No Perfect People Allowed

Our series this month is called Sin City.

One of the things that sets Jesus apart,  from other religious leaders was the humility with which he associated with ordinary people. Most of us don’t have broad and diverse groups of friends. In general, people choose friends of similar age and race. We’re also friends with people we do things with, as much as we are with the people we resemble. Jesus was in that sense very different from most of us. He sought people out. He was the kind of person who welcomed all sorts of people into his social circle and who  refused to apply labels and to exclude people.

Read John 4: 4-24

The Samaritan woman had her guard up and with good reason. She was a woman. She was from a despised minority community and she had a reputation as a loose woman. Jews actually used to use a route twice the distance just to avoid passing through Samaritan territory. Women in those days not unlike some places today were second class citizens. And because of her past, she is defensive because she expects him to suggest that he is better than her. In each instance she tries to push Jesus away by saying, you and I have nothing in common. I am not the kind of person you should be talking to.

Jesus refuses to apply labels and tells her she is a candidate to be a true worshipper.  In this passage we see Jesus talking to an unlikely person, about an unlikely subject, the kind of worshipper God is looking for.What is surprising about this passage is that Jesus does not give the woman a list of preconditions to fulfill after which she can become a true worshipper of God. In fact it is the woman who throws all sorts of roadblocks into the conversation:

  • We have nothing in common.
  • Are you better than me?
  • It works for you but not for me.

Jesus boils down the conversation to one thing:  God is looking for worship from the heart. In other words he is saying: You can seek God where you are no questions asked. Jesus was basically saying to this woman, God is not located in a particular place and you don’t need to be a particular way. You can seek him in your heart right where you are.

Can you imagine God not looking down at you with a spotlight turned on all your faults and failures? God is interested in us, not just in our performance. We think of God as a prosecutor preparing charges against us, mostly because that is what we encounter from others many times in the name of God. But Jesus’ dialogue with this woman throws all that out and exposes us to a different perspective of God. Even though Jesus eventually discloses to her that he is fully aware of her situation, his concern is not to tell her that she is in the wrong, but to tell her that she is a candidate for true worship.

We never let our guard down. We live in a world where if you don’t have your act together, sharks will feed on you. When we encounter stuff about people we don’t know how to deal with we make the sin the most defining thing about the person. One of the ones many of us don’t know how to deal with is homosexuality.  We have made homosexuality a shameful thing to talk about. The gay movement is just waiting to tear the church apart on this issue. We are as fearful as people used to be of AIDS twenty years ago.

As an individual where do you need to demonstrate acceptance? Is there some one or some people that you need to redefine as bearers of God’s image who are worthy of dignity? How do we accept people who have become comfortable with sin? What can you do as a life group this week to demonstrate the acceptance of Jesus?  All of this life is theory until we start to put credible action to it.

Mavuno is a church for real people, with real issues and a real God. As the leaders of Mavuno, we want you to know that this is the culture we want to encourage. One of the ways we will know that Mavuno is doing well is when people refuse to play church; when we refuse to pretend that our lives are nice and tidy and when we continue to share our ‘ five husband’ predicament stories and the ways in which God is changing our lives. What is your ‘five husband’ predicament? Which situation have you categorized as incompatible with true worship?

The word of God to you today is: You can seek God where you are no questions asked.


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  1. I thank god for this series, it reminded me that the gospel of christ, of Gods immeasurable love and his redeeming grace is meant for all sorts of peopleand not a select few and is even for homosexuals like me.
    Sometimes as a gay person you feel betrayed by God. He is the one who created you and now find yourself attracted to persons of the same sex. And he has his followers telling you you will go to hell and that your sin could bring the destruction of a country just like the destruction of sodom and gomorrah! It hurts so much to see different categories of sin being treated differently.When it comes to fornication for alot of people the attitude is ‘boys will be boys and girls will be girls’ or some one might not see the harm in some gossip and yet for them homosexuality is a vile sin that deserves the harshest condemnation. But i dont think God goes around categorising sin. The worst part is that when the church goes on ostracising homosexuals it doesnt make you feel like givingup your lifestyle but strenghthens your resolve to actually live a full fledged gay is so tough and taxing emotionally to be a homosexual if the church truly understood the struggle gay people go through it would step back and evaluate its strategy. And even when gay men leave a homosexual lifestyle thay dont necessarily start dating women, most just continue staying in church as single men. Thank you for picking me from the pit of self condemnaton and reminding me that i can conquer all thinhs through christ who strenghthens me.


