Fathered By God

We have seen that there are no perfect human fathers. And that there is hunger in every heart to connect with dad. Last week we said that we all long for the father blessing. A blessing that gives us identity, security and acceptance in unconditional love, and confidence in validation. We said that ultimately, only God, the ultimate father, can truly bless us.

The father hunger in every human being points to a higher need – a need for Father God. There is a thirst for a perfect father in each one of us. One who will always love us unconditionally. And the father will always reach out to us – may be it was a wake up call for you. A diagnosis, a friend passing on, a difficult patch in life… the Father has been trying to reach out to you for a connection.


The 5 P’s of a dad;

  1. Provision – Only God can provide for you without limitation. In the desert he fed over a million people for 40 years.
  2. Protection – Only God can protect you like God. (Psalm 127: 1b Unless the Lord watches over the city, the watchmen stand guard in vain.) God, a man of war, protected Israel in all manner of ways: once he threw stones and killed many soldiers, in another war he sent angels to slaughter the foreign armies.
  3. Prophet – Only God can tell you who you are, truly. He is the Prophet.
  4. Priest – Only God can intercede for you in the way He does. (Hebrews tells us Jesus ever lives at the right hand of God to pray for us).
  5. Presence – When you go through the fire, it will not burn you (only refine you). Even though you walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will be with you.

His word tells us; Psalms 68:5

5 A father to the fatherless, a defender of widows, is God in his holy dwelling.


Parable of this eternal father is found in Luke 15:11-31. A few points to note:

  • The father was the constant. The main character in the story is dad. He made all the difference – He is the rock! He is loving, caring, freeing and redemptive. He is a true dad. He represents God the Father.
  • Younger son (prodigal) decided to go have fun until famine struck. When he came to his senses, he remembered dad. Home is being in a good relationship with dad. (Hell here on earth, and hell fire, is basically a fatherless existence. Separation with dad invites trouble – as it was with Adam, Israel…)
  • The highlight of the story is reconciliation with dad. True life begins when we come back to our heavenly father. When we get home, we are not servants, but sons who qualify for inheritance. We get several things: embrace – an expression of unconditional love and acceptance, ring – sense of belonging and authority to be a son, robes – covering of shame and restoration of dignity, sandals – protection from wounds, and a party – celebration and deep joy in a loving community.
  • Older son had issues too – an attitude of entitlement, boredom of being at home and doing the right thing, jealous of the latecomer. Many of us have been around dad for years, but we have missed the adventure of the relationship.
  • Verse 31: The promise of the father is twofold: his presence and inheritance. My son, you are always with me, and everything I have is yours. Yours for a mission, to make a story.


Who is your daddy? Who do you look like, and connect with?

God longs to walk with you and give you a place in a larger story.


For you did not receive a spirit that makes you a slave again to fear, but you received the Spirit of son-ship. And by him we cry, “Abba, Father.” The Spirit himself testifies with our spirit that we are God’s children. Now, if we are children, then we are heirs – heirs of God and co-heirs with Christ, if indeed we share in his sufferings in order that we may also share in his glory.


Romans 8:15-17. Verse 19 says:

The creation waits in eager expectation for the sons of God to be revealed.


God as a father calls you out, takes you on a journey and gives you your true name. He called out Abraham, gave him a new name and took him on the most exciting journey of faith. He wants to call you out – out of the boredom of being home and safe. You were not saved to live a safe life – there is a dangerous mission God has for you. The firstborn son needed to allow himself to be fathered. Some of us have been at the place of this son. Settled, bored – no exploits. Nothing much to shoe for who you are named after. Comfortable with sin and things that are contrary to the values of home. Walking in weakness in the midst of power. Are you an ignorant son?

When will you start to exercise your rights of victory, power, strength, joy, and glory?

