This October at Mavuno

What do you do? when life happens contrary to how its supposed to

Where do you go? when your whole world comes tumbling down and the last shred of hope is torn into pieces..

Who do you turn to? when everything is falling apart and there is no where else left to turn..

When no one has the answers

This October at Mavuno Church, lets walk together in the quest to discover..

What happens.. When life happens


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  1. Totally and absolutely excited cant wait!!Yipee! Hurray!! Yahoo!!


  2. I really need this sermon. I have been unhappy to the point of depression. Fighting tears every night and losing the battle. Holding tears in public… Its been bad. I lost my hope and my trust in God. I hate what happened and I hate that I keep crying to God for Him to tell me something to assure me everything is ok but I dont get anything-I believe i have been talking to a wall. I hear people saying ‘God told me this’ ‘God told me that’ ‘He talked in a dream and told me what to do’ So many people get to hear from Him and I just draw a blank. I loved going to church,now I go just to go. I hate life, I hate some people, I hate the silence. Im in pain all the time…when Im not in pain,Im asleep-thats the only break I get. What happened?
    Well,three years ago my dad decided to build apartments on our land(the land my grandad left us) We lived in a beautiful home-no rent!but getting older,my dad decided to have a retirement plan of sorts:build apartments becasue we have the land and get some rent while not paying any.So he went to shags and asked his mother if he can-she said yes but under the condition that ‘Dont dare ask me for money or help’ of course he was shocked,but he started. We moved and three years passed-during those years we had my dads sister over,we had his mum over…no secret that we were building and we never intended to cut them out or something. So anyway,the day we were moving back,my dads sister stood at the gate shouting ‘no,you cant live here’. We moved in and she called my mum and started saying things like ‘get out of my house and go back to your mothers’ and ‘why dont you pray to your God and ask for a solution and leave my house’ basically,very mean things. This woman has watched over us,we have practically grown up together and we have been neighbours. Why did she do this? My dad decided not to sue but go to his mum and ask whats happening. she said that she just doesnt want us there. that its her place and not ours. well anyway,while my dad was hoping family will come to their senses they kicked us out. So now we have to pay rent. My mum and dad live in the same house but they are separated-we have always been like that and thats been my life. Its been my mum and my sibling and my dad in the background. He has always been there and has always payed fees and never been violent though he has a serious drinking problem. He is an alcoholic.
    Now,the thing is,I am hating God right now,hating life,hating those people for doing this. Im not happy,im just going through the days and hoping to not wake up or disappear or something.
    INEEDHELP. I dont know what to do to be very honest. I just want this series to be my answer…. but could someone just give me advice? Im lost. im at the end of my rope. im just so low,so unhappy,so depressed. Please help me? yes, ill attend the series….but my gosh,im just lost and perhaps listening to the sermon alone wont pull me out of this hole.


    • @Ineed Help, meditate on this: ” Renew your Vows with God today. Maybe circumstances have caused you to drift from God. It’s not to late to return. He says, “Return to Me, and I will return to you” (Malachi 3:7). No matter what has happened in your past, God has a wonderful plan for your future. Right after He said, “I have loved you, my people, with an everlasting love; with unfailing love I have drawn you to Myself”, He said, “I will rebuild you, My virgin Israel. You will again be happy and dance merrily with your tambourines” (Jeremiah 31:4). ” taken from


    • @Ineedhelp,
      I can relate to you because I have been where you are in life more than once in my lifetime. That place where you feel you can’t connect with God no matter how hard you pray or plead with Him. The thing to know is that life is made up of both ups and downs; both must coexist…good and evil. Sometimes the experiences are overwhelming and sometimes we barely notice them. Don’t discount the experiences that come into your life’s journey. There is a purpose to each experience even when we don’t understand the circumstances; sometimes the purpose is revealed during the experience but most times it’s revealed later as we grow in our knowledge of the Lord’s ways. Don’t measure yourself against other people’s experiences with God; understand that you matter very much to God and He is still with you. Don’t give up; you will be surprised at how God works things out even when we least expect it. Maybe right now He is teaching you that you cannot depend on people; the one to depend on is God. Maybe your current experience when over will help you encourage another person because you can relate; think of it as a testimony in the making.


  3. SavedbyGrace Says:

    Dear Ineedhelp,your story has really touched me…u sound so sad and unhappy and it breaks my heart that you have to go throught that…but one thing am sure of-God is not asleep…He is close to the broeknhearted and ican assure you He will work through this situation n bring healing to u and ur family…and thru this He will use you to reach out and help others…I am convinced He has great plans to give u a hope and a future…DO NOT GIVE UP…HE LOVES YOU…it is true that you need a support system to help you through this…it wud be a great idea to join a life group n connect with people who care abt you and will stand with you…i will keep you daily in my prayers….


  4. Pastor Ker,

    Your story yesterday was the most interesting story I’ve ever heard. It was as though you were giving my life experiences from the pulpit. Interestingly enough, I also joined Mavuno in 2008. May God continue blessing you to be a blessing to other people who have gone through the same predicaments in life. I would also like to glorify God for tuning my life around.


  5. @ineedhelp.

    I feel you sana sana and its so sad to hear what you are going through and i pray that all will be well.i wish i could comfort you much more. i wish i could be able to offer more than words. but i will only tell you that sugar is made by squeezing as you are being squeezed its removing the unwanted parts to get you to your purpose. baraka


  6. @ineedhelp – I totally feel you. People can be mean, almost devilish. But you mustn’t let me them win. Its okey to get annoyed and cry – but only for a moment. Have you ever seen a rained on dog? It runs to a shelter where it violently shakes itself leaving a pool of water, then moves on. After the tears shake off the bitterness, and move on. Focus on your goal and never loose sight. I, too have had my disappointment with God and for many months haven’t wanted anything to do with Him. But I know, beyond any reasonable doubt that He is God. And slowly I am starting to go back to Him. I am starting to ask him to show me who He really is, to speak to me. I know I will get there at some point; I am not yet there but will be. Always remember that our current problems are not permanent; they shall come to pass. Try not to focus on the bitterness and disappointment but build yourself to be an overcomer. When you have been through the hole you are in, you will share your experience with many and they will be comforted. Those enemies of yours – shame them by being a better person than you were before this ugly experience.


  7. Dear ineedhelp…..are you in a position to getr a book titled Holding on to your Faith even when God doesn’t make sense by Dr. James Dobson…..there quite some truths in there….


  8. mercy ndegwa Says:

    Trully sorry for the hurt. Its really sad but you know what? Everything happens for a reason.. It might not make sense right now but trust in the lord for he is the God of mankind and nothing is too difficult for him.
    The enemy hates families n he is at work tearing you apart!
    PUSH( pray untill something happes)
    Cling onto the hem of his garment.
    God bless


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