    • @Dave – bless your heart Dave. I’m glad you started the conversation. I rarely check the Mavuno Blog, but after Pastor Linda’s great sermon on Sunday, I was really curious to know what the congregation really thinks about this issue. It’s important that we all think about the different ways we judge different people, for different reasons. Once we realize the hypocrites that we are, and make the commitment not to judge, since Jesus himself did not judge, we then have to take it to the next level – acceptance of each other. So my question is this – Is the Mavuno congregation ready to embrace and accept all her members? Even the gay, lesbian and other non-heteronormative members who are out and proud? Or are we going to continue to create unsafe spaces for certain members of our community? Wouldn’t it be amazing if Mavuno could actually be a safe haven for everyone – realizing the motto “Come as you are”? Did we ever stop to ask ourselves where gay believers go for spiritual healing? Sure, there are gay Kenyans who don’t go to church, have their own spiritual practices, and are totally happy with that. But what about those who really do want to go to church, but feel so alienated when they do? It really breaks my heart when there is such a huge gap between theory and practice – in any community, organization, policy, etc. That is why I do social justice work. Let us actually walk the talk at Mavuno. I have so much more to say about this topic. Some of us are starting a dialogue on twitter about this issue. If you’d like to join, in a respectful, loving, open and non-judgemental way, please follow and use the hashtag #mavunoforall or #gaysinmavuno – whatever you are comfortable with.

      Thank you so much Pastor Linda for opening up this very important dialogue.

      God bless you all this week!


    • I thank God for where you are Dave; God will surely come thru for you as the begining of freedom from any bondage is understanding that you are in one and coming to Christ as you are coz he will do the rest…i will encourage you to continue allowing God to deal with your attraction to same sex persons by reading the word, stay in fellowship, stay in expectation and trust that God is almighty and nothing is too difficult for him. behavior patterns and habit are hard to break but with every thot that crosses your mind that is not aligned to Gods word, hand it over to God in prayer immediately or even open the bible and just soak in Gods loving word; do not allow yourself to be guilted by it.know for sure as long as you are in Christ you are an overcomer.look for your identity in Christ, not in people or in your bondage, you were created to be a true sure at the prayer tent you will find a guy who will committ to be praying with you every sunday and to keep you in prayer always, feel free to come there anytime. God bless you Dave, am sure one day we shall get to hear of your great testimony like the samaritan woman coz no one encounters Jesus and remains the same.


    • @Zawadi, i do believe Mavuno and all churches actually should be a sanctuary for all, coming as we are but not staying as we came.If one comes to church not with pride but with a broken spirit to seek a relationship with God, to align yourself with what the word of God which is the only manual for a believer, God truly does the rest.this is for everyone, and for even little insignificant things e.g. i used to wear really really low cleavaged tops no one told me to stop, but i just realised the other day if i look down i actually dont see much flesh(and am not starting a war with the ladies who like too, i get it, am just sharing my story)point is: yes come as you are to mavuno, engage in the marathon, seek a relationship with God, as Pastor Linda said God is looking for worship from the heart, a heart submitted and committed to God and his word whether the body and mind is yet aligned to it. we need to remember that to worship from the heart, is a 24/7 way of life. Zawadi and the rest of us, lets continue including God in the dialogue and we shall surely hear from him.


    • Yes dave, through Christ you can conqour anything. Even Homosexuality. God will give you grace. I love you my brother.


