The Parrot Leader

What is your personal “code-of-ethics”? How far will you go before you know you have gone too far? And at what point would you resign your position or job because what was required of you violated your conscience or your code of ethic?

If as a leader, you cannot answer those questions in the now, then you stand the chance of one day discovering you went too far . . . you walked out over the edge of the cliff, walking on air . . . and were heading for a mighty fall . . . but you never saw it coming.

Read 1 Kings 16:29-33 (Summary of Ahab’s Life), 1 Kings 21:1-19 (Naboth’s Vineyard) & 1 Kings 22:1-23, 34-38

King Ahab failed for two major reasons;


  • Ahab had no code of ethics

Ahab failed because he was a selfish, sullen weak man of few morals. He stood for nothing. He had no code of conduct. He introduced Baals, married Jezebel, introduced her gods and built them a temple in Israel. He commissioned the rebuilding the city of Jericho, even though a curse was put on the city by Joshua. His foreman lost his first born and last born son. Whenever you hear of Ahab or Jezebel, it was always in the negative. A leader without a personal code of ethics are slinky, slithering, like an Octopus.

Code of Ethics – It is what holds our values together. it gives us strength, backbone and spine, and imposes limits on how far we can go. It is a moral blueprint of what you believe in and how you relate to the rest of the world around you. Rules, beliefs you expect to follow when dealing with others. An ideal standard that one pushes themselves to.

Biblical Code of Ethic is found in the Bible – “The man who does these things will never be shaken” – it is said ten times in the scripture. Those ten times define for us that code of ethic.

TEN QUALITIES – Of The One Who Will Not Be Shaken!

  1. The one who is blameless (Psalms 15:2a)
  2. The one who speaks truth (Psalms 15:2b)
  3. The one who does his neighbor no wrong (Psalms 15:3b)
  4. The one who does not keep the company of evil men (Psalms 15:4a)
  5. The one who is faithful to keep his promise even when it hurts (Psalms 15:4b)
  6. The one who does not take a bribe (Psalms 15:5)
  7. The one who listens to the voice and counsel of God (Psalms 16:7,8)
  8. The one whose refuge is the Lord (Psalms 62:1-8)
  9. The one who is kind to the poor (Psalms 112:5-9)
  10. The one who trusts in the Lord (Psalms 125:1-2)

Pastor Oscar’s Code Of Ethics

  1. I will lead a blameless life at all times so that no accusation can ever be brought against me and stick
  2. I will always speak the truth and never fudge on it
  3. I will care for my neighbor, I will not gossip about him, and I will do him no harm
  4. I will avoid the company of evil men because bad company corrupts even the best
  5. I will be a man of my word and I will jepp my promise with everything I have and with all the power within me, even when it hurts
  6. I will never take a bribe
  7. I will listen to the counsel of God by listening to his word and meditating on it consistently
  8. I will be kind to the poor and always seek to treat them with mercy and grace, defending their cause, as I have opportunity
  9. I will trust in the Lord at all times, recognising that even the best of man’s effort can only accomplish so much
  10. The Lord is my protector, I do not need to defend myself

The man who does these things will never be shaken.


  • Ahab was a parrot lover

Most leaders surrounds themselves with parrots. He had 400 of them that acted as prophets, and told him whatever he wanted to hear. This is the curse of leadership – the higher you rise in leadership, the further removed you are from the reality on the ground. Every leader should surround themselves with;

Several Different Types of information;

  • Flatter you because they want something from you
  • Love you and believe in you so much that they never imagine you can do wrong
  • Indebted to you, you are their hero and mentor, and they look up to you
  • Others have adestiny tied to you, the more you rise, the more they rise, so they keep the truth from you so it does not hurt your image


Many of you here are on the way to greatness. Your star will rise. Right now – in the place God has placed you, how are you laying a solid foundation for greatness? How are you dealing with the issues these leaders failed to deal with – a spirit of entitlement in Samson, A spirit of Pride in Uzziah. A spirit of pride in Saul, and today a lack of backbone and morals in Ahaz? God wanted greatness for these men, he raised them up, he gave them the opportunity . . . but they failed because of these major flaws. How are you laying your foundation? What sort of leader will you be? How will you avoid a mighty fall?

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  1. I find that the biggest challenge that people face today is who to surround oneself with,in short who are your friends? Jack Canfield,a renown author says that “We are the average of the 5 people we spend the most time with.”So if one is to be a good leader based on the principles above,then one should seek to surround oneself with people who share similar values.


    • Oh my thank you.What kind of pal am I ..and who do the folk that surround me pick from me? Thanks Deli.D for this challenging thought.


  2. this sounds really great..
    Lakini, please update the sermon repository.. si some of us are e-mavunonites… 😉
    I listen to the teachings all day long and my o my!! I feel ready to influence my society..

    thanks alot!!


  3. hey.pastor Oscar’s sermon was just the best.u should invite him again.however,sm of us have a problem with the time spent in praise and worship.its so short and yet the service leading is soooo long.i wish u wld add some time for esp worship than sing one song and b4 ur there sm1 is already up to lead the last sunday was a disaster and considering we are live on tv???????i looooove mavuno and wld never go anywhere else dats y am concerned.thankyou and God bless…mavunite


  4. i have enjoyed this month’s sermon series….sobering, to say the very least and i guess it says alot in terms of Mavuno getting the sermon of leadership at a time when many a reflecting and making resolutions. I believe there are alot of leaders in the making in our church in various vocations and as we rise to the occasion,we need to put these relevant messages to good use in 2011. God bless


  5. This series is an eye opener, but I heed Pst.Oscar to take it to other churches such as Nairobi Baptist which hosts many of our leaders….


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