You Can’t Die On Me

Gatherings are such places where we like to be at our best. It is terrible for someone to come and become a wet blanket, a spoiler or an awkward odd-ball for your gathering. Jesus had a number of awkward moments in such gatherings, one of these took place in Luke 5:17-20 (Jesus heals a paralytic).

Life’s Casualty’s v.18
One of the not-so-glamorous facts of life is that there are people close to us who are going through tough times. Their challenges bring about an awkwardness that we sometimes do not know what to do with. These are facts, issues and even people who you do not want close to your party. These are friends, relatives, close acquaintances who need help, want help but may not even be able to bring themselves to a place where they can find help.

This is the story of the paralytic. It is the story of some of our relatives, loved ones or even close acquaintances. They need help, want help but may not be in a position to go out to get it.

Emergency Action v.18-19
The paralytic’s condition was such that his hope had to be in his friends. These people did an awkward thing in order to help an awkward person.

Let us face it there are some people in our lives who might have a problem and they’ll need a hand. There is a good chance that these loved ones need help, they want it but the circumstances of their lives are so challenging that they are not able to carry themselves to a place of help. These people may have to depend on you to bring them to a place of restoration and healing.

Expressing and deepening of our faith involves bringing healing to people – by bringing them to Christ.
Healing for the paralytic came when his friends put their foot down and said “you cant die on us, we’ve got to do something…”

Life Saver v.20
It is possible that the solution for certain types of spiritual, emotional or even physical paralysis is getting into God’s presence. There is a unique expression of God’s presence and power that is found where people are gathered together in his name.

The thing that fascinates me about this gathering was that Jesus chose to bring healing to the paralytic – not because of the paralytic’s desire or condition, but because of the friend’s belief and faith in Jesus’ healing power.

Healing and restoration for the paralytic came when a friend or two came together, united their faith and stepped out of their comfort zone.

Deepening of our faith involves bringing healing to people – by bringing them to Christ

Jesus did not reprimand the paralytic or his friends. The paralytic was not unwelcome or awkward. This was his day of healing. Healing can come to your friend or relative because of your faith!! Your belief can bring restoration to a loved one.

Who is that person who is in a situation where they need to see the healing, restorative power of Jesus? Who is that person who may perish because of the immense weight of issues that they have? Who is that person who needs help but has no where to look, or go and needs Christ? Who is that person who you say “cain’t die on you?”

The thing that challenges me about Jesus’ response is that he healed the person on the basis of his friends faith. That same healing restorative power of Christ is available for us too.

Who is it that can call upon Jesus on behalf of our friends? Is it not us who know something about him? Is it not us who have seen his healing and restoration power at work in our lives, in our church, in our life groups. Let us then activate this healing power for the sake of our friends.
Deepening of our faith involves doing whatever it takes to rescue lives and bring healing to people – by bringing them to Christ.

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9 Responses to “You Can’t Die On Me”

  1. Awkward Situation! Says:

    Pastor Kyama, you are one anointed leader…I’ve been enjoying the # Houseparty sermons so much!But leo enyewe, you nailed it!…

    We definitely have members of our families and communities who could do with our lifeline of faith and thank God for reminding us what our jurisdiction is. I had numerous people to pray for today, but foremost there was me…I’ve been in a conflicting family situation for the last couple of weeks. A fantastic job finally seems to be in the offing for me, and then just after a series of interviews, I discovered that I am pregnant. This job has a whole load of perks coming up, but it’s travel-intense and quite demanding, which means I have to be in the best of shape…I’ve been in a quagmire about this, wondering what God is trying to communicate in my circumstance…

    But today, it was revealed…The awkwardness of my circumstance requires the intervention of my faith and the full-belief that God’s destiny is plugged into this whole affair. My family ultimately comes first and more than anything,I was reminded of that. My value system will determine my next steps, but I am definitely in a good place. After all, if my “potential” employer thinks that my pregnancy will deter my performance, then tough luck!…I don’t know whether there’s a correlation between being pregnant and failing on one’s obligations. If they don’t give me the job, it means that they discriminate, which means that I was never really meant for the job anyways…Thank you for highlighting the relevance of our faith in awkward times. You nailed it!…God Bless You!


  2. Never have I heard that portion of scripture preached in that way. Yaani I’m so encouraged in playing my part for the healing and restoration of the ‘Philo Paras’ in my life. God bless you Pst. Kyama as for the drama crew, mko yuu tu sana!


