The Story Of Love

Of all the things you have, which is the one you would find hardest to give up? Today, we want to continue our series ‘Unshackled’. But we want to do it very differently. The most famous verse in the bible is John 3:16 [NIV] which says,

“For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life”

Today we invite you to watch a very special presentation, and as you do, ask yourself, ‘where do I see myself?’

“John 3:16 – The Story of Love” came from the movie Most (The Bridge), a beautiful Oscar-nominated movie and winner of many prestigios film festivals that tells the story of the close relationship between a bridge operator and his young son and the fateful day when both try to head off an impending rail disaster.

A steam train full of hundreds of passengers are unaware of the danger as they head towards an open drawbridge. When a desperate young woman witnesses an act of virtue beyond imagination, her life is forever changed.

Lyrics To “If Not For Your Grace” (Israel Houghton)

Where would I be, if not for your grace

Carrying me, through every season

Where would I be, If not for Your grace

Came to rescue me, And I want to thank You

For Your grace!!

What is your response to this grace today?


17 Responses to “The Story Of Love”

  1. Amazing. Thank you for sharing the link. Amazing love is the story of Easter


  2. indeed where would we be without Gods sacrificial love


  3. Thank you for sharing the amazing story of love, I think the most disheartening thing about the story was the fact that guys in the train didn’t know what had happened, they went about their business, not comprehending the gravity of sacrifice that enabled them to move on in their lives. My prayer today is that I can constantly comprehend Gods love , and enable me to share that zealously, so that others may know Him like that. I just read somewhere ‘When you have passion, you speak with conviction, act with authority, and present with zeal,’ I want to be passionate about this, it is so wrong to continue moving on with my life kawaida like and yet God has done so much to allow me to be here!


  4. Thank you for sharing the amazing story of love. I think the most disheartening thing about the story is that guys in the train did not get what had happened they just went about their business, not comprehending the gravity of sacrifice that enabled them to continue with their lives, and my prayer today is that I am constantly comprehending the LOVE of God in my life, and that I share it zealously to those around me, I just read this amazing quote ‘When you have passion, you speak with conviction, act with authority, and present with zeal,’ I want to be passionate about what God has done for me, I can’t afford to go on with my life kawaida-like, when God has given so much for me!


  5. Now that our Lord’s Grace is unimaginable, the Prayer of Jabez seems relevant: “Oh that Thou wouldest bless me indeed, and enlarge my coast, and that Thine hand might be with me, and that Thou wouldest keep me from evil, that it may not grieve me! And God granted him that which he requested.”


  6. evergreen Says:

    Reminds me that my name is inscried on the palm of His hand.


  7. Lost and yet to be found Says:

    I could not stop crying from the worship to the clip,it was toooooooooo deep for me,i mean the love was too immense and i know that God too loves me as much.I will eventually forgive my relative for molesting me and i pray that next week’s sermon will help me let go and let GOD


  8. Great story of love..reminded me of how, many times, I take for granted God’s great sacrifice for me. I had tears in my eyes watching this. Thanks for showing the clip. very timely for the season.
    I however missed the holy communion (9am service) which I was looking forward to. It was done during worship when some of us were still coming in or on the way and we missed. I feel that we should have waited to partake together atleast after the worship session so that as many as possible would join.

    1 Corinthians 11: 20-21 says ” when you come together it is not the Lord’s Supper that you eat, for as you eat, each one of you goes ahead without waiting for anyone else”

    Please lets wait for one another…


  9. The video helped me to really understand God’s love for me. He always has his eyes on me 🙂


  10. During the preaching on Sunday when the video played I could not help myself but cry under my orange scarf to a point that I left in the middle went to the loo locked myself and asked God why he chose this tragedy to be fall me. My final prayer was that I hoped to be able to forgive my ex.

