Wired For Greatness

We all want to shine, to do well. Even the most humble and introverted of us have this inner desire to do something great. None of us aspires to mediocrity. We all aspire to do something great or be someone great.

Genesis 1:26-28 & Gen.2:7
1:26-17 “Then God said, ”Let us make man in our image, in our likeness and let them rule over the fish of the sea and the birds of the air, over the livestock, over all the earth, and over all the creatures that move along the ground.” So God created man in His own image, in the image of God He created him; male and female He created them. God blessed them and said to them, “Be fruitful and increase in number; fill the earth and subdue it. Rule over the fish of the sea and the birds of the air and over every living creature that moves on the ground”’

2:7 ‘The LORD God formed the man from the dust of the ground and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life and the man became a living being’

Here’s three incredibly important truths about you…

Your Composition: According to the bible, humans are composite beings made out of soil but also God’s breath. We are not God but we are God-like. There is something about you that represents God. That’s what it means to be made in God’s image. In you is the essence of divinity.

Your Purpose: God’s plan was not to establish a religion but a government. Through humans made in His image and in relationship with Him, God intended to extend His divine rule to earth. You are God’s agent to rule over the earth and to extend the qualities of God’s rule to this physical realm. You are wired for greatness!

Your Authority: God’s delegation of authority over the earth to humans was total. God didn’t say ‘let us rule’ but ‘let them rule’. This was a complete transfer of authority over creation. He was appointing humans as the only legal authority on earth, with full powers to act on His behalf.

If this is the case and our true position, why isn’t this our experience? I can think of several reasons:

1. Ignorance: If we don’t know our true position, then we can’t be who we were wired to be! Ecc.3:11 says ‘He has set eternity in the hearts of men, yet they cannot fathom what God has done from beginning to end’.

2. Rebellion: Adam and Eve rebelled against God. By doing so, they carried out a coup against His authority, and lost their privileged position. We too are very much like that.

3. Fear: Maybe we feel God let us down. Or perhaps people spoke harsh words into our lives. Said we’d never amount to much. Some of us were hurt by people we trusted and who were in authority over us; our parents or even church leaders.

I believe the greatest tragedy of all is that as modern day Christians, we have lost our memory of who we are. We have come to see salvation as a one-time event, not realizing that it’s an entrance into kingship…and that the next step is to learn to be kings and queens over God’s world. Jesus came to remind us of the glorious message of the Kingdom – that all of us, no matter who we are, where we live or what we have done – are heirs to the throne. That Daddy is inviting all His wayward children to return to their original status and live as sons and daughters of the king.

What is the key to greatness? One word: Surrender – salvation is not a one-time event but is the entrance into a life of surrender to God’s rule. God is calling me to let go/to turn everything over to Him, not so that He can leave me deprived but so that He is free to use me. My level of surrender will determine the level of our greatness. Famous evangelist Dwight L. Moody, ““The world has yet to see what God can do with a man (or woman) who is fully (committed) to him.” God stands ready to welcome us home with open arms to completely restore our full status as sons and daughters.


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  1. ceasar Says:

    Hi Pastor M. I heard u on capital on friday and came for service on sunday. I have been looking for answers for my life for a while now.You said to surrender to start experiencing greatness. How do I do that. How does one begin? Where does one go from there?


    • Hi Ceasar,

      Thanks for coming to church on Sunday,for sure God has a plan for your life. Its good that you want to know how to begin your journey to greatness. Surrender is a journey, a process that you go through as you learn new insights that will help you becoome the great man you were created to be.

      The best place to begin the journey is Mizizi; a 10 week transformational session that will without a doubt set you on a path of discovery as you discover your God-given purpose. The launch is next week Tuesday on 7th May @ 5:30pm at Mavuno.

      May God set you on paths of greatness as you pursue your purpose in life. God bless.


