Building Your Legacy

This time we look at a third sector – family and education

Read Joshua 24, Joshua 2:6-15

Joshua calls the whole nation together to his retirement party and gives a speech. V.14-15‘Now fear the LORD and serve Him with all faithfulness. Throw away the gods your forefathers worshipped beyond the River and in Egypt, and serve the LORD… But as for me and my household, we will serve the LORD’

The Israelites caught on with Joshua’s rallying call and they resolved to serve the Lord V.31 tells us ‘Israel served the Lord throughout the lifetime of Joshua and of the elders who outlived him and who had experienced everything the Lord had done for Israel’. They lived out their faith, they remained a great people.

But when we move to the next book, Judges, we find that their greatness did not last. Judges 2:10 ‘After that whole generation had been gathered to their fathers, another generation grew up, who knew neither the LORD nor what He had done for Israel’. From this time forwards, their greatness ceased. 2:15 ‘whenever Israel went out to fight, the hand of the Lord was against them to defeat them’ and in 2:21 God said ‘I will no longer drive out before them any of the nations Joshua left when he died’. 

All the things they had spent their lives fighting for were abandoned, and did not outlive their generation. Building Your Legacy Starts Now! We can do something now to set up the next generation for greatness.

There are some things that may stop us from building a legacy of greatness in our generation and other generations.

  1. Broken Family Models – Today, we have transitioned from a communal family system to the western nuclear family system. The job of parenting is no longer shared by a supportive community but almost exclusively by overworked couples or single parents who are facing intense pressure from their careers.
  2. Broken Education Models – Kenyans place an extremely high value on education. But the problem for most of us is that it’s book knowledge. Children are not being given skills for life but filled with a bunch of knowledge that they don’t even know how to use! They turn out book-smart but life-foolish! We have many 33 year olds who are unsure of what they want to be in life; dissatisfied and constantly feeling in need of more training
  3. Broken Lifestyle Models – We define success as material and intellectual. The world screams to us ‘be all you can be!’ Watching successful retired people however shows me that real success has a lot to do with seeing the next generation well discipled, making wise decisions and living responsibly.

There are many parents who are very successful financially but have children who are drunkards or irresponsible parents. And they’re constantly stressed! Nobody tells you this when you’re young but in the long run, people will measure your success by the success of your successors. The true test of a person’s greatness is in the continuity of what he started, long after he has gone. Building Your Legacy Starts Now!

I put I to you that we are facing a crisis of epic proportions. A generation has already arisen among us that does not know the LORD. This is not a future crisis but it is a clear, present danger. Today’s younger generation are involved in things that would have been unimaginable 15 years ago on this continent. And unless we’re willing to do something about it, any greatness we aspire to will have been in vain.

What can be done? You’ve heard the saying ‘drastic times call for drastic measures’. If we want to mend what is broken, we must engage in drastic measures to succeed in these drastic times. We need an:

  1. Alternative Family: We must reject the western nuclear family model that doesn’t work. God intends the church to function as an extended family support system for us in the city today. The church must become an alternative family. For example, married couples can provide a home environment for single people in the group and single people can become ‘aunties’ and ‘uncles’ to all the kids. And mentoring can become a lifestyle among us.
  2. Alternative Education – Education worldwide owes a great deal to Christ followers. Before Christianity, education was largely for the elite, but with Christianity, it became widely available. Many of the famous universities in the West were started by passionate dedicated Christians. Through education, they improved people’s lives and won credibility for Christianity. In our own country, it was missionaries who started the school system because they believed in equipping the populace. Catholics today still run some of our best schools e.g. Strathmore, Precious Blood. St. Mary’s. As Christians, we need to get involved again in education if we want to influence the hearts and minds of the next generation!
  3. Alternative Lifestyle: We must resist the world’s message that says ‘be all you can be’ at the expense of everything else around you. That says that it’s normal for people to climb to the furthest point of their careers and hope someone else gives values to their children. One of our mentors Anzaya Akatsa wrote the ‘Lea’ Manual that we use for our parenting class. He and his wife made some major sacrifices in terms of career advancement in order to be present for their children growing up. Today, their kids are phenomenal leaders.

I have a dream!

I have a dream that in the next few years, Mavuno will be known as a church of real community – made up of thousands of Life Groups scattered across this city who don’t live for themselves but live for others, and who are so infectious with their love that all their neighbors will marvel and say ‘surely, there must be a God and He is to be found at Mavuno’.

I have a dream that some among us will start family care ministries to heal the brokenness in this generation – addiction recovery groups, HIV support groups, counseling centers, parenting classes, marriage preparation classes, grief counseling etc. And when their friend needs help, even secular people in Nairobi will say ‘why don’t you try Mavuno, I hear they can help you’.

I have a dream that people here will go into primary and high schools to start programs that equip the students for life. I dream that many poor children will receive a great education because of the people of Mavuno. I dream that someone here will reform our education system, and that someone else will start the Harvard of Africa, a school that will meet the needs of our nation, develop life skills and produce disciplined, godly, entrepreneurial thinkers, rather than consumers.

If we want to be great, then we must be concerned about the next generation Building Your Legacy Starts Now!