God will father you by giving you his DNA (character) and POWER. God will open doors for you. He will lead you into your mission! As a dad, he will heal you when you are wounded. He will work on your character through trials and tests. (Abraham, Joseph, Moses, Job) He will test you on finances, on submission, on morality and perseverance. Are you ready to live like a son?


Where are you in your walk with dad? Some of us need to get back home. Others need to seek him for the mission he has for us. Others need to stop living bored lives and remember that as sons we have everything you need for a great life. You are equipped to walk as the son of God. God is calling us to do 2 things:


  1. Return – we need to go back home/in to a great relationship with dad. That takes confessing our sins and turning away from them. Quit cheap living and hide and seek games with dad.
  2. Relate – let us go into a season of seeking God in prayer. Let us awaken a desire to experience God and his power. Let us join Paul in saying: I want to know him and the power of his resurrection. We need to have adventure with God as we enjoy all his benefits and privileges. OMBI class is about to do a 21 day fast. What if we joined them to seek God for his presence?

God is raising us to change the city, take the continent and win the world. It is going to take more than being professionals. Our brains or productions wont hack it. What defines a church is the presence of dad – his character and power. Without that, we are an experiment about to flop.

Let us arise, return home and get down to relating fervently with our God. Will we let God father us?

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35 Responses to “Fathered By God”

  1. HEH! This month has been a blessing and a challenge all rolled up in one. I was raised by a single mum and I have a child who lives with the mum…amazing how the statistics can work against you…this was particularly painful, to realize I fit the profile of those who’s lives are astray because of past unfilled voids…Anyway I am trying as best I can to be a good dad to my child whom I consider a big blessing because non of us is here by accident. Question is can I be a good Dad even though I don’t live with my kid. Does being a good Dad mean I marry the mother even though my heart is not convinced this is a good idea? What can I do to fill the void of not being in the child’s life everyday because I wouldn’t this kid to make the mistakes I made and fall into the same statistic as I did.


    • @ Chosen, I applaud your desire to be a good dad to ur child even though you’re not married to his/her mum. Approach the mum and agree on time you can spend alone with your child. Build a relationship with your child, assure your child you love him/her, be consistently there for them. And of course, contribute financially & materially to the upbringing of your child. They will grow up knowing their father loved them, was there for them and provided for them. God bless you.


  2. today the surmon was grezat. keep up pastopr S


  3. Hi pastor S,your surmon this month was just out of this world,am a single mum of 1,her father has not seen her for 3 and a half years,he came back recently and she was really happy that her dad was coming,she prepared herself at 10am so that she can be picked to see her dad,she stood at the gate from that time waiting,going back to the house to call me wheather she is going to be picked up,i told her to be patient,when i came back from work she said i dint tell her the trueth about her dad coming,while the dad kept calling that he is coming,i cryed for her coz i know how important he is to her,but from the look of things its like she is not important to him,his world comes first above anyone,to cut the long story short he came to pick her at 8pm,and returned her at 1am coz he was going out with his friends,i looked at him then i concluded that some fathers dont appreciate their children,today i cryed throughout the service i eventually told God to be the father to my baby.i just need to be strong as a mum and i know God will bless me with a man who will be father figure to my baby and a reall and caring man to me,thanks pastor S,plz plz plz include me in your prayer


  4. hi,

    how soon can i get the cd of project daddy? i need to buy for someone who needs it more than i do. kindly advice. thank you


  5. Zion Daughter Says:

    Hey Pastor S. The Sunday sermon was awesome and a blessing. I have finished my degree,higher dip in HR& currently persuing my masters yet still jobless. Nevertheless,God has been my provider,my protector,prophet & priest, people say i exhibit +ve energies that you wouldnt tell am jobless but just as you choose to let God work on you and let Him take cntrl over your life, i have done the same and He gives me hope every morning.
    God Bless.