  2. Pastor M, yesterday after the powerful sermon, i rose up to the alter call because i came to church very anxious because of a decision and a risk that i am about to take this week. When you called out in exactly the same thing i was going through….i just got humbled. I was off a flight that morning from abroad and i felt that i had to come to church even if i dose off half way through, but i feel that God wanted me to hear the sermon. Latter that day to my shock i went home and the father of my child told me to pack up he was taking me back to my father. He was fed-up. I obeyed. This week i will be moving out. I have been condemned for being a busy career woman, which i have tried so hard to balance. Last year, i was made a CEO of a social justice organisation, a position that i have seeked Gods grace for because i never felt ready to lead at 29 yrs until i realised that 9 years of working from an intern to CEO was Gods way of raising me up to be a fearless influencer. I have appreciated one thing, is that if the people around us are not growing with us then we get into major problems like mine. I have had fear , i have rebelled…but after listening to God through you, i feel that i am well within my purpose of exercising Gods will, however i need to time and space to hear and seek him.


    • @ Madam

      Praying with you as you go through this tough time, may god use every moment of it, painful as it may be, to reveal His plans for your life.

      Romans 8:28 ” God causes everything to work for the good of those who love him and are called according to His purposes” Even this situation you and your family are facing, as you surrender it to God, he is able to make it work for good.

      Be encouraged.


  3. Getrude Alukwe Says:

    Dear Pastor M,
    Amazing i must say i dn’t know,i happen to have two areas iof worship my home church in South B (M.C of God) & Mavuno which is now more like a home to me. I started with mavuno at the time of post elections violence i came once and i keapt on till to date.When i came for the service i dn’t think the word was for me but you said the message will change someones life,i was in walk with God sometimes back but i got a setback then i let him go, put him on ma hanger and told him to stay thr for while cause he had done wrong (i thought it was a punshiment to him) i was so wrong, well to conforim to him that waht happend was nt right and that i cloud take care of my bussiness i took charge of my life. Well the reason he let me down was, my boyfrd of 1yr and 3months whom i was planning to get married to left me and yes i went back home to ma mum. The look in her eyes made me look like a failure,in that very trying time i lost my job and i thought what now you know, i asked him where are you?. Then after i keapt him pending i went out to look for me, i had lost Getrude you know. Ths strong gal who was able to have,take,do anything i wanted her back.I fell in the wrong hands of people the mighty ones Politicians,CEO’s name them, i was also in the hands of the mature,young at heart those who had it and those who din’t have a thing. Pastor i was looking for that love that i lost when my X left me, i wanted to be safe and not trust inGod that he will give me another person. Instead of gettin g the love i was used,mis handled taken advanteage it was sad, by then i was only 25yrs but mature in m a mind. As usual i came for the services then i heard about Mizizi:) it will change your life, i was tired pastor i wanted to unhang God from whr i had left him but it was not easy. I sighed up for Mizizi, but as a devil is a liar just when i started my classes a distruction came my way. Yarning for the love, i met a someone and he took my focus away form my main goal.I came for my classes yes but ma mind was not there i had not let God take control i was not being what he had made me to be,i was not seeing how speacial i am,the value i had, the expensive price tag he gave me. The young man din’t stay for long he left, i am trying to heal from ma broken heart again!. But when i came to church on sunday and you said thr is a a drop of greatness in every man, when you said to let go and trust God, when you said that we are like him, in his own image. And i tjought of how much i had wasted myself,the pain i had gone through not knowing he had my back all along and he is in me. Pastor you confirmed to me on Sunday that i made the right decesion to come back to God and serve him,i will be doing my Mizizi classes again and i have renewed my walk in him, i have called enough time for the reason of joining the worship team or serve you know,but i love singing cos i know God has blessed me with a great voice:) . After you preached i told myself Getrude come back home,let God take control,trust him,see your greatness his put in you. As you asked for those who wanted to be prayes for i was up on ma feet cos for sure i was one of those people. I can’t wait for the next sermons cos ths is muy word pastor. I won’t mind to share my story. Am now 28years am single,happy and i have found God again and i have ths joy that only him (GOD) can give me. Am praying hard that ths time am in him for life, cos as you said i have to surrender and i have done that.
    Pastor may he continue to annoit you, bless you and enrich you with his word for you are a blessing in my life. Have a blessed day and a great week ahead.