  3. Pastor Kiama, that was an annointed great sermon, simply put but with a very important message. my prayer is that we shall all internalize and truly live it out. was immensly blessed and reminded once again why standing in the gap for family, friends, church and our community is a must for all believers.i must confess, last year i didnt get your sermon but this month its being a blessing…one of us has ‘evolved’..:)Baraka tele.


  4. Gap sighter Says:

    Hey, I REALLY enjoyed the sermon. I think it moved many. Liked the spiritual mat prayer. Also, i realise people come to church/do mizizi & get saved & that’s all nice & dandy, but what should they expect in their spiritual journey? I think being forewarned is to be forearmed. Pst. M needs to think of a course or something & ASAP


  5. Gracey Says:

    Well I wasn’t in Church, in fact i have been skiving Church for 2 months now – funny enough, because of an awkward situation in my family which is affecting my life. I have a brother who seriously needs help, but we have really tried to help him as he has continually screwed up, since high school, he is the most brilliant in the family went to the best schools, graduated with an Straight A from Alliance High School, got accepted to pursue a degree in Engineering, but he always finds a way to screw things up! Now that he is living with me, i have been so frustrated, that i have considered throwing him out. My love and patience have ran out, but as i have listened to this sermon, i realize that I gave up the very life line that we really needed – that of faith. We have been brought up in a Christian family, in fact both my parents are ministers. Well Pastor Kyama, i will be attending Church from next Sunday, but i guess i really need prayer for my own faith to be renewed. I have watched my mother pray herself dry, and this situation, really is just not going away. How do i get out of this, i feel like I am too young to be taking up the pressure of my bro, i want to go ahead and concentrate on my own life. My bro keeps saying he is going through depression, and has grudges against my dad for mistakes that he did when we were growing up, but i think he is super-selfish and using the stories as an excuse for laziness. He seen 5 psychologists so far and counseling doesn’t seem to be working.I even got him a Job to do over the holidays, and he didn’t take it, and basically he is a social misfit! He manages to drive people away, and embarrass the family wherever he goes. I am also seeing a counsellor myself, I have simply given up, i might sound evil but i do not mind if he dies on me, but i need God to forgive me even for the thought of it. Help please, if you can.


    • Hi Gracey, i hope you made it to the prayer tent this past sunday (astleast church service as you said:-)….if you didnt please do visit on sunday. Also may i ask you to attend worship night this friday, 6-10pm.we would love to agree with you in prayer.


  6. Sunday was amazing for me. thank you Pastor for bringing out that message so well! i have been in an awkward place in my life for a while now i recently got married and its like our finances just went away right after the wedding. my contract at work also ended and we have been living from hand to mouth since. and having occasional debts here and there. my husband tries hard to take care of us but i can see he is struggling. i have been asking God why he is allowing this to happen to us because it puts us in awkward situations with our families and friends always not been able to show up for plots etc coz we don’t have money.. its so bad because we have mastered the art of putting up appearances. but the funniest thing was that when you asked us to pull out the spiritual mat and pray for someone in our lives who needs healing, i was praying for other members of my family who also need healing but i found myself standing up and going in front for prayer. it had not hit me up to that point that i also needed healing. i am happy to say that Jesus worked on my heart from that point and i know he has great plans for me and for my family. thank you so much and may God bless you


  7. I catch these messages a week or so later on the web as i am not local to Nairobi and the messages continue to bless my life. I can relate to the “awkward situation” as we have one going on in my family right now. My mother is in Nairobi and is unwell, my dad (like many of his generation) is in denial about her condition which we the children suspect is potentially depression as she had a similar episode 10 years ago. The children want to get my mother the appropriate medical attention. However, due to my dad’s stance, some of my siblings (all adults BTW) are afraid to do anything contrary to his wishes. My dad’s view is that my mum is only hypertensive and will be ok. I do not think he can wrap his head around any other possibilities, particularly as they are both involved in their local church i think he feels there is shame associated with such a condition. Whilst we are trusting God for healing, it is prudent that my mother gets the appropriate treatment, that this does not cause any more upheaval in the family than it already has, for peace for the whole family during this time and that my dad’s eyes may be opened to reality and that the children are not trying to fight, defy or disrespect him, we just want what is best for our mother, which is in truth also what is best for him. My faith is that God will intervene on our behalf and distance does not matter.


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