    • WELL PUT….coming as we are but not staying as we came…


  2. Friend of God Says:

    Pastor Linda, once again hit the nail on the head, you just spoke to me today, i am a single man who have been in Mavuno since day one and i think i am criminal when it comes to characterizing people to classes but after the sermon, i had to repent and have made the necessary steps to correct my mistakes, thank you so much pastor


  3. Chinese Says:

    I have always thought that i never discriminate or look down on anyone up until yesterday when the issue of homosexuality was tackled. It was such a schoker but thanks for the revelation Pastor Linda, now i know better from that sermon never to look down on anyone not even the outcast since whom am i to do so if Jesus, the Son of God didn’t.


  4. Pr. Linda you are hilarious … I love your sense of humor!

    Thank you for awakening especially us “melancholics” who tend to be ‘perfectionists’ with no capacity for slackness. I am humbled as I ask myself where I would be today had it not been for Christ’s mercy and grace … Indeed, I owe it to Christ, myself and others to extend the same grace that Christ extends to me on a daily basis to my fellow brethren …

    Help us God … It is not always easy … but we are commanded to do it all the same. It always feels nice to get some reprieve when I am in a position of disadvantage that should motivate me to extend grace to others …

    God bless U Pr. Linda …


  5. A mutual friend e-mailed me this interesting conversation and I thought it was really amazing to see Christians (men and women of faith in Jesus) saying that they are willing to be open and accepting and tolerant of a minority of people who have been rejected, shamed and ostracized.

    If Mavuno is this inclusive, I might think of coming there for one of these sermons and perhaps, just perhaps, reassure me that the greatest of these is love.


  6. florence Says:

    just wondering whether u guys are serious coz i have been looking for a lesbian accomodative church since i was born.i want to be part of the church


    • This is not to you Florence but to Pastor Linda. With Florence’s comment I hope you can see the message that is being passed!


  7. deellyan Says:

    this is so amazing.some of the most spiritually fulfilling words i’ve heard from such a long while. bigups Pastor Linda


  8. […] The discussion stared from a sermon delivered by Pastor Linda of Mavuno Church titled ‘No Perfect People allowed’ and posted on their blog here. […]


  9. Jonathan Kayemba Says:

    Being a Christian for over 6 years, i have come to be believe that we have turned church into a cult or religion without even realizing it. The Bible clearly says that “he/she who holds on to the end will be saved” thus we are born again/made new, we are not yet saved so just like the people we call heathens we are all in the same boat, only difference is that we have Christ and the Holy Spirit working within us. Following this sermon, i advice us to read Mathew 23, Jesus touches on this subject with zeal and passion.

    Was a great sermon from Ps. Vincent, Kampala Uganda

    God Bless the Mavuno team


    • thekenyannutcase Says:

      been a while since i blogged here but @jonathan your comments have got my interest.when you say “we have turned church into a cult” that’s you and your friends or what?

      considering the teaching you’ve shared on salvation and Matthew23 then if i were you i’d really study (2Timothy2:15)


  10. Thairu Karanja Says:

    Pastor Linda,
    firstly i thank God for you and i always look forward to your sermons which are witty yet hit home so WELL.
    Personally i’ve been one who was quick to judge people and also made an assumption about someone as soon as i met them. Worse still,in as much i’ve been priviledged enough to travel around the world and in cultures where Homesexuality is legal,i have always found myself judging them and i consider myself ‘Homophobic’. I now know better than to judge or look down on anyone seeing as my Lord and Saviour didn’t,but embraced them instead.


  11. Let me say, Mavuno keeps surprising me. As a gay man, I searched for where, I should belong. The society keep condemning me right, left, top, bottom and center. I thought they are right. I saw myself as condemned and chose to give myself to the Lord. From my childhood, I dedicated all my life to Him who made me gay. I had no choice, but to see my gayism as a path to salvation – strangling to be ‘normal’ as the society keep reminding me. I chose not to marry, not because I did not want to impress the society – and pretend to leave the ‘normal’ life – it forced some of us to leave in; but rather for the reasons that, I felt, its right, to stay single to avoid cheating on – myself and the woman I would call wife.