  4. Thank you Pastor M. for a message well presented. My prayer is that I will find the courage to Surrender to God’s will for my life. Cant wait for more info on how to be fully wired for greatness.


  5. Elsie Wandera Says:

    I have been blessed by this message and this series is seriously addressing questions that I have had for a very long time and I pray that I begin to apply the learnings from the sermons through out the series…I have even invited my family and friends to participate in the next coming months because I know if they miss this all I will say to them is “the train has left the station…” as I pursue greatness and tap into that RIGHT that is mine through His faithful love 🙂


  6. Christine Says:

    The penny finally dropped. Mine is a long story but in short the sermon was my answer to my questions, word for word. Thank you, thank you and thank you.


  7. Kelvin Says:

    Great it was eye opener to me .what about the sovereignty of our God?baraka.


  8. Timely message Says:

    pastor M,

    Thanks for that message. It’s very timely especially for my lifegroup.

    I think soon, we’ll need a sermon series on: how to know it’s God – the

    signs to look for kind of thing.

    Also, on having the Sato service, one of these days, we may have to

    have a 3rd service on Sunday evening for those who are not available on the currently available days.

    God bless.


  9. Pastor M Says:

    @ Ceasar, great question! Surrender begins with verbal acknowledgement in prayer that we are turning control of our life completely over to God. Next step is to begin to know (or remember) your true identity through reading God’s word. I or one of our prayer counselors would love to lead you in that prayer if you haven’t already said it. I also highly recommend that you sign up for Mizizi as it’s a great opportunity to ask questions and to grow with others as you begin the journey of discovering the purpose you were ‘wired’ for.


  10. Omeno Suji Says:

    I sat through the sermon on Sunday all along struggling with a family issue regarding my daughters schooling. I have wanted to get her to a better learning environment ever since she got selected to a national school but have never known what could be better than a national school, and whether I would be in God’s will for my daughter’s life if I transferred her from her current school. When you used the example of Prince William and his bride Kate and how they never had to worry about what dress she would wear because she was royalty. I thought why do I live like a commoner – worrying about national school for my daughter and what people would say if I transferred her. I surrendered. We leave this Thursday to pick up her stuff and she joins an ACE school in Nairobi starting Monday. I don’t know what her future will be but I have peace about this decision and will TRUST God to do the rest. Thanks for talking about being wired for greatness


  11. I do not understand the concept of surrendering and to turn everything to God. Please help me understand why I should let go the desires f my heart. Why should I let go my craving to get wealthy? To the best of my knowledge wealthy people are very hard working. Just but to mention a few Donald Tramp & Richard Branson.

    I want to possess property; like the range rover discovery you were speaking about at the summon, I would be content in using it only I would want to own. This thing about surrendering everything does not make sense to me.


    • Seeking God Says:

      Dear “minewairimu”
      There’s nothing wrong in working hard, seeking success, and desiring the very best things or possessions in life. The fact is, we can have everything our heart desires but the one thing we’ll never have is control over our life. No human being knows what will happen to them in any given day; only God knows our beginning and our end. We come into this world with nothing and we don’t take anything with us when we leave. Our sole objective in living life shouldn’t be the pursuit of these things but in seeking God because in the end it will not matter what you acquired; what will matter is who you were in your heart in relation to God’s word. Wealth is good and we all need money to live in this world but be careful to use it wisely and don’t let it control you or define your daily existence. Surrendering everything doesn’t mean that you become a wretched soul. Surrendering means:
      1. Acknowledging that God is in control of your life and everything belongs to Him.
      2. Knowing that you can count on and hope in God. Possessions are uncertain; they can disappear overnight. Possessions will not give you a lifetime of security, or keep your body from disease, or love you back, or save you from sin, or redeem you or give you peace, etc but God will.
      3. We don’t attain anything by our own strength and wisdom; God gives everything whether we are wealthy or poor because every circumstance has a purpose. You may ask why He would give suffering or make anyone poor; maybe this is a way to ask why the wealthy or those in government are not using their riches or authority wisely in helping this people or maybe it’s way to humble us reminding us that good and evil must exist in this world. Either way only God knows the purpose of it all.
      1 Timothy 6: 17- 19 Command those who are rich in this present world not to be arrogant nor to put their hope in wealth, which is so uncertain, but to put their hope in God, who richly provides us with everything for our enjoyment. Command them to do good, to be rich in good deeds, and to be generous and willing to share. In this way they will lay up treasure for themselves as a firm foundation for the coming age, so that they may take hold of the life that is truly life.

