Baby Drama

What’s the worst drama that you have ever experienced?

Life is full of drama: drama at work, drama in a relationship, your body acting up due to disease, work transfer inspired by jealousy, political drama, and multiple accidents within a week. Afro Sinema and Mexican soaps lead in drama. How you respond to these irritations of life is what determines how life turns out for you.

On a good day, I love to see things go my way. I love to give me what I want, peacefully. I don’t like sudden interruptions. I am sure am not alone. We do not like our plans being messed with. We love to be in charge. To determine our tomorrow and to choose our destiny. Don’t we? But life is never a straight line. Even in our walk of faith. God does interrupt. He invades our normalcy every so often, brings some semblance of drama and causes inconvenience.

Let us look at one of characters around the Christmas story. She was living a quiet life until … Read Luke 1:26-38

Heaven inconvenienced itself by deciding that God needed to come down here. That in itself was drama. The Angel brings a disturbing message to a lowly teenage virgin. She is engaged to a good man, Joe. But now her Lord wants her to carry a miracle baby. What will be her response? Two teenagers are thrown into confusion. What an entrance for the king of the universe!

Mary knows this baby drama will not be easy by any standards. It took lots of courage to play ball. Mary must have considered 3 ways in which her life would be radically affected:

  • Scandal – Mary, who is engaged to Joseph, is about to get an unnatural pregnancy. Think about her going to explain that to Joe: “Am pregnant, but it’s not what you think. It’s from heaven!” What do you think will be Joe’s response? The story will be on facebook, twitter and the Jerusalem Post. It might make a story for Busted as well: busted with an angel. Speculation will be in the air – all over the place. The angel is announcing a scandal!
  • Risk – Joe might walk. He will definitely get hurt. There is a great likelihood that the wedding will have to be called off. It will be a big shame and disappointment especially for family. She is risking a life of ridicule, a broken relationship and gross guilt and self-blame. It is a huge leap in the dark. The law regarded a betrothed woman who became pregnant as an adulteress, subject to death by stoning. She was risking her very life!
  • Interruption – Think about the service providers who have to be called off, the privacy that has been invaded, and the life plans that will have to change. No honeymoon, a pre-wedding child on the way… lots of inconvenience. Gross interruption. Mary’s life will never be the same again. Mary had to bear the inconveniences of a child without an act of passion.

With all this, look at what the humble Mary says: “I am the Lord’s servant. Let’s do it!” She submitted herself to the Lord’s will and plan. This son, the reason for the season, is an inconvenient Lord. But it’s all about prespective. Instead of considering the scandal and the consequences thereof, she looked at the opportunity to birth something of impact. To write a story bigger than her. That is what God is calling each one of us to. My response to Jesus determines my destiny for all eternity!

Is Christ Lord in your life? Would you say yes to what he asks you to do?

Mary got an angel stating God’s will. Who is your angel? How do you get to know what God wants with your life? God’s word in the Bible speaks to us clearly about what God wants us to do. Sometimes it’s a still small voice, an inner conviction that God is saying something to you. For others their angel is Mama saying you should quit alcohol addiction or the voice of your dad asking you to quit a wrong relationship. Or even a friend pushing you to say no to corruption. God speaks daily to us. The question is, what will your response be especially when it is not easy to obey?

Say Yes to Christ, Connect with Destiny!

I have come to learn that there is only one Lord. Life does not revolve around me. I am not the center of the universe, the Son is. I cannot ignore Him and live well. The question every one must answer in this life is this: Who do I report to? Who is the ultimate authority in my life? Who is my Lord? In relationships, in finances, in my decisions, and in all my life. I’d rather have God drama than other drama!

1. Some report to self.

They will do what self wants, regardless. Self is an idol for this generation. We do things because they feel right or feel good. We will sleep around because self wants. We will abort because self will be inconvenienced. We will bribe because our plans for cash might be unrealized. We live to bless us. Our mantra is ‘what’s in it for me!’ We have become our own gods, only turning to God when it is convenient for us.

Mary had at least 3 fears that she had to master to say Yes. One, fear of man. What will people say? Relatives, friends, and the public. How will people see me? I will loose reputation. I will be ashamed and ridiculed. What if the religious leaders sanction my stoning?