  6. Church was so humbling for me this Sunday.Listening to the very practical sermon,sharing with my neighbor,the amazing song Neema sang that connected deeply with the message..even buying gifts for my family at the Harvest Fair all worked out great! The personal touch added by the Pastor made the notion of being Fathered by God come alive. Having lost my dad when I was very young,growing up riduculed by adults and some kids too was tough.While mum did a truly wonderful job raising us,I acknowledge now God surely needs to Father me as only He our Eternal Father can.Throughout the month and even during Mizizi I have been able to relate with folk who have confidentially shared their father wounds within the group.Indeed our brotherhood suffer the same sufferings.Thank you Mavuno,this series is life changing.


  7. Simply Me... Says:

    @M.K.O – Ouch! I must admit having felt your daughter’s pain. I’m a Dad myself and just pictured doing such a thing to my son and it tore me to pieces. This is what I call taking advantage of a child’s innocence. By virtue of him coming to pick her at 8pm and bringing her back at 1am (this after 3 and a half years of disappearance) is in itself abuse of a child’s rights (in my opinion).

    I can’t help but wonder where one would take an obviously upset and naturally sleepy child (happens when they cry a lot) at 8pm. That’s why I say it’s abusive.

    There indeed are many fathers (by virtue of the sperm, which any man can do) but very few Dads. I challenge my fellow men-folk out there, choose ye this day which one you are.

    I feel your pain and will stand with you in prayer for God’s intervention. It shall be well.


  8. What a Blessing! Says:

    This sermon series has been great Pastor S especially just getting the different roles a man plays in society – provider etc.

    I have had both a passive mum & dad so have just learnt to love myself the best way i know how.

    had a chat with my dad the other day just to find out he doesn’t believe in God, heaven, hell etc.

    It’s interesting & yet the dad was a pastor. Maybe he was a fake coz he was a lousy man.

    Anyhoo, hopefully one of these days, i will relate with God as expected & maybe my mum & dad will be that someday.

    Until then, we trudge on.

    PS: It’s SO cool how God has spoilt you; i have yearned for that a long time. Maybe He’ll be kind enough to send me a message in the sky as well- I love the Sky.

    God bless you all.

    For the IT team, can you look into doing an MP3 download for sermons. It’s faster & doesn’t need buffering.



    • King'ori J. Maina Says:


      So followed through with your request for the audio…check the blog post there should be a audio widget which will allow you to play the audio right from the blog without necessarily downloading it…then there is a link above it to download the audio…

      For your convenience I’ll just make this the link to the audio. Enjoy 🙂


  9. Pst S, may God bless you! Wah!!! Jana’s sermon was beyond amazing. I personally felt like God was talking to me!!! Calling me to greatness, showing me what He longs to do for me!! Heh! I could totally feel Pst Linda & Pst Carol having to stand up through the sermon! May God continue to use you to teach and bless His children. I look forward to being Fathered by God!

    One question – last Sunday you had promised in the next sermon to tell us more about the program you are running for teen/college boys through Transform Kenya but I never heard you mention it yesterday. How can I get more information about it? I really need to have my nephew enrolled.


    • Thanks for showing concern for the people in your life and for the desire to be part of the change. For more information on how you can partner with Transform Kenya please pay us a visit at our offices or contact situated at:

      The Navigators, Along Kindaruma Road,
      Kamburu Drive, off Ngong Road.
      EMAIL: info@transformkenya.com
      CELL: 0723-457645
      Landline: 020-2525635

      God bless.


  10. How soon will the CDs for this series be out Media Team? Will there be a DVD?


  11. prayer counsellor Says:

    My dear that was ouch! A child needs love n protection… That kind of a relationship is very unhealthy to the child. You have a Dad in heaven who is adorable and wants to have a great relationship with you n the baby. He is the God of mankind, isanything too difficult for him?may God give you strength n wisdom as you nuture this baby.I am a mother n i can only imagine! God is seated at the throne. Will pray for you my sister!!teach your child in the ways of the lord n they will never depart from it. God bless!