    The past few months have been hell and I don’t want to say what I have been through. I have prayed, fasted, sought help from pastors and his friends to no avail. He finally left me in mid February. I still don’t know what wrong I ever did to him. I gave my everything to the relationship all I am left with now are may be’s. I have never tried to revenge against him.

    I never will because the Lord I fasted and prayed and believed in will vindicate me. To men out here, don’t go breaking women’s hearts because you know they cannot do anything to you in the name of you not being ready for a relationship because God in His throne will. My ex is out there monitoring my moves on tweeter and Facebook, we have never talked since then, he thinks all’s well & that he has taught me a lesson. He surely has coz currently my dreams are shattered, I can’t stand a man asking me out, I don’t want to get married, I don’t want to have babies, I don’t want to have a family, I just want to be own my own. All I ask myself is how could he do this to me when I did him no wrong? It is very tough for me, pray for me.


    • Hi Cece,

      I’m really sorry to hear this and will pray for you. Just wanted to share my story so that you feel comforted and not alone. I lost a baby I was carrying and as if that was not enough, broke up with my fiance who was supposed to be there for me during that time of need. I’ve learnt the hard way that the only one we can trust in this life at all times is God. He is given me so much strength and I’m slowly picking up the pieces and moving on.

      May God continue showing you His Grace and giving you strength and peace that superceeds all understanding.


    • Cece, if you need to know the answers, you first have to speak life to your life.. Never speak doom and gloom concerning yourself. Why would you choose to live a lonely life because of a man who doesn’t know how to value or appreciate a good woman. Why would you define your destiny by someone’s dysfunction and ungratefulness??

      Forgive him. If you offer forgiveness, that’s not a gift to him but a gift to yourself.. Forgiveness is not a feeling it’s a decision!! Forgiveness is not a weakness, it’s about getting back the control over your life..
      Don’t harbor anger in you. It will result into bitterness.. and roots of bitterness hinder you from your blessings. I’m sure you cant afford to miss out on what God has in store for you because of someone who doesn’t know what’s good for him.. or even his worth..

      Cast down all the burden. Thank God for bringing you out safely..

      You did your part.. You loved.. Shake off that victim mentality and all those words you said about them.. DELETE THEM and SPEAK BLESSINGS UPON YOUR LIFE..

      Walk tall.. You have to know you’re a daughter of a king and if you don’t know what you’re entitled to as a princess.. My dear, you’ll live in lack just like a servant in your own palace…

      another thing, get him off your FB and Twitter.. You don’t need people who look down on you now, you need people who encourage you to give your best.. Don’t dwell on the could have, would have, should have.. Don’t waste your life..

      After all is said and done, the guy will come begging for forgiveness.. And trust me, he needs to find a strong woman who knows her purpose in life..


    • Hey Cece,
      I feel your pain having gone through a similar experience and i would like to encourage you that the Lord will give you Beauty for ashes, strength for fear, gladness for morning and peace for despair.

      Dont give the devil a chance to isolate you and get you feeling inadequate. take it all to God in prayer, let Him wipe your tears and I pray and believe you will find a soulmate who deserves you.

      Dont dwell on trying to figure out what you did wrong, he walked let him go. When I realised my ex had not only bn unfaithful but made someone pregnant in the process I was broken beyond words, never thought i cd rise again,or ever smile but God graciously raised me up, and restored my joy. Never been this a happy n blessed .

      Please cancel the bad thoughts and claim His blessings over your life. God loves and deeply cares for you . Your dreams are not shattered and being alone out of a bitter experience aint your portion. I speak Forgivenness, healing and restoration over your life. Do yourself a favor by letting him know you forgiven him and release him, even pray for him.
      I pray that the Lord will restore you give you such joy and peace.


  11. One eye on the world,one eye on me..This extravagant love the Father showers us with.Am grateful to God for His grace.


  12. Heavenly Daddy, thanks for your love, wow i have a father who knows my name…………….


  13. Incredible!!! thanks 4 sharing n touching many lives!!!


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