Built To Last

We are a generation with high aspirations. We are always keen to ‘move on up’. But this causes a problem that could ultimately doom our ability to create solutions for our nation. Today we consider the “Instant Success Mentality”. One of the biggest reasons why we fail to provide solutions is that we are in too much of a hurry to make it/to ‘move on up’ to care enough for others.

READ  1 Timothy 6:6-10

The passage warns about the dangers faced by those whose primary motivation in life is getting rich. Such people…

(a) Are Easily Tempted (vs 9) – As a generation, our instant success mentality has led to many of us falling for schemes and scams, and caused us to take short-cuts like bribery, sexual favors and stealing employers’ time to carry our our ‘side hustle’. We are the only people that believe that we can get rich in one generation; actually in a few years after college! We lack the long term perspective to build true lasting solutions.

(b) Are Enslaved By Desires (vs 9b) – When you have an instant success mentality, the temptation with every salary increment is to increase your standard of living. You over-consume and under-invest. This is one guaranteed way to destroy your purpose and to ensure you will never have what it takes to be a solution provider.

(c) Damage Their Faith (vs 10) – Some people when they succeed forget God altogether and lose sight of their purpose. And yet I believe success should draw us closer to God who is the Source, not the other way round. Others begin and when things don’t work out after a little while they get bitter at God. Whichever the case, they end up losing sight of God’s purpose for their lives, which again, robs them of the ability to create.

Talking with Joram Mwinamo, CEO Wylde International, we see that short-term thinking manifests itself in the following ways:

a. Jumping The Gun – Many people, in anticipation of a breakthrough or big contract, run ahead of themselves and buy equipment, a car, and hire a team, yet if the contract fails to materialize, they end up stuck in a mess.

b. Conspicuous Consumption – Others, when they get paid after months of toiling, for a big client, immediately move office, hire new staff, and buy a big car to show that that they have made it, even changes kids to an upmarket school… a few months later they are back in poverty

c. One Generation Mindset – To help our kids have what we never did, we take them to the best schools, get overdrafts and end up eating the seed for the next generation.

How do we overcome a short-term perspective? The only solution is the secret of contentment… actively develop contentment…Real success is contentment!!!

1. Contentment comes from God – (v.6) ‘Yet true godliness with contentment is itself great wealth’ Paul uses the language of business to describe how profitable it is to cultivate contentment in your life. If you want to keep wealth and success from distracting your purpose, you must cultivate a close walk with God.

2. Contentment brings perspective – (V.7) ‘we brought nothing with us when we came into the world, and we can’t take anything with us when we leave it’ The proper perspective on wealth is that it is a tool to help us create solutions for society. When you understand the power of wealth you do not idolize it. You don’t take God’s resource for building solutions and turn them inward for your comfort and security.

3. Contentment delivers simplicity — v.8 ‘if we have enough food and clothing, let us be content.’ When we learn to live simply, then we free up God’s resources to create solutions. It is due to their simplicity that wealthy men like Warren Buffet and Bill Gates have been able to put together an USD 89Billion Foundation that is seeks to finds solutions to eliminate HIV/AIDs and Malaria.  Why shouldn’t the Bill Gates and Warren Buffets’ of Africa come from this church!

It is God’s will that we become solution providers. But the only way we’ll do so is if through our relationship with God, we overcome the world’s traps & the pressure to become net consumers, and learn to live a life of godly contentment.

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  1. Hi All & Pastor M,

    Yaani I will start by saying jana you patad me kabisa.Am a 26 year old chik with probably one of the most prestigious job at my age in a leading telecommunication company. I got my new job barely 6 months ago and last week I started feeling I needed to move to ‘ my class’ of high earners from southland (too bad am the 1st born so I don’t hv a lot of advise or consultation to do since my paros are in shags so I jst nid to decide)to somewhere on James Gichuru road and change my 500k new car to a BMW /Merc or Kluger but jana the conspicuous consumption subject brought me back to my senses and I asked myself what if I lose my job today will I be able to sustain myself in the next 2 months……….guess what with my current lifestyle I will thrive but if I go to the new lifestyle I would not sustain myself.
    Am so happy coz yenyewe that message was mine and I will own it and understand the three value on Contentment.Even the house on James Gichuru i had gone to see on Sato i have forgotten it and will for now continue with my lifestyle unless God shows me i really need to move

    ……Surely God uses his people coz jana u were used to get to me b4 i blunder!!!!!111


  2. ooh my sister, thank God this message reached you sooner!

    My husband and I are turning 33 this year…our story could have been different if we heard Pastor M sooner., but better late than never.

    We were high fliers just two years back earning salaries most people only imagine of.. We changed cars like clothes..,. catered for relatives every need, for every penny we got our lifestyles changed. From Subaru’s to VW’s we exchanged them just like that. Phone’s were bought and discarded pap! We lived in a 20k house, and then the mortgage bug hit us, without a plan we got a house and started paying 80k per month! We definitely moved to our beautiful home, did our beautiful garden and became quite the achievers at 32yrs of age.

    All this made possible by loans and top ups from our banks who happily gave us what we asked for. I lost my job first and out of sheer arrogance and ignorance I thought I could make it anyway out here, my hubby took on both our loans and mortgage repayment quite comfortably, sadly like me he lost his job a few months after me and joined me in thinking quite arrogantly that we could make it, after all we literally shone in our respective boardrooms with our ideas, which made money and won clients for our companies.