      When you stop being attached to things and attach to God’s word; my friend, you have found the secret to living life.


  12. **Enigma** Says:

    Pastor M, may you leave long to see all your dreams achieved.
    the sermon touched me to the bone,..sadly i did not have the courage to stand up..my feet could not allow me, dont get me wrong, i really wanted to..was almost standing up, then there was a silent pause ..just when i was about to arise you said “Dont be scared”..then followed a prayer which i dint even hear as i was literally shaking in my seat..i just couldnt do it..am in a relationship with a guy i know i shouldn’t be in. I have steered from the path so far i don’t know how to get back.am saved but met this guy who happened to have my blue print, he knew what to say..when to say…when to run..when to love, i fell face flat..pap. we have been dating for 15 months, Thing is….. he is not Christan and doesn’t believe in Jesus.
    I have often come with him to church often, even forced him to do Mizizi but i have a feelin he did this to impress me, deep down i have this gut feelin he will never change religion, and i know this has affected my QT with God, i pray less , i party more, the guilt is killing me M,i try and pray for myself, and him, but God seems so far away, he has blessed me abundantly, am never in want, all i want is to Love him(God) and worship him, and serve him, but i cannot even think of where to begin, M i love this guy so much ..u just dont understand it,its almost madness.and i know he loves me back if not equally, more. I love this guy to a fault, yaani.. as in ad rather be his 3rd wife than not to have a piece of his heart.
    I know i need help, because i know i God feels so far away, reason being i have put him on the back seat. Someone please help me out here.


    • Seeking God Says:

      Thank you for your courage in sharing your struggle. Love can be complicated and it can hinder our decision making. I’m no expert but I hope I can share something helpful to you. I have come to learn that God never changes His position concerning us; we are the ones that move either away from Him or closer to Him based on the choices we make in our daily life. You say that this man will never change his religion; then the likely consequence of staying with him is that you will always feel the way you do now should you stay or marry him. Consider some issues in the long term that you may face if you stayed in this relationship. Suppose you married him, what faith would you raise your children or would he or his family oppose them being Christian? Every relationship has its challenges but some like religion are major because it is how each individual identifies their faith and life principles. When you share the same life principles with your partner then you already have a head start in the right direction. Are you willing to suffer the heartbreak now or later when you are in too deep? Who comes first your man or your God? I feel that you already know what to do about this but it is conflicting with your heart’s desire. Remember think in the long term. Take courage and trust God to do the rest.


    • Dear Enigma,
      I was in your position 2 years ago. The same God who delivered me is able to do the same for you. I am now living a very fulfilling life and living out my purpose. I am praying for you. Please visit the prayer tent the next time you are in church. Don’t be afraid, God loves you and has a great plan for your life. Trust Him and see Him do it. Psalms 118:8 ‘It is better to take refuge in the Lord than to trust in man’ May He give you joy and an abundant life and bless the generations to come from you. In Jesus Name. Amen


  13. Wow..Pastor M, may you leave long to see all your dreams achieved.
    the sermon touched me to the bone,..sadly i did not have the courage to stand up..my feet could not allow me, dont get me wrong, i really wanted to..was almost standing up, then there was a silent pause ..just when i was about to arise you said “Dont be scared”..then followed a prayer which i dint even hear as i was literally shaking in my seat..i just couldnt do it..am in a relationship with a guy i know i shouldn’t be in. I have steered from the path so far i don’t know how to get back.am saved but met this guy who happened to have my blue print, he knew what to say..when to say…when to run..when to love, i fell face flat..pap. we have been dating for 15 months, Thing is….. he is not Christan and doesn’t believe in Jesus.
    I have often come with him to church often, even forced him to do Mizizi but i have a feelin he did this to impress me, deep down i have this gut feelin he will never change religion, and i know this has affected my QT with God, i pray less , i party more, the guilt is killing me M,i try and pray for myself, and him, but God seems so far away, he has blessed me abundantly, am never in want, all i want is to Love him(God) and worship him, and serve him, but i cannot even think of where to begin, M i love this guy so much ..u just dont understand it,its almost madness.and i know he loves me back if not equally, more. I love this guy to a fault, yaani.. as in ad rather be his 3rd wife than not to have a piece of his heart.
    I know i need help, because i know i God feels so far away, reason being i have put him on the back seat. Someone please help me out here.


