Activating Greatness

In our series, we’ve looked at the 6 sectors of society that we as a church want to raise up influencer’s for. Many in our society are drifting. The Kenyan dream is not delivering! Many are moving from job to job only realizing that it doesn’t satisfy. What we’re saying through this series is that you are wired for greatness. You were not created just to be born, go to school, get a job, get married, have children, grow old then die!

But how do I activate this greatness? At Mavuno as we have sought to listen to what God is saying, we sense that the process will take place in major four steps.

  1. Complacent to Consumer: Step one in the Mavuno Marathon is from society to the service. The way we do this is through outreach events and ministries. The Village Easter and Christmas productions, and ministries like NDOA, and LEA. We want to encourage you to invite your friends and we will provide a soft way to introduce them to a relevant church, where they’ll hear the good news of salvation. Its important to be part of a local church: it connects you to God and what he is doing in the society around you. It’s here that you hear the message and become aligned to the direction God is leading you.  You will not become a kingdom influencer unless you are firmly connected to a local church. Otherwise you risk becoming a spiritual drifter and orphan.
  2. Consumer to Connected: Many who have visited for the first time have remarked how they were surprised to find that even though we’re a large church, people seem very warm and inviting. I believe the reason that is so is that many here are connected in a small group. Next step in the race is to join a small group. Why small groups? It’s hard to get real and deep with everyone at Mavuno. You connect with others who are like minded and who will help you grow. You get pastoral care and find others who ‘have your back’ and pray for you through tough times. We find that 90% of our counseling cases are people who are not in a group! You find people to support your dream. You cannot be great alone. They can be your ‘vision community’ who will support your dream and purpose. You get to serve: One reason many Christians stop growing is that they are not serving. Reading the bible and listening to sermons is good but not enough. As you serve, you begin to lay the groundwork for the destiny God is calling you to. So please join a group! And if you’re in one but for one reason or the other it’s not working, then please let us know as we want to help all we can.
  3. Connected to Compelled: Many Christians, even those who’ve been Christians for a long time stop at stage three of the race. They are wonderful, transformed people who are very involved in ministry in their churches, perhaps even supporting missionaries. But there’s a disconnect between their spiritual life and their work life. And so the fourth step in our marathon is the creation of focused kingdom agents who impact not just the church, but every sector of society into which God has placed them. Africa needs us! We were placed here for a reason. We were created to rule, to reign, to govern; to have dominion. God has serious Kingdom impact planned for each of His children. When you find out what God made you for and you do what God tells you to do, you can become the person you are supposed to be.

Rom.8:19 ‘The creation waits in eager expectation for the sons of God to be revealed’

1Pet.2:9 ‘But you are a chosen people, a royal priesthood,  a holy nation,   a people belonging to God, that you may declare the praises of him who called you out of darkness into his wonderful light.’

Dan.11:32 says ‘The people who know their God shall be strong and do great things’ (Living Bible).

The reformation of Africa will not be achieved by governments but by changed lives. One person’s life has power to transform a small group; one small group can affect a church; one church can affect a community; one community can affect a city; one city can affect a nation and one transformed nation can affect a continent.

This then is how you begin to turn on your greatness at Mavuno. Your kingdom come, Your will be done in Africa as it is in heaven’ This is my dream. This is the hour to do great things for God!

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11 Responses to “Activating Greatness”

  1. we all are wired for greatness, some of us take no time to look at our we live life like we are extra luggage, paying deeply for being here. This sermon is a must for each kenyan. So we are transformed by the renewing of our minds in Christ Jesus. And we’ll know that apart from owing the world 25000 shillings at birth, we owe it to God to transform as many as the number of debt tagged to each kenyan. God bless mavuno church.


