Hope for Kenya

A single day in Kenya is enough to bring you to the realization that this nation is due for some surgery. That something’s got to change. Despite the progress we have been making, we are far from comfortable territory as a nation. Kenya must give birth to a new country. But the process is calling for all of us to participate. What must we do to ensure that Kenya becomes the place of our dreams?

A letter that a distressed prophet wrote to the exiles: Read Jeremiah 29.


  • Be Planted – You cannot claim a land you aint committed to or devoted to. Jeremiah told the people to show territorial commitment to the land in various ways:
    • Build houses and settle down
    • Plant gardens &enjoy the produce
    • Build family – multiply!
  • Seek Peace & Prosperity – Seek the elusive peace and prosperity of the land. The Hebrew word translated as peace and prosperity is Shalom. A rich word that which means being complete, having all that a person requires for a happy and meaningful life. It encompasses the whole of human life – spiritual, social, material and intellectual. Enhance peace and build bridges. Do not sit back and watch things happen, influence what happens.
  • God has a Plan
  • Pray – Prayer invites God into action. We need God to invade the impossible situations in our country. Our response to the frustrations of a country that has a enough issues is a cry to the Almighty: your kingdom come, your will be done in Kenya as it is in heaven! (Matthew 6:10)

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3 Responses to “Hope for Kenya”

  1. Hi King’ori, is there a way I can listen to Sunday’s sermon? There is no link today, directing one to the sermon and when I go to the “Mavuno Sermons” I kept being redirected to the notes … Please help and thanks again for the good job that you do at Mavuno. Blessed week ahead!


    • King'ori J. Maina Says:

      Will try to get the audio for you as soon as I can, if I can…possibly ask around for you on Sunday. However can’t promise anything as this month I’m not sure whether I’ll be available. {but will push for someone to put it up, that is, whoever will be pushing content online}


  2. Quite some food for thought especially at this time as Ocampo names. Pray that we shall have a God driven process towards all these as the devil is always prowling around looking for someone to devour.


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