This November at Mavuno: Haters … No More

Are you bothered by the arrogance, greed or incompetence of people in leadership? Are you so disturbed by the plight of others? Do you ever wonder whether, when and how we’ll ever get the kind of leaders we deserve? This November at mavuno, discover some radical truths that will inspire you and challenge you view of leadership.

Pastor Muriithi Wanjau takes us through the sermon series “Haters… No More!!”. You can’t afford to miss this amazing sermon series as we learn about “honor”.You will never be the same!


5 Responses to “This November at Mavuno: Haters … No More”

  1. I want to thank the Lord for pastor M, and the topic chosen this month it surely does give us a different angle on how to view Kenya, i guess there is no place like home


  2. This a sobering sermon series, it rebuked me thoroughly and made me see how far I’d fallen.Thank God for your obedience in teaching us truth every Sunday.


  3. Mugenya Kevin Says:

    Pastor M, I listened to the sermon this past Sunday and was seriously challenged to be sincere, you made me feel proud of my Country. However, I have watched news this week, and to say the truth I find myself struggling to speak positive about this leaders, not that I don’t respect them, that I do. I just don’t think they respect me (citizens of Kenya) by their actions. If anyone of them was to stand next to me now, imagine I would stand and great them with respect, but I would ask them one question… what changes when they get to those positions of leadership.(please upload this sermon on the website immediately and let Kenyans listen to it…. I do believe that,our destiny is in our tongues, what we confess is what we’ll become)
    I cant wait to listen to the next sermon, am eager to listen to the angle you will give it.


  4. James Maina Macharia Says:

    Hi Pastor M..Sunday’s sermon was so mine. I have always believed that I ought to honour and revere only those that I think deserve it. The revelation that all authority is God annoited ,came like a new book that I ought to read. I have in the past dishonoured bosses whom I believed din’t deserve not even a shred of my respect and openly stood them down publicly. Driven too by a low self esteem for a whole time in life,I also believe I have left no efforts to prove to my world of work ,what am made of…That no more…I have learnt that respecting and honouring them that God has placed in authority cost me nothing other than my self imposed ego but earns me lots of blessings as I strive to scale career heights and aim for the greatness that I believe am shaped for.God bless.


  5. Hi Pastor M and the Mavuno team, i have heard so much about this sermons from my friends who come to your church. I would like to hear the recordings, the sermon page in your website is not so clear to navigate. Some one please reply to me :-)))


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