    The sad part is being subjected to total unhappiness, and wonder why cant I be allowed to be happy the way I am. Well, I got tired of listening to the society, I chose to be gay and love God in my own way. In Him (Jesus), I have found refuge, yet in my own sanctuary I lucked the church to go and worship in spirit and truth.

    Pastor Linda, if Mavuno is the true church – then, I will let my community know, we have a place to worship the most Holy one, son of the leaving God, Jesus Christ Himself.

    Bless you Pastor and my Jesus Christ continue to reveal Himself to us all.


  12. Plot10 - A Mavuno Life Group Says:

    Hi guys,

    We are worried about the interpretation of this message.

    The issue at hand is that we need to be clear that the grace provided to us by Christ does not give us a carte blance to live our lives in conscious contradiction to God’s Word.

    Romans 1:21-28
    Genesis 19: 1 – 28
    Leviticus 20

    The Christian walk is a journey that is full of issues. None of us is perfect, however the Lord continues to change us during the course of our walk.

    If I was a thief or a gossip this sermon series would encourage me to strive towards righteosness. However, I would still need to deal with the issue that would create a rift between me and God.

    The same applies to homosexuality.


    • @Njeru, please join the life group that just posted this, please please, kindly join that life group. By the way “A Mavuno Life Group” I love you guys, if anything you need to recruit all those who are misinterpreting the sermon. Homosexuality was not justified by the pastor, the emphasis should be on the opportunity to change through the church.


  13. I must say as human beings we would prefer to accept things as they are in order to live in harmony. Our responsibility though,as christians is to turn away from sin (ALL SIN,there’s no big or small one)and walk in the spirit. We may accept sin but God will reject us. We have to be very careful understand the difference between drawing people to Christ through our own ways/acceptance and CHRIST drawing men to Himself. This sermon can easily water down that piece of truth.


  14. withheld Says:

    awesome am considering a visit


  15. When the alter-call was made, I didn’t stand up. Everything in me did, my heat and mind and I made mental resolutions. Instead I sank in my seat, having the full flare of my inadequacy stare straight at me. It was not out of shame that I needed things sorted that I didn’t stand up, but the realization of how much sin this wretched man bore.

    But having followed the stories on twitter with #gaysinmavuno, and now on the blog, I just thought I should make my views known… while reserving the right to be wrong.

    Our perception and interpretations of things are based on our past experiences and the cultures through which we grow up in and find ourselves constantly. That was the same with the past Sunday’s message! We all interpreted it based on what we know, what we experience and where we live. Including me!

    The homosexuality issue was in no way given precedent. My interpretation was me living in a world full of sin, me being a sinner and living among other sinners. And then judging others in order to feel good about myself because mine is “dhambi ndogo!”.

    Aren’t the same people bashing Christians for their divergent views and judgment of other people over ‘alternative-lifestyles’ also judging the Christians? What is wrong is wrong, it doesn’t change because others do it, or other accept it and have ascribed to it all the way!

    We are all at different levels, in our walk, and even outside! In John 14, Christ even says he has ‘other sheep not of this pen!’, and that to me means an all inclusive God, but he want to deal with me and my issues. Not me dealing with people’s issues, then sending them to him to put icing on the cake.

    I honestly don’t know what I would do if I ever came face to face with a gay person, coz sadly I don’t know any!

    But please don’t judge me for growing up in a place that doesn’t condone or allow it, and for not subscribing to that lifestyle. Yet I know it exists and is around us.


