Let it go

I often wish we could live in a world where the law was enforced perfectly. Don’t you wish we could enforce the law as stringently in Kenya? Don’t you long for the day when over-lappers would be hauled off to court to pay fines instantly and people who use cell phones while driving would be fined on the spot?

The problem with that is that if the law were enforced perfectly, most of us would have been arrested very many times. I find myself applying one set of standards to other people and another to myself.  We get so angry when matatus stop on the road suddenly to let people off and we are driving behind them. But don’t we ask matatu drivers to drop us off at convenient places or even stop on the curb to drop off people in our car. “Well but I put on our hazards” you say. “I am not like other people.” Don’t we get so irritated when we see people make a careless turn because they are talking on the phone as they drive. But would we admit that on occasion we have picked up the phone while driving? “My case is different. You see I receive important calls from important people. I am never sure whether that one call is the big break I have been waiting for.” you say.

We judge others by their actions and ourselves by our intentions. When should we apply the letter of law and when should we apply the spirit of the law?  Jesus once found himself in just such a situation. A case was presented to him, lets see what kind of call he made.

Read John 8:2-11

While Jesus was teaching at the temple courts a dramatic thing happened. Some teachers and Pharisees brought in a woman caught in adultery. They put her right in front of everyone and put Jesus on the spot by asking him what should be done to her. Their intention was for him water down the Law of Moses by letting her go or uphold it and prove that he was no different from them.

But Jesus bent down and started to write on the ground with his finger. When they kept on questioning him he straightened up and said to them “Let any of you who is without sin be the first to throw a stone at her.” Again he stooped down and wrote on the ground.At this those who heard began to go away one at a time, the older ones first, until only Jesus was left, with the woman standing there. Jesus straightened up and asked her, “Woman, where are they? Has no one condemned you?” “No one, sir,” she said. “Then neither do I condemn you,” Jesus declared. “Go now and leave your life of sin.”

Why does Jesus ask the Pharisees to let the woman go when she is so clearly in the wrong? Didn’t it matter to Jesus that this woman’s action had violated another woman’s marriage? Or even that the legitimate children of the adulterous man were going to suffer financially and emotionally? Many families have been torn apart by exactly such scenes as the one we see in this passage. Frankly I feel the Pharisees. It is all very well for Jesus to forgive the woman but what about the other woman whose marriage covenant has been violated and what about the children?

Most of us have a problem with Jesus letting the woman caught in adultery go. But we also have a problem with a world where the laws are enforced perfectly because if the law is applied without mercy, it must be applied to everyone including ourselves.

Jesus forgives this woman not so that the victims can suffer while she is let off the hook, but so He could let everyone including the Pharisees off the hook. In other words  in a church like Mavuno, any church for that matter, Jesus extends grace to both the family that has been torn apart by extra marital affairs but also to the baby mama.

Why do we have a problem with grace and forgiveness? We have a problem with grace because it seems to minimize the depth of our pain. It seems to reduce the fact that when trust is betrayed it is like someone’s whole house of cards was blown over by the wind. Many of us are in the position of the Pharisees. We have moral grounds to stone those who have caused us pain and expose them to public shame. And we ask ourselves, how is grace justice?

Jesus’ answer to the Pharisees was “Let it go”, because if there is no antidote for the anger and bitterness; ultimately revenge only leads to self destruction. If the stones had begun to fly, they would have eventually destroyed everyone including the accusers.

What if my husband has cheated on me? Let it go. What if it has caused all sorts of emotional havoc in our family? Let it go. What if it has disorganized the family financially? Let it go.

This is not about diminishing the complication of sin or that lives have been affected. But the vicious cycle of the consequences of sin will continue unabated unless there is grace to forgive and a commitment to heal. And if you cannot run, walk. If you cannot walk, crawl, but by all means keep moving.

Where in your life has an injustice of this kind been done? Where have you been aggrieved and by all accounts have every right to pay back? Because it is precisely in that place that you have the opportunity to extend mercy. Where do you have the moral grounds to shame someone who has done you wrong?

The one person who has the right to ask something so big of us is Jesus. Grace does not negate justice, because on the cross, Jesus satisfied the justice of God. He paid the price for our sin, but he also absorbs the cost of our pain and with his stripes we are healed. Watching the movie “The Passion of Christ” puts the penalty Jesus had to pay in perspective.

