This July its #houseparty @Mavuno

House Party @ Mavuno

What is the best thing you have done for yourself lately? This July at Mavuno youre welcome to the biggest houseparty of the year.. and guess what? everyone is invited… oh and feel free to Bring Your Own Buddy

Tweet them up! “@mybuddy hey its been a while! Ive got a hot plot and we have to go! #houseparty @mavunochurchorg”


4 Responses to “This July its #houseparty @Mavuno”

  1. Ok…so what’s this all about?


  2. I know its gonna be one exciting series!


  3. Is it possible to get more information on what this house party is all about?


  4. Why don’t we come and find out… I’m just as curious. Its a houseparty so I bet it will be fun! Its Pst Kyama preching so I’m sure he will break it down!!


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