    • Nimu :) Says:

      Dear Enigma, i was in your situation, really similar, i had dated this really AWESUM guy for 15 months too, when we started off he wasn’t saved, i knew i shouldn’t have gotten into the relationship, when he asked me out i prayed about it (i had a strong walk with God at that time) I knew the answer was no, i accepted it wasn’t what God wanted me to do but i told him since he had given me free will and i feel i cannot live without the guy, i will still date him… I got into the relationship and started my walk away from God’s purpose for my life… on and off in constant rebellion, i had no peace in my heart but i loved this guy so much and he loved me more, i sacrificed my peace and joy and chose my man over my God. He was an amazing guy… loved me more than i could ever imagine, more than i loved him, later on he got saved partly because of me… we continued though i knew i should leave and i drifted into sin, moving boundaries, dying of guilt… The things that made me feel horribly guilty afterwards are the things he’d always thank me and praise me for and label as the things heh would live to remember, the moments he would never forget were the ones i didn’t ever want to remember… he treated me like a princess gave me love( i learnt more about love from him than i have from most belivers) cause i have my own issues and he genuinely loved me through them, i was out of God’s will for my life but still talking with him trying to negotiate how the guy can be incoporated in to my destiny, we were so inlove we had already set the weding date and we were discussing whether to import the dress, wedding colours you know drawing out the rough plan, we lined out our future together, we even had names for our future children! He made me feel special, helped me get over certain serious issues in my life because he was a good friend though still my mine… Everything was perfect except the fact that i wasn’t living out God’s plan, we had good plans which were not God’s plan and though happy outside within i was falling a part prvb 14:12 “There is a way that seems good to man but its end is death”
      I had all the love any man could give me BUT inside i was dead, i used to cry inconsolably because the only one who could comfort me was God whom i was rebelling against, The man whom i loved and who really loved me could not complete me without God and i learnt the hard way, life is not fulfiling without peace and since i didn’t want to live the rest of my life in that state of guilt, shame and distance from God stuck unable to accomplish all God had planned for me… I finally came to the place where i started shutting down… i couldn’t take it any more we moved from steady to its complicated…the guy loved me, he still does that is not the issue even God knows he did! But as more time progressed, as i was trying to negotiate with God after moving from surrrender to rebellion, i really missed the closeness i had with God previously and envied my friends who were still so close with God and i became bitter at myself for not being where i knew i should be, I love the guy, but i can’t live without my God: I used to be an extrovert this issue turned me into an introvert, i stopped talking as much stuck between 2 choices i wanted God back and i wanted my man to stay, i tried implementing biblical principles into our relationship but it didn’t work, i explained my situation to my man and asked if we could like serve God together and he agreed but it never materialized because he was always busy… i was having deep spiritual issues and i told God how much i want him back but i find it impossible to let go… and i realized my man cannot satisfy me. As long as i had issues the relationship had issues 12 out of those 15 monthsn i cried endlessly and in the end the guy told me he was tired of waitng for me to sort out these issues that he could not understand and he asked for permission to walk away or commitment with no more God issues…
      I gave him up and when he left i felt so lonely but in that loneliness i drew back closer to God, i cried as much as i had cried when i was with him because i really wanted him back and i wanted him to be mine and i loved him But God gave me peace and his grace was sufficient ONLY GOD BROUGHT ME through that time and now am single, happy and satisfied in Christ and though i still love him am glad i let him go and letting him go is one decision i do not regret because i wouldn’t want to live without peace for the rest of my life and you know too that you don’t want to live forever in your current position now, and i know you are scared of doing what you know is right and i know its hard so so hard and painful coz my planned wedding date is till approaching and there is always the what if but those 15months have taught me the value of my God and how much he means to me, i didn’t know God meant that much till i had to live away from him for a while and now i realized my guy never meant half as much as God means to me now, the Lord has restored me and in accordance to his word his given me beauty for ashes, instead of mourning the oil of gladness,
      My guy moved on after a while to another girl who made him happy and had no ‘spiritual issues’ and they are okay and am happy for them but when he sees me/ talks to me he notices i’ve changed for the best and he sees and acknowledges am better without him, we’ve forgiven each other and we both acknowledge we are better off apart, he says that though painful to admit, i have become more beautiful after we parted ways than i ever was when i was with him and both physically and especially in character, he admits i am more attractive now and am happier and he even admits that my future husband will have gotten something to thank God for for the rest of his life and he prays that God gives him a woman like the woman i’ve become after we parted so i assure you all will be well as long as you are with God The great I AM, He is all you need : what he has done for me, he can do for you.
      And from experience i am telling you the truth is “Ni afadhali siku moja na Mungu kuliko maelfu pahali pengine”If you don’t understand kiswahili, it means, “One day with the Lord Is better than an thousand days elsewhere” I felt more at ease on the day i gave up my man and went back to my God than on the BEST day i ever had with my man and my life right now is far above all the joy i ever had when i was with my ex, way above our happiest moments, I have stepped into my destiny, living out God’s greatness and I have no words to describe
      What ever you decide talk HONESTLY to God (He can take all you have to say) and cry as much as you want… He won’t think your insane 🙂