  16. This Sunday’s sermon was a great step towards Christians being inclusive…pity I missed the live sermon. Thanks Pastor Linda for this and for touching on the issue of homosexuality. I feel that the sermon is a milestone towards equality for all people. I also agree with Zawadi in that the congregation and indeed mavuno church must be ready to embrace other members who do not conform to the heteronormative way of thinking. As a follower of Jesus, I cannot see anywhere Jesus condemns homosexuals and for that reason, everything else is subject to interpretation and biases of the one making said interpretations. Its very well for Plot 10 to quote the scriptures that have been used to condemn and terrorise gay members of the community for a long while and to promote hate speech against us but where would we be if we only took parts of the bible without interrogating the context within which it appears? For starters, I doubt the church would have space for Pst Linda to deliver her powerful sermon on Sunday, being a woman. And we would go home to have our slaves attend to us after Sunday service so long us we treat them well as instructed in the bible! My truth is that Jesus Christ loves as all, gay, lesbian, bi, hetero, trans, or any other orientation God gives us. I also know that we have freedom in Christ who strengthens us. And we have all sinned and fallen short of God’s glory so none of us is perfect. BUT, we have been given grace and forgiveness.
    Thanks again Pastor Linda for making us realise just how judgemental we can get. And yes, Jesus says, “Love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul and with all your mind. this is the first and greatest commandment. The second is love your neighbour as you love yourself.” He does not say, “love the sinner and hate the sin” I think that came from St. Augustine not Christ.


    • With all this hullabaloo about people being judgmental, are you saying homosexuality is right? Nothing wrong with it? Nothing sinful about it?


  17. I think a number of us have misinterpreted last Sunday’s sermon. I’m looking forward to Pastor Linda clarifying everything this coming Sunday.


  18. Hey,

    Dave I will be honest with you, I am not your biggest fan if anything I resent homosexuality but I am glad to hear that you have identified that it is wrong, now that you have please try to change. Make an effort and once you see the light also try to change others that you may now. I love the Lord but I am also human and I will be real just as you were when you brought up the issue, I wouldn’t even live next to a neighbor who I suspected was gay, if anything I would make sure I never go close to him or talk to him and if I was to do that, I would be organizing for some men to beat him to his senses because I think of it as sodomy leave alone homosexuality. Try change, the Lord loves you and I may not be in your shoes but I would encourage you to change, Mavuno is the first step and a journey begins with a step. Mavuno is a place that is warm and inviting to all and that is a good thing because you can find help, I just hope it is help you’re looking for and I will pray for you. Enjoy your day.



    • @Steve – may I suggest that you begin by praying for yourself for grace? Your message was very violent and disturbing. This is not the Christian way at all. And I can almost guarantee you that someone in your community – neighbourhood, work-place, family, etc is gay and you haven’t died because of it. I pray that we can continue to have an open, humble, and respectful dialogue about this critical issue. We need worship spaces where all feel safe to build their own spiritual relationships with God.


  19. Pastor Linda,

    That was to Dave but now I had a kind request, I do not want our children or even my child to ever know that there is something like homosexuality, when they are old enough to go to school and if I suspect that there was anything mentioned in regards to the topic then I would pull them out of that school. I’ll do my best to avoid anything that will promote it. I am hoping Mavuno feel the same way, I admire passion to change not to encourage. So please let’s not justify homosexuality because of a big sin and a small one, what ‘they’ have said is true we judge a lot but don’t use other people to justify your actions. LET’S STAND AND SAY IF IT’S WRONG IT’S WRONG AND FIND THE WAY FORWARD, not try and justify it. Dave I drink, but I don’t say that since Pastor Linda talked about sinners now we can openly come out and do it outright, a sin is a sin, so drinking and homosexuality are at the same level with respect to that. So let’s try and change bana, let’s not leave leeways to justify sin. Please, please, kwanza watoto wetu, woooi! I even lack words!


  20. Love covers a multitude of sin. After the Samaritan woman encountered Christ, she got her freedom and newness of life. His love and acceptance is still alive for ALL of us, I am so excited that Dave and everyone else is seeking this love. Know that Jesus loves you, He loves you so intimately, He died for you that you may have life in abundance. So Njeru, Dennis, Withheld and anyone else who has been labelled a sinner by society (adulteress, liar, thief, hypocrite etc) come and let us all together experience the unconditional transforming love and acceptance of Jesus. He has not given you a label so don’t label yourself or accept any label upon you given by society. This is sooooo exciting. His love endures forever.