  12. This series has been such a blessing to me, i am a daughter of a passive father and up to now am still praying for his words of approval or encouragement and love. I have spoken to mother about it and it boils down to the fact that they are from a different generation. Am glad that i have a heavenly father who will continue to provide and protect me.Please pray for me, that God my renew my heart.


  13. Pastor S,
    Your sermon was just timam. I loved your testimonies and it has challenged me to invest in the kingdom of God. The Lord Almighty has been so faithful to me and I have every reason to thank him. Since I hit the turning point from my porn and masturbation addiction, God has been more than a dad to me in all ways, with specific revivals in calling to serve Him. I am a recovering addict in the Lord and my dad on earth is proud of my boldness. I am a role model to many, a mentor to a few and a future husband to one. I am being mentored in GT by brave men of God. And as the phrase goes “Men of GT what is your profession?” I say, fathering this wanting nation in prayer.

    Nice work on the Sermon notes, Audio and Video. They are really helping guys who miss out due to other commitments and also review during Lifegroup.


    • Ashamed Sinner Says:

      Always encouraged by your meekness and testimony may God continue anointing you. Just to keep you updated i have been praying and fasting for guys and chicks that are held captive by lust its a struggle but i am where i am in the escape journey of this addiction (porn and masturbation) because someone prayed for me….i will do the same for others…Stand in the Gap…..a few things God has been teaching me..
      1. pray and fast
      2. don’t be idle get involved in activities
      3. the power of worship

      Once again thanks I stopped hope to know you one day.


  14. Millionaire Says:

    Am one blessed man today.

    Thank you pst. Simon for the words of life that God uses you to speak to many of us. Am now ready to take the world for God! Listening to your adventures with God stirred me up to raise my level of faith. And i know that God has a destiny for me and for each one of us.If only we would be radical enough to step out of what we have always known! This is what i choose to do today; to go all out for God and impact this dark world with his goodness and love.

    May God over flow your cup my friend. You are a blessing to this generation and may you and your family always be blessed and watched over by the Lord.


  15. Make a Difference by Being Different
    by Rick Warren

    God saw that human evil was out of control. People thought evil, imagined evil
    evil, evil, evil from morning to night. God was sorry that he had made the human
    race in the first place; it broke his heart. … But Noah was different. God liked
    what he saw in Noah. Genesis 6:5-6, 8 (MSG)
    “You cannot be all God wants you to be and fit in with everybody else. ”
    There are four specific pitfalls you will face over your Decade of Destiny as
    you work toward the goals God gives you: cultural distractions, voices of doubt,
    tempting shortcuts and discouraging delays. All four of these pitfalls are
    present in the life of Noah and we can learn from him how to handle these tests.
    The first test is cultural distraction. What I’m talking are the things that
    happen around us that keep us from going after our God-given dreams. For
    instance —
    * The distraction of popularity — If you are always worried about what other
    people think, you will be distracted from your destiny.
    * The distraction of pleasure – It’s okay to have fun and feel comfort, but if
    that’s the primary focus of your life, you will never fulfill your destiny.
    * The distraction of profits — There is nothing wrong with making a profit.
    The Bible says God blesses us when we do business wisely and honestly, but it
    also says you cannot serve both God and money. Making a profit cannot be the
    primary focus of your life.
    * The distraction of possessions — Judging your success by how much stuff you
    own will keep you concerned about keeping things and maintaining things. You
    could spend your whole life committed to things and miss the purpose, the plan
    and the destiny of your life.
    If you intend to do anything significant with your life, it’s going to be in
    spite of culture rather than because of the culture. Everything in our culture
    tempts you into short-term thinking. Most of us are not thinking in terms of the
    next ten years; we’re not even thinking about next year or next month. We think
    about today.
    And I know I’m stretching you to suggest you to think ten years ahead, but as
    we noted yesterday, “The wise man looks ahead.” (Proverbs 14:8a TLB)

