Finding Your Creative Groove

Africa, the world’s richest continent, has many advantages. These include natural resources, great weather, great mineral wealth. Kenya alone is the world’s largest tea producing country and a huge coffee exporter, supplies 32% of the world’s cut-flowers, and is renowned for its’ athletic ability. Also has the most educated black work force in Africa.

Despite all these advantages, Kenya still faces many challenges:

  1. Water: Kenya has enough rainfall to satisfy the needs of 6-7 times our population, and yet every other year there’s a drought!
  2. Energy: Only 8% of the Kenyan population has electricity to their homes the rest use charcoal and firewood, yet we only have 1.7% forest cover.
  3. Unemployment: A bulging youth population and yet the inability to create meaningful employment
  4. Poor Savings Culture: This makes us a net consumer as opposed to being a net producer.
  5. Poor Leadership: Apart from a few shining examples (Nelson Mandela, Paul Kagame), Africa is not known for good leadership

Is this how things are meant to be? Has God cursed Africa to stay this way? I don’t believe so.

1 Sam 13:5-7, 16-22

Israel was in a terrible state and all her problems could be traced to one major undoing …….there was no blacksmith in Israel

Israel faced a technologically and numerically superior enemy, and all they had were crude inadequate weapons. Even worse, to prepare these inadequate weapons for war, they had had to depend on their enemies.

Africa too, fights with inadequate weapons such as:

  1. National Mis-Education: Whereas our education system should make us into change agents, equipping us to CREATE solutions, our  ‘colonial’ system of education provides us with inadequate weapons. Where are Kenya’s blacksmiths?
  2. Parental Mis-Guidance: Rather than provide employment for many Kenyans, our parent’s generation brainwashed us such that all we wanted to do was study, get a secure job and retire on our pension, i.e provide a comfortable lifestyle for ourselves . Where are Kenya’s blacksmiths?
  3. Scarcity Mentality: The myth of the national cake says that there are limited national resources that need to be shared out with everyone. The problem is that this so-called ‘national cake’ has been shrinking It’s time to stop dividing the cake and start baking itWhere are Kenya’s blacksmiths?

Kenya’s ‘blacksmiths’ today are her entrepreneurs and also her ‘intrapreneurs’ (intrapreneurs are entrepreneurs employed by companies). Even for those of you who are employed, you must gain a name as a person who creates solutions wherever you’re assigned! Where are Kenya’s blacksmiths?

A problem is an opportunity for a solution…God created you a problem solver.

The Pastor M Challenge:

February is our month of prayer and fasting. I would like to challenge each of our life groups as they pray and fast this month to identify the problems around them in their neighborhood. To come up with a creative, cost-effective solution that they will employ to tackle that problem. Send a one page write-up of that solution to At the end of the month, a panel will go through these solutions and pick the most creative. We will then give you an award of KSH. 50,000 to either invest in that solution or to donate to a charity of your choice. If you’re in a Mizizi group, you’re also welcome to participate! If you’re not in either, then get a group of friends together and engage. You are not limited to one entry per group!



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  1. Am I a blacksmith? What kind of blacksmith am I? Whose plow shares, axes, sickles and mattocks am I sharpening? Where are the implements to sharpen? What can I do with what I know to help those around me?

    O Lord, open my eyes that I may see what you would have me do!


  2. Thank you Pastor M for the beautiful message. That was my second day in Mavuno and I already feel changed. I know I need to be a blacksmith and I pray that God leads me to where he would want me to be…Stay blessed


  3. Natasha Nalyaka Says:

    Pastor M,

    Thank you for the very powerful sermon. It was broken down very clearly and the challenge is to maintain the thoughts and act on it.

    Father, I pray that you will guide me on this and help me be the fearless indluencer you created me to be. Open my eyes and ears to be able to provide a solution around me and let the impact glorify your name.


