Laying The Foundation

What would you do if you won 25M?

Did you know that most lottery winners end up broke and worse off than before several years later? Their problems include divorce, drug addiction, depression and violence by or against them. Many actually said they wished they had never won the money! The evidence shows that true success is not something that can be given to you. the best way to prepare for success is not to pray for a lucky break, but to take the time to build the type of foundation that will support a successful life.  Today we want to look at the Foundational years, 0 – 10 years.

READ Proverbs 22:1-6

During this years, academic excellence is prioritized. However,  it can be placing the cart before the horse. In the first decade, the primary emphasis should be on building values.

Here are three of the most important values that a child should learn at this stage…

* Obedience – helps kids learn to honor authority, to be teachable and leadable, which in turn makes them good leaders
* Delayed Gratification – Kids need to learn that everything should be taken in moderation and in its proper time.  They should not get what they want immediately
* Responsibility – Rather than focusing on them being number one in class, you should instead focus on teaching your child the value of hard work, both at school and home.

Why is it so difficult for parent’s to set the right foundation at this stage?

* Ignorance – Most of us either parent the way we saw our parent’s do it or we try and do the opposite of what we saw them do. Unfortunately, parenting is one of those things most people don’t go to school for and yet it is something that affects them for generations to come!

* Busyness – At the time most of us have young children, we are also working hard to succeed at our careers. Thus many have little time to spend with their children and children end up being brought up primarily by house-helps and teachers.

What can you do if for one reason or the other, you have a cracked values foundation? You basically have to undo the negative values and relearn positive ones. You have to retrain yourself. Whether it’s how to honor authority in your life, how to be generous, kind, truthful or self controlled, whether it’s how to become a person of responsibility. It’s not luck you need, its training!


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  1. Yesterday’s sermon spoke to me directly, i understood why i behave in certain ways all because of my upbringing,i always want to feel needed and choke my mate. I am retraining myself coz i do not want my daughter to end up like me and will do the Lea class if it will work miracles in my child’s life. If not al come back after two yrs for a refund….


  2. Wow! I grapple with delayed gratification as my spouse believes that she will give our kids whatever they want so long as it is available, simply because she did not have them when growing up as a child. I personally do not believe in giving it all because it is available, but give in moderation. I wonder which is the right stand?
    Thanks for these real life perspectives and may the Lord provide more insights into such real life situations and the solutions to them. God richly bless you and your family Pastor M.


  3. I really enjoyed the sermon this past sunday. Even though am not a parent as yet, I felt that what the Pastor touched on, is relevant to my life at the moment. I am a businesswoman who relocated from the US on Feb of 2010. I have had quite an experience in Kenya having been away for over 8 years. I came back home with a passion of using my talents to better off the society and giving back as well. In the business world it can really be tough. I had no connections and just stories from my relatives, friends and parents that mostly sounded like nightmares to me. A friend of mine who studied together with me in University was visiting home last year around March. I set up a meeting with her and she mentioned to me since her time was limited she will do a double meet with me and some other guys who wanted to see her. These guys (2 men) are in the industry that I work in, being entertainment and events. They gave me their scoop on how Kenya is in such an industry and I have ended up in a relationship with one of the guys who also happens to be my current partner in business. On May of 2010 I began to hit the ground in terms of marketing myself trying to pitch myself as a viable source for events planning and management. My boyfriend kept on telling me to do things his way but my independent woman attitude that i had for the past 8 years away from home really pushed him away when it came to biashara, getting potential clients and clicking deals. I did not think it would hurt me later on. Come September I decided to seek help from him since the road was getting tough and being the gentleman he is, he just took me in and got his brother to let me use his office as a base. Things went well until December, the crazy month I would say. Loads of events and a high demand of services. Each weekend I had about 3 weddings on my agenda. Some weekends and weekdays I would incorporate other events like parties and corporate events. The first two weeks went well until the 3rd week of December. It was all a mess. I had a wedding outside of the city around Limuru and one thing after another was just turning out to be a disaster. The wedding gown was stolen the day before the wedding, that just disoriented me. I used a lot of my personal funds to make that wedding succeed due so many mishaps and I ended up being at a loss rather than making a profit. I felt a sense of regret having planned that wedding in particular because it was the kind of wedding that brought a lot of problems at the end of the day. I am now being taken to court due to a stolen gown as the owner is not willing to negotiate. I have some service providers / vendors who are claiming to be underpaid especially for this wedding yet I have worked with them in other weddings and they did not deliver as they normally would. They are asking for more than what they quoted which is just wrong. I have opted to sell some of my items to pay them off so that they leave me alone and I start a new slate. My boyfriend is so supportive and understanding through all this he always reminds me that prayer is what will sustain me and also talking about my troubles. I have merged with him and other two individuals to form a bigger company and 2011 is looking up for us so far but we are short of funds in terms of building a certain huge project that begins end of February 2011. We pray and hope that the investors will pull through and other well wishers. I just felt the sunday sermon really shed light to me in terms of having a solid foundation. What I learnt in my foundation years. How it helps me make decisions right now as an adult and especially as a businesswoman. My December was a crazy one I made it through, learnt some tough lessons and now I have to make better choices in terms of biashara for 2011 which was my prayer as we opened the new year. I trust that God will lead me on a path that will make me look back at 2010 and say thus far the Lord has brought me… 🙂


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