  14. Pastor M,
    Yaani this Sunday the sermon was off the hook. I couldn’t stop sharing what I learnt with my non-mavunite friends. I loved the encouragement you gave us and the reminder/realisation that I am a child of the King of kings, am a Prince, a son of God. It’s true the devil blinds most of us to entertain

    The authority we have in Jesus Christ really demands surrender. I am glad i learnt how to do this in Mizizi. I live each day longing to experience Him and for real, God is faithful. I am wired for greatness.


  15. Jerry Mungama Says:

    Brilliant sermon, i believe the Lord is leading us closer home to commune with Him.

    Lakini on a very frank and personal note, Pastor M; while Mizizi is an excellent foundational book, i’d like to ask you to deviate for just one Sunday from your “set” sermon series and minister to those who may or may not have done Mizizi but still have questions regarding salvation and total surrender to God.

    Here i mean, can we either have a Q&A session, plus include those who have gotten saved and the struggles they go through and how they overcome them or live them. This sermon series is decreed to convert very many people, but often the people perish for lack of knowledge.

    How does one for example, tell their friends or loved ones, they are now saved, no more clubbing etc, but need new friends to hang out with? Or how does one tell family. How does one replan their life? Salvation is almost a “military regime” in the sense that, because God is the new and only focus, we must live a certain way. What happens if you slip up? What do you do with your life? I say this because if only the multitudes knew the beauty of salvation and surrendered, more and more would hear Gods word and chose salvation. The reason for the pindrop silence when you made the alter call was a mixture of many things. But one thing for sure. if we are destined for greatness In Jesus precious name, then it’ll take a radical shift and spiritual upheaval, because it is indeed a walk of faith; Can we make the welcoming into the walk, more structured and increase the support levels. As a congregant of Mavuno i volunteer to be available, just to listen, talk, guide and pray with new believers in the initial days to a point where even thru Mizizi, strong support systems exist to ensure they can walk the path to eventually appreciate and live the greatness in them.

    Often, like the parable of the sower, those seeds that landed on shallow soil we eaten by birds, while those on the thorny ground were choked (likened to converts who still struggle with the attraction and “benefits” of the world)..Lets have a new team/regiment at Mavuno and call it eg. CONVERTED! And each of us who lives in the bliss and comfort of salvation do everything possible to welcome, counsel and be there for those who accept salvation.

    In Jesus precious name.