We are no different. Someone will join the corrupt for fear of being different. Another will compromise sexually in a relationship for fear of being seen as naïve or judgmental. A man will not obey God’s clear word to do internship at church because he fears what people will say. What is keeping you back from saying yes?

2. Fear of the unknown.

What will tomorrow look like? What if things turn out pretty bad? Joe might walk, and this angel thing might not work. This project might fail. This divine child might kill me.

3. Fear of loss.

Mary must have feared loss of relationship, reputation and life. We disobey God for the fear that we will loose our jobs, and our friends.

Fear has held many of us from saying yes to the Lord. Break free and say yes. Do not let the fear of the unknown hold you back. This is the message of this sermon: Say Yes to Christ, Connect with Destiny! Mary decided to bite the bullet. She said Yes to the Lord in spite of the possible and certain consequences. She braved God’s drama for a fearless life! When God asks you to serve in church, what will be your response? Suppose he wants you to start a kingdom business, or relocate to Sudan, or take internship next year, or move out of your girlfriend’s house, or challenge corruption in your office – will you say yes?

Mary would have said no, and lived an ordinary life as one of the ladies in Jerusalem. But she made a painful decision by saying Yes. Her story became a God story. She brought forth a child who was the savior of the world. His birth split history into 2; before and after Christ. His birth has been celebrated for decades annually. Many songs have been written about this event. We are all here today because of that child. Mary chose the harder but better option. And salvation, forgiveness, transformation and God’s love has lived with us since.

Do you want to live for you or live for something greater? The secret is surrender to Him. Say Yes to the Lord. Say Yes to Christ, Connect with Destiny!

Think about it differently. What if Mary had said no, what was at stake? What’s at stake if you do not say yes? A child may be born outside of wedlock, if you do not say to the call to live right. Corruption will deny someone school fees, because you did not have the courage to obey. If you don’t say yes to forgiveness, bitterness and hate will continue to lock your family or friend in prison. What is at stake?

Is there an area in your life where you need to obey God? We miss God’s blessing when we hold back. You might say yes and lose a promotion. Or say yes and be taken advantage of. Or say yes and lose a Job. Or say yes and live in a smaller house. Saying yes does not always in the eyes of the world lead to success. But in the eyes of heaven it is blessed to say yes!

Say Yes to Christ, Connect with Destiny!

Mizizi is not just a funky course, it calls you to die to self and live for Christ. Ombi calls you to connect with that Christ and serve him. Hatua kicks you out of your comfort zone to live for Christ as you impact community. You cannot continue to be ordinary. It is time for you to become a fearless influencer by finding and submitting to God’s will. Say Yes to Christ, Connect with Destiny!

Altar Call:

  • Say yes to Jesus, give your life to him.
  • Is there an area in your personal life you need to say Yes to Jesus! And in your marriage? Relationships? Work?
  • I sense some people need to walk out of the boat and walk on water. God is calling you to something radically different from what you are doing now.

14 Responses to “Baby Drama”

  1. @ Pastor S, today you spoke to was as if it was only you and me in the whole church, i remained in awe of His presence for the whole sermon and did not even want to go home after the service, i just wanted to stay there and be in His presence, i now realized that i have so much in me, God showed me a preview today and i cant stop wondering for how long i have let my Christianity spectacles blur my real destiny….i will no longer live in fear but will connected to my destiny, i am sure i am the one God used you to tell that in the coming few weeks i will know what my destiny is and will never again let my unbelief take away my miracles


  2. Blessed chic Says:

    Today’s sermon was God sent. I have been struggling with what I feel is God calling me to ministry for at least the next year. And fear has held me back, that and counting the cost. Yet my prayer and decision today was as Mary’s, I am the Lord’s servant, may it be to me as He pleases. And its not a resigned response, its an excited response. I sense God will do great things as i obey.

    Pastor S, please pray for me that the Lord leads me. I have no clue where, how or when. I have been praying that God speaks to me bout it and He did just that today. Now i pray He leads me to what next.


  3. Today my son turned four. And the same way his father wasn’t there when he was born, today he didn’t even send a message. Today’s sermon, had I heard it 5 years ago, I would be at a different place right now. But it still touched a nerve because at times when he pretends to care, I get sucked in despite being separated for over two years. I know now that I’ll have to listen to that voice that says I have to let it go. And i’ll now seriously work towards leaving a job that makes me so unhappy but I fear the unknown of having no definite income,and starting up a business that will eventually be the source of income for an Ngo I plan to start. My life is full of drama but thanks pastor S, I have an assurance that I can work around the stumbling blocks and fear and make it. God bless you abundantly


  4. I missed yesterdays service as i was out of town on a company workshop…i however thank God for technology because after reading this i am encouraged and looking forward to the follow up service next Sunday.I have said YES and purpose to follow in His footsteps.


