Stay The Course

What happens when issues arise in the family that we cannot overlook; issues that are significant enough to warrant a real threat to family relationships? There are many issues, even here at Mavuno, that threaten to tear the family of God’s people apart. These include broken relationships in the church, unpaid debt borrowed from a family member, honest rebuke, and many others.

There is an amazing passage in scripture where this was happening. Read 1 Corinthians 6: 1-8

Issues were arising in the family that people found difficult to overlook; issues that are significant enough to warrant a real threat to family relationships.

  1. Paul expected the members of the family to iron out their differences rather than terminate their family relationships and take one another to court
  2. He expected other members of the family to help them work things out.

What we see in this passage is this: Most of the time when we experience betrayal or discouragement from other people’s moral failures, our tendency is to find the easier way out and more often it is to quit the family. We find it easier to jump ship and move on to other things rather than iron out our differences.

In the face of adversity most people quit.

  • Jobs: Many of us are lured to our jobs by the prestige. Perhaps you prayed for that job for months or even years; but within a couple of months we start wondering if we have anything to lose by looking for another job. All of a sudden things do not look rosy and you want to call it quits. Know anyone who wants out of their job?
  • Marriage: Many people get a divorce, without having turned over every stone and investigated every avenue of rehabilitation possible; People don’t get help for their marriage. Neither do they exhaust all avenues of putting their marriage back together. That means everything from reading books or going to a marriage counsellor, to speaking to a pastor and spending time focusing on their role in what’s going on.
  • Vision: People don’t only quit in the case of adversity; even in the case of a good vision, it may not bring unity until people gain the sense of the vision themselves. The Mavuno vision, the proposed move may be intimidating to some of us. It is a lot of work and you are thinking, if you guys want to change the city go ahead and do it without me, I am comfortable where I am and I am not feeling this vision so if you want me to engage, let me engage my gears out of here.

Stay the course; Don’t quit too soon.

Now this is completely counter cultural. There are many other situations in life where when matters come to a head, we call it quits rather than stick it out. Because we live life on the fast lane, we hardly have any time to “waste” on resolving conflicts or ironing out differences. If push comes to shove, you go your way and I go mine. We are too quick to jump ship.

The problem with quitting too soon is… we lose out on the opportunity to achieve big dreams. We miss out on the mission and the big things God has in mind for us in the context of this family. When we quit, we do not see the end game of our situations or relationship, we do not allow God to play His part and in the end receive the glory. In a strange way, disappointment and betrayal can become a rallying point and a time to pull together. Even situations of conflict can bring people together; can result in solidarity and connection.

Stay the course. Don’t quit too soon.

So how do we stay the course as a family? How do we keep from jumping ship?

  1. Effort: Make every effort to keep the unity of the spirit through the bond of peace. Ephesians 4:3 We have to cherish it enough that we will expend every effort, give up every shred of self interest. In other words it will take effort.
  2. Mission-centred: Keep the family mission central: Purpose is the reason God has drawn us together and it is reason enough to stay together.
  3. Communicate: Keep communication flowing: when you think you’ve communicated enough you’ve probably not done even half as much as you need to.
  • Marriage: Those who are married, every marriage, and every successful family is a story of grace, forgiveness, endurance and faith. Getting into my fourth year of marriage, I know that I am in this for the long haul and no matter what comes our way, no matter how grave the situation is, we shall persevere and make it through.
  • Friendships: Those of us who have friends who we are giving up on or have already. I want to urge you, to give it another chance. If you need to forgive, if you need to speak the truth even though it will hurt, if you need to accept them as they are, let us do it.
  • Mavuno: Many of you are waiting in the wings until such time as you can graciously exit. You have made up your mind that you want to move on. Whether it be from the family of God’s people, from your Life-group, or even a ministry team you serve with…Stay the course; Don’t quit too soon.

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7 Responses to “Stay The Course”

  1. hey,

    The sermon was pretty good and i could relate due to my current situation. I want to quit my job due to victimization….. coz i wont sleep with the boss. Still think i should keep the course?




  3. This message has come at the right time in my life. God always has a way of showing us the right direction.


  4. Walkonby Says:

    I’d written my letter of notice to my employers, mentally, for more times than I can count, all I was waiting for was some kind of spark to cause me to put the thought in ink, and send it on it’s way.
    Say a prayer for me as regards this situation, considering the silent hostility is more than I can put up with for another month…and in it all He knows the plans He has for us.
    Thank you.
    I’m yet to visit 🙂


  5. @ Allison, ANYTHING that asks you to compromise and to disobey the word of God is not of God. No you are not to stay the course when it calls for you to sin against yourself and against God.

    How long should one stay the course? How long until it becomes that we are enabling bad behavior and need to let the other person go because they are hurting? How many “hard talks” do we need to have? before we have talked enough?


  6. I gotta ask, am not married but I live with my baby’s father. all I remember is crying coz he will not be nice to me. I have done everything to save this relationship for my son’s sake. Forgiven him and welcomed him back to my arms even when he has cheated on me. Now i am at a place i cannot explain. Am tired of expecting the worst but hoping for the best. Am tired that he doesnt show signs of committment, tired that he never has kind words for me. Should I just go on?


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