Notice what Jesus actually says to this woman. “Then neither do I condemn you,” Jesus declared. “Go now and leave your life of sin.” Jesus says to her: Turn around. Make a 180-degree turn from what you were doing.

  1. Jesus does not gloss over the woman’s sin and he does not gloss over our pain.
  2. Jesus himself pays the penalty for the woman’s sin, for the sins of the ones who accuse her and for the sins of mankind.
  3. He suffered in her place and ours the death of a criminal.  “It is finished” means you don’t have to bear the burden of unforgiveness. You can extend grace because his punishment has purchased our peace and because with his stripes we are healed.

Pray this prayer: “God heal me. God give me your peace. God help me forgive.”

Forgiveness is a work in progress. If you cannot run, walk, if you cannot walk, crawl, but keep moving.


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  1. kennyken Says:

    I really thank GOD for being a Mavunite.Mavuno has been a blessing to me and my pals through the good teachings which have been coming through.Today’s sermon ‘Let it go’ was a powerful one and a blessing because through it,i came to realize what it means to ‘forgive’.Its true that we as human beings go through alot and at most times we tend to hide away from reality yet it pains from deep down our hearts.Through God’s word,we get all answers for all our troubles.
    Pastor Linda is the best..She just has this way of presenting her sermons in a cool manner that gets me connected to God’s word.You are a blessings to many.May GOD BLESS MAVUNO EN KENYA AS A WHOLE…GOOD AFTERNOON!!!


  2. Ineedhelp Says:

    Todays service opened my eyes to a lot. However,there are some things people do to you over and over and you forgive and keep forgiving but they start raising the bar of the level to which they make mistakes. Then it reaches a point where you feel broken and really see the person for their mistakes. How do you move on? I was violated by someone i trusted and that person is still in my life, and i am crawling towards forgiveness even though today i felt a push toward that direction. I still dont know if i can ever see that person the same…what should i do? i have fasted,prayed,talked to people about it,but i feel stuck… I Need Help


    • Jedidiah Says:

      @Ineedhelp: Forgiveness is a choice you make. It is not an emotion, but a deed. As Pastor Linda said, it does not mean you will not feel the pain, and anger and bitterness and resentment; it just means you have left it to God to sort out – to sort you out and to sort out the other person. By forgiving, you are essentially ceding your right to revenge and giving God all authority in the matter. That said it is not easy, especially when the person who has done us wrong is not only always in our face, but is constantly doing the same thing over and over and over again.
      Try changing the prayer you say: ask God to bless them (this is the hardest thing you can ever do, though it will give you the most freedom) and ask God for strength to speak blessing and life into their life. Also ask God to give you Christ’s love, so that when you look at them you will see past their faults.
      May the Lord bless you and give you courage to take a bold step towards forgiveness, even if it is a painful limp or crawl at a time. Trust God to come through for you, and in your faith, may God turn even this into a blessing, may He heal you and restore you and lift you. You gon’ make it!


  3. Amen.


  4. Pastor Linda,
    Thank you for the lovely sermon and it did hit the spot.Writing down the wrong that had been done to me and then leaving it at the cross was great….symbolized that am letting go and that God is working on it to make things better.
    I struggle with forgiving myself….. there are times that it is I that has wronged others and caused them a lot of pain.This is one area I hope can be tackled at some point in time.


  5. Indeed Pr. Linda …

    It can only take the “work of the holy spirit to hear this message on letting go, to apply it and to let go of some indescribable offenses committed against us …”

    That said, it is highly assuring to take stock and realize had it not been by His grace, love and mercy … that we would not even have withstood the very same offenses … I simply choose to praise God when I can, and to break down when I need to … And although we tend to NEVER forget some of the offenses … God is able to push us forward … HE’S ABLE!!!

    To all those who are hurting, take heart, be encouraged, no matter how bad the situation is, God knows and understands the pain and He will lift you up and glorify Himself even through your pain …

    I am so blessed by this message …


  6. Home Wrecker Says:

    Thanks Pastor Linda. Your sermon spoke to me in many ways. I am dating a married man who has 2 kids. We have been together for 2 years. The wife knows about us and has approached me to leave her husband. We parted ways for a while and then he was a wreck without me. So we got back together. The funny thing is the wife now likes me and even tells me she has a soft spot for me. I love this man so much to the point that I wouldn’t mind being a second wife.
    The sermon made me realise there is nothing that will make this adulterous sin right whether the wife likes me or not. Since the sermon I have reflected on the message and have ignored him. But how much longer can I fight the feeling? How do I overcome this lust? Should i let him know its over and talk to the wife. Or make a run without explaning. TOTALLY REPENTANT BUT CONFUSED!