  2. Ineedhelp Says:

    I really like Pastor Linda’s sermons. She trully is gifted and i love the way she (and the other pastors ive heard preaching) try and say it like it is. They do not sugar coat, nor make things up…i appreciate it. So i would like to take this opportunity to tell it like it is as well, ofcourse i mean no offence in anything i am about to say- i just feel i need to say something…
    I didnt agree with todays sermon. I will just highlight the areas that i disagreed with and maybe someone can help me see differently because my heart ached…
    1. A pet peeve of mine was that there is an illusion of openness at Mavuno- not really there… I have had a hard life and one Sunday Pastor M really opened my eyes to some things i had never understood about life, God and family struggle. I wanted to talk to him after the service because i was still struggling and just needed an ear…i approached a tent was told ‘sorry,you cannot see him until he wants to be seen…’ needless to say,i was hurt and offended…i was asked to leave him a note and my email address…i dont think he got it. that was last year. i have also send mail to Mavuno through the website and no one ever responds. I stopped last year and still remain hurt and feel abandoned… i attend church every Sunday and try and live a life that He would want me to live…but i dont know how…thats just one of my struggles…
    2. Saying that because i attend church i am 10 times better than someone who didnt was a low blow to those who dont and are more in line to Gods Word. In high school i knew i was a christian because of being born into it, but i didnt read Gods Word nor like the church i attended because of phonies…this girl in my class was a pastors daughter and i though ‘if thats how christians are,i never want to explore that world’ the girl was boastful about everything-her father(a pastor who also boasts ans brags), her sisters, her house, her grades, everything. she made me feel like i was wasting space on earth if i wasnt a christian…so i really hated the church and everything it represented…why? because of a girl who attened church, served the church, and whose father was a pastor… i had an experience in university as well. the guy who i dated for almost a year was a regular at church and practiced most of what he preached. he got me believing in God and loving the church. i did. i got saved and really served the church…then his true nature came out-he smoked,drank,and basically did all the things that drove me away from guys(i started dating him because i wanted a christian guy who loved God)…after that experience,i broke it off and stayed away from guys but grew close with God only to realize that in the church, people behaved in a certain way that was expected of church-goers. they did not and still do not behave the way they do out in society…fine,its in us to blend in to our surroundings because of human nature, but saying that church goers are 10 times better than non-church goers was a statement that left me shocked…
    3. The church isnt the building, its the people…i heard that in a sermon though i forgot whether it was pastor M who said it(i think it was)…i had a friend in the church who offended me greatly and offendeds most people,but talking to him and explaining that he needs to change just makes him more arrogant and feeds his mind to say ‘well,im sorry i hurt you because of how sensitive you are,or what you did to me to make me do this to you’ thats not an apology…its a justification for treating people the wrong way…this person serves Mavuno church…so the people need to behave the same in church as they do everywhere else,and not the same everywhere else as they do in church…correct me if im wrong,but every setting has its own behaviour…so if we are christians, lets be christians who act in the real world and share in the church…instead of acting in the real world and sharing what went on in church….
    I am not a saint,im a sinner like everyone else on this earth…but the sermon today was a shock….If i have offended anyone,i didnt mean to…its just how it is…


    • I hear and feel you. It is not clear why the Pastor “snubbed” you and as a Shepherd of the flock he is in a better position to respond. I dont imagine Pastor Linda was being sanctimonius. All she meant was that being in the house of God regularly surely the message and spirit of God is bound to rub off on us.As for the Pastor’s daughter, the date who did not live up to expectations and the person who offended you please dont regard them as paragons of Christian virtue.Forgive their weakness always bearing in mind that SALVATION IS PERSONAL.Our primary duty is to each live according to Jesus Christ’s teaching and tenets. If we can pull others along with us the better. Be blessed.


    • Harmony Says:

      @Ineedhelp – Doubt Is Good, hope you managed to catch that series, that would answer some of your questions. Focus on devoloping your own relationship with God – instead of looking towards others, what they are doing saying etc. People will make mistakes, no-one is perfect. The best place to start, if you havn’t already, is to do Mizizi and then join a life group. But still remember, the most important relationship is between you & God, and then with the church.
      There is another side to Mavuno, the warm inviting authentic people, if you stick around you will see it.


  3. Dear i need help…
    in response to your writing i would just like to say…
    1) About the folly of openness, let’s just say life is in many ways what we make it or alternatively what we let it make us… about the pastor M sagas am sure the intention was not to hurt you the way it did but i fully understand i have been equally and severally been bruised by members of staff of mavuno and i pray for them daily for the Lord to give them revelation and for God to help me forgive and let go because even some of the displays of lack of affection or compassion that sometimes goes on in the siting area over service leaves one to wonder and it is more disapointing and hurting when it happens from someone you ‘admire from a far’ but life has taught me these scenarios are unavoidable when dealing with people because people will always have issues and for me i’ve learnt to pick up the issues with God because He will always sort me out, when my ‘seeking clarifications pursuits’ do not bare fruit with the immediately initially concerned persons God reaches me or clarifies my issues and answers my Questions through other avenues that turn out to be more beneficial, He has Your name engraved on the palm of His hands, He will always meet Your needs but sometimes not through the channels we expect… Ask God to Heal your emotional scars and let Him deal with them…
    2) About Pastor Linda’s statement that you are better off for attending church than those who didn’t i think what she meant( my understanding from the examples she gave) is the experience of being exposed to a God, being reminded or being informed of what He can do the Eph 2:12 kind of scenario… ‘rember at a time you lived separated from Christ, utterly estranged and outlawed from your rights as his children and strangers with no share in His promises with no knowledge and right in His covenant and you had no hope and you were without God in this world’ Your coming to church puts you in an environment that forsters a relation with God, during worship or over the sermon you remember or you are reminded that God is mighty to save, He will meet your needs because He said He will… it gives you hope and reassuarance by saying you are better thatn those who don’t come to church she meant you are better than those who are not aware or resensitised towards God… if someone stays at home and reads the Bible and is still relating with God then you are both on the same level, the issue is ‘relating with God’
    3) i also used to get extremely infuriated with the whole christian hypocrisy or rather the being different people elsewhere from who they are in church, but the more i sought God about it i realized that first just just what you said You were very right when you said the church is not a building its the people… but i also had to acknowledge that people have issues, we as christians are all works-in progress…God works with, in and on us one area at a time, He moves at our pace, christianity is a journey… progress depends on the renewal of our minds (Romans 12:2) and that takes time so while yes there are outright hypocrites, sometimes its an issue of where someone is on their journey of transformation, we don’t change in overnight and at times we think people are being hypocritical when they honestly just don’t know better, they get caught up in life issues, tryna make it work and in the process lose sight of somethings, you said it right everyone just like you is not perfect…
    I hope i have helped even if just a bit, enjoy the rest of your day…


