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Jesus talked about the Kingdom of God using examples of parties. 10 virgins going to the bridegrooms party, the wedding invitation, the prodigal son’s party, there is a party for a person who makes a decision to accept Jesus and turn their life around. The last thing he did before being betrayed was have a bash with his disciples. He then died, resurrected and ascended into heaven, to prepare a place for us in the ultimate party – his second coming.

Last week we learnt that deepening our faith involves inviting others into our lives and our experiences. This week let us get into a whole new world.

We live in a world that doesn’t really care – so what if I found something good? I deserve it, I am lucky, too bad for you!

It began in school. We even learnt to write covering our work in class (as if knowledge will leak out of the book if you shared it) At work we are taught: to keep information to ourselves to gain competitive advantage; to hoard skills and resources to get ahead; block opportunities for others if you have to. We learnt that sharing has a negative effect on your success. Many of us, even those who have been saved for a while, have adopted this value as applicable for our lives. Sharing is seen as the opposite of succeeding.

We even have come to believe that my faith and what I believe is my personal gain. Jesus is my personal saviour. It works for me. I am headed to heaven – I am one up on you. I realize that faith is personal but I am not sure you can hoard it for yourself to gain the upper edge the way we hoard other things. Yet sometimes we live that way. We unconsciously I live as if the faith I found will get me ahead and I must protect it by keeping it to myself.

A study was done in Germany among business entrepreneurs and the most striking thing in the study was that it is the people who shared their experience with others in networks and groups that succeeded the most. The theme of sharing for growth is hardwired into our faith as Christians. Take for instance Andrew’s story.  This reading is taken from the book of John. It is the story of 2 of Jesus’ disciples.

Reading/Drama: John 1:35-42 (Message)

The theme of sharing for growth is hardwired into our faith as Christians. Andrew expressed his new found belief in Jesus through his act of sharing his experience. Expressing/deepening your faith involves sharing what you have with others. Andrew:

  • Found it (v37): Andrew found something good. He had been looking for a while to find answers to his quest for the savior, the Messiah, the person who the prophets called the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world. Our lives are such that we are searching for meaning and success for our lives. Jesus one time said, seek and you shall find. Andrew sought and he found.
  • Tasted it (v.39): Once Andrew found what he was looking for he determined to taste it. It was not enough to see it but he had to experience it and make a conclusion for himself. The proof of the pudding is in the eating. Finding a truth does not mean benefiting from it. One has to experience and live out this truth to get value out of it.
  • Shared it(v.40): He invited his brother to the party. Having tasted it he knew that this was going to be an exciting ride. The thing that adds value to your experience is sharing it. Andrew shared his experience with Peter. Not only did Peter become a companion in Andrew’s spiritual journey – but Peter, his brother, is the person that Jesus left with the church. What a blessing to Andrew, to Peter, to the family and to the Kingdom of God. You never know what kind of value you will create by sharing with others. You, others and the world could well benefit.

There is power and value in sharing. We learn from Proverbs 11:25 – A generous person will be blessed, and one who refreshes others will himself be refreshed. God has reserved a blessing for the person who devotes themselves to share from their own life.

The Kingdom of God, life in Christ, are things that by nature must be shared. Your faith cannot be hoarded to yourself. Like all other good gifts God has given, your faith is designed to be shared.

Matthew 22 Jesus teaches in a vivid parable that the Kingdom of God is like a serious, rocking, party which must be shared with as many as are willing to come to it. There is no discrimination for those who are invited.

Deepening your faith involves sharing what you have with others!

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  1. Sharing our faith is also obeying “Go ye into the world”.


  2. Maureen Mbui Says:

    This sermon was so real!


  3. thanks Mavuno for putting beds in Industrial area remand prison. A member of my life group has been fasely accused and is there now. I have a feeling he will be safe because there are beds. thanks


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