Never Work For Money!

The fact that most of us would change dramatically what we are doing when we get more money points to the fact that money plays a big role in determining what we’re doing today! But is this the way it should be?

Why Most People Work For Money

  • The answer is in a simple word, ‘conditioning’ – We are conditioned to get safe jobs. Most of our parent’s greatest criterion what we should study was our ability to get a job that would make the most money! Some employers reinforce this by giving loans to buy cars etc and keep you unable to leave your job. As a result of such conditioning, many people are defined by their jobs and their paycheck and can’t imagine doing anything else. The world has domesticated their dreams. So many people are trapped in jobs they don’t enjoy or that don’t have any meaning for them. Their thinking process is that one day, when they eventually have enough money, they will eventually do the things they want to do! But if you’re predominantly a Hoarder – you’ll never have enough to feel secure; if you’re predominantly a Spender – you’ll never save enough to feel you can take a risk; if you’re predominantly an Avoider – you’re so overwhelmed by money that you may risk leaving what you’re doing but not from wisdom but from refusing to deal with reality.
The real issue underlying both our conditioning and survival thinking is fear. Fear of the unknown, fear of losing control and (very importantly for us Africans) fear of poverty. Many of us are just one generation away from poverty; it’s snapping at our heels and we’re sprinting hard to ensure it doesn’t catch up with us! No wonder then we get trapped in the rat race and end up working for money! But what’s the alternative?

Read Matt.6:25-33

We were created to pursue the coming of God’s influence into whatever situation we are placed in. Just like birds and flowers are different, we too each have a unique assignment that we use to spread God’s sphere of influence. Discovering God’s assignment for you is the best way that you can begin to seek God’s kingdom.

Never work for money! You need something far more valuable than money before you get rich. Your best investment is in knowing God and knowing why He created you. Affluence follows assignment! It is as you discover and pursue your kingdom assignment that you begin to learn to tap into God’s divine economy.

A Nigerian pastor and writer called Sunday Adelaja puts it this way… ‘Christians should never work for money. Instead every Christian should go to work with one goal and one purpose in mind – to bring the kingdom of God into the sphere where he or she works. We are His ambassadors in the marketplace. If we are working at a job only because we must survive, then the potential exists for money to control our actions and rule over us. Kingdom agents are never motivated by survival but by purpose.’ Of course we all want to have a decent income but income is not our primary goal! Affluence follows assignment!

Benefits of seeking God’s Kingdom as your first priority ‘all other things shall be added to you’

  1. Meaning – It allows your work to have meaning. Too many people hate or tolerate their jobs. Every week, their slogans are ‘Oh God It’s Monday!’ and ‘Thank God It’s Friday!’ But you were created for your kingdom assignment, it’s not just a job but something that adds meaning to your life. When you discover it,your new slogan becomes ‘Thank God It’s Monday’!
  2. Competitive Advantage – No two human beings are exactly alike. You are unique! You can’t be duplicated! You have advantages your competition can never duplicate: your passion, your God-given talents, your assurance that this is what you were created for, your confidence & perseverance even when things don’t work out. Anyone who tries to be you can only be number two!
  3. Divine Favor – As we make God’s agenda our priority, God takes care of our business! … Opens doors & gives you favor. Gives you wind behind your back
  4. Antidote From Love of Money – Money stops being what I follow, and becomes a tool for me to accomplish God’s assignment.

Affluence follows assignment! How can you begin to practice your assignment? Different prayers for 3 categories of people…

*Those who already know your kingdom assignment and have stepped out and began to practice it …
*Those who clearly know what it is but you’ve been terrified to step out of what you are currently doing in faith because of some of the factors we discussed earlier.
*Those who are in the process of listening to God’s direction. Three very simple steps to hand in your resignation to Mammon …

  1. Be Faithful – Some people hate their current job and are waiting for God to move them elsewhere. But the first step in connecting with your life assignment is being faithful with your current assignment. Declare that your situation/job is God’s gift to you & embrace it. In marriage even if you think you’ve married the wrong person but choose to treat him or her like the right one, they’ll turn into the right person and you’ll have a wonderful marriage. If you marry the right person and treat them like the wrong one, they’ll turn into the wrong person! Same for your job. Ask God to help you thrive where you’re planted!
  2. Be Excellent – Like Joseph who regardless of how bad a job he found himself in, he worked with such excellence that he became invaluable to his boss! Be known as a person who works with excellence … ensure the prosperity of your workplace (seek the prosperity of the city).
  3. Represent Kingdom – Declare the kingdom has come to your workplace because of you. Bring solutions to people – pray about the things that bother you and ask God to show you solutions to them. Whether it’s righting what is wrong, being a source of blessing or drawing people to the kingdom, make blessing your workplace part of your job description! As you daily ask God to show you your assignment in your current posting, you’ll be better positioned to eventually discover your life Assignment. Actively look for opportunities to extend God’s influence knowing that Affluence follows assignment!