  21. Simple me. Says:

    Steve, for some of us its not a choice…its something we have struggled with since we can remember. Just be glad you are not gay and you dont have to experience our struggles. Its easy to judge others from the outside. All I want is to be true to myself and to my creator. I hope thats not too much to ask.


  22. kenyatta Says:

    The thread I read here is great! it is good to have this discussions as we seek to know the truth in the word of God. Lets keep engaging without loosing track of what the sermon meant.

    It is our default as a people and Christians to shun people we perceive not to meet the cut in terms of our spiritual, social or intellectual levels. To this end, just like Jesus went out of his way to evangelize to the woman at the well who had nothing in common with him. He refereed her to the true worship in the spirit. The world would want to present gaysim as normal, yet we all know that the word of God condemns it

    Come as you are, but do not stay as you are!


  23. surrendered Says:

    Not to seem to derail from the sermon, but i would like to draw your attention to a part of the worship that has been going on.

    before the sermon we all sung ” i give myself away so you can use me” please consider carefully the words of that song, the meaning of that song…….where would God use you? to whom will He send you too?

    The things i have come to learn about this God, that I love with my all, is He rarely operates in our comfort zone.

    There is a lesson in this for each one of us, and remember you are told to remove the speck in your eye before you can remove the log in your neighbours.

    Pastor Linda I applaud you…….this is a timely message, we cannot continue to call ourselves fearless influence rs, yet close our eyes to situations around us, situations in peoples lives, hiding behind religious practices and theories.

    God is calling people to get involved, don’t just say it because it sounds nice, but be it………a fearless influencer.

    If you think drinking is wrong, are you praying about it, are you helping those trapped in it?……….get involved

    ” I give myself to you! so you can use me” ………please check out this link


  24. Steve and Co, it is appreciated well your thoughts and concerns especially for your children but have you thought:- what happens if one day your kids comes to say..”Dad..Im gay”

    What do you do? Do you keep saying “woi wooii Please God No!” I hope not, i hope you find it in your heart to be compassionate, to at first SEEK to understand, before you are understood, seek as a parent TO LEARN before your preach/Teach. Seek to OPEN your mind before you Make Up your mind.

    Steve and Co, your lucky- and I as a Christian I also pray for you, I pray you never have to deal with that scenerio and say like my Uncle..”Wooi Wooi, your embarrassing the family”-only to one day find their 15yr old hanging from a tree as a way out of causing more shame and embarrasment to his family. He did this when all that he wanted was to still be accepted as one of the family, the same way God accepts us all, The same way you are accepted in church, the way LGBT want to be accepted. I too pray for you!


  25. I’m a sinner. The Bible tells me we all are sinners – Briber, Priest, Pastor, Gay. Let’s not treat people who aren’t like us differently coz Christ’s salvation is for all.


  26. muteezy Says:

    Dear all,

    It appears the word most of us heard out of Linda’s entire sermon was ‘homosexuality’. My, my, how we pick and choose.

    I would like to urge Linda to please address this issue of acceptance and inclusion. I fear some of us have taken it to mean that we can still be christians and continue to live a gay lifestyle. I was startled to read a comment from someone who was relieved they’d finally found a lesbian accommodative church (yikes!)


  27. Hi guys,
    From what am reading it seems gay people are happy to find mavuno, am not sure the interpretation of the message was right though… We all have issues, big ones, we are not perfect … The thing is when we come to christ, he takes away the old and gives us a new. We become new people, he gives us a new lease of life, there is no shame in him as he covers us with righteousness …its not that mavuno is preaching that its ok to do wrong wea u r it says it is ok to seek God right where u r, u r not too sinful for God to work with you…if u really experience Christ in ur life real change will take place, it may be slow but it will happen…don’t come to christ and remain the same, it would mean he has not changed ur life…


  28. Clearly, this sermon has been misunderstood. Pst. Linda, please clarify.
    However one thing is very clear, there are many searching for a safe spiritual space. There is a gap and no one is willing to address it.