  5. Pastor S, I’ve never seen this story through this 3rd degree.
    Everyone has fears, I have real fears myself.
    Fears of relationships, fear of who I get married to.
    When I hear God’s voice, I want to follow. Pr S, I need prayers that I will have the same courage that Mary had to take the bold step into destiny.


  6. Heh, Pastor S! you were out to preach to me on Sato’s sermon. For me, there is soooooooo much dramma. From girlfriend dramma, to workplace dramma, friends and family dramma… everything dramma_____

    Putting that aside, you talked about saying yes and connecting to my destiny. In all this dramma, i am learning to put GOD in the center of my life. When i do this, everything else seems so insignificant. I got me gliding through life with a happy face its amazing.

    Holy spirit is my friend. The more i seek to know Him, the more i realize i don’t know Him. I realize that we often try to do it on our own strength (which is insufficient), but when Holy Spirit cheks in, when we understand and recognize who Holy Spirit is, we now tackle life with strength that comes from God. its amazing…

    This sounds funny but its very true, i dared the Holy spirit. I said to Him that if its His will, i call my relationship quits, if need be to force it out of my mouth. Never have i stammered in my life coz thats just what happened, He forced it out of my mouth. Even I din’t believe what happened. But it surely feels so good yani.

    D . R . A . M . A

    Can’t wait for your next sermon. God bless you and keep you safe and healthy…


  7. New Believer Says:

    Dear Pastor Simon, I felt a strange connection to your Baby Drama Sermon last Sun. Ever since i gave my life to Christ a few months ago, its felt like i’ve been co-staring in the series “Divine Drama” – without even being auditioned for the part. I can only describe it like someone shaking an apple tree to the point where the leaves start falling off – as there are no more apples left on the tree. My new friends in Christ seem to think (except me !) that i have a great calling and that i am on an acceleration path. However, my greatest fear is……. that i will be powerful beyond measure, as it is my light and not the darkness that scares me most ! Is this fear normal ?
    I have been praying for God to show me the way ahead, however, i have not yet had a “light bulb” moment.


  8. Drama mama Says:

    Pastor S the sermon could not have come at a better time than this. Am currently having drama in my marriage and contemplating living my house. If I didn’t come to church on Sunday I would be taking of a different thing all together now. I would have moved on Monday as I had planned. I have been betrayed by a friend and my husband . i need Gods intervention in dealing with the whole issue but above all I want God to Guide me this particular time where I have a lot of pain and grant me peace that surpasses all understanding and to show me how to go about this whole issue. Pray for me.


  9. Pastor S may God bless you and continue to give you wisdom to reach out to as many people out there.As i write this am very afraid….my story begins a few years back when i lost my way and got into drinking in the 2004 and during this period even went ahead and secured a loan from the bank to support my drinking habit…eventually i lost my job and was left with unpaid loan to repay…one year went by and soon the bank gave up trying to contact me to make my repayments….and i inturn did not bother and was even relieved…jobless and still drinking God opened a door for me one year later and i secured a job out the country and i was very excited and i aslo promised God that i would not drink and go back to my drinking ways….but once i got there i hooked up with the wrong crowd and before i knew it had gone back to drinking and was unable to even save any money…so four years later i again lost my job and came back to the country jobless,no money,in denial and had to face my family with all this shame…after confessing to my family they forgave me and i started all over again with job hunting and yet again God gave me another chance in the end of 2010 he blessed me with another job and i began right from scratch meaning i had no savings that with this job i would finally get some money in my bank account……in 2011 someone introduced to mavuno and in FEB i was born again…and changed my ways mid this year the bank traced and me asked me to make repayments of the loan that i had taken almost six years ago….as i was now born again i decided that it was time to do the right thing so i met up with the debt collectors and we agreed that i would make monthly reapayments of which i have been making up until yesterday when the debt collector called and said the bank had changed the rules and is demanding that i pay the full amount in seven days!!!!Am not sure whethet this is drama or dilemma!i have prayed to God to tell me what to do and even asked for a miracle…..i honestly have contemplated suicide as i cannot turn to my family as we already have financial difficulties and yet again i will have let them down and i know i would greatly dissappoint them with this!!!!Pator S and the entire pastoral team in mavuno i need your prayers……i have waited to hear from God but i havent heard a word from him… Bless.


