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Jesus spoke about money more than almost any other subject, except about the kingdom of God. Jesus spoke more often about money than about heaven and hell, than about prayer and faith, than about sexual immorality, or violence. One scholar asserts that almost a sixth of his recorded statements concern money!


Jesus spoke about money more than almost any other subject, except about the kingdom of God. Jesus spoke more often about money than about heaven and hell, than about prayer and faith, than about sexual immorality, or violence. One scholar asserts that almost a sixth of his recorded statements concern money!

Beginning a new series this month called ‘I Didn’t Know THAT About Money’. We are going to learn four principles about money from God’s word that you will not learn from self-help books…

Matt.6:24 “No one can serve two masters. Either you will hate the one and love the other, or you will be devoted to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve both God and money.”

The word the NIV translates as Money with a capital M is more accurately translated Mammon…

Mammon appears only four times in the bible. It’s an Aramaic word meaning: riches or wealth. .. but it also thought to have referred to the Syrian god of riches. In using this unusual term word money, Jesus was indicating that there is a powerful spiritual force that rests on money. Money is not just a medium for the exchange of goods. There is a power behind it that seeks to dominate usi. Mammon is the power that causes us to worship money – depending on it rather than on God. It causes us to have the love of money, which the bible tells us is the root of all evil (1 Tim. 6:10). Mammon is in direct conflict with the Spirit of God.

And now listen to this…  All finances have either the spirit of Mammon or the Holy Spirit involved. There is no middle way, you are either a servant of God OR a servant of Mammon…

The unfortunate reality is that we all have a tendency towards Mammon. We all lean towards being one of these three:

The Hoarder – The Hoarder is deeply attached to money. A hoarder’s hobby is saving money, and they love to see their bank account grow. Hoarders are good at setting budgets, and prioritizing financial goals, although they are usually not inclined to take on much risk, tending instead to keep their savings ‘safe in the bank’. This is because they find security in money at hand. Hoarders have a hard time spending money on themselves or their loved ones. Although appearing successful, they often worry that they may outlive their savings and end up in poverty. They worry about money and never have enough to feel secure. They attempt to deal with their fear by focusing on details, and are usually apprehensive about making mistakes. Hoarders struggle with fear and with greed. This keeps them from the joy of trusting God for provision. [Confession: this is my own tendency]

The Spender – For the Spender, credit cards are their best friends. Spenders hate to limit themselves – after all, they work hard for their money, and deserve to have their money make them feel good! For many Spenders, money is also a measure of love and approval. Spenders often buy things they can’t afford. At the same time, however, they often feel frustrated that all their hard work hasn’t garnered them better financial rewards, and they often splurge to cheer themselves up or make themselves feel more successful. Spenders have a hard time budgeting or delaying gratification. Interestingly, many spenders fear achieving success on their own, afraid that they will give up a certain emotional dependency that has kept them from being self-supporting. They are prone to fantasies of financial rescue, such as from winning a lottery ticket (or Zawadi 2929!). While in waiting for the miracle person or event that will solve their financial woes, Spenders will spend most of what they have at their disposal, and even rack up a hefty amount of debt in the process.

The Avoider – The Avoider has trouble dealing with finances, whether balancing checkbooks, budgeting, paying bills or investing. This may be the result of a fear of money that stems from lack of self-confidence in dealing with financial transactions. As a result, they prefer to ignore the issue of money rather than confront their anxieties and take control of their finances. Alternately, Avoiders might believe that money is evil and has the power to corrupt. They feel that having too much wealth or making a profit on investments is equal to being greedy or selling out on their values and beliefs. Christian avoiders often believe God will sort out their financial issues for them  and they often alienate their loved ones with their self-righteous attitude toward wealth. Avoiders get overwhelmed with money issues. They are not inclined to keep tabs on their current spending or to invest for the future. They will throw their bank statements into a drawer without reading them and press ‘NO’ when the ATM asks if they want a receipt for their transaction because they just don’t want to know! They fear that if they analyze too much, they might discover terrible things about their finances that they have no control over anyway! If you are an avoider, you will either default to hoard or to spend when you get money, depending on your situation.

Each of us has the natural tendency to be controlled by Mammon. We are anxious about money. The issue is not how to stay out of debt or how to run a budget. The issue is ultimately one of Christ’s Lordship. Who is the master of your life? You are either the master over money or you are the slave of money.

You are either a servant of God or a servant of Mammon!

Mammon wants you to clutch to money and to depend on money for your sense of well-being. Mammon wants you to say to your job or bank account ‘give me today my daily bread’.

