Setting The Direction

The Years Of Preparation (25-35 years)

Characterized By…

  1. Self Determination – Now responsible over the huge and important decisions that affect life direction
  2. Career Launch – Stop being trained and enter the ‘real world’ of productive work.
  3. Long-Term Relationships – Many get married, begin families, and form friendships with long term impact.

Challenge of impatience, that is characterized by…

  1. Pressure to succeed and maintain a certain image – could be based on wanting to match parent’s lifestyle, fear of poverty and peer pressure.
  2. Pressure to marry and have children – this is especially true for the ladies. Causes many to rush into relationships before they’re ready or with the wrong person and end up divorced or as single parents
  3. Career Confusion – many realize their chosen career is not what they want to do. Some unable to chose from the huge number of options. Some achieve goals early and face  ¼ life crisis… is this all there is to life?

Key lesson for this season – discover your purpose!

Ecclesiastes 3:9-14.

Benefits Of Living For Purpose…

  • Motivates
  • Directs
  • Brings Satisfaction
  • Gives Meaning

Steps To Discovering Purpose

  1. Know God – engage in the ‘Mavuno Marathon’
  2. Know Yourself – find your passions, strengths and opportunities – in that order!
  3. Find Mentors – people who define success for you
  4. Serve Somebody – a great way to find mentors during this season and to discover who you are before you set off

Before setting off on your journey, know where you’re going!


12 Responses to “Setting The Direction”

  1. Quarter-life crisis, that is new and fresh.Thank you for this message sheds a lot of light on why I feel the way I do.
    Thank you.


  2. Passie pls come and pray for my car too – So that it can vanish and another as mesmerizing as you described miraculously appear.




  4. Nice sermon! It was my first time and the sermon was totally revelant since am in that age group…and I had started my purpose search. Do you have any practical stuff that one can do in this search? Eg. Contact Dr. John Stankko, Read Rick Warren’s a purpose driven life, a purpose profiling test…oh..and the big one PRAY. What else? It may sound sillly but am actually asking…is there a known proven formula for finding one’s purpose…that’s say 80% proven?

    My Mavuno experience was interesting….and God gave sent me a message through the person(nice guy) I sat next to….which was spot on. Does this happen all the time? Its never happened to me before. If it does..I want to come again and again. For the first time…I felt that God actually knew me…he cared enough to send me personal message. It was an MSMS – Mavuno short messaging Service. I know it was God because on saturday morning…my mum sent me text with a similar message that started “God says..”. I didn’t read it keenly cos it was at 6.00am (an ungodly hour for a saturday). I guess God had to resend it at Mavuno! Wow….:-)


  5. Lat sunday’s surmon was made for people like me. thanks for the word Pastor M.
    I am at the age 25-35 and there is pressure like you never felt it before. friends whom I have spent a lifetime with are all, not married but have significant other’s and children.I have neither. and you really said it like it is on sunday. Im not keen to have ‘catch ups’ with them as the conversations are about kindergartens, daipers, baby diets and living in with their partners. And slowly, I get left out of plans that involve childrens outings as Im sure they feel the pressure to accommodate me too.
    It hurts. and I often express my impatience with God on ‘when is my turn?’.I know he has a purpose and plan for me….I guess I will put in more effort to seek him like never before. but thanks for sundays surmon, it really hit home on that front.

    God bless you Pastor M.


  6. Hi,
    I loved the sermon on sunday and am looking forward to the one this sunday as I am in that age bracket. My only beef is why does the church especially the team that does the hosting have to sing or refer to secular songs, for example this Sunday both Pastor Tony and Pastor Angie sang to secular tunes, though the words were christian. The church cheered coz they seemed to know which songs they were but however my heart was not at peace. This is not the first time and I just thot it would be best to have this issue out. Am not trying to be shpiri as they say but I believe we came to worship Christ and am sure there are other ways to also keep the session lively without such incidences.

    Have a blessed week, though.


  7. Hey Pastor M. Sunday’s sermon was really on point. Wacha tuseme it was God-sent tu. My greatest desire is to know God and to walk in His will…but I won’t lie to you, I’m struggling to find my purpose. I need direction, a renewed focus, because I don’t feel like I’m where I’m supposed to be. It’s like I lost my way along this rugged path of life. I know God has a plan for me and that I should trust & obey Him…passie i just need clarity, I NEED HELP…I don’t want to live a life without meaning. I only wish I could find or know the mission/assignment that God has set out for me to accomplish in this earth. Until then wacha I just trust & obey Him.

    God bless.


  8. What is the Gospel? It is the truth of God, the same God that created us mind, heart, body, spirit and soul. God is concerned about every facet of our life, not just the spiritual – ever wonder why Christ healed the sick? God is not a one-dimensional God. We have reduced Him to the spiritual dimension because we do not understand Him (my people perish for they lack knowledge), and because we have not humbled our hearts to receive His word.
    If Toyota builds a car (Vitz aka Fitzgerald) they had better know how to fix any and all problems that might crop up. And so it is with God. He created us, every part of us (Ps 24:1-6), wonderfully and fearfully, and that is why He is concerned with every part that He created – social, physical, mental, psychological, environmental, emotional, vocational, sexual and spiritual – because He is the Architect.
    When He says He has plans to prosper us, it means that all the facets of our life are thriving and healthy. God wants us to be whole, meaning He wants to heal EVERY ailing part of us. But He can only do that if we are willing to accept that we are ailing, to accept that we need His help, and to invite Him to touch us.

    May God open our eyes to His true agenda.


  9. Thanks pastor Mureithi for been my mentor through your sermons which I have seen practically change my life. It all started with Dare to Dream series, money matters and many more. 18 months later, I have 6 greenhouses, and doing other unbelivable things like (this is funny!) propagating fish – tilapia and catfish. The amazing things is that, I am doing this on top of my job in a leading bank. In one week, I am now earning almost 100k per month extra! What more can we thank God for than bring such wonderful people like you into our lives.

    I am feeling so proud to write this because it is my testimony.

    May God add you more wisdom and resources to reveal to many more and help them realize their life purpose.

    We love you pastor M.


  10. @sheekow & S.O, try Mizizi if you are still searching for purpose


  11. elizabeth Says:

    hi,,pastor m,i have been attending mavuno for quiet a while now thou not every sunday and i must say i love your sermons and i love the way you are real.i particularly loved the ‘setting the direction sermon” coz i think my major problem lies thea coz i kno that i need to kno God and discover my purpose coz i feel am living a life without meaning but i dont kno why i cant come to a decision to accept CHRIST to my life.i realy need prayers pastor since i want this year to be one of great things and i kno i need GOD for that to happen.i nid your help on this one pastor even if is on one on one session with you. GOD BLESS YOU FOR THE WORK YOU ARE DOING.


  12. Pastor,I want to thank God for using you to confirm several things in my life.Listening to sunday’s message, i am determined by the grace of God to be one of Africa’s blacksmiths.I have just quit my job to join my husband in the family business & i can identify when you said that many of us would rather continue working in big multinationals rather than join the ‘kamau & son’s’.I do know that that was one of my struggles, the comfort & prestige of working for a big company .I am now joining the kamau & son’s & i believe that business will not only grow astronomically,but that it will be at the forefront of solving the problem of unemployment in this nation!


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