Strength In Numbers

What is your default response when crisis comes your way? Acts 12:1-11 presents a story of crisis for the church. Peter, one of the church leaders, had been arrested. The response of the church, even though one of them had earlier been arrested and executed, was to pray. And they did not do this as a large community of thousands, the story records that they gathered to pray was in the home of one of them – Mary the mother of John. This was the equivalent of a Life-Group (LG).

This was not the gathering of the whole congregation of 3000, but a small section of the congregation gathered in a house. There are situations in life where we will be in need of miraculous intervention. It is at those times that we need to know that someone has our back and is praying for us.

The one point in this message is: We must unlock the power of community for our benefit.

There are many other places in life where we see this principle of strength in numbers reflected. Ants know it. They live in large colonies and have a real family life. The members of the community depend on one another. They feed and protect one another and rasie and care for their young together. Packs of animals know it. A group of animals fleeing from a predator operate as a herd. Even in every day decision making we employ herd behavior.

We come together to support one another in times of bereavement, new births  and weddings. We raise funds together for medical bills and other things like that.

Even God puts us in community.

How do we leverage strength in numbers through our communities?  How do we make prayer front and center for our communities?

To unlock the power of community for our benefit here are some suggestions:

1. For those already in Life-groups, realize that you will not experience that power unless you are open and vulnerable.

2. Attend worship night, and other prayer spaces, together.
3. In your LG, don’t pray as an afterthought. Write down your prayer concerns every week in a book. After some months come back to it. You will be amazed to find that God has answered your prayers

4. Pray for more than just yourselves. Rather than complain about some ministry that is not functioning as you would like begin to pray about it. Pick a ministry, pastor, department at Mavuno church and pray for it.

5. If you feel like you are beginners and you don’t know the ropes or you need some refreshing we have just the space for you. Ombi is 10-week course that will help you experience the adventure of prayer. Our next Ombi class starts on 14th September. Some of you your LG has not done this class and you have been wondering why you are being asked to do it. This is the reason. There is strength in numbers. Take this opportunity to do this together.

Remember: We must unlock the power of community for our benefit.


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