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What is the worst fashion statement that you ever made? Have you ever in your life worn something that you thought was really cool then but couldn’t be caught dead in today? Could it be the bell bottoms, stone washed jeans, berrets, culottes, high-tops or dungaree shorts with one shoulder off? Why would you have thought it was cool to wear something back then but today you realize it was pretty ugly? The fashion world is a great indicator that we don’t make such decisions for ourselves; they are made for us in much higher places.

Last week we began looking at how rulership/government looks like in the different sectors of our world. The second sector that we want to discuss today is ‘Media & Entertainment’.

Read Colossians1:15-20

Media and entertainment are today’s greatest influences in shaping the minds of our generation. I believe strongly that as the people charged with the responsibility to bring God’s influence into all Creation, we must have a strong presence in the media and entertainment. I can think of at least three reasons why:

  1. We acknowledge God’s rulership: Col.1:16For by him all things were created; things in heaven and on earth, visible and invisible, whether thrones or powers or rulers or authorities; all things were created by him and for him’. Ps.24:1 ‘The earth is the Lord’s and everything in it, the world, and all who live in it…’ When we don’t engage media and art we abandon the beauty of our culture to the enemy!
  2. We create a bridge: The arts have a power that transcends ethnicity, nationality and even language. They communicate directly to the human spirit, bypassing the need for words or language. Our generation today has been referred to as a ‘sight and sound’ generation. If we rely simply preaching, we will not engage them or will only do so on the surface.
  3. We set the agenda: Media and entertainment are powerful tools in influencing how people think. Whenever something is sold, someone somewhere set the agenda. Instead of avoiding show business, Christians should engage it. We must set the agenda if we want to win the hearts and minds of our generation!

I applaud many Christians through the ages who instead of avoiding media and the arts, have infiltrated them, and set the agenda for their generation. Examples include C.S. Lewis who wrote ‘The Chronicles of Narnia’, J.R.R Tolkien who wrote my favorite books ‘The Lord of The Rings’, bestselling author John Grisham and award-winning film maker Tyler Perry (of the Madea fame). At Mavuno, Atemi, Kanjii, Astar, Bupe, Yafesi, Neema and Kevin Mulei and many others are examples of fearless Christ followers who infiltrated media and entertainment to engage the hearts and minds of people who would never be seen in church.

Pastor M had an interview on-stage with Aaron Rimbui.

I dream of a time that God’s people from Mavuno will infiltrate every single ‘secular’ media station of this nation; radical undercover Christians in top positions as editors, journalists and writers quietly transforming the media so it becomes an uplifting force for good and not a destructive force for evil in our nation. I dream of a radical community of musicians, artists, dancers, film producers, writers and graphic artists who will not just entertain but will pass a positive kingdom message through their art and set the agenda for their generation.


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  1. Hi Passie,this series is amazing! 2day’s, was great! Thankyou 4 encouraging n challenging those in the media very proud of those fearless influencers in the industry.God bless them n you so much 4 allowing him 2use you in such a great way.


  2. Jerry Mungama Says:

    Very Pastor M.
    And to further understand this, how may of you watched the news last night specifically the Kamukunji by election campaigns? Well, NARC Kenya and PNU met in Church, we’re given the opportunity to speak and that was that..(*discussion for another day!) but anyway, today reading page 8 of the Daily Nation, the writer must have been watching from a different angle, but excerpts include..”Martha Karua and Yusuf Hassan clashed in a church over the age of a candidate”..”but Mr. Yusuf tore into the statement…”.

    Bottomline, sensation sells, BUT its not the truth, we truly need to take control.


  3. To show just how powerful the arts and media are:

    Andrew Fletcher said, “Let me write the songs of a nation: I don’t care who writes its laws.”

    Dostoyevsky said: ” first art would imitate life, then life will imitate art, and then finally, life will draw the very reason for its existence from the arts.”


  4. This sermon was great.
    My Mission is to nurture and develop creative talent in film, TV and music to transform the creative and entertainment industries to create wealth for Kenyans and Africans.
    Kenya needs a Walt Disney, a Warner Brothers, Dreamworks, Universal etc.


