The Invasion Begins

Your success in 2011 depends on your willingness to submit your flight plans to God, the control tower of our lives.

Mavuno’s Flight Plan for 2011: Our theme in 2011 is ‘The Invasion Begins’ By the end of this year, we plan by God’s grace to be in 6 capital cities; Nairobi, Kampala, Berlin, Lusaka, Dar and God-willing in Kigali. In addition, we sense God is calling us to invade our city with the love of Jesus through the three prong strategy: Prayer, Care and Share.

Our passage today is the basis of our theme for 2011. See Joshua 1:1-9.

Moses represented not just a person but a season of miraculous provision. But this season was now officially over. The honeymoon was over. The real work was beginning!They were now being called from the season of miraculous provision into the season of personal responsibility.

For you and I, we have experienced exciting moments at Mavuno. We can all attest that God has done amazing things in our lives as individuals. But all this has only been a preamble – foreword, prologue, intro. The work thing is coming. We believe that our invasion is beginning. You can’t train forever, it’s time to get the job done!

Our theme for 2011 is ‘The Invasion Begins‘. God is now asking us to step out and invade our city with the love of Jesus. If we are to maintain our relevance we must become an army that will move out of the confines of our Sunday services and small groups into the city we work in, the neighborhoods we live in and the places we relax in. I truly believe that God wants us to launch a Love Invasion on our city that will change it completely.

Like a pilot, the only way we will succeed in our mission this year is if we learn to listen, trust and obey the instructions of our Control Tower. God’s Word must become your daily instruction manual or flight plan.

Let me give you some benefits that will accrue to you in 2011 when you regularly study God’s word.

1. Gives Direction – In 2011, God is calling us out of the comfort zone of waiting for someone to read and tell it to us. God is asking to grow up and start chewing for yourself as an adult; start reading the word for yourself. You will find direction!

2. Removes Fear – Do you know that there are things ahead of you in 2011 that are designed by the enemy to cause you to lose heart? The only thing way you will stay the course is if you know who you are. God’s Word will help you see who you are, and help you develop the strength and courage to succeed.

3. Brings Prosperity – As you listen to God’s word, you begin to see the big picture and to understand His plan for the world. You begin to see your part in it.

As we take off into 2011, I believe the first order of business is to position ourselves where we can hear from the control tower for ourselves. As I shared last week, I want to invite all of you who are willing, to read through the Bible with me. Visit today, and download a bible Reading plan that will guide you through the Bible and give you great tips on how to succeed at this challenge.


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  1. Christine Says:

    Hello n Happy New Year!! Pastor M, i loved ur sermon this past sunday about gettin down to get the job done and esp. on the aspect of drawing closer to God so that i can be able to pray over my own life and over my own personal situations…. i’ve always believed that for God to hear me s’one else had to do the intercession for me, now i know that even i can do it! i’m excited about that prospect… thank u n may The Almighty God richly bless u


  2. Big things are going to go on!!


  3. maurice karisa Says:

    sunday service word has encouraged me soo much. but the pastor said we wont view the services through TV any. how will we attend mavuno services here at tana delta district? we have no mavuno church here, the only way is to follow service alive through citizen TV. PLZ advice


    • Maybe you can rely on the notes for the time being. They are more detailed now because they are being done by someone else other than the speaker.

      The key is getting the message so that it can change your life

      Mavuno team Keep that up by the way coz it’s a great way of catching up with what was missed & you know the hustle of listening to messages unless they are MP3 downloads.

      I think the services on TV are making people lax that they don’t show up in church which is just as important as the Word for the day.

      Be blessed


  4. Pastor M!,
    Eh!!! crossing over to 2011 was being missed-by-a-whisker situation. At least I had a plan for last year. Truth be told, I never trusted to give it to God. I used to remove my grand plan every quarter of the year just to remind God we are “pamoja” in this. March came I saw myself missed narrowly by a situation and I went like Wa!! God, there we, made it. It went on till December and I wondered how come I was escaping narrowly on situations?

    Like a pilot, my flight plan is ready. This year I will hand over my flight plan for me to Listen, Trust and Obey. No more DIY (Do It Yourself) formulas.



  5. Clearly, the days of miraculous provision in my life are over and, coincidentally, I turn 40 this year and my main excuse for NOT getting the job done, is that I don’t have a degree to show for all the training I have received.

    Yet, I am a well trained graduate of The University of Hard Knocks, called and qualified to get the Job done.

    Flight Responsibility Now 2011(RN2011) ready for take off and awaiting your go ahead, Controller


    • speaks.the.truth Says:

      you may not have intended this to sound funny, but it really cracked me up. maybe the funniest, AND truest thing i have read today
      Good luck


  6. […] from the Mavuno website and join the many of us who are on the adventure of learning to listen for Control Tower’s instructions through 2011.