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7 Responses to “Building Your Legacy”

  1. Royal Priesthood Says:

    The message yesterday was timely and really blessed me. Just like Abraham established his destiny by obeying God and believing even though he didn’t have any children yet, really shows me that his seed was blessed before he could see it. And by his faith and obedience, his future generations, of which we all are, are blessed. It starts with me, and what i do now will determine the legacy i will leave for my generation to come.
    For all the parents out there, soon to be parents, first time parents, may the following words of Moses in Deuteronomy 29:29 bless you: The secret things belong to the LORD our God, but the things revealed belong to us and to our children forever, that we may follow all the words of this law.
    God Bless


  2. justathot Says:

    so i guess what you’re saying is that you would like to see us revert to a place where the communal benefit override the individual’s ‘rights’ that example of that Chinese girl who at 8 had to be separated from her family for the greater good i.e creation of family wealth was umm..extreme.
    As Africans, that’s how we’ve always done it. There’s not always been room for outliers and eccentrics because we all (used to) tow the line..(go to school, get a job, get married and bring up some kids) 40 to paraphrase ‘no one was wondering what their purpose was’ maybe that model worked; it had been decided for you. Fathers were present, women cooked and cleaned. everyone knew their place–society was what it was. i don’t know–is that the (Lord’s) answer? how do i influence the next generation while giving them room to question and decide for themselves. Did i miss the point? (sorry for those who may not feel like this is spiritual enough; shouldn’t your Pastor also give guidance on where he envisions society with or bila bible quotes?)


  3. For His Glory Says:

    Hi Pastor M,

    So I’ve been thinking about this greatness/purpose thing. Of the many times I’ve heard it, I’ve tended to get focused on the greatness and the purpose elements and lose sight of:

    (1) Him in whom the purpose is authored and dwells
    (2) The reason for which the purpose exists

    So these last 3 weeks as I’ve listened to the sermons and thought about them during the week, it “re-occurred” to me that as much as its about establishing God’s Government as you put it, the whole point of God’s Government is to reach out to those who don’t know Him.

    So as much as I’d like to get caught up in greatness and purpose from my perspective, God has reminded me that its about making Him known to those that don’t know Him, and disciplining them in His ways through various means.

    Going by last week’s topic for example, it’s easy to leave that sermon and think I’m going to pray and allow God to shape, mould me in different ways into a media mogul who keeps the airways clean & positive. Then I may become that…….great. But if I lose sight that the reason for my media “mogality” is for people to come into His salvation and have the life He died for them to have, then my “mogality” is empty and worthless albeit good intentioned and ‘godly’. Purpose & greatness would have become my driving force, not the love of Jesus for His people.

    In church I have prayed for and served in 2 ministries……all the while losing sight of the fact that ministry is not meant for church, its meant for the world. So here I have been enjoying my comfort zone of purpose, greatness in a christian bubble too focused on equipping the Family of Christ with no activity for those outside the family of Christ save for some prayer for relatives here and there. God help me to achieve a balance tilted in favour of the lost sheep grazing in the wrong pasture.

    I want to be known in eternity for bringing ‘many-est’ souls into His life, not just for understanding my purpose and pursuing it. So when I come for service this week, my ears are ready to hear not about what God has in store for me, but what God has in store for others through me.

    God bless you Pastor M and all Mavuno family!


    • Seeking God Says:

      You’re right in the issues that you raise up. The supreme message is always about God and His glory; our acceptance of Jesus Christ as our savior and therefore our conversion. This supreme message can never be sidelined; it’s always at the center because God is the center of life. God comes first and as Christians we must constantly avoid self importance or anything that takes off our focus on God (when we get into the busyness of life).

      But consider this as well why some messages may be timely:

      After our conversion, we must still live in the world. The world is where we apply the teachings of Jesus Christ. Christians are not immune to sin and trials. We don’t become perfect after accepting Christ; in fact the hard work begins with acceptance. Society is experiencing a moral decay; it’s time to examine ourselves. Christians have settled in the comfort zones of society and they have taken a back seat to morality. It seems that we Christians practice our faith in isolation and maintain a different persona outside church in order to avoid scrutiny, we want to be accepted in society and we want to fit in. We are supposed to reflect God’s character in our daily living and show others why choosing Christ is right and advantageous. How can people know or see the difference in a Christian if we act as they do. What lies within the message “wired for greatness” is a return to upholding morality, choosing to do what’s right no matter the norm in society, letting your life be a reflection of God by emulating Christ, helping God’s people in finding solutions, examining ourselves inwardly and not by our outward appearances or looking elsewhere for the cause of our problems, surrendering to God and letting Him know we are ready to be utilized for His will for us, and finally a return to God’s word on how it applies to daily living. My understanding of the message is that it’s not about us becoming great; it’s more about how we as God’s children can access God’s greatness in using His resources to do His work. A work that will make others see how christians are different and we pray that the Holy Spirit will draw them to Christ.


  4. Jerry Mungama Says:

    Amen Pastor M. The Lord needed that message out jana. Deep. and true. Again i say Amen.


  5. Establishing God’s government on earth through our purpose achieved through our lifestyles IS ministry. God’s glory shines through us because we persue our purpose, and that draws men to you and thus to God.
    Whether my entire family is meant for one type of career/purpose or not, we should be active guides as the older generation to the younger generation.
    My community/alternative family should not standby and watch my kid expose nudity to all and sundry on their watch. They would help mould. Doesn’t necessarily mean we will all be persuing similar career goals, it doesn’t always happen like that, but that we establish a support network in our Walk.


  6. I loved the sermon, but I don’t know if that’s a good thing, because according to you, loving a sermon doesn’t end at enjoying listening to it, it means going out and doing something, and that is a SCARY THOUGHT.

    As you were preaching and even right now, I see the need with the younger kids in my area and what God might want someone to do, but I’m scared to admit the “someone” might be me.

    How do you get over that fear, like the guys who started Mizizi behind bars, how do you just step out like that? Because it seems to me, that the mountain is too insurmountable Would really love to know.


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