  5. thekenyannutcase Says:

    i totally digg that Dostoyevsky quote.wish there was a like button. his other Russian counter part on the other side, same time period and experienced God’s grace in a totally different way than Dostoyevsky thought;

    Art is not a pleasure, a solace, or an amusement; art is great matter. (Leo Tolstoy)

    this series is refreshing Pst M.big up!!!


  6. Wanjiku! Says:

    Morning Pastor M,
    I trust this finds you you well. Thought to mention what a big impact your sermon and Aron’s testimony was, I now truly understand what it means to be a fearless influencer.
    Many opportunities have come my way and have recently had some heavy hitters land on my lap and have been very unsure on whether this is the way for me to go, however your sermon on Sunday was dare I say intended for me as this cleared my vision and made it clear what I was required to do and that God would be with me all the way.
    Thank you for bringing the message.

    Barikiwa sana!


  7. Wow! what a sermon! For a long time i have struggled to decipher the phrase “fearless influencer” and how exactly it applies in my own salvation! but not any more! In my upbringing i understood that the only way to truly serve God and change the world is by becoming a fiery, no-nonsense preacher the likes of TD Jakes, and many our local televangelists!! how misguided i now find that was!
    The sermon was so on point for me, i took it literally this time! Went to research more about M.Luther, Spurgeon, and others like Keith Green and it is overwhelmingly inspirational!
    thank you Pastor M for helping me understand what it actually means to be a fearless influencer and thats what I now commit to become! Baraka Tele


  8. I was soooo blessed bt the sermon-i am not in media but i was shocked at the impact of ads…………am in Marketing and had not really paid attention to most of the messages that we send out there in terms of negative influence but now i know

    I loved WORSHIP! Kanjii can we have more of this…….i have been singing this song all week n am more than blessed ‘Your eye is on the sparrow……’I look forward to Sato for me to pick one for next week!

    Good job n God truly bless u!


  9. This smitta guy needs prayers. I have gotten the meaning of the kind of influence the media have from reading his article on last weeks sermon by pastor M therein referred to aas the M. I an trying to pretend that its okay what he is doing but am really ticked off!!!!! NKT NKT. Shame on him. Hawa ndio watu wanaturudisha nyuma.


    • thekenyannutcase Says:

      hey koki.
      had to tafuta the article.first time for me to read his’s a good thing he is coming to church and coz he will read this post he’s most for what he wrote i consider it water for hogs.


  10. Thanks Pastor M for supporting the cleaning up of the airwaves campaign. It is an area of grave concern to many Christian parents.
    Kenya is gradually being converted into a dumping ground for decadent cultures and practices mainly from the West but also from other parts of the World. A major vector for disseminating these vile cultures has been the “air waves” in our electronic media especially the FM radio stations.
    Certain radio announcers from a handful of FM stations have embarked on a sustained campaign to devalue our national morals. Values such as, sexual morality, marital fidelity, faithfulness, honesty, obedience, responsibility, self-control, delayed gratification, reciprocation, kindness, generosity and good neighborliness’ have been thrown out of the window. Instead they have chosen to continuously ridicule the marital institution by promoting adultery, fornication and licentiousness. Indeed having multiple sexual partners within and outside marriage is depicted to be vogue. Men and women who don’t play ball are depicted as outdated fools.
    The effect of this especially on our youth when the nation is in the grasp of an HIV-AIDS pandemic can only be described as catastrophic. That the Media Council remains silent as a select few destroy a nation’s moral foundation and fibre is horrifying. Little wonder that the state of personal relationships have turned into highly explosive powder kegs of violence. This lack of a firm moral foundation, role models and mentors has recently cost Kenya the life of one of our most accomplished and outstanding athletes Samuel Wanjiru. How many more must we lose before we remedy this insanity?
    DAUDI MWENDA KIMBUI. P.O.BOX 24943-00502 NAIROBI. CELL: 0722154722


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