Power at Work

March series flier

What characterizes your work environment? Is it a toxic environment full of stress, politics, power games, sexism, conflicts, difficult bosses, pressure to conform including just the boring routine of work? Yet this is the place we spend most of our productive time and life. Have you ever felt powerless and afraid to confront these realities at work? In the midst of these frustrating realities, what’s a Christian to do? How can we get outside help to overcome all these negative forces?

The story of Daniel, a marketplace minister has a lot to tell us.

Read Daniel 2:14-28, 46-49

We note that:

  1. Work is a calling. God placed Daniel there to be His representative, to bring in the kingdom of light in a place of darkness. You are where you are for a higher call, to bring praise to God. Ed Silvoso says, “Labor is the premier expression of worship on earth, and every believer is a minister.” You are a marketplace minister. As God’s servant at work, walk in godly principles such as excellence, integrity and creativity.
  2. You’ve got the Power – You need to invite God to work (where possible join up with partners). You need both wisdom and power to deal with the forces of evil at work. Daniel needed wisdom, power to thrive against politics, favor for promotion and strength to overcome the spiritual and secular forces. He prayed 3 times a day (saw prayer as a lifestyle) and outperformed the rest.
  3. Your vision is transformation – Your goal is to see the lives of your coworkers changed and the place become a stronghold for the kingdom of God. Daniel turned the whole land towards God. He established God’s kingdom there.

The one message from Daniel is this: Change the Marketplace; Change the World!

The church is the barracks – we are prepared to go and establish outposts for the King. The market place is the main battlefield. If we are going to win the war for the transformation of Kenya, we must bring power to work. Instead of just complaining about the evils at work, stand up and make the difference.

Where do you start?  ABCs of Changing the market place:

  1. Always start where you are – Check your attitude. See your self on a mission? See your assignment to make a difference and engage? Start by taking 5 or 10 mins daily to pray for work or business or studies. Or call your Christian colleagues to meet once a week for prayer.
  2. Be absolutely honest with yourself – Are you living the lifestyle that will bring God’s kingdom in your work place? Am I part of the problem at work? Acknowledge the issues at work and understand them. What needs to happen?
  3. Continue with the conversation – Keep praying and working until transformation happens and you fulfill your assignment. Daniel acknowledged at the appropriate time that his secret was God. Point people to Christ and do that with all humility and wisdom, but do it with courage as well. Live in such a way that you attract questions. Then use your faith to answer them. Recommend Mizizi. Invite people to church. Share your faith

Change the Marketplace; Change the World!

Part 1

Part 2


15 Responses to “Power at Work”

  1. That was yet another inspiring sermon. Yaani all it takes is just a prayer. Present evrything to my Father, who is the author of my life. He will not disappoint me, He will make things bigger and greater for me.

    Thank you Pastor S.


  2. Pastor S as u were giving out this sermon i thought u had visited my work place. You described my boss, he shouts at employees, indulges in witchcraft esp. when sales are down, want to make out with almost every lady in the office. Last week i received i job termination letter, this was after i refused to go by his demand to be one of his mistresses.
    I am thanking God that not even a single time i gave in and i am sure that God is removing me out of my comfort zone. I have been praying for a another job and i believe this is the time God is showing up in my life.


    • Never ever lower your guard.kudos for standing up to your integrity. God is our creator and our provider- he knows us in entirety-HE will keep you,provide for you and open a wider door for you. Iam glad you stood your ground.you will never regret this decision.
      You are now in the wilderness but God will part the red sea for you,he will provide water in that wilderness and you will live to celebrate.One last word-ata ukipelekwa state house in your next appointment-never give in to amorous demands from the male fork.As a beautiful woman always expect men to flirt and seduce you-men are very visual beings-and most men do not want suppress their feelings of lust.You are not alone,most ladies will reveal to you that being “tuned’ by jamaas is common.But never ever oblige.Remain faithful to your husband-if not married abstain until you get married,Good day


  3. Mordecai Says:

    well yet again i felt like pastor was talking directly to me!.i feel like i can go back to school and be an agent of transformation! although sometimes i fell like i might just disappoint myself if i dont make it


  4. Andrew Ngure Says:

    I as an M.O.G rally was inspired by this seasons preaching. Im young doing my internship hoping to get work at that place and guyz really see i have this potential but others just treat you as a trainee someone who doesnt know any thing at all. Im always at prayer hoping to get a job there that will pay good coz soon im gona be a father and im gona have to provide for the baby and my future wife. People alwayz try to discourage me by tell me the work here is not good and people are not paid well. But i choose not to listen to them coz I know the lord is on my side and whatever he does it is with a reason. At the same time im always confused because im not sure of the talents God has blessed me with, I may be going for the job and it is not my calling and when im in heaven God asks me why I have not used my talents. As a young person this is always a bother to me as u do not know on where to start from. God bless


  5. I am starting to experience the power of prayer and am loving it. His a faithful God.


  6. Pastor Mbevi,i must say you are one annointed man of GOD.
    I have also fallen in love with Mavuno.
    For a looooong time i have been looking for a church,but my search is over.
    I love the way you and Pstr. M preach.
    You are truly inspiring.
    The minute you walk in,you see excellence.!
    GOD bless you all as you continue to
    to minister the gospel of Jesus Christ.