    • @ Home Wrecker,

      First of all i really commend you for being real enough and boldly stepping out to share your story. This shows how convicted you are and the cry for help inside of you. Thank you for sharing, because with this God has set you on a path to freedom.

      From the story of the Samaritan woman, Jesus did not condemn her but told her to go and “leave your life of sin”. so you need to turn away and head on a different direction. Again Jesus told her “whoeva drinks the water i give will never thirst again” (paraphrasing). This means that you need to have Jesus inside of you, because he will satisfy you and fill your every need so that you wont lust for the man or other things for satisfaction.

      Also find people that you can trust and be open with them and let them walk with you as you overcome this barrier. You will make it, because it is God and not our strength. i encourage you to come to the prayer tent on Sunday (if you are comfortable with that) and get more assistance in prayer and the way forward.

      Praying for you, i know that God will make a testimony out of your story.


    • Pst Sophie Says:

      Thank you so much for your honesty, and the willingness to do what is right before God against your feelings – that is strength. God’s grace is available to you to help you overcome this one. I am available to pray and help you process. Please call the church office and ask to book an appointment. Look forward to meeting with you.


    • Homewrecker, its courageous of you to realise the error in your ways and seek to change. I speak from the perspective of someone on the other side of the coin. My father left us for his mistress and my husband has cheated on me. I therefore know the pain a homewrecker brings to both the children and the wife. I think this wife is friendly to you as a coping mechanism. There’s no woman who likes sharing her husband. As you have correctly noted, there’s nothing that will make an adulterous sin right. I truly believe that such sins bring a curse on someone’s life because you are not right with God. Malachi 2:13-15 says ‘Another thing you do: You flood the LORD’s altar with tears. You weep and wail because he no longer looks with favor on your offerings or accepts them with pleasure from your hands. You ask, “Why?” It is because the LORD is the witness between you and the wife of your youth. You have been unfaithful to her, though she is your partner, the wife of your marriage covenant. Has not the one God made you? You belong to him in body and spirit. And what does the one God seek? Godly offspring. So be on your guard, and do not be unfaithful to the wife of your youth.’ I see this demonstrated in my father’s life because he and his mistress/wife are not at peace. He regrets the things he did and the kids they have had together have turned out devastatingly wrong. I don’t mean to scare you with threats of a curse; but you will never be at peace with God (and with yourself) if you go ahead and stay with this married man. Do the right thing because your heart and spirit are convicting you. Its obviously very hard because you love this man and its bound to be heartbreaking. But you are a great girl and you are God’s child. He will see you through and he has someone set apart for you. You deserve way better than being a mistress/second wife. All the best and God bless.


    • dear home wrecker….i don;t like using the term but hey…anyway, when it comes to sin(any sin) i learned from another pasi that the only way to deal with sin is to do it ruthlessly, no holding back. yes its painful and even hard but the rewards of righteousness are much greater. this guy in ur life, he’s married,has a wife and 2 kids…a relationship with him is obviously wrong. let him go, sit him down and let him know what he is doing to his family, let him know that u want to do things right and that can’t be done with him in ur life-period!! let the wife know that you are letting go, letting her have her man, her right, her place…and ask for forgiveness(the woman must be hurting like crazy) …the story of David gives us a little encouragement, David sinned, God cursed his generation for that, God told him that he had wiped away his sin but he would face consequences…ur life will have consequences for ur actions but God has not left you out. explain ur departure en then leave…as in split, get all the memories of this guy out of ur home, delete his contacts, if u have to move homes, that’s a welcome idea, keep ur distance….deal with it ruthlessly, with the feelings you have its not possible to let him go when he is still around you.from there on u can begin to work out ur life, reason out why u ended up in that relationship….it will take time, but it happens…as for the love you have for this man, u put it well…it is lust.God is able to give u ur own husband and home,ur own blessing. if u be a second wife, that life ain’t pretty,fighting for attention, finances, the shame that it brings…e.t.c….i doubt that is what God has in store for you…he covers us from shame and if being a second wife brings shame,it’s not God’s will….ur story breaks my heart, and i pray this story will turn around…how i would wish u would let us know how it goes, may God’s grace be with you…


  7. I feel the leadership at Mavuno really is under God’s management and wisdom from above. This is evident from the way you handle some things e.g. “controversial” issues discussed over the blog or in other circles.You don’t lose your cool and shout aloud to defend self.This is something I want to emulate.May God continue to guide the team!