  7. 4 days down on the word challenge around 360 to go hehehe, should I be worried?
    Anyway, I like that I’m actually learning stuff. I admit I was one of those “watching-a-30-minute-sermon-from-a televangelist-on-FamilyTV-is-just-the-same-as-reading-the-Bible” type of people, but this is a whole new experience. My biggest prayer is that God gives me psych for the rest of the year cause I feel like it could change my life. But if there’s one thing I’ve learnt from Mavuno, you can’t sit idly by, action is required and I’ve turned to blogging to hold me accountable to the reading plan. So every morning, when I switch my computer on, the first 3 icons are my pdf download, my e-Sword Bible and Blogger. I pray, I read, I write.
    Again, I pray for this routine to be a constant this year, because in just 4 days, I feel like Proverbs 1:9 Their teaching will improve your character as a handsome turban or a necklace improves your appearance.

    Weuwee!!!!! See how I just quoted scripture like a pro 😀
    I’m blogging at in case you’re interested.

    God Bless!!!


  8. "Words To Live By" Says:

    God makes promises and when he speaks them, they must happen. Because he is a God that cannot lie, his promises always happen. We are not bad enough, smart enough, crazy enough, or dumb enough to stop God’s promises. Our mistakes, tribulations, trials, fears, weaknesses, etc.
    are not powerful enough to stop God’s promises. What he promised will happen. That means there is security in his word because his Word makes promises. That is the why the devil fights us so much when it comes to reading his Word. The enemy doesn’t want to you to read what God said because if you hear the promise, it will build faith in you and once faith is built in you, your promises become known. Once you hear what God said he will do for you and you believe on it, then it has to occur. That’s why the Word says “faith cometh by hearing and hearing by the Word of God!” If you hear it, then your faith is activated. But you must hear it for yourself.

    To hear God’s Word, you must be in position to hear it. There are so many voices that can be activated in your mind. If you live according to your flesh, then the voice of your flesh is what you hear. If you live according to your friends or others around you, then those are the voices that you will hear. If you listen to explicit music, watch filthy videos constantly, or R rated movies all the time full of sex, violence, and nudity, then those are the voices that you will hear in your head. Whatever you sow to is what speaks to you. That’s why it’s so important to fast and pray frequently. To cleanse your mind from the filth of the world and hear God clearly. Reading the bible is not enough. You can spend your whole day living foul or indulging in foul things and then try to read the Word at night and you will either fall asleep holding the bible or read several chapters and not retain anything you read. Why? Because you can’t serve 2 masters. You can’t hear 2 masters. Whatever master is master is the voice that you will hear. You must cleanse yourself from all the voices in your life and learn the voice of God and be obedient to it. That way you can hear God’s promises and your future will become inevitable because once you hear what his plan for your life is, then it has to happen! It’s guaranteed life and security from death until it happens. His Words are security and will build extreme faith! Faith comes by hearing his Words. Come on saints of God. Cleanse yourself and get into a position to hear him. His Words carry a promise of life for you in this life and the life to come.

    2Cor. 7:1 Having therefore these promises, dearly beloved, let us cleanse ourselves from all filthiness of the flesh and spirit, perfecting holiness in the fear of God.

    Suggested Reading: Heb. 6:12, 2Cor. 1:20, Rom. 10:17, Phil. 1:6


  9. it is definitely time to get the job done and start drawing nearer nearer to God and i definitely start praying over my plans and stop asking others to do so.Thanks Pastor M i really needed to hear that message.God Bless


  10. I congratulate Pastor Muriithi for saying that there will not be anymore live Sunday services from Mavuno on TV this year.This is is to encourage people to go to church physically.You see the TV service HAS been coinciding with the time people should be preparing to attend Church.

    I suggest that pastor Muriithi and Mavuno should begin a 30 minute regular weekly TV program, like the one run by Pastor Mark Kariuki, Pastor Harrison Ng’ang’a and others. With the program, Mavuno will make a lasting mark in the lives of Kenyans and young people at large.

    Appearing on TV for 5 weeks and going off without a follow up progamme may not be very helpful to the masses. I am not a cynic, but just putting across my honest and considered opinion.

    God bless Kenya .God bless Mavuno.Have a great 2011


  11. You know when his pple come together n pray there is a powerful revelation despite being millions of miles away form you my dear brothers n sisters this was a message that was heard here as well and you know what I believe that its the Lords word and jus as Isaiah says it will not return to him void but do that which it was intended for!!
    GOD BLESS YOU ALL as you submit your flight plans to control tower GOD!


  12. I have read through the Bible two years in a row and I just started again. I hope I can make it 3 years in a row. For anyone that might be a little unsure, trust me, it is worth every effort! True I can’t quote the Bible like most people; that’s why I have to keep reading.


  13. hi, if you prefer to read the bible online pls try it is awesome, includes a download to your phone


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