Never Walk Alone

We live in a very diverse city. The diversity is not something we celebrate, particularly the diversity of social class because of the inequalities of power. When the common culture that binds people in rural societies is not there the fast pace of change generates a sense of emptiness, anxiety and insecurity. We feel nostalgic for the traditional identity markers, which is why you see people trying to resurrect old customs through cultural nights for example. The bottom line, is that we want to be with people like us.

Something quite different happened in the very diverse city of Jerusalem. Diversities began to interact. Something serious had to have happened for strong community to develop. People with deep differences began to interact. People who had been indifferent to one another began to experience lively interaction.

Read:  Acts 4:29-31

The sense of community stemmed from pentecost, not from an established hierarchy/ tradition/ liniergy- none of these was in place at the time. They came from their encounter with the spirit of God. And these was the expression not the same of their community.

A common fund was established by members of the community selling off possessions and handing over part or all the money realized. This enthusiasm was a direct expression of their experience of the spirit.

Where in life today do we see such expressions of community?

What would it take to see more/stronger/greater fellowship in the church?

  1. Open up your lives: Don’t see it as fulfilling an obligation you have been told to every week. Open your life to the Life group. There needs to be confidentiality so that people can consider it safe to be real.
  2. Invite the ministry of the Holy Spirit: It will take an encounter with the Holy Spirit, if you are not  feeling your group, you need to push the boundaries. Do something together in order to seek the Lord and if it doesn’t work, you need to have a ‘siwesi make’ party and let it go.
  3. Meet one another’s needs: Tell one another about the significant things happen in your life and ask for the help that you need. If people don’t have food or rent, it is your responsibility to ensure that they are taken care of and if you notice that someone has become a sponge or freeloader, you have the right to call them on it.
If you are not in a life group, you have nobody to blame but yourself when no one comes to stand with you in your hour of need. Look for people you have something in common with. you are missing out on enjoying relationships, meeting the needs of others and encountering God and applying the word to your life. Your growth will be stunted, because this is God’s designated family for us.
Join a life group, open up your life and meet each other’s needs.

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  1. your msg cldn’t be more timely.i’m in a Bible study(same thing as a Life group,i presume) and haven’t wantd to be in it for a while.i have tried evrythn to be comfortable n now only attend jus so i dnt disappoint my friend.i am holding a siwes party n join another i will be ‘freer’


  2. it so encouraging to hear what the spiritual leaders are leading us. its a very health ideas to have life group in life, my request is, can we have capacity building section especailly we, i mean people who we dnt leave around nairobi where we cant attend services and and family discussion from mavuno?

    from tana delta


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