Have you ever been in a place where you were not welcome? The problem with real life is that there are many places where we are made to feel unwanted, unwelcome, uninvited. We want to belong – but there are places where we were not welcome. Some of us are coming out of a place where –people may have spoken ill of you, condemned you, excluded you, made fun of you, rejected you. And the question begs – Is there a party I am welcome to, is there somewhere I fit in, spiritually speaking – with my background and issues, is there a spiritual space I could call my own where I am welcome, where I am invited with no conditions?

There is much we learn from Christ in scripture to deepen our faith. Much of this comes from Jesus and his love for parties. If he lived today some would label him – a party animal.. He went to all kinds of parties. He also spoke of the kingdom of God using examples of parties. He then died, resurrected and ascended into heaven, to prepare a place for us in the ultimate party – his second coming.

Dramatised reading of John 4:10-26, 39-42 (Message)

This story is narrated by John, one of Jesus’ close friends and one of the 12 disciples. It is set in rural Samaria, near an ancient well dug by Jacob for his family and animals. Jesus is out there with the disciples, then at about noon they go to find some fast food for lunch. Jesus walks up to a well to get some water and he finds a lady there and asks her for water.

Jesus gives her 3 invitations:

  • I’m here with God’s generous gift, ask for it and you’ll get it
  • My water is a one time solution for spiritual thirst
  • It will also lead to eternal life.

Here is a woman who was looking for a sense of spiritual belonging. She had issues – 5 husbands and a come-we-stay. That is the last person you would expect to have a theological discussion about worship and places where you can find God. She had the ultimate longing that goes into the core of our spirit. She wanted a place of spiritual belonging and she found it in Christ.

myIssues: sometimes we are timid to look for and find a place of spiritual belonging because of our own issues. We often do not know who or how to ask. We also feel that church is the last place you want to go because the people there will not understand.

myPlace: In her conversation with Jesus he did not recoil at her issues. He did not pass a verdict on her. He did not write her off. He invited her to experience spiritual connection with God. He invited her with all her issues into the community of true worship. Jesus welcomed her into the party. The space of connecting with God is not hidden or closed to you. God himself is inviting you into it.

myResponse: What knocks me over is this woman’s response. After she heard she believed. She responded not by sitting there but by inviting others into the experience. When this woman understood that she was welcome, – her response was to become an inviter. She chose to become one who invites others into the same space where she had been. She wanted others to be in on the party as well.

When you get invited into God’s houseparty and your life begins to be changed then you then become like Jesus, you become an inviter. You become a person who invites others to experience what you have experienced.

I challenge you to take your cue from the Samaritan woman – commit to invite others to church, a place where ordinary people belong. Think of one person who you would like to invite this month

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One Response to “myPlace”

  1. thekenyannutcase Says:

    Interesting sermon.i liked the whole we should invite others to the space/truth/church/christ…as i ruminate on the message,i doubt tho’ we would label Jesus a party animal if he lived in our time. my simple mind cant decide which of this scenario picturing Jesus as a party animal?
    Scenario A – Lots of Party, Lots of Jesus
    Jesus is in Psys daggering an ethiopian chic/Jesus in the pub,told drinks r over n he tells the waiters to open the water taps…drinks on him as he changes the water to keroro/jesus in westy at a private party for tax auditors featuring random university girls…

    Scenario B – lots of party, less of Jesus
    Jesus is invited to every FM station party that he feels he doesn’t belong/Jesus is at the corner of the party,the unseen guest,guys just hanging/Jesus intercedes for the revellers, cant connect with guys,withdraws like an emo kid

    Scenario C – lots of Jesus, less of party
    Jesus at Mavuno dazzling guys with vybe/Jesus streaming live his thoughts on his upcoming party,the main event/Jesus at lidos,party spoiler

    Scenario D – less Jesus less party
    *My imagination runs dry*

    Or was it 4 shock value like saying gospel gangsters,or saying like Paul i count my past as *dung*(insert modern synonym)


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