    The antidote to cultural distractions is this: you must dare to be different
    from others. If you are going to reach your dream in the next decade, if you
    are going to fulfill your destiny, if you are going to accomplish your goals and
    see your vision become reality, you are going to have to dare to be different
    from others.
    And until you settle this issue, you will never fulfill your destiny because you
    cannot make a difference without being different. You cannot be all God wants
    you to be and fit in with everybody else.
    Noah was different. God liked what he saw in Noah. Everything was headed toward
    destruction, but two words changed history — “but Noah.” That’s the power of
    one person. That’s the power of just one individual. That’s the power you have
    in your life when you decide to be different and follow the commands of Jesus.
    Pray — God, I admit a lot of times I’ve worried about what other people thought
    more than I’ve thought about doing the right thing. As I face this new decade,
    I want to dare to be different from others. I want to be a pleasure to you. I
    want to be different so I can make a difference.


  16. who am i? Says:

    i have just browsed through the sermons and am really waiting for the cds to come out so i can get them and sit down and just be taught by pastor S.
    ive also been reading this book and to be honest i need peoples opinion on what they think if anyone of you bloggers have ever read the book or heard of it… and to be quite honestly put is this guy for God or against. firstly i want to say i really agree with most of what he says but am quite scared to actually think this is what it’s meant to be… anyway the book is called CONVERSATIONS WITH GOD! AN UNCOMMON DIALOGUE!!
    its contraversial but i think that what he says really ties in with this series!!
    anyway iam really looking forward to hearing from anyone who has read it or heard about it .


  17. thekenyannutcase Says:

    was blessed by Pst Richard’s sermon on Fathered by God, it was just as if i was at the dome.and the worship!!!!wah!!!!deadly!deadly!deadly!that Tony guy is such a sport 🙂




    Praise be to God! Thanks for the powerful summon. Just by listening to you preach, I got present to the fact that my father did not call me out for the things that he wanted to see me become. He never told me that he loved me or even hugged me, at least I can’t remember any of that, and I never got to know him very well. Coz he was based in the city and I was brought up in the village and when he retired he came home and I was still in school, but still not close to him. And all I remember was my Mother taking up the role of a home maker and she was the one running the home. Nevertheless I believe he cared for me and had good intentions.

    Am in my thirties and STILL SINGLE but not a confident woman especially when am around people, and I was once told that people consider that as immaturity and being backward. (One of my aunties the late never got married, so the rest of the family members are worried that I might follow suit since all my sisters got married in their early twenties). I know deep down in my heart that I am a confident and powerful woman of God but most of the time it is not manifested in the outside. Because when am around people I don’t always portray/ appear as confident, fear always takes over and I get confused/ struggle even in my speech thus most people find me shy (I hate that experience coz I know that is not the real me). I also at some point stayed with my close relatives who really put me down, rejected me, were hostile to me and told me all manner of bad things about me and my future. As a result of that I became bitter, withdrawn and resentful. When I moved out and started staying on my own I became so closed, none them know where I live. This to some extent has affected the way I relate to people i.e. my relationships, I want to completely overcome this fear from the roots and come out as that powerful woman God has called me to be. Both my parents died a few years back and I got affected big time, I don’t talk about it or share , this is my first time am sharing this information.

    I choose not to focus so much on this but am just acknowledging what’s so. Coz I have been in denial and not willing to address issues that are deep inside, until you started the summon Project Dad. I choose not to blame my parents/ relatives and I don’t want my past to haunt or determine my future. Am in tears yet strong. It is not easy waiting on God! But am encouraged that He is able. Though I find myself wanting to give up, especially when I think about my struggles career wise, with fear/ lack of confidence and prolonged singlehood and the way am approached by hot men (who are not believers), and they are so loving! Hey! For how long am I going to wait? For how long will I live in defeat? God help me!