  8. BELIEVER Says:

    Thanx pastor Linda…this was a very hard sermon for me to listen to,i have struggled with letting go of the wrongs i myself have done in my past and although i not always carry along my wrongs i do occassionaly find myself questioning what would be different if i had not made those mistakes?After that sermon i decided to let it go and i pray for God to take that cross and i have asked for forgiveness to all those that i may have hurt and for God to forgive me and strengthen my unbelieve for i know that he is able and will restore what i may have lost….thank you Mavuno and Pastor Linda may God continue to give you wisdom to reach out to as many people as possible.


  9. Pastor Linda – Hard message from a practical perspective, it hits home, particularly when you touched on people at work. I am glad you said if we cannot run with it, walk with it, crawl with it, or just move as you are able to.

    I know Pastor M. occassionally does mention what a great high school he went to, but Lavington Primary School did produce some fearless influencers! but do I say?!



    • Jay,
      I went to Lavington Primary School and i fearlessly influencing.
      Be blessed and may we work even harder to bring more people to the kingdom of God.
      Be blessed.


  10. Pastor Linda’s message was so timely to my situation and to be very honest i had somehow given up not even coming to church then when i re surface boom! Some situations are way too painful in that you can question God if really that is His will for His children. I really need help, i need brethren to stand with me on this one.

    It took my time and effort to set up a business worth millions with a Somali guy and he duped me when the business was up and running. As a child of God i gave it my all, with a promise of partnership. i laid aside all other businesses that i was doing and since this specific one was in my line i died for it knowing that am about to achieve my life’s long term goal. Alas to my shock the guy just started behaving funny.

    Anyway to cut the long story short am in deep ****! huge rent arrears, bank loan, debts, gosh just to mention a few and the guy has refused to pay me. Its been a battle and i don’t know how am even surviving but i believe its by God’s grace. Am in the mess that i am in because of this guy. the best thing is that i have learn’t my lesson and am moving on but it is painful.

    After the summon i happened to meet with Pastor M and his wife and shared, i felt so relieved, then the very day the same Somali guy calls me after three months of silence. He wanted us to dialogue but at the same time throwing words in my face and i had some boldness out of this world. he accused me of knocking all doors for help and told me that it wont change his perception about the whole issue though agreeing to pay half the amount that he owes me. Then he goes ahead to ask me “is there any other door that you are knocking”? Good question at that moment, I TOLD HIM IN HIS FACE THAT THE NEXT DOOR THAT AM KNOCKING IS THE HEAVEN DOOR. GOD IS MY DEFENDER,AND HE IS THE ONLY ONE WHO KNOWS WHAT WILL HAPPEN NEXT. ITS NOT OVER UNTIL GOD SAYS SO. he really got furious, threw tantrums and walked away, leaving me at peace with all smiles.

    Letting go, forgiving, works…i released him to God and i know that He will take care of my heartaches and wounds. The matter is now legal and it is my prayer that God’s will may prevail in everything….

    Thanks Pastor Linda you were such a blessing to me on Sunday.


  11. Finally i get a chance to sit and write to. As you were preaching i realised am upset but am not upset at anyone. As in i dont have any grudges against anyone. Towards the middle of your summon, it dawned on me. I am mad at God. So upset am i at him that sometimes i cannot pray and when i do, i do so because it is required of me. How do i forgive God??? Crazy huh. He is trying to take away what defines me. He wants to get rid of the one thing that defines me as a woman. Am lost. I dont even have feelings as in i feel like an animal, without a soul.


  12. Home wrecker> I know when feelings are involved its so hard to think straight even when the answers are in black and white. The message was about letting go and thats what you should excatly do, let him go. The bible says to flee from all kinds of sin and i think that’s the best thing you should do. Tell them both you no longer wish to be a part of their lives for the best of their marriage and kids and also for your sake and after doing so change your number so that they cannot get to you and keep yourself busy with other things as your work or your hobbies to replace the time you two spent together. This will help you get over your feelings and will help curb the lust in you. It has worked for me before and by trying it out, i dont think it will hurt. I will pray for you as well in this matter as i know its easier said than done but i believe in what Ps. Simon said ‘pray to connect. Unleash the power.’


