is timetogether! When you spend a lot of time with anyone talking over issues it is almost given thatyou become CLOSE to that person. You get to know how they think, and what is important tothem. With time, you can even predict what they’re thinking about a certain issue.

As I read His word, as I speak with him about it in prayer every day, I learn to startdistinguishing His voice above all the clamor and misdirection. And when I’m at the cross-roads,my signal from Him is loud and clear!

Isaiah 30:21 says ‘whether you turn to the right or to theleft, your ears will hear a voice behind you, saying, “This is the way; walk in it’.

 2. Prayer Keeps Me From Wrong Turns

v.40 ‘Pray that you will not fall into temptation’.

Twice in our passage, Jesus urged the disciples to pray against temptation. In every big decision, there is always a temptation to choose the easier path as opposed to choosing the right path. Jesus had struggled through this temptation himself. In Luke 4, the devil began a desperate attempt to get him to renounce this painful course of action. You don’t have to die; surely you can save the people by giving practical solutions like bread? Surely, you can ask God to save your life? This dying on the cross thing, it doesn’t suit you! It’s not your swag! There must be an easier way! Right from the beginning, he was determined to distract Jesus from his purpose.

Listen; the devil is determined to destroy your purpose! His goal is that in your day-to-day decisions at home, in the office or in the classroom, you will choose your way and stray from God’s way.

Proverbs 14:12 says ‘There is a path before each person that seems right, but itends in death’ (NLT). But Jesus was able to avoid the temptation to go his way. v. 42 ‘Father ifyou are willing, take this cup from me; yet not my will, but yours be done’.

I love the way he kept it real with God. He knew that what God wanted was not what he preferred. And he didn’t try to hide that or pretend. But in the process of sharing his preferences, something was happening to him. The bible tells us that even though he dreaded what was about to happen, later on he was able to answer Pilate and the high priest with authority and confidence. His prayer did not change the fact that he was going to be crucified. But it changed his posture from a struggling person to a surrendered person. This is what happens when you Get Connected!

Just like God’s word calibrates our minds so we can understand what God wants, prayer tunesour hearts so that we are able to surrender to His will and purpose for our lives. Before prayerchanges my circumstances, it has to change me! Some of us here were so disappointed thatGod did not do what we wanted when we prayed that we forgot that God has a much bigger planfor us. That He sees the bigger picture! And that in His love for us, He is working out all thingsfor our good (Rom.8:28).

God ALWAYS answers when we pray. To some of our prayers, he gives the green light – or YES. Those are the prayers that are completely in tune with His will and in our best interest atthat time. To others He gives orange light for WAIT. Why? Sometimes because the answer isnot yet ready for me and He’s working on it, but other times because I’m not yet ready for theanswer – and He’s working on me! And I need to trust that He will make all things beautiful inHis time! (Ecc.3:11) And finally, he will sometimes give the red light – and say NO to our prayer.But even at such times, it is never out of malice but out of His love for us. The key thing thatkeeps me trusting even when I get a ‘wait’ or a ‘no’ answer is the trust that comes out of ourconnection. As someone once put it, even though I don’t always see His hands, I can alwaystrust His heart.

Its Time to Get Connected!

GOD’S QUESTION: Will you be patient and let Me change you, rather than try to manipulate Me to get what you want?

 3. Prayer Gets Me To My Destination

v. 43 ‘An angel from heaven appeared to himand strengthened him’.

The disciples were asleep, ‘exhausted from sorrow’. There are those times that even those we expect to be there for us let us down. People we trust/look up to/who should know better. But even though Jesus was abandoned by his friends, in the course of His prayer, God sent an angel to minister to him and to give him strength to carry on and fulfill his difficult assignment. When we stop trying to force God to do things our way and begin to submit to and trust His leadership, He is able to strengthen us to face it. 1Cor.10:13 says ‘No temptation has seized youexcept what is common to man. And God is faithful; he will not let you be temptedbeyond what you can bear. But when you are tempted, he will also provide a way outso that you can stand up under it.’ God always has a way out. Sometimes it’s by changing your circumstances. And sometimes it’s by changing you! So once more,It’s Time to Get Connected!

I believe that God is inviting us to become people of prayer – friends who communicate with him regularly and often. People who are connected to divine wisdom through a habit of regular prayer. People who during the day, as they work out in the gym, before they enter a meeting, as they’re sending out a tender – they always take a moment to connect with their Father.