    • Blessed chic Says:

      Afraid, do not be afraid! And dint give up. Imagine God, the maker of the universe is after you, its not accident you are listening to this sermon. Thing is, life is full of drama. N God does not promise a dramaless life, but that He’ll be with you thro it all.
      Dont give the devil another second of your time. He’s not only stolen hope from you but is now busy killing the faith you have. But we come against him in Jesus name.
      Irregardless of the portion, I pray that peace wil be your portion.
      And forgive yourself. You’ve made mistakes, but guess what, Jesus dint come fir perfect, but the imperfect as you n me! He talked to a prostitute at the well, wen even at that moment she was on ‘husband’ no 5! And if He can forgive u so can you forgive yourself. I pray restoration over your life n that u won’t ever thirst again.
      I won’t tell u the drama will disappear but I’ll tell u without a doubt, u aint on your own. God goes before you!


  10. Hi Pastor S, great to have you back after such a long time. I never quite understood the Christmas story as a call to obedience. But it’s indeed true. Ave spent my week just trying to understand which areas in my life I need to surrender to God. I have a couple of ideas but I know am not quite there so I continue to search myself. One victory I had this week is got over the fear of confessing my salvation and actually admitted to two people in my very secular work environment. Each time I thought of denying for fear of being different I remember Mary’s answer and remembered ‘Am the Lord’s servant’. Am saying Yes to the Lord and securing my destiny. God bless.


  11. pastor S the sermon series is great….l normally get so lonely over the Holidays being a single 38yr old….but this time l know that Chirstmas is Emmanuel “God with us” and he is with me… whenever l get lonely l will just give my emotions to him…..Thanks for obeying God.


  12. Pastor S, this message was deep for me. so deep.. sometimes when listening to sermons, i wonder how God talks to man? but truly, some sound has been persistent form the time of this sermon reminding me not to indulge in a sexual habit that has refused to let go! i pray this Angle keeps by my ear and shouts even louder.



  13. Amazing what God can do when you say Yes!!!
    My life has been the same for about 3 years same things every X-mas,same routine….this year I said I wanna have it different and the years to come….n pap I got challenged to move out of my comfort zone.It all began when I got a job advert from a person you would least expect…then I opted to for E-application,funny enough they all never went through the e-mail addresses listed…even called and the lady gave me the same e-mails which bounced….few weeks later….pap a phone call for an interview and I had forgot about it…on the day of the interview got late and was rained seriously,did the interview and failed terribly when I was told to translate some stuff from English to Swa…so I thought I wont get da job,they had said they would call after 1 week…but before a week was over…a kid decides to poteza my phone…so I knew even if I was to to be called there is no way they can reach me…I just said if that job was mine and God had a plan no matter what I will still get it.After two weeks had already forgot about the job an thinking what I would do this X-mas differently….one morning woke up an was very lonely I dont know why…felt so alone…got a text from via P.C and modem asking about something I had not done,was lucky to get my nephew’s phone to call that person and found he was in a meeting and would call me later…so I told my nephew to wait till that person calls….as I was waiting guess what???a phone call comes and they are asking me when am available so that I can come and sign next year contract for the job…I was like thank you Jesus and thats when I realised all along Jesus was with me and felt like He has been born afressh in my life and was no longer lonely just kept on giving thanks to God…wait a minute..did I tell you the job I had applied was not what they were offering.Totally new environment and new things.Then I remember reading this Month sermon on twitter coz I never got a chance to come for service and remembered about the fear of unknown and fear of loss..then I said if Mary accepted the call who am I to say no…if Christ wants me to continue the good work that He has already began in my life then I have no reason to fear….Its a challenging task for me but through mavuno have identified several things I have learnt that I can implement them there and wanna ask if there is Mizizi book in swahili version coz I need it asap to prepare for my task come next year coz Jesus has given me an assignment for next year and early X-mas gift….the Lord is my Shepherd,I will not want?
    Psalms 23.
    Thanks Pastor S for the sermon,God bless you.


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