Dear Lord, I thank You that You are my provider. I declare that I work for you and not for man. I embrace my position as a kingdom posting. I will work to extend your influence there. I renounce fear and complacency and declare that I will serve you at work to the best of my creativity and ability. I will not be intimidated by anyone or compromise my faith to fit in. I declare that my position is secured by You and not by any human being. I declare that my workplace is under God’s influence because I work there. My office will be my alter and place of worship. I declare that all the enemies who work against me will be opposed by God himself. My priority will be to extend Your influence wherever you place me. And according to Your promise, I know that I will walk in the plenty of your kingdom prosperity & provision. May I bring glory and honor to You all the days of my life.

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  1. great message..God bls u


  2. This was a very good sermon. I liked the fact that we need to get the order right first i.e follow your assignment and affluence will follow instead of first making money then following your dream later on.
    Paster M, dont worry about critics who say you only speak of purpose, purpose purpose! Actually this is the main reason I belong to Mavuno. It is the only church that speaks of finding your true north in life. Then and only then will humanity find inner stillness and meaning in life.
    “You cannot fail at being yourself. A cat doesn’t try to be
    a tiger, and you shouldn’t try to be something you aren’t.
    You are a process, not a product. Your job is to discover
    what you are and create that creature. You still won’t be
    perfect, but success isn’t about perfection–it is
    about authenticity. You are a success if you are
    being your real, authentic self”


  3. this months series has touched me in a great way, am not new to mavuno in fact am one of the members who relocated from parent nrb chapel, problem is i have never realy been a member i have watched people i personally introduced to mavuno do mizizi ombi hatua and the like and really grow in church while personally i have never even done mizizi. everything that happened in my life kinda prepared me for this series and time. i have hopped from job to job both locally and abroad and the amazing thing is that i have never kept a job for more than 15 months. at only 30yr considering that i finished my uni studies in 2005 i have been in 6 jobs in six yrs. 2 of them abraod, 2 kenyan bluechips lets just say jobs that would be a dream of any person yet i never lasted in any of them.
    to bring my story to perspective i didnt leave these jobs willingly but either coz of discontent of the way things were done while some of them i was fired for the bad choices i made.

    then i thot why me? i realized all along never had any real friends to talk to and create positivity around me. this made me make wrong choices some of which cost me dream jobs
    thats when it dawned on me that i wasnt alone i decided to start a program that matches young people with mature responsible professionals to act as mentors and provide positive friendship if only not to let them experience the same predicament like i did. i called it ‘mentor a youth program’ even this i was doing at a snail pace and only worked when i got time to.

    it was only until last sunday when i attended church for the second part of the series that i realised that all that was happening earlier was to simply prepare me for this assignment that God wants me to do. in a strange twist of event my wife who initially was not very enthusiastic about the whole mentorship thing has come around and is more energetic than myself. needless to say that i could only have gotten so far without her support.

    thanks alot pastor M for mulika-ing me during this series am now very clear on what my assignment is and will follow it with all my heart for the good. its good to be back in mavuno after so many months i have since enrolled for mizizi and planning to do ndoa to formalize stuff….and lea for the sake of our two kids.
    God bless you pastor M and all the Mavuno pple

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    • Mr Anonymous of “Mentor a Youth”
      Sounds like an amazing endeavour and i hope you and your family are continuing with it. Would you kindly send me a line.. ie drop me an email

      Our company has a cool programme on community, social and eco-outreach and mentoring is something we are starting soon. It would be great learning from you especially if there was some synergy here with both initiatives. Thanks!


    • concerned Says:

      thank God for such an assignment……how can one enrol..