  4. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Wangui Kiili, Mavuno Church. Mavuno Church said: Kenya’s solution providers are her entrepreneurs and ‘intrapreneurs’ (entrepreneurs employed by companies). Even… […]


  5. Rose Gatobu Says:

    Thank you Pastor M for your beautiful message. Immediately after your sermon i went home thinking about the whole idea and remembered one time i used to cook pan-cakes and sausages and sold them in my office. They really sustained me as a supplement to my salary and being a single mother of 2 boys its really tough. That idea of pancakes brought my dream of buying a car. God opened a way i was promoted and bought the car. Unfortunately, immediately i got my car i relaxed and felt like nimefika and in the last few months i have been having so many debts and i was wondering how will i repay them since my salary is little? After your sermon i decided to go back to what i loved doing, that is cooking my pancakes and sausages. Let me just surprise you Pastor, yesterday Monday 7th February 2011 and Today Tuesday 8th February 2011 i have made a profit of 1,100 shillings! And am cooking 50 pan-cakes and 28 sausages and they are going like hot cakes. This is God! Thank you Pastor for the wake up call because now i will clear my debts in few weeks to come! And i have a bigger dream that i will come up with soon. I will share about it once i am finished with my plans. Thank you and God bless you!


    • Rose,

      Wow, that’s awesome! All the best with the pancakes & sausages. That must have been the Holy Spirit that gave you an answer c/o Pastor M. May He sustain you.

      God bless


  6. Pastor M. This Sunday series was so on point yani!!! This message came to me exactly when i needed it! I recently resigned from a very prestigious job because I felt that God was calling me for a much greater purpose in my life other than just sitting in the office. My passion is in teaching/training and have involved myself in areas that i can practise teaching or training, this including teaching in Mizizi!
    But then of late I have been asking myself whether reallly I made the right choice in resigning and whether I should look for another job and walah…your message came! That we are called to be blackmisths of the world and provide solutions! This to me is just the greatest clue that God is giving me that I should provide solutions to others and He will provide for me. I have been having this business concept that I have been working on for the longest time now and this week am going to work on it and open my business soonest, with God’s help.
    My prayer is to fulfill God’s purpose in my life and provide solutions1

    Thanks Pastor M. God bless you mightly.


    • Hi Wambui,
      I have lots of training opportunities that i can share with you. drop me an email on

      God bless


    • Wambui,

      Congratulations on making such a BOLD move. Many people find it so hard & there is this notion: don’t leave a job before you find another one.

      I say God has our destiny in His hands & if we insist on doing things our way, we won’t get too far before we are frustrated & back at His feet.

      All the best with the business!


  7. Pastor M,
    You hit the nail on the head with this one. I liked the challenge to Kenyan’s to stop complaining and be solution creators. I thank God for Mavuno and the messages He brings through the church. Congrats on the lady (forgot her name) who started recycling of plastics to fense posts. I thank God for creating that spark in her to start this coz when I saw a documentary on it last year I was very inspired that someone out there came up with this brilliant idea to save timber.

    Can’t wait to be counted as a Kenyan Blacksmith.


  8. Hi Pastor M. Yani i have no words to describe what God is doing in my life. Now i know that coming to mavuno was the best thing that happened in my life.
    I believe that i am a blacksmith plus an intrapreneur, i have flowing ideas one after the other sometimes they come like 3 at once and i always feel like i have to act on them at once but i just don’t know where to start now to cut it short i know most marriages are not working out the way God intended it to be.
    I am planning to get married have had issues but i trust God its going to work out this time, have done ndoa classes and what i learnt i cannot afford not to share with the rest of the world, now am thinking i get the notes , lessons we learnt from Ndoa class and change it into a programme in a series form. This is going to be huge am going to make this work coz i know God wants me to do it, it will change lives and save marriages i need your support, Mavuno give me that 50K i start recruiting guys who can act and do it perfectly and believe you will support me on this one


  9. questionning Says:

    Hi Pastor M,

    I am currently listening to the 1st installment of the Invent series for the second time. It’s amazingggggg but my heart gave a big jump when you cited Paul Kagame as an example of good leadership. His economic policies have revamped Rwanda for sure, but unfortunately, his military leadership is under scrutiny for war crimes. Mandela was also involved in the military struggle for Azania’s independence so I don’t agree that a former soldier cannot make a good leader. Leaders are not one-dimensional. They might excel in economic leadership, political leadership and fail in integrity. So I do understand that I shouldn’t expect leaders to be perfect. I however question Kagame’s citation as a good leader, perhaps a specific explanation, citing his successes and acknowledging his failures
    But it’s a great series really thought-provoking and I have started writing out my plans! God bless you all and the Mavuno team.


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