The Revolution Begins

Contrary to what many of us think, God did not set out to establish a religion but a government. He wanted to extend His supernatural rule over the heavenly realm onto the physical world that He had created. In order to do so, He formed humans infused with His divine nature. He wired them to rule over His creation and delegated full authority and power to do so.

Through this series, we’ll be examining what it means to rule over the earth. What would the world look like if we were faithful in living out our purpose as fearless influencers? As Mavuno, we believe there are at least 6 areas where God wants to see His government established on earth. Today we speak about the Church.

Why is our generation so jaded with the church today? A huge reason for this negative perception is that just as God’s people have forgotten their individual identity, we have also forgotten our family identity.

Read: 1 Pet. 2:9 But you are a chosen people, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, God’s special possession, that you may declare the praises of him who called you out of darkness into his wonderful light.

The bible teaches us that the church is not a building or an institution. Technically, we don’t go to church; we are the church!

  1. ‘Chosen people’ – Jn.15:16 says ‘You did not choose me, but I chose you and appointed you to go and bear fruit—fruit that will last.’ You’re not here by coincidence or qualification.. But by an amazing act of love, God Himself chose you and drew you to Him.
  2. ‘Royal priesthood’ – We are chosen to rule! To extend God’s influence across the earth, as ambassadors who rule the earth on His behalf. A priest is a person who connects people with God; these being our family members, friends and workmates – to bring God’s influence into their lives.
  3. ‘Holy nation’ – As God’s influence spreads across the earth, His ultimate purpose is to raise up a distinct ‘nation’, made up of people from all the nations of the earth – joined together by an identity that goes deeper than racial, national or ethnic ties. God’s rule is not accomplished by political revolution or military might but by the transformation of lives – one person at a time.
  4. ‘A people belonging to God’ – The church is not a human idea but God’s idea. In Matt.16:18, Jesus says ‘I will build my church, and the gates of hell will not prevail against it’. The church belongs to God and is the only body on earth that is guaranteed of prevailing over the powers of darkness that seek to destroy the earth.
It’s who we are, it’s what we do … we change the world! 
If all these amazing things are true about the church, why do so many in our generation find it so unattractive? A look at church history in Kenya would give us some clues.
  1. First (Missionary) Generation Christians: were mostly born before the 1940s. They were the first converts. Being a Christian was not an easy decision and often meant being cut off from your family and tribe. .
  2. Second (In-Between) Generation Christians: were born in the 1940s to early 1960s. Many were educated in mission schools and spoke English. At independence, many migrated to towns for jobs but fully expected to retire back up country (hence ‘in-between’). Their first frame of reference is their ethnic group and they borrowed heavily from the West e.g. taking English names on baptism, and worship being a formal affair with hymns, robes and choirs.
  3. Third (Uhuru) Generation Christians: were born in the 1960s to 1980s. They were the first real Kenyans since the previous generation were citizens of a British protectorate. They have no memory of colonialism and many live in towns have no intention of retiring upcountry. Many grew up with people from other tribes and see themselves as Kenyans. Christianity is no longer as accepted and many have left church because the structures & language just didn’t make sense
  4. Fourth (Internet) Generation: were born in the 1980s to early 2000s. They were the first East African generation; with high global awareness because of media, mobile phones and the web. They speak sheng, they’re extremely artistic, creative, entrepreneurial and technology-savvy. Many come from dysfunctional families and they’re most exposed to social ills like porn, drug abuse, premarital sex and so on.

The 4th generation is most prevalent today with 70% of Africa is under 35. Yet most churches in Africa today are geared to reach the 2nd generation! This is the hugest reason why so many people have found the church irrelevant. The problem is not the message but the methods. 

We’re not here for ourselves! We’re here to change the world! Some of you have wondered why we do our music the way we do it or why our services are run the way they are. My brief answer is that we’re not trying to be a religious institution; we’re here to change the world. Everything we do here is geared to help us do this. We must be open to do things that are uncomfortable to us, for the sake of those we are called to influence. I invite you to join this revolution.

It’s who we are, it’s what we do … we change the world! 

Mizizi Season 2, 2011 If you haven’t done Mizizi please sign up online now and come to this new season that kicks off this Tuesday 10th May at the Bellevue dome starting 5.30pm. 


11 Responses to “The Revolution Begins”

  1. Daniel Tumwine Says:

    Just want to firstly congratulate you guys for the new Saturday service! We here in Kampala had the most amazing experience ever with pastor Linda. The sermon touched a chord with so many people. it broke down in essence what we are about! It’s my elevator pitch! It is also a reminder why God brought me to Mavuno. If I was hoping to just be a pew warmer and socialize on a Sunday morning, then I’m in the wrong church! God demands I give my all for him, and that means getting out there to do his works!