    Please pray for me to BE and come out as that Powerful woman God has called me to be. I believe that God (My father in heaven) wants to raise me to greatness regardless of my circumstances/ background. ( Wa la la la ….Am shocked that I was able to share this information freely without holding back)


  19. Dad in need Says:

    May the good Lord bless u pst S. Sunday sermon really challeged me to arise n be the dad my son would be proud of by being the Provider, Protector, Prophet, Priest and even more make him have a Quality active pressence of his dad. Its a challege with the present working conditions but i desire to do it sacrificially. I wish to charge us men to know that we hold the future of our kids or better said the young to call them out to who they are by Gods design. I need Gods strength to rise above the normal n b who God intends of me, i have been prodigal in some aspects of my life n do trust God with me to overcome, God bless yuo Pst. S n long live Mavuno to conguer the world.


  20. Yea and Amen Says:



  21. prayer counsellor Says:

    my dear..HOLDING ON IN TEARS, God is able. This is a turning point for you as you shared. You have been thro alot. Let go n let God!..trust in the lord with all your heart n lean not on your own understanding. He is God… No eye has seen,no ear has heard,no mind has conceived what God has prepared for those who love him. Pray and cancel any bondage over your life. Do OMBI and your life will never be the same again!God bless. Will pray for you.


  22. Hey Pst. S, thanx u so much- u r the greatest gift. Imagine this week on tuesday, in my sleep, i heard someone call my name n when i responded, i just saw the words ‘faith’ and ‘no doubt’. Am hoping that it’s Him who has began 2 talk 2 me, and am looking forward with grace and confidence, to trust n obey. Much blessings.


  23. The Real GM Says:

    Pastor S, that sermon was really awesome. I was practically sitting at the edge of my seat. I thank God for the good work he is doing in you and the many ways he has used you to call us out to be great Christians.

    I long for the day I will have such an intimate relationship with God, really to be fathered by God. For now, I am continuously seeking him and hoping that my place in His purpose will be made clear. Thanks and keep up the good work!!!


  24. Wacu Nyakio Says:


    The sermons have been tough for me. They have brought back much pain from memories of my relationship with my now deceased father. Even more significant is this: I am a single mother to a boy of 11 years. I was deeply saddened by all the things that Pst Simon cited regarding children from fatherless homes. What?????????

    I have suffered many, deep and extremely painful consequences of being raised by an abusive father. Will my son now suffer other ills because of the absence of a father? When does this cycle stop?

    On a more positive note, I suppose that God has began something… I have suffered something very shameful though out my life. At my age, nearly 40 years, I still have incontinence (bed wetting). This is the main reason I decided not to get married. According to the doctors, nothing is physically wrong with me. They suppose that it is a consequence of trauma… which I place squarely on my father….

    One of the Sundays when Pst S preached on the father blessing, I sat there in silent anguish and prayed for healing. I asked God to heal my heart and my body. Two weeks now, I have had dry nights – and days.

    Could it be?
    Could I be healed of this shame just like that? I am afraid to believe.



  25. who am i? Says:

    @ wacu……yes believe…..by his stripes you have been healed and you know what you so should receive it…. stay blessed will be praying with you for God to continue the work he has started in you….. wow..am priviledged to be able to read this blogs and know that am not alone… ive had massive father wounds and my relationship with my dad was one of love and hate….mostly from my side though when i look back. i know he loved me the best he knew how which when i was growing up i did’nt think was much… my dad was a good man, a man who looked after all his children and loved us so much and even though he had his faults which i concentrated on when i was growing up… i look back and think wow he did do a good job and but i also think he lost hope for his own happiness at some point in his life. he died of AIDS this was as a direct result of sleeping with endless women after my mum died…. i think when i look back he was searching for that woman who would replace my lovely mum but he just met women who were intrested in him for his money! he married alot to our best count i think we got to atleast 10 times … and this to a child is so confusing..every year or two we had a new stepmother…new set of rules to grapple with… and the jealously …gosh this women presented themselves as good women when they were being courted pretended to like children etc…but as soon as they were settled they turned and we became burdens to them on one hand i cant blame them..i mean who takes up 7-8 children who are not hers i mean even i will find that hard but i just felt like gosh you knew this man had children but you still went ahead and got married to him… now where do u want us to go?..this really has created alot of hurt in my life which am finding hard to move away from….
    1) i dont trust people easily i just think yes u are nice now when are you gonna turn so consiquently it takes me forever..u must really prove yourself
    2) i cant sustain relationships whether with the opposite sex…. or even just with my friends…
    3) i blame myself for everyone else’s mistakes…wrongs… etc and inturn this makes me annoyed and i loose patience quite quickly
    4) i cant even receive from God i dont know how to receive or even to give for that matter ….
    5) i have massive issues letting go…. big time….
    6) i have a very very low self esteem and so does the rest of my brothers and sisters……. and it manifests in all of us in different ways!
    7) i
    blow up the littlest of things and play it in my mind over and over again trying to see what i could have done differently esp if i wrong or upset someone …but to be honest i avoid upsetting people… i try to pretend to do what pple expect of me so i dont upset them… that ‘s how i was brought up…..
    8) i have had issues with my sexuality… not sure now..i feel am letting God into that part of my life ……. but have had massive issues with masturbation!
    9)i dont know how to love myself i was taught from a very young age that who i was was not good enough…so u can imagine…i always want to be smeone else……. always…never myself
    10) i have had suicidal tendancies…… depression and anxiety..panic attacks and self loating……massive…

    the irony is all those who know me…if they read this would not think this is me….i present as the complete opposite of this….. but inside am a shell… but to be honest God is at work…… and i thank him for where i am…

    i also think as christians we should help each other alot more… i feel pple have a way of judging that keeps others from really revealing there struggles….. we need to love pple no matter what you might think…sometimes it’s hard but you dont know where that person is in there journey… a helping hand at all times is welcomed…

    thank you pst S… u are truly a man after God’s own heart….keep up the good work…and thanks to mavuno a church that truly wants to help us to fearlessly influence …….


  26. The last one month at Mavuno Church has been an edifying, wonderful journey of self-discovery as Pastor Mbevi took the congregation systematically through the odyssey of project DAD. His no holds barred challenge to our men has caused us to reflect and effect serious personal introspection as to the true role of a true and responsible Dad. Indeed he knowingly or unwittingly challenged the women to their true roles of assisting their men achieve maximum potential in this noble objective.
    Many of us were saddened when at the final discussion held on 7th November 2010 none of the four participants had anything positive to say about their Dads. It was a terrible indictment on the level of parenting generally in this country and a wake-up call to all those now married or intending to wed. In the words of Dr. Myles Monroe, “The inherent purpose of men is fatherhood. It is his calling to reflect the creative and cultivating nature of God.” In the Book of Genesis God gave man dominion over all other creatures and plants on earth. In this awesome responsibility man was placed above all creation and was placed notches above all other animals. He was bestowed with the knowledge of good and evil, the freedom of choice and a clear understanding of his own mortality i.e. life and death. Man expresses emotion, experiences love, joy, laughter and bereavement. Man was created with both a soul and a conscience. All other animals were denied. Upon placing man on this pedestal, God expects man to conduct his affairs differently and at a higher intellectual scale than other animals.
    Consequently man is expected to nurture, provide, support and teach and pass on certain skills to his progeny. This can only be achieved through present and active parenting. As matters currently stand many men have abdicated their parental role by being passive or altogether absent. Were it not for the grace of our womenfolk who remained to care for children we would possibly be having feral children running around our forests by now.
    Pastor Mbevi’s is a rallying call to all mankind to return to responsibility, civility and to respond to humanity. Man was not created to be a mere sperm donor otherwise we would have been placed lower on the development scale. Man is Gods’ greatest creation molded in his own image, a true masterpiece. That he has strayed so far from the Creators’ intention is a betrayal of both God and man. Pastor Mbevi is exhorting men to make a major contribution to the health of Kenyan society by caring for children and producing a new generation of Kenyans for whom men will be significant for their positive presence rather than by their absence or abuse. It is a Godly call to humanity and civilization. Now that the seed has been planted in our congregation let us resolve to spread it within and beyond our borders.
    DAUDI MWENDA. P.O.BOX 24943-00502 NAIROBI. CELL: 0722 154 722


