House Party @ Mavuno

If you walked into a shopping mall and  saw a sign that said: 80% off on everything you can put into one cart. What would you do?  Something about the idea of getting the best deal appeals to us. We want to get the most out of life and if we can get a good deal then much the better.

Read: 2 Kings 7:3-18

The context is of a prolonged siege and terrible famine. The King was dealing with cannibalism and post-cannibalistic trauma. The invading Assyrian army flees camp at God’s scare and 4 lepers find all the food they want, say to themselves, ‘today is a day of good news, we can’t come this ourselves…’

I learn from these lepers that deepening and expressing my faith involves seeking the best for others.

We have heard it said that “The best things In life are free”.. Remember the song by Luther Vandross and Janet Jackson? Well, what they missed is that the best things in life may be free, but they are actually gifts from God. They are free to us but the cost has been paid by God. The ultimate gift is eternal life; this particular gift is free for us but Jesus paid for it with his own life.  Jesus described the gift of eternal life as a great wedding party which we have all been welcomed into.

The best things should not be enjoyed alone. They need to be shared. Just like the lepers came to understand (in V9) “Then they said to each other, “What we’re doing is not right. This is a day of good news and we are keeping it to ourselves. If we wait until daylight, punishment will overtake us. Let’s go at once and report this to the royal palace.”

We have a moral responsibility to desire and actively seek the best for others. God has every right to hold you accountable for not sharing what he has freely given you to share. The deal that you have found could permanently alter the life of another person and even our world.

The lepers were imperfect, sick people with issues who were not even allowed to live inside the city. They are the last people who would have been expected to bring a blessing at such a challenging time. These are the people who God used to bring out the best deal for their community. You may look at your life and think – what do I have to offer? What good am I to those close to me. I believe that what you have found in God’s community could well change someone’s life – regardless of the fact that you are not perfect and may even have issues.

There is a life changing gathering that you have been a part of and it has changed your life. Christ and his community has touched you at Mavuno, your life is different. You have found friends, purpose, joy, healing, salvation, acceptance and freedom. It is too good to keep to yourself; tell somebody to come to this feast! Someone else needs to experience the freedom that God gives because you have already experienced it.

Buy one get one freed! BOGOFd

It is because of those people who decided to share their good deal that your own life was changed. Someone in Nairobi needs to hear God’s message of transformation and life change. Like the lepers we have found this message and we cannot keep it to ourselves.

Go out invite your 3 friends to our celebration next week.

Someone in Nairobi needs to hear God’s message of transformation and life change. Like the lepers we have found this message and we cannot keep it to ourselves. We must share it – it is not good for us to keep it to ourselves. We must want the best for others.

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