  16. Jerry Mungama Says:

    Sorry to belabour the point, but for example @minewairimu has a valid point, if you look at it from the world view, pursuit of material things. Even though we read in Matthew, seek ye first the Kingdom of God. range rovers crash, rust, get stolen…but unless clearly defined and guided, it may be misconstrued to imply that “greatness” is achieved in possessions. Obviously, this is not true, and picture this, those perceived “great” people with all the money, live troubled, empty, frustrated lives. Secondly, we are aiming for eternity, so perceived comfort and wealth, huko mbele won’t save you from eternal suffering. This could be a long discussion, but i believe one that would open many eyes to real living.


  17. @ minewairimu,

    Getting wealthy is not a bad thing in and off itself. Money is a medium that we use to move things in our society today. The problem comes in when we let money be our primary pursuit in life. We were created for something way bigger than just getting wealthy; inside of every human being is a need to be more, to live for more. No amount of wealth or things can fill this void, because it is a longing that only god can fill.

    Surrendering to God is acknowledging that we are limited, He is unlimited; we dont know everything, He is all-knowing; To surrender is to tell God ” I don’t know how to run my life (our experiences will confirm so) or what is best for me, you lead me because you know best.”

    A common illustration is the story of a gadget that you buys from the stores. In order to know what the gadget was designed for,as in what it can do and the possibilities of its functionality, you need to refer to the Manufacturer, who will tell you everything about that gadget. This is the same for us. In order to know why we were created and what we were meant to achieve, we need to refer back to our Manufacturer who is God, and acknowledge that He knows exactly what is best for us.

    Surrender is letting go and letting God. Hope this helps.


  18. Nancy Muia Says:

    Pst M.

    U miss quoted a verse.. John 14:2 says In My Fathers house are many mansions.. not whatever yiou have seen me do, you will do greater… you encouraged us to check with the Word.. 🙂
    Otherwise, The sermon was a blessing and encouragement to me. I cant wait for the sequel next week, I might even do Sato service to ensure that
    I get it first hand.


    • @Nancy, The verse quoted even in 1st service last Sunday was John 14:12. I wrote notes.


    • Then I heard wrong.. its all good. I have no probos about it..
      This week was fantabulous.. I couldn’t shut up about it.. I think I bored my house mates with all the talk about being wired for greatness..


  19. @Nancy Muia,

    The verse quoted during 2nd service was John 14:12


  20. Yvonne Says:


    I Love when people readily share their struggles because I know that souls begin to be healed. May God help us all and pull us through our sticky situations to bring us peace and joy in him.

    My greatest take out was the Prince William and Kate analogy. I am a castle builder. I build castles in the air every where I go.Let me not get in to the details or somebody will think ”WACKO” 😀
    This year God told me,DO NOT GET INVOLVED IN CIVILIAN AFFAIRS!! He said it and I chose to obey. I know without a doubt that I am seeking the kingdom of God and his righteousness. I am. I can plead my case if asked to. My reason for sayong this is not to flosss to anyone but to burst a bubble,bring forth a reality and encourage someone.
    It is not easy. Surrender is a daily affair. We have be so imprisoned by worldly standards that some of the things God asks us to do we will often 2nd guess. Each time I face a tough situation I am reminded that all God needed me to have was the RESOLVE,resolve to step out,take the risk to join his army,his kingdom battalion and thus he will provide a solution for me.
    I mean the kingdom of God has a whole new set of rules,set of challenges..its a whole new ball game and what is encouraging is that OUR VICTORY IS ASSURED!!! It is. That’s why Christ said it is FINISHED!!
    Let me encourage everyone to start seeing themselves through God’s eyes,in our careers,relationships,even ourselves. As Pastor Linda would say (ok with a twist) 🙂 We gon make it!! In Jesus Name WE WILL


  21. Great sermon by pastor M.I love the mavunites but i have issue when it comes to the culture of reading the word of GOD only a few embrace it.small % is doing the marathon .I believe when we grow in the word then we will have lasting transformation .Pastors,LG leaders and department leader lets develop this in the people we lead.And word of God grew mighty in Ephesus.I love you all


  22. susan oikoma Says:

    Hi Pstr M.
    I thank God for you and how God is using you to transform our lives. the reading from last Sunday 1st Peter, i have always had that scripture and had been highlighted in my bible but it had never made that much sense before. i had gone through so much to a point i was beginning to believe i wasn’t worth anything. i had prayed about getting a husband to a point i had gotten myself to a point i had considered giving in to a married man as a second wife. because i thought i dint amount to anything. that scripture had so much weight it transformed my life and thinking id deed i am wired for greatness. now i am waiting on the lord to bring me my chosen prince because i am royalty.

    my biggest highlight was the first Saturday service. i was there. as Mrs M. said i was there. the only thing i dint like about the service was that there were mosquito’s!!!! how did they even know we were gonna be there!!!!


  23. very concerned mavunite Says:

    Hi Pastor M,
    I have been attending service at mavuno since last year and id like to say that i have been transformed from who i was till now. I only have one big problem and i know many people will agree with me. On Sunday 15th May, I woke up psyched up for service, was especially looking forward to the praise and worship session but when it started it was all remixed secular music and i couldnt even sing along, i just sat down and was wondering why I was looking forward to that session in the first place. I then heard your preaching but I think we are trying to justify something that aint right. I spent 5years dancing and partying in the clubs and I made a decision to come to church coz I wanted something new, something fulfilling not the emptiness I had before. So when I come to church and its still the same old songs im dancing to yet there are so many gospel songs, we can never exhaust them, I really tend to wonder… Do I have to keep up with the latest secular music so that when I come to church I can sing and dance? On Sunday I walked out of church with a heavier heart than I had come with. I talked to a few people about it and they seemed to share my sentiments. I hear its been a big issue and yet nothing seems to be done about it. I dont understand why I should come to church and sit in my car until praise and worship is over before I get in to listen to the service – this is what people are doing. Others have left Mavuno because of that. What is it we fear? Is Mavuno a church of one person? In a church where so many people are vocal, I wonder why this issue has not been addressed, yet praise and worship is an integral part of the service. I need answers Pastor M. What is being done about this? or should we who find a problem with this keep sitting in our cars waiting for the sermons? Enlighten me.


  24. concerned Says:

    plz pastor make it clear that we may enjoy worship all of us.


  25. Sold out Says:

    l have been attending church at Mavuno since January this year.

    l have leant many great things about living life to the fullest but l desire teaching on how to make it to the life after as well. We live that we may forever be with him. l appreciate the emphasis on purpose and destiny, but sometimes wonder on what it will benefit us bto gain the whole world but loose our souls.

    l was a little offended on the “trumpet” interlude during worship last sunday. Are we going to join everybody else making a mockery of the return of our Lord. l totally missed the joke on this.

    Nobody knows the day or hour. But the word of God says that we will know the signs of the times. l would appreciate teachings on the end times , heaven and hell.

    l would also like the leadership to externd the time allocated to worship during the service. We rush through this to bring out commentators on stage telling us about what? If we live to forever be with the Lord to forever worship him, why not start practising here and now other than aloocating more times to tickle and entertain our ears? Don’t we get enough of that from the world? What is the difference between that and the advertising world huku nje?


    • Dear Sold out,

      Thank you for your feedback. Sorry that you found the trumphet interlude offensive, that was not our intention. As Pst M pointed out, it was a practical way for people to actually pose and think of where they really stand as regards the coming back of our Lord.

      On the worship, you are welcome to the worship night this Friday 27th starting 9pm to 1am. It happens every last Friday of the month and allows us an extensive time of worship and celebration.

      God’s blessings,


  26. I wanted to share my take on worship and service leading. those who are not comfortable have already been harvested .Since mavunos purpose is to harvest ,dont ask them to change .You can shop around for worship where you feel you connect with God and let Mavuno continue harvesting others from out there.


  27. concerned Says:

    To gla what you are saying is that the work of mavuno is to harvest and not to take care of the harvest??IT sounds rude.


  28. Hello pastor M,My name is kenny.Im interested to do mizizi coz its really a life transforming expirience but i do not live in Nairobi but Kisumu how possible is it?God bless you.


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