Speed Bumps Ahead

From Acts 2, we spoke about how we are in the midst of a miracle because God has connected us to people we would not otherwise have known. We talked about being open and vulnerable to a group … about how we need to unlock the power of community for our benefit through praying together.

The community of God’s people always had challenges even amidst growth. Even when the church is doing well there will be stuff going on that needs to be worked through. The very existence of this story tells us that:

Read Acts 6:1-7

We see a situation developing that was a serious matter for the early church. The incident highlights the difficult and challenging nature of life in the community of God’s people even for the apostles.

The most essential act in resolving this issue is that the apostles empowered the community. The apostles resolved the problem by releasing the seven to do the work. One of the key functions of life in community is the care for members. The church in the book of Acts did not just meet around intellectual discussions. They lived life together. They cared for one another in the significant events of life. Church is not just a random group of individuals who come into the same space once a week. We are not cables within the same pipe insulated from one another.

Releasing control is a significant act of faith and trust. The apostles mobilized others to care by creating opportunities for them to lead within the congregation. There are other places in life where we see growth resulting from release of control. Care is entrusted to a specific team so that the rest of the leadership can focus on the mission of the organization. The goal is to enhance efficiency. The same is relayed to Moses by his father-in-law (Exodus 18:17-21)

How can we demonstrate the church through community?

  1. If you are not in a life group please sign up with the Life Groups and connect with one
  2. Some of you your gift is encouragement, or service or hospitality. Join the team as a care giver and give extra capacity for care visitations and bereavement
  3. Continue to be open and vulnerable in your life groups
  4. Share your needs: part of the reason for some of us having been overlooked is that even though we are part of a group, we are not vocal about our issues.
  5. Pray together

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  1. This months sermon series is most welcome especially looking at a christian practice that is Biblical and has eroded over the years; LGs or Eklesia. As a member of the Mizizi ministry for just about a year, I have seen a life group erode despite some excelling and I think the problem is the thought that the practice is new to many. I pray that the LG ministry may be strengthened to continue handling, reviving or re engineering LGs which are diminishing or have ceased to exist. Thank you Pastor Linda for being directed to this and God bless you and use you for more insights in these real life situations.


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