  13. The real Jesus Says:

    Mark 6:11 “Any place that does not receive you or listen to you, as you go out from there, shake the dust off the soles of your feet for a testimony against them.”

    My wife’s grandmother told her this about people: “if a person is going to listen to you, they will listen the first time…sometimes you may need to say it once more but never tell anyone anything more than twice.” I have been called cold and calloused sometimes by people who, once again, have a misconception of the real Jesus. One of Jesus’ attributes was compassion, but Jesus never begged anyone to do anything. As a matter of fact, I adopted this from Jesus: “I don’t spend another minute talking to a person who didn’t listen to me the first minute.” Many people think that this uncaring or mean. But Jesus once called someone to follow him and they made an excuse “ I have to go prove my oxen…” Jesus didn’t beg them to come. Was Jesus cold or uncaring? When the Rich young ruler went away because Jesus gave him an instruction he didn’t like – Jesus didn’t run after him and say “…please, I beg of you give your money to the poor and you will have eternal life.” Jesus shook the dust from his feet and went on. Time is our most precious gift. If we waste money, we can make more. If we waste food, we can prepare another meal. But if we waste time we can’t get it back. Jesus knew that His time was limited – He only had three years to complete his mission. He didn’t have time to waste on individuals who were undecided about following him. Many Christians in the name of being “Christ-like nice” are wasting time on individuals who are not going to change. This is not Christ like at all. Christ was “cut and dry” when he addressed people:

    Luke 9:61 Another also said, “I will follow You, Lord; but first permit me to say good-bye to those at home.”
    Luke 9:62 But Jesus said to him, “No one, after putting his hand to the plow and looking back, is fit for the kingdom of God.”

    One thing I have found out about witnessing to people especially relatives – is the “one-time” rule. If you have a relative, a spouse, a coworker, or a friend who is not saved pray for God to anoint “ONE” opportunity for you to share the Gospel and your testimony. Fast, pray, buy materials, do whatever you need to prepare –when the time comes give share the Gospel that one time. If they reject it – shake the dust off of your feet and don’t look back. You may continue to pray for them – but anything short of God giving you some type of Supernatural “unction” a dream; or some vision about them- Leave them alone! Don’t keep hounding this person day after day – don’t keep bringing it up in conversations – this will become troublesome to them and to you. Take that energy and share it with someone else. This same rule applies with trying to talk to fellow Christians about an issue –let say some Christian you know is living in fornication – use the “One time rule.” Talk to them one time if they don’t hear you disassociate your self from them.

    Titus 3:10 If anyone is causing divisions among you, give a first and second warning. After that, have nothing more to do with that person.
    Action point:

    • Write a “shake the dust” list – these are people and situations that you have wasted enough time on. Give yourself “ONE TIME” more to address them and then walk away. Pray for guidance and timing.


  14. Believer Says:

    Thanks pastor Judy(mashariki)for the sermon and mavuno leaders for the series.i was personally touched by the sermon since i have not been able to forgive myself on past mistakes and also others who contributed to the same.This has led to many regrets in my life and has even cost my marriage and even worse i walked out on my husband without even telling him though he knew it was not working since he also had his own issues in the same.from the sermon i realised that i had hurt him just the way he did to me and need to seek for forgiveness and also forgive myself first so that i can be able to forgive others.its rely hard for me but i trust God to help me do it so that i can have inner peace within myself.pliz help me with prayers as i crawl to forgive and ask for forgiveness.Thank you mavuno family and God bless you.


  15. Pastor L Says:

    Hi Home Wrecker,
    thanks for being so courageous and sharing your situation. There is someone I would really like you to talk to who has been in a similar situation. Could you let me know how we can reach you? My email address is lindao@mavunochurch.org


  16. Desperate Says:

    Hi Pastor Linda, I have often hesitated to write. But this sermon is so close to my heart. I can identify with Homewreker, Imagine Pasi I am a born again christian but really struggling with sin of the flesh. I am married and have an affair with a married guy as well. I have tried to walk away but my spirit succumbs. He is nice, charming, witty. We i could say are so compatible it hurts. None of our spouses is aware of this. We both want to walk away and crave for brokenness before God. I walk around feeling as though God never forgives me, i wonder whether he understands. I have not told anyone for fear of being judged. Because of this i do not want to enter into any ministry… I feel like I may not be accepted even by my LG if they found out. Desperate.


