This April at Mavuno..

He was here on this one mission. To be the radical, the counsellor, the doctor, the opposer of the establishment, and eventually the martyr.

This is his city. This is your city. This is Sin City.

Beginning April 3rd, at Mavuno church, come and discover the power of grace and what it means to real people, with real issues in a real world at Sin City!


6 Responses to “This April at Mavuno..”

  1. This ad is too deadly!, good job, I so want to invite my friends!


  2. Tony Mwaura Says:
    This is a link to our facebook page dubbed ” Mombasa road the modern death trap ” We are trying to mobilise people so that we can petition for foot bridges along mombasa road, between Capital center and Belle vue.


    • God bless you Tony. We had the same discussion on my Ombi Class on Sunday. I lost my niece on 25th January at Bellevue. I pray that we willbe able to mobilise. Count me in


  3. Nice ad. I like


  4. Guy Curtis Buluma Says:

    amazing message from Pst Linda. AWESOME!


  5. concerned Says:

    Hi…Pastor Linda,

    Loving the series..but I have to say you failed to clarify on the issue of last sundays sermon in church jana…I felt you needed to clear up stuff, I feel sometimes like mavuno tries to hard to get the unbelievers that we end up passing out the wrong message instead passing a positive image….anyway thats how I feel.


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