  2. Nimu :) Says:

    Had a wonderful time with the pioneers of the saturday service…
    The sermon spoke to me… God’s government and Jesus coming to show us how we should live and what we are made of… Got encouraged to continue impacting in my spheres of influence… i was begining to think am crazy for thinking and actually believing God and His word are the answer to all life issues and that i can help change the world… Its wonderful to be reassured that its who i am, its what i do, i change the world… may the Lord bless you all and may He continue to keep You in His will and purpose for His own Name’s sake 🙂
    Thank you 🙂


  3. Sunday was phenomenal…
    I was blessed, I couldn’t keep my mouth shut about the sermon. I even think my roommates dont like me much now.. But one promised to come with me to church on Sunday, so they can hear for themselves… It was great. I praise God for you.
    Also on Sunday, I went for the breakthrough session and all I was praying for is that God give me a little relief over a tooth ache coz I just wanted to prasie Him in church. The kind ladies prayed for me, and the tooth ache went away…pap!! its not disturbed me since then. I praise God. You guys are chosen to give yaselves to be used of the Lord and indeed to change the world. Fearl;ess influencers, powered by God. what more authenticity does the world need? God is real.
    I am blessed I came to Mavuno. God bless you.


  4. Sato service really works for me. I serve in GH and normally during the months i serve, it is very taxing for me as i serve in GH,then attend 2nd service and then go fulfill my family obligations i.e visiting, hosting, chama etc. My Saturday is busy as i go to school. By Monday afternoon i am wondering when the week will end just to start the vicious cycle again. Thank you mavuno Church for your out of the box solutions which really work. May God Bless you all.


  5. alreadywired! Says:

    I missed the introduction sermon but I managed to watch it online. tHANK GOD!! I must say even before the series began I had a feeling that this was no ordinary month. If there is one thing that struck me in the 1st sermon is when Pastor M said his life doesnt consist in the abundance of his possessions coz when he needs God provides. I’ve just gone through a nasty separation and my partner asked for all the shared property we had accumulated. I had fought fiercely to hang on to them but after I heard this I made a conscious decision to let go. My focus now is on seeking God. Isaiah 29:13. All else is meaningless…like Solomon said.
    For so long I have rebelled against God and this has blocked me from my destiny. The minute I left my relationship God began to open my eyes and I am a living testimony of what Pastor M is speaking about.
    It’s who I am. It’s what I do. I’m changing the world.


  6. darling Says:

    Pastor M,
    Thank you for such a powerful sermon………..I keep om wanting more and more and now I dare to dream big because am in connection with the Almightly God and some how with the sermons the fear I had in me is slowly wearing off. Cant wait for this weekend!!!!!!
    Thank you 🙂


  7. Sunday was the first time I ever set foot at the Mavuno Dome. I have been a virtual member, meaning I follow Mavuno on the internet…. God is an awesome planner and I am glad that I was in Nairobi to catch Pastor M kick off the series… Wow! What a blessing this sermon was to me; What an eye opener too…. I know I have been called to Serve God, and this is the preparatory message I needed to hear to jump-start me.

    Pastor M, May God continue using you and your ministry to reach many in the world.


  8. Pastor M, you will be surprised to know how many second generation pastors occasionally attend mavuno, either out of curiosity or to get an idea on how to stay relevant today. I was very surprised when my dad told me that one of the senior Bishop’s of their church, a church that commands a great majority of the kamba and kalenjin population, visisted mavuno and was very inspired and in a recent sermon at one of the churches he mentioned how important it is to change with the times without compromising doctrine and holiness. He was particularly impressed with mavuno’s church planting initiatives while lamenting that most generation churches are still struggling to complete never ending construction projects and managing building funds

    There is actually a possibility that struggling second generation church pastors out there are looking for reverse mentoring from churches like mavuno or are looking for fearless influencer’s to pass the baton to. Question is are we willing to surrender all to Jesus and become wired to be the light bearers and salt that Kenya so desperately needs?


    • It is laways great to hear of Church Leaders who are striving to be relevant and find innovative ways to share the Gospel. Mavuno Church will be hosting Pastors at a Leadership Summit – Fearless 2011 to speak about the Next Generation CHurch – How we can be relevant to the 4th Generation. We would love to have the Bishop attend. Details can be found on


  9. Pastor M, as one of the virtual followers of Mavuno, I continue to be challenged, encouraged and blessed by your messages. The Word and Message of God is universal and regardless of geographic location, God speaks. This series in May is timely for me personally, as I have been challenged by God that I belong to Him, His Royal Priesthood, and that he is my source and I should rely on Him to cause me to be an answer bringing and a problem solver on my job. It was a line in your closing prayer, about us relying on God to give us solutions for our work place. My committment to God has been to rely 100% on Him and His methods, like Daniel did in the Bible and refuse to use the methods that are used by others in the corporate world, but to do it, God’s way with integrity and being submitted to God. I know it is not the easiest thing to do, and that there will be “fiery furnace”, “lion’s den” moments, but God will always be present in the fire and in the den because God has wired me for greatness! Blessings to you.


  10. Alex Mwakideu Says:

    I am a born again Christian, and quite new in Nairobi. I have been coming to Mavuno for quite sometime and i must say i love the Praise and Worship team, the preaching and everything relates so well with my day to day life since am a journalist. However i have only one major problem. Every time i fellowship at Mavuno i feel that there’s too much Praise for the church than God. I attended the Saturday Service and even the Mavuno Creed had lots to do with the Church than God. Pastor M kindly help me understand this because i love Mavuno and would love to fellowship in peace. God bless the works of your hands.



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