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23 Responses to “God’s Positioning System (GPS)”

  1. Oscar Osabinyi Says:

    ‘The word of God calibrates the mind, whilst prayer ‘calibrates’ changes our hearts…

    I also heard another say,

    ‘The value of persistent prayer is not that he will hear us, but that we will finally hear him’. William McGill

    Clearly, prayer attuned Christ Jesus heart to God’s will when he was faced with the toughest decision in his life. Prayer clarifies God’s will…

    O – that I would obey God by studying the scriptures daily and enjoining in a prayer lifestyle that will cause the world see the full manifestation of his glory in my time:


  2. The sermon was nice. Thanks pastor M.

    I know i should not give up on prayer but lately am resigned because iv prayed n fasted for a specific blessing but it looks as if its the one thing God has purposed to make me wait forever or said no along time ago only that i do not know.

    Nowadays if i pray i feel like am bothering Him. Am not attentive in church and i cannot wait to leave church and just be. I will try the conversation with God that you proposed. I hope it works.


    • stephen omollo Says:

      That was awesome pst M. God realy spoke and I learned so much, that I felt I should have dragged everyone I know to church, God bless you so so much, amen


  3. i now understand that prayer is important in ma every day life,thanks pastor m.GOD BLESS YOU.


  4. GOLDEN GIRL Says:

    WOW !!!! Thats how i felt…..WOWED….if there be such a word….For the longest time…..i prayed only when i needed something or when things were not going right but hey i came to the realization that prayer is conversation with God,,,updating Him on my ‘STATUS”….of course He already knows……He is the author of mu life…. but by connecting with God i am acknowledging my status and seeking insight on what and how i can do whatever i do better….Being an early riser….i connect with my Father on my way to work…..takes me around 20minutes and the conversations are always so refreshing(anyone who sees me probably thinks i own a blue tooth…this lady always talking to herself)…but am not by myself….i am with my Father catching up and placing my day and life before Him to take over…..its such a precious time….I LOVE IT…..I encourage all of you to talk to Him just the same way you would talk to your therapist,friend,lover….without reservation or formality…keeping in mind that HE is the greatest therapist,most loyal friend and divine lover……WHAT A FRIEND I HAVE IN JESUS!!!!!


  5. Grace Abigael Says:

    I am the point in my life where i need to make decisions and it has been tough but after listening to Sundays sermon..i have a head start on how i am to approach this..Thanks Pastor M.


  6. Waithera Says:

    Thanks Pastor M, yesterdays word really changed my outlook. I took time to have a conversation with God in a relaxed manner yesterday evening(i don usually pray) and i felt soo blessed and connected. Can u imagine in the middle of my prayer a verse came to mind and the words of the verse too(note i had not read the verse before). I was afraid to open the bible(doubting thomas) after the prayer to confirm whether its possible that God could speak to me with such accuracy. I gathered courage this morning and to my utter shock, the verse n the words in it were exact!!! Oh my goodness, God spoke to me. am soo humbled i could not help but just shed tears of Joy. I am soo happy and will continue with this journey(connecting with God). God bless you immensely as you continue to shepherd us.


  7. Dear King’ori would you be so kind as to put me on your email list for the Mavuno sunday sermons that go into people’s inboxes? I used to receive the same but I have since changed my email. Please advice. I would be grateful for your assistance. God bless


    • King'ori J. Maina Says:


      You can easily subscribe to the blog via email. On the homepage of the site… there is a subscribe to email box that you can use to sign up. Let me know if you have any trouble with that…


  8. Gladdie Says:

    Yesterday was a new beginning for me. I am a prayerful person but my prayers are always ‘me-centred’ and mostly intense when faced with a difficult situation. Am glad it was revealed to me clearly the reasons which i should base my prayers on, i like mostly the bit of direction giving! GPS, what a good feeling to know i will never be lost again now that My God points and leads my way! Thanks Pastor M for being a used by God in a fruitful and directive way.


  9. Connecting.... Says:

    That sermon was right on the money! and I heard the song to match..”Already there” by Casting crowns..
    Thanks Pastor M for letting God use you..You are a blessing.


  10. Thanks Pst M for the great message. Personally what touched me the most is the growth I have seen in you as a person. I have been in Mavuno for the last two years and have heard almost all your sermons. I sense God is stretching you to knew heights all for his glory. Thank you for agreeing to be used by him…


  11. chris makau Says:

    Am still young in faith so young sometimes I don’t know what am doing,I don’t even know who I am anymore but I know who I wanna be,I sin and am glad I attend church when I do because you help me understand God.Pray so I may know God better and next service as you keep talking to me say it as it is and only then will I know God said it I believe he is real.


