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  1. the brightest and the best harnessed for the West. i will NEVER forget that. i had every intention of acquiring a fat pharmaceutical job and relocating to Europe–which wasn’t out of reach. what a conspiracy! i am rethinking and praying. thank you Pst M.


    • Pastor M Says:

      Hi Siwezi, great to hear! Let’s stay and extend God’s influence on our great continent. There’s work for us to do. Unaweza! Pastor M


  2. Arnilie Says:

    Im really talented in a million n 1 areas…i dnt knw where to start.


  3. Viele Dank! Says:

    Thank you for sharing the mind-boggling revelation!! I attended Saturday Service and my mind is still chewing on it. Until Saturday, I was content to be an activist but now I have a higher goal – agency!! I start a new job with Africa-wide influence this June and I believe your sermon was my commissioning to be God’s Agent. May God enlarge Mavuno’s territory.


  4. Pastor M,

    The message was point on and it was as if God had sent you to speak to me directly to..tears were flowing down my cheeks as you prayed for us at the end of the service…for the last 5 years we have been struggling with this family business which we believe this is where God wants us to be…problem is ‘surrender’ how do I let go kabisa? I know its the only way…please pastor pray


  5. Jerry Mungama Says:

    Pastor M, well said and well delivered. Your passion is back!

    Now, the critical part begins, everyone heard you, but realistically only 10% will want to take actionable steps immediately and thus, i propose or request that you provide a platform/discussion forum/anything to move us to the next level.

    Secondly, you mentioned opening a bank, i agree 100%, again actionable steps; what became of Harvest Sacco? That would be a fine training ground for the entire Church to plug in and be accountable towards monthly giving and belief in a future super bank! The idea is not to provide credit, which in essence is debt but rather to establish a platform upon which we begin to tell our money where to go..

    Pastor M, its time. Lets step out and say, this is how we want to change the world and this is what we are doing about it. Try us, there are many willing partners to volunteer and rope in others.

    For those who did not fully appreciate jana’s message, trust that the Lord will show you where to plug in, but each and every one of us was created to perpetuate His will on earth. We are Kings, remember that.


  6. Mutuku Munywoki Says:

    l agree with Jerry with the need to develop actionable steps and a forum to begin down the path that we have been called upon. The business incubators or business fund (Entrepreneurship Fund) would be a great way to start, roping in mentors and a business resource center for entrepreneurs.
    Please generate a forum where we can seek like minded people, come together and start liberating our continent.
    Great job Agent M, l am right behind you


  7. I loved the message Agent M, but for me one challenge I always face is How do I know God is speaking to me. Business is a risk for sure but alot of what you preached had to do with faith and listening to what God is saying! Even Sumeet kept on saying, God told him, God told him????!!! How exactly, please understand, I recently got born again and I don’t exactly know for certain how God speaks to me?!
    Loved the sermon though, Big challenge and I really felt charged up!

    Thank you Agent M


  8. wangari Says:

    Hi, pastor M,
    I’m so glad that wired for greatness was not just for the month of May, i’m feeding off of it like a new born eaglet waiting on the mother to show it where to find worms.
    i felt a little lost though. why? i am clueless about business, let alone running one, plus, i have zero passsion for it. remember way back when we did a sermon about discovering your purpose, that once we could figure out that the way to discovering this purpose is by making God’s concerns my concerns, that the tell tale signs are in those things in society that bother me most. well pastor M. for me that is in the gorvernance of this country.
    suitably so i wanted to be a lawyer when i grew up, and what do you know, i am one. not quite grown though, but im working on it.

    that little recount would mean nothing if it wasnt for the fact that my path in life has in some ways delivered me from math, BCom and the like (i was terrible in math since class 6).
    So thinking that i now know where my purpose lies i have sidelined aspects of running or owning a business. However i badly believe that i was born for this country for season such as this and i have seen God direct my steps in this very way. i am hoping that there is room for this greatness for one not running a business and has no idea what merchendise they would deal in, if they were to run one. i am trusting there is is room to make waves and achieve great success in creating poicies that build this nation to last.
    cant wait for next week’s sermon on politics, i’m thinking this one’s for me.
    No pressure 🙂


  9. Wathobio Says:

    Hi Pastor M and all ye great people,
    For a long time i was scared to take the first step but after listening to Pastor M’s sermons, I had to take the first baby steps.
    I was working for a community based organization funded by some Americans untill April this year. Their objective was to give loas to guardians taking care of Aids/HIV orphans within Koch and Huruma.
    They failed to renew my contract and one of the main reason was because I had mobilized and encouraged the members to save until the micro loan applications started declining. This did not go very well with the “donors” since the receipients started becoming indpendent.
    Fast Forward, I have since started using my talent in tapestry and I am training women (priority to disabled, Older Orphans and vulnerable girls over 18 years and single mothers) to make hand made rugs. I design them myself and give them a fine finish, they do the main job. I do all the marketing. Orders have started flowing and God is surprising me every day. So far, the women have risen from Zero income to an average of Ksh.4,000 per month. So far I have trained over 20 women from fuata Nyayo slums and they are on call and we give them piece work depending on orders. I am trusting God to establish a similar project in every slum in Nairobi and eventually establish oulets in major cities to showcase and sell our Hand Made Rugs and carpets.
    About the HARVEST SACCO project, I have a wealth of experience in self managed inititives, Sacco and Micro Finance and I am ready and willing to offer my services on vuluntary basis. We need to mobilize mavunites to start saving NOW! There is so much that we can do. If we start now, 10 years down the line, we will be a force to reckon with not only in Kenya but in Africa and the entire world!
    Keep up the good work Pastor M and the entire team! Thank you for allowing God to use you!


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