    • Desperate, let me quote Pastor Sophie “God’s grace is available to you to help you overcome this one”.You have taken a bold step towards freedom by just writing on the blog, take another and call me, lets talk and pray together…..0700 213030.God bless you.


  17. Homewrecker -a living example Says:

    hi Pastor Linda,
    I am former Home wrecker been married before but walked away because it was a wrong step (a story for another day…) Am currently single at 30 years. Before I got married and during my short marriage time.i was always a home-wrecker of three loving Christian families respectively…the Men being Longtime friends I fell in love with them different times so they are all ex in previous years. One of the wife of the 3guyz learnt about the affair until she gave in and was willing to let me join her as a second Wife. The other two had no idea DURING THE TIME I WAS GOING OUT WITH THEIR HUBBIES…I loved that life then i fell in love deeply especially with the one the wife knew about .I had come to conclusion of even having his baby until i did Mizizi 2010.
    Its 10 months since i got saved and i decided to let go of this more than 2,4 ,6 years affair respectively.
    It was a struggle and still is” but being managed by in Jesus name” ..I get a lot of offer for affairs.I don’t know how to be single or rather have never been single or seeing one man at a time..JEEZ I am now*This this is what we mean to surrender and let God. I believe in KARMA. Do good and good shall come back to you nad vice versa. Lets keep the Good Karma going my friend. Karma is most certainly energy, and it does come back to you sooner or later.. whether it’s good or bad karma, all depends on what type of energy you’re putting out into the world NOW…
    Before I MANAGED TO LET GO …I kept on going back .i could not fight all the enemies my body/flesh, emotions ,the Dude and the enemy above. My conscious was not clear when I came to church following morning .Am a Mavunite( I LOOK LIKE an Angel LOL .)Remember and face God I felt like I was not even worth it..Reminded by the enemy above.I can talk coz I feel you guys Desperate and Home wrecker).
    Its ajourney that its worth it…that’s full of peace when you let GOD take over.
    How I did it.i made a promise to God THE MOST HIGH POWER. Not myself coz I was weak and because I didn’t trust ME. That I would never touch someones hubby or go out with them. IT WORKED ..(The guy belongs to God, The cash the guy has belongs to God, the wife and children of the Guy belongs to God ,your life belongs to him, your worries and frustration, your husband belongs to God)I cannot mess him up With this promise .He know and understand us…he needs us to surrender gal and its not easy you need people to assist you fight this. Talk to someone and PRAY PRAY ALWAYS when the urge and loneliness comes into ua mind..i always say GOD PLEASE TAKE AWAY THIS ..I CRY I HAVE TO SAY COZ SMTIMES ITS TOO MUCH :).The great thing now is I am now at peace despite the normal hurdles and struggles am in the right track.
    I am currently engaged to an amazing man(Miracle story you should hear it).Am happy .I can assist if you let me.i have started to counsel Mpango wa Kandos, , Adulterous women and Wives who are victim to mpango wa kando now.
    ….I’m married to God so therefore our relationship is a work in progress.


  18. @ Homewrecker – a living example

    Lovely testimony and thank God for your determination to end this vicious cycle. There are so many things I assume should never happen like being a MWK (mpango wa kando) yet it is a real struggle even with my own friends who want to get out of these adulterous relationships but unfortunately have kids with these men which complicates it the more. Please let me know how to reach you to hook you up with my friends who are in dire need of your sessions. Congrats on your upcoming wedding…God is indeed faithful.

    @ Desperate and Homewrecker…..help is only a phone call away , get in touch with Pastor Sophie and let your healing begin . Always remember you are God’s child , fearfully and wonderfully made despite your circumstances. It takes courage to accept your sin , dont let it weigh you down and condemn yourself. Resonate these lyrics : We fall down but we get up , we fall down but we get up, we fall down but we get up , for a saint is just a sinner who fell down and got up !

    Be blessed.


  19. this morning i was very very mad at God, yes i did a mistake 3 years ago, igot a child with this man who later marry another girl,,,but every time we meet, we sleep together and i have told God to take away the feelings by giving me a husband to marry me…………i have taken this man to court for child neglect,,and for sure i want to let it go,,is it right for me to proceed with the case? i just want justice done and at the same time let it go??? please help.


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