Pastor M Interview on KISS FM with Caroline Mutoko

This February we’ve been focusing on Finders Keepers. Learning what the Bible says about this very essential topic. The response has been utterly overwhelming. Caroline Mutoko from the KISS Big Breakfast watched it online and reached out to Pastor M.  Here’s why you need to find the sermon online or find your way to a Mavuno Campus near you.

If the blog responses were anything to go by, our generation is tired of the insanity and are crying out for something different! Approximately 8300 people watched the videos online so far, more people than we had at any of our services! Most of us are tired of the bad experiences we’ve had and recognize that something’s got to give. Thanks to all of you who tweeted about it or shared the video on your FB wall, thanks to KISS FM. Let’s keep spreading the love!

There IS a better way to find Mr/Mrs Right 

Listen to the embedded audio clip below (the widget takes some time to load but should show up after the page loads)

Finders Keepers Sermons

  1. Deal Breakers Sermon Notes (Sermon 2) [Video]
  2. Be The One Sermon Notes (Sermon 1) [Video]

Mavuno Campuses

  • Mavuno Belle Vue – Saturday Service 5 PM to 7 PM, Sunday Services 9 AM to 11 AM,  12 PM to 2 PM
  • Mavuno Downtown (Ufungamano House, Mamlaka Road) – Sunday 10.30 AM
  • Mavuno Mashariki ( near the Donholm Roundabout) – Sunday 9 AM to 10.30AM,  11AM PM to 12:30 PM
  • Mavuno Kampala (Oasis Nakumatt Mall) -Sunday 10 AM
  • Mavuno Berlin (Ulm)- Sunday 11 AM

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13 Responses to “Pastor M Interview on KISS FM with Caroline Mutoko”

  1. This series is amazing and we are Cleaning The Airwaves while at it too 🙂 and thank God for technology! We can be part of this wherever in the world we are!

    Good Stuff


    • Very true Sheba! We thank God for technology coz you are not missing out at all. Nice to hear that you are up to date Sheba. God bless you and share it there too. It will bless many!


  2. Masharikite Says:

    The timing of the Mashariki services are wrong. It’s 9am-10.30am for the 1st service. Then 11am-12.30 for the 2nd service.


  3. I just love the level this Sermon series is impacting on. No one teaches some of these things but come on Its time to be real!!!


  4. SavedbyGrace Says:

    Being the salt and light of our city!!!i like:)


  5. Great conversation to listen to. Kudos
    I have actually replayed it like 10 times to believe my ears and considering I would never listen to anything religious for even a minute, this is truly worth my listen. It takes me a short time to tell a profound conversation a mile away and this is one of those.
    Sir, I have particularly liked the following truths;
    ‘we are doing the same thing over and over and expecting………”
    ‘we are not looking at ourself and thinking that maybe we are the problem . . ….’ I say this so many times in my life.
    ‘Love is a decision not a feeling’ this being a philosophy that I used when dating many years ago, am happy to know that am not too strict on myself.

    Sir, keep up the good job that you are doing because frankly, it is very frustrating and sad watching people live a compromised life when human beings are naturally thinking beings with ability to solve problems yet much potential goes untapped. Some of us are too busy living our lives to ever think of doing what you are doing.
    Finally, I cannot believe that Carol said that “I have never heard anybody say the things that I feel and want to say but I can’t. . . ” If Carol cannot say it, who can? I use the excuse that I am not in the media nor a preacher, so let me keep my philosophies and thoughts to myself, people will stumble upon the truth somehow, someday, it is only natural. Mmmhhm am selfish, aren’t I.

    You have a platform that gives you the opportunity to reach out to many a young and old, so use it well.

    ‘A hangover service’? hilarious.

    Kind regards,


  6. My cousin made me watch the series on youtube and for a whole week I told her I was not into ‘that kind of stuff’. In retrospect, I couldn’t be more grateful. Already shared the link with a number of friends. ‘Love is a decision, not a feeling’- that was my favourite line. Be blessed sir, from Salt Lake City, Utah.


  7. We are all Fearfully and Wonderfully made Says:

    Dear Pastor M.,

    My friends and I have been watching the sermon on Youtube. They came in a timely manner as we were discussing the lack of good spouses-to-be in today’s society. God has seen us through and led us to these links. When I meet that special person, we’ll re-watch them together. I’m working on being “the one”, serving “one leader” who is also the true “love”.
    Greetings and blessings from across the sea…


  8. I saw the message on facebook and followed up. it gives me inspiration especially here in Saudi Arabia where the only church is in Riyadh. Not many people have access to it due to distance but am lucky i attend Friday sermons (glory outreach Riyadh). Thank for the good work and YouTube. Hope it’ll reach to many more in diaspora


  9. wow!…i have always battled it out, i think i can now prove my conviction right, ‘my decision, my love, my life’

    Great stuff, you should also bring Mavuno to Mombasa.


  10. I had attended the sermon series a month ago and reading and watching it, everything seems fresh and new and I keep learning something new each time. Thank God for you Pastor M. Thank God for Mavuno Church. God bless you all!


  11. tunneltube…

    […]Pastor M Interview on KISS FM with Caroline Mutoko « Blog.Mavuno[…]…


  12. Thank you Mavuno! God bless


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