    Without thinking again, we spent our retirement packages on cars, still changing them, relatives, setting up an office with very expensive office appliances, still no plan, no contentment, we moved from business plan to business plan splashing money without really thinking..

    The story is too long. The walls were closing in on us we, sold our home for a song, we moved back to our humble estate where rent shot up!, lost all our cars, using a mathree is no big deal nowadays. , I am expectant with my second baby unlike my first I am depending on hand me downs, and with no cover, very scary and am due in 3weeks or so.

    The best part is we had a true awakening, no more spending like there is no tomorrow, contentment is key in our lives, my hubby recently got a job and we are starting our lives afresh, and thanks to pastor M I believe we will do it much better.


    • Hi Anita,

      Wah, all i can say is pole for the ordeal & the lessons being learnt the hard way.

      God is good & that is why He has brought people like Pastor M to minister wisdom to us.

      Every young professional or aspiring professional REALLY needs this teaching!

      I wish you well on your pregnancy. I’m glad you are adjusting positively to your new life.

      Thank God for the previous success & for the new job your husband now has.

      He can get you back to where you were or even further but He had to work on your management skills so as He blesses you, you will spend your resources well.

      God bless you so much & see you through.

      He is faithful in ALL His ways & all things work together for the good of those He loves & has called according to His purposes.

      All the best


  3. My mother loves instant success schemes. She was widowed 22 years ago but was left with a very successful business, a couple of houses in some very leafy suburbs, a small commercial building and a few plots of land. Greed has caused her to invest tens of millions into ‘guaranteed instant success businesses’ none of which has ever prospered. Her last business left us with equipment imported at about 12M and 3 vehicles sitting idle in our home. She is refusing all offers to buy it because the offers are too low. At the age of 56 she is still investing hundreds of thousands a month into her latest project. Everyone children, siblings, friends, 90+ year old mother has tried to talk her out of it. My siblings & I keep considering reporting her & her ‘group of investors’ to the C.I.D. but she is our mother and we love her ………

    My father-in-law embodies contentment. He left a high flying very well paying prestigious job because of corruption. For long he struggled as his wife was breadwinner. Now he has sizeable real estate assets. Although he can afford most luxuries he prefers to spend most of his money helping others. He also spends a fair amount of time doing pro bono accounting work for many religious organisations. Although his former colleagues are far richer and make a point of reminding him of that when they bump into him and many are in parliament I believe he has a far more rewarding life. He is a wonderful husband and thanks to him so is his son and is a much loved ‘father’ not just to his children but to his siblings cousins & friends children.

    Truly there is nothing more gainful than Godliness with contentment.


    • Hi Kari,

      For your mum, just pray for wisdom. She seems like she’s trying to maintain a certain lifestyle she can’t sustain & in some sort of denial.

      Pray for God to open her eyes that she may do the right thing. She has her energies in the right place, she just needs God’s wisdom.

      It seems she also needs humility to realize the urgency of the problem & that is why i guess she is refusing the offers on the cars.

      May God guide her in His wisdom that her life will have order. Amen.

      God bless


  4. Last born gal Says:

    Pastor M,
    yaani ur sermon was on point!! I am 25 just starting out in the work force and on the other spectrum from ‘Timely’. My job pays…Ok for a starting position, but like many my age, I have been thinking about moving out of my SQ, buying a car, enrolling for my masters n all in this year! Talk of ambitious resolutions 🙂 As u preached I thought of all my plans n dreams n wondered… whats the hurry for? All the people around me driving n living on the other side of Uhuru highway 🙂 are 1. older than I am and 2. at different stages of life.

    Thank you for the message. It was quiet timely and I am learning to be content in this stage of my life as I move on up slowly!!


  5. life changing …. i have a long story on that teaching ……
    this is timely


  6. The last time i was in Mavuno was in october coz am just a regular visitor and i have my home church, then 2day i saw pastor M. He passed me while he was huffing n puffing, must have had something to do with that ka hill he was jogging up..i didnt recognise him at 1st to say hi coz my mind was preoccupied with how fast am going nowhere in my job even though i work hard which directly affects my life, and also wondering what this creature called upward mobility looks like, while the KBNs zoom past me as i am headed to the stage. so after recognising him from behind after he had passed which was strange, i decided to catch him the next day for some advice on the issue and also help him with that hill. So to prepare i decided to log onto the blog and what do i find….? this message.wow! timely message indeed. God bless.


  7. anyise320@yahoo.co.uk Says:

    Hi pastor M. Thank you for the wonderful sermon and may the Lord bless you always.
    I believe we have Entrapreneuers and Blacksmiths in Kenya and i know i fall under this category, I have great ideas that are flowing and one of them is creating peace & solving marriage issues, There is this idea i have had since i joined Ndoa Classes and the idea is bugging me so much i feel that i need to do something about it, i even posted the idea on the blog last Saturday, so many marriages are not working out there and i have this idea. The next class for Mizizi is in May and am planning to join . I have one question though about the challenge.
    What happens to the people who haven’t joined any of this classes yet they have great ideas like me?


  8. Hey guys,

    You have given me some hope. Some of you have lived lives others only dream about.

    I used to hope to be rich but slowly by slowly, gave up on that dream coz even basic financial stability has been unattainable.

    However, i continue to trust God. It has reached a point, i tell God bless me as You please. Whatever His picture of my success may be.

    Now I’m just easy. Whatever comes, comes. I cross the bridges as they come one at a time.

    The journey continues….


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