  12. Baraka pasi for the wonderful sermon but i felt convicted to say this that we should avoid familiarity with God despite him being our friend and father.HE is holy and that is the standard n without holiness no one will see God.BARAKA


  13. graceous Says:

    Hi Pastor M
    I loved your sermon but truth be told, i wasnt attentive. I was busy fighting back tears and no matter how much sense the sermon made – I just couldn’t connect. What haven’t I done in my search for God?? I have fasted and prayed but nothing is forthcoming.

    God has literally over-exposed me to pain and shame, such that I among all other problems people around me have, I am the biggest problem. God has come through for me several times but on this one, He has completely forgoten about me. Sometimes I start to pray and I find myself crying hopelessly, I can hardly read the bible.

    For the last one and half years, my life has known no peace and I’m slowly beginning to lose strength. I know God is faithful, but why Has he chosen to ignore my desparate plea for help?Despite all this, I know I need to continue trusting in Him, He is the only one who can sort out the mess that my life has become. But how can I pray?? I need to know how because my prayer starts with ‘O God…..’ followed by uncontrollable weeping, and that’s it. I’m desparate, please heeeeeelp…


    • Pole Graceous praise and worship will do it we .It is also good to get it a fellowship(LG) .Stand on God word weeping may endure for a night but joy comes in the morning.He watching is word to perform so the day you stopped reading you strengthened the enemy camp so go back n read .I will pray for you .baraka.


  14. God's precious daughter Says:

    Pastor M,
    Greetings to you and the whole of Mavuno fraternity.Last week I came to church as a normal ritual that I have done for very many years.I came not knowing what to expect but Pastor M,you were God sent that morning.
    You see,I have been hurt before.I have endured the pain of two serious broken relationships in the recent past that I had thought would end up in marriage. In fact in my last relationship,I had visualised my wedding gown and the guest list.Nothing whatsoever, had prepared me for the brokenness and the heart ache that I would endure,after that relationship ended prematurely.
    To make matters worse,I do not consider myself an ordinary everyday woman.I am not trying to brag about my beauty but whenever I enter a building,heads turn.I am also outgoing,humorous,intelligent and have a great attitude.I have also avoided sleeping with all the men I date.With that,you would think that I would be saved from the horrors of break ups but where?
    After having surrendered those men on the cross in Pastor S’s sermon last month,this month in your sermon,God showed me why I had to let them go.As I sat down to listen to you,the message started killing me softly then quickly.God showed me the inner and outer beauty within me,and why he would do anything to preserve me from the fowler’s snare.I know for sure that God wants me to do extraordinary exploits,and with it he will have to align me with both extra ordinary men and women,my future husband being no exception to this.
    With that I am blessing the Lord all the way for my broken dreams. Just like your daughter with the painful jabs she had to endure at the doctors clinic,I may not have understood then what was happening to my life but now I know.God always knew and he still knows what’s best for me.


  15. Theatre boy Says:

    i wasn’t able to attend the services but reading it online i thank God for speaking to me through you..I now understand how connecting with God is very important in my life n even though i pray i’m gonna learn to b patient for God’s time z the best time.baraka mayne


  16. Your words warm my spirit. Its been almost four years since I attended church… I guess I broke up with God. I have read your sermon and am kinda reminded of why I fell inlove with Him in the first place. I wish He would sometimes let us know his answer (or maybe I just can’t hear Him).

    I stopped seeing the point of praying when His will always dominates. Now, I just yell at Him and tell Him it doesn’t matter what I say…He will do what He wants anyway.

    You say its about connecting, moving from struggling to surrendering… I like that. Maybe that’s it. I will give it a try.

    Thank you.


  17. Pastor M, great sermon. Just finished watching the YouTube video. Blessings


  18. Pastor M, Your sermon was just what I needed to hear. The statement “When it looks like He (God) is not answering, He is working on me!” resonates with me.

    Last week, I had to make a very hard decision to walk away from a man I loved with all my heart. I had hoped he was the one for me but he kept me in limbo about our future for so long that I just had to bite the bullet to walk away with my dignity. As I grieve the beautiful relationship we had, I wonder if I had held on to hope for too long.

    In decisionmaking Christians often say, ‘God is not a God of confusion’. Is confusion a sign of just spiritual opposition or lack of surrender? How does one deal with this? I want to learn from this situation to avoid being caught up in similar one ever again. Please advise.


  19. GPS, eye opener.



    wow!!!! the sermon was meant for me to create an intimate relationship with God.May his will in my life be done.Thank you GOD FOR using pastor M


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