  7. Thanks Pastor S, I believe that there is always order in God’s plan and agenda for us and if we truly seek Him, He will minister to us. This series is truly ON TIME for me, and I REALLY need to hear this now. Even as a long time believer, sometimes, we get caught up with life and forget or take the power we have access to in prayer for granted. I have been reminded that I have got the power and I am going to ignite that power in prayer and quit feeling like a powerless victim. May God continue to strengthen you Pastor S and to replenish you so you can continue to be a change agent for many in locations that even you do not know. Mavuno bless you for your online presence it is having an amazing impact on my life!


  8. "Marende" Says:

    Hi Passie!

    Am glad God used you yet again to speak to where I am in my walk with God.

    Recently i started work and here’s the shocker…one of the founding partners here is a Freemason while the other is an Atheist.

    I put into practice what you preached…whole idea of looking at your jobo as a Kingdom outpost and that I am the transformation agent here.

    Starting out, things were very hard, with regards to adjusting. It was so bad, i contemplated daily of quitting and even lost some weight…of which I later came to find out is what happens to new guys especially in the department am in.

    When I started praying to connect through prayer (almost every free time I had) work has now become rather downhill and my productivity in the past three days has spiked.

    Here’s the thing…am not really into like spiritual warefare or whatever, but I do pray for all departments and colleagues and even go ahead and pray that God might cover the whole building with the blood of Jesus.

    More importantly, I pray that God uses me an a Kingdom representative here.

    I have already shared this with my Mizizi class (am doing Mizizi) and they are standing with me as I pray for God’s will to prevail over my workplace.

    Do you have any advice for me regarding the whole Freemason and atheist angle of the founding partners?

    I’d appreciate it

    “Marende” (this is an alias)


  9. Hi Pastor S,

    I just started working beginning of this month and I was afraid that I would get disappointed that it would not be what I expected but after your sermon last Sunday, I started praying for all my workmates and my boss. As I was praying for them, I was asking for them to be transformed by His Spirit but by Wednesday I realised that more than any transformation that may be going on in their lives, my attitude changed completely.

    I have become less impatient with my workmates and see them as I should: as God’s beloved. At first I saw them as heathen – people who just want to pull me down to their level of going to clubs and drinking, but now I see them as people that I can help pull to my level of following God.

    I must admit when I first joined Mavuno, I wasn’t feeling this story of being a ‘fearless influencer of society’ but I see that prayer is changing my attitude. To God be the glory! He can use someone as selfish as me!

    Thank you for your encouragement.


  10. Hi,
    I am a foreigner on a short term placement in Kenya. I strongly believe that more than the work experience I am here to gain, God brought me here to learn to be a fearless influencer, and my company was just a conduit. I am amazed at the things God is investing in me, and what He is doing. I had the make or break moment this week, I prayed with a renewed faith after Sundays sermon, and God came through just in the nick of time. And I ask myself, who am I? that The Lord is is so mindful of me, that he should orchestrate events for me to be here at such a time as this.

    I am in awe,



  11. Hey Pasi, I had to come here for the notes because I need to apply it not at work, but at home. Really, I have a bad neighbor, seriously! Loud, aggressive, throwing parties at all hours of the night despite the fact that it’s an flat with what I now believe are very thin walls :-/ I can’t even talk to her because she’s big and scary and I’m scared nitachapwa! Seriously I’m barely 5″3 and she’s Goliath!

    I’m taking away…

    “You’ve got the Power – You need to invite God to your “home” (where possible join up with partners). You need both wisdom and power to deal with the forces of evil at work. Daniel needed wisdom, power to thrive against politics, favor for promotion and strength to overcome the spiritual and secular forces. He prayed 3 times a day (saw prayer as a lifestyle) and outperformed the rest.”


    “Be absolutely honest with yourself – Are you living the lifestyle that will bring God’s kingdom in your work place? Am I part of the problem at work? Acknowledge the issues at work and understand them. What needs to happen?”

    I have to admit, I haven’t checked my attitude, a lot of times, when she starts up with her loud music, I turn mine up even louder kinda for revenge, and I cannot tell you how many times I’ve dreamt up ways I could get revenge. For real this morning, I was thinking how I could pay some kids to throw eggs and tissue paper at her doors and windows.

    Prayers right now are “Dear God, evict her!!!” but I know my attitude won’t get me far, not with God, not with her, not with myself. (Stress and Headaches have already started)

    Thank You Pastor S for the Sermon and Blog/Media Team for the reminder.


  12. Stella Mwangi Says:

    hey pastor Mbevi! i am not a member of the Mavuno church, but i would like to come and fellowship in your church. A friend of mine is a member of your congregation and am not from Nairobi but am hoping to move to nairobi soon and i would love to fellowship in your church. its great you even have a website and a blog where we can catch videos of sermons. really great. i was wondering however, if you can take me in the media part of the church as i am also a communication student looking for internship and i don’t know how to go about the application process. Please guide me through it. Thank you.God bless.


    • Mavuno Media Volunteer Says:

      Hey Stella,

      You are very welcome to join the Media Team. I volunteer there and I can tell you, we need all the help we can get as the media team is getting bigger, the ideas are numerous that we want to execute and its fun and challenging. There is video, audio and now online media … come and see where you can fit in / comfortable with …

      Check here about the internship process, its called Discovery.



  13. Power at Work,,,,empowering (yet how we struggle at work)…God walk with us and be with us as we Establish His Kingdom at work.


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