6 Years of Lifechange

In the month of August Mavuno is celebrating six years of life change!!

We are grateful to God for his faithfulness since the launch of Mavuno at the South C sports Club in August 2005. Since then the Lord continues to work among us and we have seen many lives transformed, relationships restored, marriages rescued, destructive habits abandoned and, greatest of all, souls saved.

I remember when we started out as one gathering and now we are a family of 4 congregations – 3 in Nairobi and one in Kampala. We are looking forward to others joining the family beginning with Berlin this September.

We also thank God for Mizizi experiences spread out in such places as the US, Tanzania, Zambia and, this September, in Rwanda.

Anniversary Celebration with a difference!

Our anniversary weekend will be on August 6th and 7th in our weekend services. I encourage you to bring with you 2 or 3 friends to the service and let us celebrate together. This year we will honor our God on Aug 6th and 7th by touching other lives in our nation. We will be joining with other Kenyans in donating dry foodstuffs for those stricken by famine in the marginal areas of Kenya. Remember to bring along with you some dry foodstuffs to church in any of our 3 services – Saturday 5pm, Sunday 9am and Sunday noon at Belle Vue.

We will also be celebrating this life change in our other congregations in Nairobi – at Mavuno Mashariki and at Mavuno Downtown.

A month of Love thereafter!

In the 3 remaining weekends we will continue spreading the love by visiting a prison each week.

We will begin with the Nairobi West Prison on 13th, then Langata Women’s Prison on the 20th and finish with the Industrial Area Prison on the 27th of August. On each of these three Saturdays,

I encourage us all to come out in large numbers into the prisons, dressed ready to do kazi ya mkono (KYM). Invite your neighbours and work colleagues to come along to show love to inmates.

I look forward to celebrating this exciting season of our life at Mavuno with you. See you this weekend. Remember to bring along with you your 3 friends.

Pastor Muriithi Wanjau

Lead Pastor, Mavuno Church


One Response to “6 Years of Lifechange”

  1. Thanks Pastor M and congrats Mavuno on your 6th birthday. It’s truly amazing to see what God is doing through you and Mavuno church. The Freedom behind bars initiative is truly inspiring and it was amazing to hear the testimonies of the numerous transformed lives. Enyewe God has no boundaries!!

    Most importantly I would like to personally thank you for keeping the main thing the main thing!! During service you did acknowledge that indeed God had opened numerous doors for Mavuno church to grow and expand, but what you said next, that it is the numerous stories of the changed individual lives that makes it worth all the effort! This might have been a simple statement that you said, but to me was indeed inspirational.

    I am sure God will continue to open up several opportunities to reach out, touch and change lives of many who are lost and are missing out on the tremendous and amazing love of God.

    Happy birthday Mavuno!! and GoodDay!!



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