  4. Well, I have come to know my purpose ever since joining Mavuno and everyday I pray dangerous prayers to God for me to become so uncomfortable to ever settle in mediocrity.I have a wonderful lifegroup and everyone is working for change and I can see people loosing their selves and willing more and more to serve others.Whoever sees this,pray and pray because I wish to see more change in the media and arts and now I know I was made to do exploits and be GREAT…Thanks my dear pastors for your work,the lifegroups were a brilliant idea bcause u cannot serve all of us coz of the No.s..until nxt tym byesy byesy


  5. @INeedHelp, I hear you frustrations, and they are very real. Here’s how I’d respond to some of them.

    First, I remember a story in Exodus 18 where the man of God, Moses, was reprimanded by Jethro. He was trying to be the pastor to thousands of people, and in the process became extremely ineffective. In verse 21 he is instructed to select capable people, and “appoint them as officials over thousands, hundreds, fifties and tens”. I believe this is what Mavuno is trying to do, and it is totally Scriptural. Were there some people who did not like this plan because it cut their access to Moses? I think so. But sometimes you must consider the greater good. My advise? Please find and join a LifeGroup where you can share your struggles openly and where you can grow with others. If you try this and it fails, then try approaching the care pastors, who at Mavuno are excellent and are very available. INeedHelp, I guarantee you that you will find them extremely accessible and very helpful.

    Sedondly, PLEASE…do not give up on your journey of faith because you have seen hypocrites. Imagine that’s just throwing the baby out with the bathwater. If someone was unwell and went to a hospital and as part of their treatment was given the right medication, but they proceeded to take it in the wrong dosage or mix it with the wrong things, we don’t blame the medication. Some people are struggling with the medication the Gospel presents to them, but the truth of the Gospel message stands. Please do not give up on account of others. Even if they have set bad examples in the past, you can choose to be the one who sets a good example for others.


  6. Pastor Linda delivers! From last Sunday I have a moved a step forward and I am seeking to be connected… Hopeful to arrive at compelled sooner than later.

    I know I am wired for greatness.


  7. thekenyannutcase Says:

    that was a nice way to crown a fantastic series!!!thanks Pst Linda.and the praise and worship team did my fav remix *yesu asifiwe huku mavuno*.for a moment i was in heaven 🙂

    my worst(pet peeve) is that P-Squire? *no one like you* thing(or is it a song?) and the cost of food at the calabash.but i manage, i just go outside church and dine and i don’t listen to those yori yori things


  8. Mavunite Says:

    When Pst. Nahya & Pst. Toma asked us to share our highlight of the week. I couldn’t help but tear as I spoke to my neighbour. I had fallen victim of theft in a mat and the tears continued to roll thru the service with intermittent bursts of laughter as I responded to Pst. Linda’s sermon. By the way, Pst. Linda, though we sometimes don’t clap hard enough, our hearts do clap. In fact there was this time I was going somewhere important and wondered to myself “what would Pst. Linda wear?” Yes, you are a celeb like that. As soon as the service ended, the lady with whom I shared my unfortunate incident prayed and prayed and prayed over me. As in she really PRAYED. A friend at the prayer tent also just poured some more and more prayers for me and thereafter one of my LG leaders took me home.

    I had boarded a matatu at the South B/C flyover and the 5 men seated around me caused so much commotion about cops and safety belts. I kept on wondering what the madness was all about but thankfully it was only upto Bellevue. It is when I got to Church that I realised things were amiss and that I had boarded a matatu of 9 men upto no good. Later that evening, I spoke with a friend who told me he’d heard about a group that plies the route on Sunday to take “financial” advantage of passengers. To all matatu-boarding-Mavunites, please be supercautious. But I must say I’m truly grateful to the ladies who prayed with me and our LG family who’ve just poured out their love and support in a week where I am feeling more fear than less.


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