  29. kennyken Says:

    Hi guys,
    It been long since i visited this visiting the blog at a time when there is so much debate on Pastor Linda’s sermon last sunday.
    I have a problem we us christians en generally Kenyans.We seem to have a bone to pick with anyone who doesn’t conform to our standards or way of life..The most astonishing thing is that those we tend to alienate do not really have a problem with our way of life.We always judge people which is not right as per God’s word.
    On the gay issue,the best we can do is to embrace everyone who mmay see it fit to come in our midst en God will change them.Its not good to condemn others en we are all short of God’s glory.Lets just pray for them.May God save us from his wrath.


  30. I guess personally i have recognised homosexuality is not compatible with a christian lifestyle, but that was as a result of a protracted and difficult conversation with God. There are so many arguments justifying and condemning homosexuality, the same bible that condemns homosexuality allows for polygamy slave trade in the old testament and so many things we can not tolerate in todays world. pastor linda would not be preaching the message she did had we strictly observed pauls teaching. My point ? for the longest time ever i searched for excuses to justify being gay through pointing out inconsistencies in the bible till a very close friend of mine siggested i ask God directly for an answer and so i prayed about it.There was no resounding voice from the sky that told me its wrong but the answer was clear to me that it was not compatible. I reached a point where my being gay was standing in the way of me growing closer to God. Thats why i would never t try to give a solution to someone on how to leave homosexuality, its a conversation between u and God. Sure its tough! To my gay brothers and sisters lets engage God honestly in this conversation. I am gay but havent dated in the past year and there have been a number of changes in my life, i especially dont lie to my parents anymore, virtually nil.Its a struggle every day but increasingly im learning this is not a walk meant for me but for GOD and me. If youre gay go to God and engage him honestly andyou will know what he wills.


    • May God continue ministering to you Dave. I pray that you will be used of God as He has started doing. Be blessed and may He keep you and manifest more of His will for you.


  31. A friend forwarded this link to me and asked me read bila Kujudge. I respect her, and will try not to be judgmental.

    That said I am not happy that Pastor Linda has spoken in a way am tempted to listen. As a Gay Man in Africa, I like of the church to be consistent in its message that homosexuality is un-African, Un-bibilical and Un-natural. I like of Christians to be consistent in their hate of gay people in Africa, I do very much like Bishop Chai of Mombasa who cheered on as a mob poured parafin on Omondi – whose only sin was to have a T-shirt, associated to people who attended a HIV clinic, known to offer services to Gay Men – That is the face of Christianity, I know and wish to continue to Know. (By the way you may want to know, that Omondi’s life was saved by a female sex work – some here would call her prostitute, who held on to him, and told the religious people to burn them together!).

    You see the issue is not whether homosexuality is a sin or not – personally I believe any sexual activity devoid of love, demeans a human person, created in the image of God….therefore in a sense a blasphemy. I would not stand here and judge anyone on account of the gender of their love or lack of it for I know it is possible to use the other as a means, a tool and in the process dehumanize. Ultimately we know in our conscience when we sin, and when we are without guilt.

    That said, I have yet to meet a Christian, who would accept and love me the way I am, dine with me, in the same way that Jesus dined with sinners and tax collectors – That is how it must remain. Please Pastor Linda, do not, I beg do not deface my image of Good Kenyan Christians – Bishop Chai, is my perfect unsoiled image of a Christian – I really would want to preserve it – so that Should I face Jesus one day, while I will gladly go to hell, if that is where gays must be, I will with a straight and honest face ask him – Show me one Christian who reflected your love, and I will admit I failed to “attempt” to change.

    I say attempt because while I believe, we can make and often successes in living holy lives, I so do not believe that anyone can say, I shall stop today from finding emotional, spiritual and attractions of intimacy for this gender and transfer them to this other gender – for arguments sake let those who dispute it try it even for a day!


  32. Revd.Mike N.kIMINDU Says:

    Come as you are and leave the rest to God.Your sexual orientation is known to God.


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