What’s In It For Me?

As we come to the close of this series, we ask ourselves an important question. What’s in it for us when we honor. See Judges 4.

Verses 1-10 Throughout the bible, whenever God’s people face a crisis, whenever they called out to God for help, God raised a leader. God-raised leaders never accomplished the task by themselves. They presented the vision and then they led God’s people into accomplishing it. But it’s safe to say that when God needs to get a job done, he doesn’t appoint a committee; He doesn’t hold an election; He doesn’t conduct an opinion poll to see who’s the most popular: He raises up a leader!

Verses 12-16 Warriors, sword-makers and all the supplies to defeat the enemy was present in Israel. But without a God-appointed leader, it was not enough. This is the critical thing about leadership. The gift of leadership gives the context to activate the other gifts. It sets out the course within which all the other gifts reach their full expression.

The interesting thing is that leadership is just one of the gifts, the person with that gift is neither greater nor lesser than any of the others in the church. But when those with the gift of leadership fail to exercise it well, the other gifts are expressed without focus or effectiveness.  What am I saying? God has gifted each of us for a calling and a purpose and that calling is meant to be activated in the spiritual community/church where He has placed you.

Those gifted to lead that church have the awesome responsibility of setting out the parameters within which the rest of the congregation will exercise their spiritual gifts & calling. We all need God-appointed whole hearted spiritual leaders in our lives, else we will move around in circles. God is gloried by wholehearted leaders! But that is only half the equation.

Verses 23- 5:2 It was not enough to have God appointed leadership. For Israel to be successful, the people had to willingly offer themselves. And when they did, things began to happen!

The complete equation is therefore:

Wholehearted leaders + willing followers = bless the LORD!

John the Baptist was a great leader because he had first learnt to follow. Oswald Sanders has this to say about following, ‘Many who aspire to leadership fail because they have never learned to follow. They are like boys playing war in the street, but all is quiet. When you ask, ‘is there a truce?’ they respond, ‘no, we are all generals. No one will obey the command to charge’

We are a cynical generation. Because of our past experiences, we no longer trust leadership. Each of us is determined to lead themselves and to be suspicious of all others in leadership. Our culture looks down on those who follow willingly and exalts those who do it their own way, the renegades among us.

We are all spiritual ‘Jack Bauers’ whose preferred model of operation is ‘defy all authority, do it your own way, its easier to apologize than to ask permission’. We are rebels without a cause.

However, the spiritual lesson here is that if you don’t follow, you will never realize your potential or effectiveness, no matter how gifted you are. Following is for you! It doesn’t diminish you.

Like the soldiers of Naphtali and Zebulun, we will achieve God’s great purpose and plan for our lives as we gladly connect our ambitions and our aspirations to the spiritual leaders in our lives and help them achieve the greater kingdom purpose God has called you together to.

Let me put what I’m saying into more radical language. You were created for a God-given purpose. But that purpose is a small part of the greater purpose that God has called your spiritual community to. In other words, it is as you plug your personal vision into the greater vision that God has given Mavuno that you will plug into God’s purpose for you. That’s why your spiritual leaders are so important. You see you were not created to lead yourself. Many young people today are operating at well below effectiveness, because we are busy trying to clear our own path as well as to walk in it – we’re trying to lead ourselves and then to follow.

Wholehearted leaders + willing followers = bless the LORD!

And that’s why you have so many Christians today who are extremely gifted and yet extremely unfocussed, doing many activities and yet having little Kingdom effectiveness… living outside their purpose. If we want to see our lives having a victorious Kingdom impact, if we want to move beyond Christian activities to Kingdom effectiveness, then we need to gladly follow Godly men and women of character and passion who give themselves fully to the task of leading God’s people.

So here’s the complete equation: wholehearted leaders + willing followers = bless the LORD!


7 Responses to “What’s In It For Me?”

  1. The close of the series was enlightening…I am looking forward to numerous “bless the Lord moments”I am praying for all the Mavuno pastors this week that God will continue to give you wisdom to guide His flock.Blessings galore.


  2. Daniel Kaunga Says:

    This was a timely series. We need it more and more. From the house to the work place to the society. We desperately need to follow and we desperately need wholehearted leaders.


  3. Wow…that was one…very REAL Sermon. After having served in Hatua this last season and having felt sometimes hopeless and frustrated that I was not qualified to do God’s work: 1) I feel empowered to know that God called me to achieve his purpose and he needed not consult with anyone; so I was in the right place doing the right thing 2) I feel sorry and ashamed for having allowed myself to get discouraged and not put in my 100% because God didn’t call me to put in 80% to my convenience, but He called me to follow 100%. May he forgive me and make me over; renewing my heart and mind and making me a better follower. Looking forward to more days of servant leadership!


  4. Dear Pastor

    Haters no more series came at a crucial time when i was reviewing my life and my relationships. I have realised that i was Saul in my workplace. I also found out that i have had a history of leaving employment in an acrimonious way and i have began reviewing my role in the conflict. I know now that i have had a lack of respect for my bosses and those placed under my care and with God’s help i am changing my attitude. I thank God for directing you to preach that message. It was an answer to questions i had in life


  5. Genesis 16:7-9 Says:

    The angel of the LORD found Hagar beside a desert spring along the road to Shur. 8The angel said to her, “Hagar, Sarai’s servant, where have you come from, and where are you going?” “I am running away from my mistress,” she replied.

    9Then the angel of the LORD said, “Return to your mistress and submit to her authority.”


  6. A Mwaniki Says:

    I was having a great time with friends and relatives when the topic went to our KPLC and NCC. The words used to describe those who lead this organisations were not flattering at all. As I cannot repeat them I hope you get the point. I decide to wade into this and say even though they have not done what they should and some instances acted in an unreasonable manner we cannot refer to the leaders in such language. We must honor. The push back was great but that said I am sure a seed was sown. Slow but sure we shall make the change and be haters no more. I did learn that what were are required to do goes against the norm and it is a paradigm shift but is feels great


  7. It’s hard,this blessing our leaders. I most especially have a problem blessing my boss. Each time I decide to submit wholeheartedly,he goes and does something to reverse the gains I’ve made. He either insults someone for absolutely no reason or the worst, deducts people’s salaries by upto 5k with no valid reason. What leaves his mouth is criticism and insults all the time. Speaking a blessing on this man is proving to be a challenge afresh every waking day.And heaven knows I’m trying


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