But that’s a huge deception! You see, here’s something we don’t often realize – money doesn’t make you rich; it only makes it possible for you to acquire goods and services! And the purpose of those goods and services is your ultimate well-being. This complete wellness is what the bible calls Shalom – which means peace, completeness, and welfare

Money itself is not those things, but hopefully a means to attain these things

The minute I stop trusting in God and start trusting my wealth, the minute I become so anxious about money I no longer start with what God wants but what I need, then I have began to worship at the altar of Mammon. And Mammon is the greatest idol in the life of most Christians today! You are either a servant of God or a servant of Mammon!
This is why Jesus spoke so much about money.

How do we break the power of Mammon over our lives? How do we conquer money so that it stops being a trap and becomes a tool towards our kingdom purpose?

This is what we’ll be talking about the next few weeks. But for today, we want to begin with the most basic step which is to ‘free your heart’. You free it by confessing to God that you are prone to serving Mammon.

PRAYER OF CONFESSION: Dear Lord, I confess that I have served Mammon, who is your enemy. I have allowed money & possessions to determine my sense of well being and nurtured the love of money in my life. Forgive me Father. From today, I renounce the hold of mammon in my life. I choose to trust in You as my provider and the one who gives me the power to produce & enjoy wealth. I surrender all the money and possessions in my care to Your kingdom agenda, that You may direct me in its use. I choose to walk in the freedom of Your provision. I choose to serve You Lord. AMEN


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  1. i missed today’s service coz i was unwell. This blog has broken it down real good. Every word spoke to my inner being. I lack the superative to describ it :-D, jaw dropping. Be blessed


  2. i want God 2 bless me with, any job, wealth en money… my brother is throwing me out becoz am jobless!! please anyone pray 4 m thru 072435069 ! i love u


    • Hi David,

      I have said a prayer for you…trust in God, in His time, He shall make everything beautiful for you…i was without a job for 7 months, was almost giving up, God came through for me at the nick of time…dont give up, be strong and hopeful and your blessings will come. I will be praying for you.

      Good evening and God bless.


    • Hey david God knows that you need a job He will provide.Amen.


  3. This was a very good Sermon.. and im looking forward to the rest in the series, I used to be a hoarder- for the longest time.. now with more responsibilities.. i find im doing all three.. lol.

    ANy anxiety for me is more not ” how much is in the account” but “how long will it take to make/recoup ABCD” Its been an interesting long lesson.. because.. im still happy.. whatever i have.. I’ve gotten to realise that Money really is a Means to an end.. NOT the be all and End of Everything. It is a facilitator.. but Not the only facilitator.. it allows u to procure goods and services- but you notice it cant buy you happiness.

    Good things in life.. dont have a price on them.. eg. fun with friends, family, a walk in the park, a good read… 10 minutes of absolute peace etc.. So are these for free? Ultimately im getting to realise.. i may be answereable to many e.g my family, clients, employees, landlords.. BUT one Ruler, One King, One, CEO, One Master- through him.. all things ARE ALWAYS POSSIBLE. Thats been one hard lesson in the last couple of years,,, Always, engage consult the CEO


    • wonderful space to be in,Mumbi. I have come to appreciate that when we surrender to God, one of the things that happens is freedom to enjoy everything else.

      example, instead of expending you energy worrying about something that you know for sure you cant do anything about, spend that energy and your time, doing something you are able to do e.g. playing with your children, talking to your nieces and nephews for those without kids yet, even talking to a friend i haven’t seen in a while about what happening in my life and theirs and guess what……you always come out feeling better and more appreciative of the fact that you are alive…….and you know that’s another way God provides……everyday He gives you the gift of life, the gift of health, the ability to hear, the ability to speak, the ability to walk, type this…….he has given so much


  4. I have been busted :-!


  5. Three years ago a month like this one i was invited for the Financial series, which had sessions even on Friday and since then Mavuno became home….alot of stuff financially started to change for me, especially even when i did mizizi and applied what i learned with Gods help but this sunday i was shocked to realise there is still more to do..i really thank God for this space called Mavuno Church, i realise that as long as i stay open to the teachings (sermons) i will always find myself growing in someway…. Am an avoider, while i no longer cry when faced with an elec bill 🙂 or just dread pay day(there was a time i had to be called to go for my pay cheque, was always the last actually)….i dont look at my statement/atm slip and cant make a decision to do with money unless its a group thing, i still get overwhelmed when i have to think how to spend/invest money even kawaida shopping exhausts me….i think am a good steward of cash(by force) but i have an ‘unhealthy’ relationship with it, i just dont like topic of money, have been on the have none side, basics, the alot, day to day, ok side…..eeeee..Pastor M, am so praying for you, i cant wait to hear from God thru you on sunday, for sure this series is very timely, am excited and also apprehensive(not good with change normally and i can smell it:). God bless sana.


  6. this was a very hard message to swallow, its counter culture and goes against the grain of the values that we are taught as society especially from an African Perspective/ poverty mentality where hoarding is the natural survival instinct as most of us are but one or two generations removed from poverty.


