This May at Mavuno

May Series

Sometimes greatness is hard to see until experienced first hand. Some ignore it, some achieve it. Some acquire it. Yet we were all born for it.

This coming May at Mavuno come see for yourself why you were WIRED FOR GREATNESS!


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  1. Lance Mayabi Says:

    What does God expect from men today? Why doesn’t the church want to talk about it? If we are to impact the world out there, why are we not being taught on what it entails?


  2. Hey Lance, seems you missed out on two absolutely awesome series that mavuno has done. The first is MAN ENOUGH, and the second is A WOMAN WORTH FIGHTING FOR, both of them by Pastor Simon Mbevi. They were extremely good. I’m sure if you contacted Mavuno, or visited their info desk on Sundays you could still get them. Peace.


  3. Hi June,

    Thanks for that. I came for Man Enough sermon series and i think it’s an awesome, life changing message that every man should hear. I wanted to share it with someone so I got it for a friend of mine and guess what? It’s incomplete. Something to do with the master being bad…take a listen to the whole series when you have an hour – you’ll see what I mean.. I tried to get a better copy………… Can someone PLEASE help me get a good copy? Tafadhali.

    And on another note, i hear Nairobi Chapel had the same series in April. So I’m considering.



  4. Is that right??? There’s a Saturday service 5 – 7 PM?? wasalalalalalalalalala…….. how cool!


  5. Coming to mavuno for the last few years(from 2009) has been of great benefit to me and my 3 daughters, 2 at teenskonect and 1 at green house.
    am considering the saturday serivice now that the girls will be back to school- this way I can trully make sundays my sabath!


  6. “Because it is who we are,it is what we do,we change the world!”
    This is an awesome series,thank God that even in Kampala,I can still tap into these great life transforming teachings.I know I am WIRED for GREATNESS!


  7. lawrence kamau Says:

    am in Lamu island and am enjoying all the sermons on line…tho some are incomplete am juz humbled listening to the few that ive downloaded. can someone tell me when the next mizizi experience is starting. regards. Kamau


  8. Hey Kamau,

    Mizizi began three weeks or so ago. Did you manage to register?


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