Family Occupation

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What are the problems we have in our families? Could we categorize them in levels of severity? Level 1 issues, such as, sibling rivalry and constant competition, individualistic, demanding, joy riders and lazy bums, lack forgiveness and bitterness among members. Or worse still level 2 issues where issues go deeper such as diseases, black sheep labeling, school drop outs, teenage pregnancy, no progress (marriage, education, jobs), divorce, drunkenness, chasing after money, permanently in debt.

The bible has an excellent example we can learn from

Read: Judges 6

These were bad times for Israel, they were under constant oppression from the Midianites, constant attacks, theft of farms, cattle rustling, economic sanctions and the list goes on…..this prevailing circumstances had a bearing on the family of a certain guy called “Man-Gidi” we actually find this guy HIDING.

Gideon’s family faced several issues as a result – no progress, poor self esteem, under threat – theft of farms, threat of being punished and even death in the hands of the Midianites – they were of little significance, of little consequence. Your family could be having the same issues as Gideon’s. You may be thinking that there is nothing much you can do to change the situation in your family immediate or extended

Gideon engaged God in a conversation and such was his prayer. Through this:

  1. He began to see himself as a change agent. God allowed him to see what he could not see of himself. He called him a mighty warrior even though he was afraid and hiding
  2. God empowered Him; He was made aware of the power he could tap into
  3. He received clarity of the real issues and the solutions. He was shown the root of the problem to be that the Israelites had forsaken their God and set up alters to Baal. Eureka moments are found at the place of conversation with God

Whoever you are you don’t have to be a Spiritual Guru, or a conflict resolution expert. All that God was asking is availability to connect with the source and unleash the power. That is exactly what God is asking of each of us. You are the mighty warrior when you hook up with God and you connect with Him (the source) you will experience the power and change will begin to come into your family. ARISE …..CONNECT  AND CHANGE YOUR FAMILY.

Its easy as ABC:

  1. Always start where you are: Start praying – pray for people by name, find allies in friends and life group (Gideon started with 10 guys). Take 10 minutes during the week to pray, whether you are feeling indifferent or overwhelmed just pray. YOU ARE NOT IN THAT FAMILY BY ACCIDENT it’s a SET UP FOR A BLESS UP!!!
  2. Be honest: What is your part in the problem – what are your actions or inaction that has made the issues worse. If you are part of the problem you need to change because your silence or taking sides enables the issues.
  3. Continue the conversation – Keep at it. Read Ezekiel 22:30 and Hebrews 10:35-36. God is looking for people like you.

Rise up and take Gideon’s action for your families. A recommended reading is the book ‘Gideon’s Action’ by Pastor Simon Mbevi available at Mavuno. There is also a weekly men’s meeting on Wednesdays at 5am at the Dome. Come, let us pray, connect and unleash the power!


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  1. Sitati m stephen Says:

    Thanks for the message its always a pleasure . Am currently going through a very difficult time.


    • @Sitati,
      Don’t worry. God says do not fear because I have given you a spirit of power, love and a sound mind. Whatever it is, just surrender it to the Lord in prayer. remember the ABC’s, Always start where you are. Even if is a minute or 5 in prayer with a true heart.

      Bible says that we have all sinned and fallen short of the glory of God. No one is perfect. If we were He wouldn’t have sent His son to die for our sins. He says, Come to me, all you who are weak and heavy laden, and I will give you rest. I pray that God grant you peace and grace, and put the right people in your path to walk with you in this difficult time.


  2. good stuff Says:

    I couldnt help but wish I could hare the rest of the testimony by the guy Passy interviewed….whaaatttt!! Surely if God can do that to the fifth born in a family of five…..this same God will do it again and again!!! My prayer life has been transfirmed this month!! I give ,myself away so you can use me!!!


  3. Dear Pastor Chogo, I wasn’t in church on Sunday, but managed to watch the sermon online. Thanks for sharing snippets of your family story with us. As you spoke, God started showing me the deep rooted bitterness, unforgiveness and sibling rivalry in my family as well as lazy bums and chronic diseases.

    I have been praying for my family for a long time and recently got the conviction to lead a Gideon’s action in my family but started hesitating. Dennis’ testimony helped to convict me that Gideon’s action would be the best thing to do. Thanks for letting God use you last Sunday.


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