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  5. prayzXpress Says:

    Very True! However I wish we could leave “Affluence” out of the equation and replace it with “righteousness and obedience”, i.e. being on assignment for the Kingdom simply out of a deep desire to seek Gods Kingdom and His righteousness with or without “Affluence”. Many “born-agains” are going to the dogs as “Affluence” grows brighter and more appealing, but as the desire for righteousness grows dimmer and irrelevant. As we appreciate and reflect on this very good sermon, let us not forget to humble ourselves and approach our salvation with “fear and trembling” for we serve an Awesome God, a Consuming Fire who demands that we make His righteousness pre-eminent.


  6. @prayzXpress… some avoider tendencies? This is the first time Mavuno’s doing a series on money in 2 years! I think when Pst. M talked about affluence, he’s not just referring to money but to ‘shalom’ which if i remember had to do with peace, completeness etc. And also when he talks about assignment, he’s talking about seeking to spread God’s influence & righteousness in our workplaces! I don’t think that riches means no righteousness or vice versa! Read the title at the begining and also the prayer/declaration at the end.


  7. Kevin Mulei’s story was a great inspiration to me and i believe to all men who are about to hit 30 and are wondering what the future holds for them. The sermon re-ignited my passion for my purpose in life and it was an affirmation to what God wants me to do in the Kingdom. Thanks Pastor M. for the good service and you are always in my prayers.


  8. Kingdom boy Says:

    The Kingdom of God is about not drinking and eating but righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy ghost.They are some indicators that the Kingdom is at place you are.


  9. @praysxpress i could not put it any better, i love this sermon series am really learning alot and not only financially i realised i have avoider tendancies even emotionally, spiritually. am waiting on God to speak to me concerning my purpose and while at it i will indeed be faithful,and excellent, (that really stood out for me). Quick question Pastor M when you say that Mavuno will not teach about God? you lost me there because the word of God is how we learn about God. without the word we cannot know God neither have life and eventually the purpose…. isnt this purpose supposed to be guided by the word of God?? and does that mean Mavuno church is not a Bible based church??


  10. Kiumyamuthaka Says:

    Just what I needed. Thanks Pastor M. May God keep blessing you so you can be a blessing.

    I find this helpful when at my wits end at work. Colossians 3:22-24 Slaves, obey your earthly masters in everything; and do it, not only when their eye is on you and to carry their favor, but with sincerity of heart and reverence for the Lord. 23 Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for human masters, 24 since you know that you will receive an inheritance from the Lord as a reward. It is the Lord Christ you are serving.


  11. Am so excited about Mavuno Berlin (dont even understand why:-) Berlin shall never be the same again; people will be transformed and God shall be glorified in Jesus Name.


  12. Mr Anonymous of “mentor a Youth”
    Sounds like an amazing endeavour and i hope you and your family are continuing with it. Would you kindly send me a line.. ie drop me an email

    Our company has a cool programme on community, social and eco-outreach and mentoring is something we are starting soon. It would be great learning from you especially if there was some synergy here with both initiatives. Thanks!


  13. PstM, you are teaching me exactly what I need at this point in my life..a banker and for several years looking to get out and be self-employed but with intentions to be famously wonder none of my schemes has worked despite all the risk assessment skills! I will seek God’s kingdom first ..should the good Lord tarry, I will teach these lessons to my children’s children


  14. I haven’t been able to make it to Church for a while. I’ve just been reading the sermon notes but today I got onto youtube and what???

    I’ve really been praying for direction and I’m glad that I listened to the sermon coz God has given me very specific answers to deeply troubling questions.

    Thanks Kevin for sharing your story – truly inspiring. Thanks Pst.M, its taken me a while to fully comprehend True North – now I do. God bless you.



    i stumbled on this page while looking for the church directions. This is wholesome and encouraging. I have found anonymous experience quite inspiring. I went through similar work-related experiences. Everything was a drudge and discontentment. I also never tithed nor supported the work of God. However, after total surrender to Christ, now I enjoy work, and I do it to serve God by serving man/society. This has brought joy to me. I have also influenced colleagues and clients for Christ and find a lot of satisfaction at work. Actually now money issues are not central. I tithe faithfully and support church work including the less privileged. God has been very faithful and I have received promotions including becoming an employer. Actually clients now pursue and no blue Mondays

    To me when we get Christ at the center everything takes it place. When He is displaced nothing works!!.


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