The Key To Success

The Years of Production (35-45years)

During these years, people are…

(1) More Settled – There is a sense for many of having found your place in life and of being more set in your career direction and family situation. The person is earning more, positions of prestige and leadership in community, more opportunity to travel and increased

(2) Highly Productive – have grown in responsibility and leadership in their organization or business. People seek them out for their opinions or services, and by now many have began to receive great recognition for their success.

Along with these qualities come several challenges…

Busyness – For many, life becomes a whirlwind – balancing the demands of work, social relationships, child rearing and other responsibilities. Because of busyness, many become isolated from friends and even their spouse because of their busy schedule.

Disappointment – Realization for many that they may not achieve some of their dreams and that time is running out. Many grapple with the fact that they may never be married, some are realizing that they may not achieve their financial dreams. Some encounter their first major health issues.

Dissatisfaction – a sense of dissatisfaction/disquiet both at work and at home. Some may have achieved their dreams but may be uncertain it was worth it, as they see the other things they neglected in their pursuit e.g. relationships, kids.

Key lesson for this season – focus!

1 Corinthians 9:24-7

What keeps many from attaining this level of focus?

1. Tyranny Of The Urgent – running after the urgent things at the expense of the important (family, faith, health)
2. Ignorance Of Purpose – When you don’t know your purpose, you easily substitute busyness for effectiveness
3. Distractions & Time Wasters – focus means stripping away even good things so you’re left only with the best; that which will help you accomplish your God given purpose

The result of focus is that you are able to build something during these years that impacts others and changes society. You become a solution provider. And having created your unique solution, you are ready to spread it around and impact others beyond your immediate circle. And that’s the next stage of life.


04 The Key To Success (Shinda Smart) from Mavuno Church on Vimeo.


13 Responses to “The Key To Success”

  1. Pastor M. This sermon just blew me away! Actually it stated exactly where I am in life, am not yet 35, I have a couple more years to get there but a lot of what you spoke of are things that have been on my mind for about the last 6 months. Focus is definitely what I need at this point and I am glad you hit the nail on the head for me with this one. It was truly a revelation that I will cherish for the rest of my years. Keep changing lives pastor!


  2. Esther Kibunyi Says:

    Pastor M you drove the point home. the last 4 sermon weeks has been weeks of reflection and i realised some things in my life were not foundationally set straight and with God, it’s never too late to set them straight. i give thanks to God and for you for talking about real stuff that has helped me refocus and focus my life on the very important things i.e my relationship with God, my family and friends. i am in the productive years and without these sermons, my life would be wasted. it’s not just having a relationship with God, but the right relationship and the same applying to my family, where even if i do not speak, He answers because He knows my every thought.
    I was touched by 1st Cor 8:27 – My thinking is in as much as it is an individual race, we are all entitled to a crown not one for all of us, but each one their own and the same crown. and that in the race we still have to keep our eye focused on the crown and still preach to others so meaning running the race together till in the end we receive our crown.

    Bless you Pastor M, Bless you Mavuno.



  3. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Mabuya Njuguna, Muriithi Wanjau. Muriithi Wanjau said: Yesterday's notes… Getting some great feedback; I know many who heard it will never be the same! […]


  4. Hi Pastor M,
    I’ve loved these past few sermons! and more specifically this last one! I’ve all been about living for a purpose and living towards fulfilling it. However, your brief touch of the ‘after years’ and the example of your own life plan really made me view it in a totally different light! In that I don’t have to hold on to that one thing & try to control it all. The example of the ‘not so busy’ bank CEO went on to further emphasize this point.

    Thanks Pastor M!
    Continue being a great example to all of us!


  5. Judy ngugi Says:

    Thank you pastor M for the sermon on reproductive stage since it come the right time for me.i had not thought about purpose and focus and this will help me alot to refocus my life and seek to follow my purpose.i am at that stage and on reviewing my life i realised that i have been beating the air and running blindly but i know its not too late i can refocus my life through Gods help and actually its one of my prayer item this month of feb that God will direct me.Thanks alot for your sermons for they are not in vain but they are helping alot as for me i thank God for the revelation before it was too late.
    God Bless you pastor, God bless mavuno..


  6. Pst M, I admire the way u n ur wife have it all thought out…ur future plans. A vision is key and im glad ur my spiritual leader:)
    I also thought that story of u n ur wife just before mavuno started to be very funny. Its the typical story for the urban couples n singles too. Get home, get ur food, get ur laptop and continue working. ha ha, what a life. this is crazy. plus i agree with u, a whole hour watching news is a waste of time. The negative influence it has on ur life u cant imagine. I rarely do watch the news but somehow i know whats happening around the world. Just enough to keep me informed. God bless.


  7. Boy in need of help....! Says:

    Thanks pastor M, it surely is a great challenge to get to establish ya purpose but do believe as we seek God concerning this he will c us thru since it His business. How wud life be without one getting to have this basic yet core instructions of life………? May God u Pastor n us even as we prepare to Fearlessly influence our society.


  8. Wao Pastor M, you are trully a fearless influencer! i must admit that the last one month series have made me drop a tear! and this last sunday’s sermon wah…touched my heart of hearts! having just turned 35…..i have been feeling lots of disatisfaction in my life….and unsure of how to proceed…but now i know that all is not lost….i am at my Productive years. and i need to be more focused…at ome point i wished i heard this sermon like 3 years ago! Thanks for reassuring that we can still pick up and get focused! oh i love Jesus! and i bless the Lord for giving us you as our senior pastor and for the rest of the entire Mavuno team!
    May God continue to use you !
    Thanks again!



  9. Last born gal Says:

    Pastor M,

    That sermon! I am not in that age bracket either but a number of things resonated with me…I am not very sporty n the text on running the race doesn’t usually hit home like it did this time…u have to be anti-sports to get it 🙂 But u hit it on the head!! I was among the people with hands down when the que was asked about who are going thru the Bible 😦 it made me sad…I went off the rails for Jan there but I’m back!! Looking forward to catching up! I’m excited about the fast as well. For health reasons I cant do 6 to 6 so I’m doing a Daniel fast n giving up facebook among other things! that’s a big one for me.

    I’m really looking forward to reconnecting with God n getting back on track. God bless you!!


  10. Pastor M. Your ministry’s online presence is a great resource and is focusing on real life issues. This series is thoroughly thought provoking. Technology is wonderful, to be able to link in with teaching in Nairobi whilst many miles away is wonderful. Blessings


  11. Pastor M, this was a really great series. i was especially touched by the last one. PLEASE PUT IT UP so that i can send the link to my friends who missed out on sunday


  12. Please put up the last sermon online- missed this last sunday and have been hoping to catch up online. Thanks.


  13. That was an awesome sermon series Pst M! Exactly what I needed to start a new year with. Can’t wait for Feb’s sermon! Praise God for using you to speak to us concerning our purpose and how we should live productively for God.


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