  27. @ Who am I? Am really touched by your blog and indeed christians tend to judge people so fast that guys can never really be themselves. I like that you brought this up and i pray that God will help you in your journey of healing. He will make a way for you, atleast your already realizing that there’s a problem and your facing it/ them. All the best with that.

    At Wacu, am so happy for you that you got to be healed, who knows maybe now God is preparing your man for you, if the disorder is the only thing that was stopping you from getting married, now you may also get your man! All the best too.

    Pastor S, May God keep granting you his word to share with us, its very enriching. Be blessed y’all!


  28. Pastor S,
    Last month’s series was very apt.In the sense that it brought to bear to me, how blessed and fortunate I (and my siblings) am.As I look at the 5Ps, I see how my daddy fulfilled all these without consciously knowing that they were there.
    Allow me to share abit about my Dad.Dad is an oprhan,his dad, my gransfather died before daddy was born and his mum while dad was still breasfeeding.He was raised by many people, most were actually unkind but he had a few who had kind hearts.Fast forward to when he and mum met and decided to start a family-he has always been in my life(I am the first born of 3),they made a conscoius effort to keep the family together and whenever daddy changed jobs, we all moved together I remember in standard 8 we moved in 2nd term! Earlier when I was 3 years old, dad left to pursue his PHD abroad and since this was precellphone,preemail, pre-chat,pre-skype etc, he wrote us snail mail, but my favourite part was when we would get a package from him.This was because invariably there would be a cassette in it, with a recording of him speaking to each of us-it was like he was right there with us, and we would sing, talk into another and mail it to him.
    Dad is the one who told my sis and I about boys-for real.When I moved out of home, he would make sure we went by the place I intended to move at night in order to confirm that the path leading to the house was well lit, and safe-he made sure I was safe.
    Daddy has always verbalised his love for me-saying ‘I love you’ hasnt been rare and I think even as we have grown older, he says it more!
    Speaking blessing, believing in us, even when we didnt, that is daddy.I recall fondly last christmas, on Boxing day, as we were chatting after breakfast, he got up, got some oil, and blessed all of us, speaking specific blessings over each of us! it was very amazing and humbling and overwhelming.

    I could go on and on about daddy.He has his faults but from where I sit and what I have heard from other people, I am indeed very blessed and I am sure there are other people in Mavuno who have wonderful dads.
    Keep preaching the word as the Lord lays it on your heart to do so.
    Baraka mingi sana.


    • I hear you Mwikali.Your story is positive. I also had a wonderful dad who was there for us through thick and thin .I loved him so much-(he passed on 2 years ago).He cared,provided,protected and educated us.that was in addition to instilling alot of discipline in us.

      He denied himself to look after us.I thank God for letting him live till all of us had cleared university and colleges. Meanwhile Mwikali let your dad also know that u love and appreciate him for his efforts.Do all you can to support him while he is still around.


  29. Sad, sad, sad! Says:

    There are no good men out their. My dad was so cold to me. Always hurting me and telling me how incompetent i a am in everything. He made me feel like filth. N so i got pregnant n got a son. He is 4. His father, never seen him since i got pregnant. Have dated a few n all they wanted was sex. The only one who was serious proved to be diffrent, was so diffrent n now has been aloof from me. My son makes up stories of a dad he does not know. That just saddens me. as for God, he has just bin distant.


  30. Sad, sad, sad! Says:

    I can live with the pain. But my son, my precious son!! Pray for him. Please pray for him. That God will give him the joy of life. The peace. Pray for me that he who is above will come to my rescue to this fatherless soul.


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