  7. Pastor m i must confess ididnt expect to learn anything new after listening to the money series year after year..shock on me im so busted! looking forward to the rest of the series..God bless.


  8. blessed girl Says:

    this is so timely!!! just this morning i was telling God i need a mentor. i’ve started a business plus working 8-5 and its a whole new experience. i know alot about the need to invest and be financially independent but i’ve noticed sth recently.

    just this sunday i was saying all my prayers for the past few months have been about the business…. strategizing, praying against competitors, complaining when things don’t go my way!! when i succeeded to start i felt like this was a stamp on approval from God and like it proved my very high level of spirituality. i know i look down on my friends who are not where i am financially though i do a good cover up face but i’m not sure it can last. this sermon series is so on point for me right now, God can deal with the root cause and i don’t have to pretend.

    the business is just a month old and i feel like this is getting to my head, i need help to keep perspective. enyewe, mammon is fighting for control. as the word says…. let us not be unaware of his schemes…..


  9. This so far has been one of the best service I have ever attended at Mavuno!


  10. I was in for the service and the message was great!! Sometimes we serve the Mammon and don’t even know it. This sermon was very necessary and important…


  11. Daegu champion Says:

    God bless you Pst.M,
    I cant wait for this sunday. To my shock ,i am a horder,i really struggle believing that God will provide for me . I am able to trust God with most of the other stuff except money.It took me very long before i could tithe and even when i did ,i needed a push by few mavunites for like i dont know how many months. Surprisingly i never have enough of it!

    God has really sorted me out though am still work in progess. I have a lot of learning and growing up to do .

    May the lord Continue using you.


  12. Was very much looking forward to the sermon series. To learn about money & how to get rich in the proper way (I didn’t even know this was my motivation). Hoarder! My fist was ready to protest:) But as the sermon unfolded I realised God is calling me to a fulfilling Father-Child relationship and not a demanding Banker-Client relationship.


  13. haiyaaaaa… the only way i can put this…..


  14. I heard an illustration Pastor M used and I just wanted to offer some more insight. In the passage about the rich young ruler, Jesus tells his disciples that it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than it is for a rich man to enter heaven. Now, you must remember that Jesus used contemporary illustrations in his parables. So, in this instance, I’d like to point out that the eye of the needle was not in fact a literal needle but something else.

    In those days, the city had one huge gate and this was kept open until dusk at which time it was shut. There were other smaller gates that late-comers could use and these were called the eye of the needle. They were narrow passages that made it possible to access the city but were not sufficient for say a large mass of people to go through at once.

    In this specific illustration, when a traveler came with his loaded camel, the camel could not fit through this passage with all it’s luggage strapped to its back. So, the owner had to offload all this baggage so that the camel could fit through this passage. What Jesus therefore meant is that it is easier for a camel to give up it’s baggage in order to go through the passage than it is for a rich man, who wants to pass through the narrow passage to eternal life and yet does not want to offload all his “baggage” or wealth in order to do so.


  15. Money,Money Says:

    Baraka pastor M
    God continually use u. i was burst-ed especially on the S a time i have failed to tithe coz of being a spender.. Thanks no turning back.


  16. […] you’ve determined which type you are, then check here to learn more about the challenges a person with your money style faces! I’d love to know what […]


  17. @thespianic, you’ve really broken it down, thanks. And Kisa, the analogy of Father-Son and Banker-Client is on point! Boy am I looking forward to breaking the power of Mammon over my life in the coming weeks.


  18. Ps M, thanks for the great sermon, i had no idea it was meant for me. i confess i am an avoider but can be a hoarder and a spender depending on the circumstances. may God help me. May you continue to be used of the Lord even in days to come. SHALOM


  19. Spender turn Hoarder Says:


    Really enjoyed the message.

    I am a hoarder because of circumstances but were it up to me, i would be the spender. I long for the day, i will choose what i want to buy just and be more than able to buy it immediately.

    Thanks. For me, money has been it! I even told God, we figure this money thing out & we’ll be sorted otherwise, i can’t help you!

    My prayer recently has been: if only you could bless me financially, i would be SO happy.

    I have come from the spendthrift, to the saver, to the hoarder. See it’s been a journey. I hoard coz i lack even for basics.

    God has given me a VERY hard time with income but He knows why & i will take this info this month and put it to good use when i do get something consistent.

    Be blessed.

    PS: This series is just reminding me of my failures. I have cried after each.


  20. best sermon i have ever hard


  21. Pastor M,

    how about people who having followed your advice over the various money series, have acquired some freedom and therefore even though ranked as hoarders because of the classification offered by the quiz are not necessarily hoarders but ended up there as those are the answers closer to their reality as opposed to living in debt or living with ones head in the sand??


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