Aren’t All Religions The Same?

Religion =  a system of attitudes, beliefs, and practices through which humans search for a Supreme Being or some Higher Reality that will help them control the unknown and give ultimate meaning to life

Matt.11:28-30Come to me all you who are weary and burdened and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy and my burden is light.

The Problem With Religion

1. It’s hard to sustain
2. It gives no guarantees
3. It doesn’t satisfy

Give up on religion, try relationship!

Please post your comments/responses to Sunday’s sermon. Have a great week!


25 Responses to “Aren’t All Religions The Same?”

  1. I was thinking as Pst. M taught when he said that it sounds arrogant of Jesus saying he’s the only way – and it does! Well, it’s arrogant if he’s saying of what he’s offering if you consider it as another religion and he’s comparing his way to other religions. You can only sound arrogant if you’re comparing yourself with others like yourself.

    But as Pst. M said, he didn’t bring a religion, he brought back a relationship and a Kingdom (rulership through relationship) – Gen 1:26;Gen 6:3;Matt. 4:17.

    So you can’t say it’s arrogant cos from his perspective, he aint comparing what he’s offering to a religion.

    As far as I know, he’s the only one who claimed to be bringing a Kingdom from heaven back to earth – so since he’s the only one on that field… so he could say he’s the only way 🙂 – he aint pitting himself against any other ‘religion’!

    In fact, he LOVED people of other ‘religions’ – the romans were pagans yet he healed their sick, the samaritans had different religious thoughts yet he healed the samaritan woman’s daughter. In fact one time his disciples wanted to call fire down from heaven to consume some guys who were against him cos he was going to Jerusalem, Jesus sternly rebuked his disciples (Luke 9:50-54)! So as far as Jesus is concerned we should equally love the rastafarian, the muslim, the monk, or any person of any religion – atheist, monotheist, polytheist…. Matter of fact Jesus ate with and spent most of his time with sinners and never rebuked them..

    Just my two cents and random thoughts :)…think about it

    Brilliant one Pst. M! You blessed like crazy man


  2. been there Says:

    Dear Pastor M,
    Hats off and Glory to God. The topic on other religions was hard. You tackled it in way I had never thought!!
    I enjoyed it real big. I realised I do not need to defend God to other religions. He can defend himself and it is alright to say ‘I do not know’.
    I was all in agreement with you except when you said Your wife would forgive you if you were to be unfaithful to her!! You know what, for once I almost shouted in church to let you know that you have no idea what you are talking about!! Pasi I have been betrayed by my Hubby!! The pain of unfaithfullness is worse than the pain of death of a closely loved one. We were at the verge of divorce. We are now back together( a mavuno story right there), lakini there is nothing as tormenting as when trying to be intimate with my spouse and all I see is images of the other woman!! Not even your spouse would understand ‘this private hell’!!! You see unfaithfullness brings out a side even the victim did not know ever existed in them!! May be Carol would forgive you but the healing journey is a riddle which only those who have gone through unfaithfullness can only understand. I pray for the purity of your marriage. I pray that the lord keeps you and Carol faithfull to each other. And hey were she to cheat on you, would you forgive her? For real, and please dont tell me the pasto answer that you would. I mean for real!! But ukweli, you never know until it happens!! so lets pray that It never happens. I would never wish Unfaithfullness to anyone, NOT EVEN THE WOMAN MY HUSBAND WAS INVOLVED WITH. AND I DO MEAN THAT.
    God bless.


    • Dear been there

      Am happy that you enjoyed last sunday’s sermon. I also enjoyed it very much. Thank God for giving grace to Pst M to delver on such a hard topic and also thanks to Pst M for faithfully delvering it. I am sorry that your husband was unfaithful to you.I am not married yet but i believe it must be really really painful for smone you love to cheat on you and I also would not like something like that to happen to me or myself to do that to smone I love and who loves me.
      But Lemme defend the Pastor here. I think you missed the point when he gave the example.He was drawing a parallel to those who are afraid that if there is freedom in church without strict rules like dressing, people will fall into sin knowing that God will still forgive them. He was showing that once you are in a love relationship with christ you obey him out of love and not rules and you would not want to do anything that would hurt him or jeopardise the relationship because of the understanding of how much he has done for you. You will obey him even if you know that he would still accept you if you don’t because of the loving relationship you have.
      I think the example inadvertently triggered memories of your hubby’s unfaithfulness and the pain it caused you and got you derailed from the main point of the example.
      If your husband had trully known how much you love him and how much pain he would cause you by cheating , most likely he would not have done so. That was the point of the example! If someone who doesn’t trully know Christ comes to know him and how much he loves him thru relationship, he would do his best not continue sinning because of this awareness.
      So pastor M was not WISHING UNFAITHFULNESS for his marriage.
      Thank you so much for praying for their marriage.
      I also pray and wish total healing for your marriage.


    • been there Says:

      Thanks A.M, I hear you and honestly I agreed with the point. Have you ever wondered why its only in time of unfaithfullness that God allowed Divorce? I bet even God knew the uphill almost impossible task. Bet for me and may be someone else is just not a very comfortable example. Tx


  3. Hi. I am new to church, its been about four months since I started believing in Jesus. Sunday’s sermon really helped in clearing questions and doubts I have had about Jesus. One of the main reasons I kept away from Jesus for so long is because I would see him through the lenses provided by religion and culture; and I could not accept that I could serve a God who was no different, to me, from the men who were oppressing people. Once I started seeing God as an almighty being who loves me and who is not represented by the religions around me, as in I do not have to go through a man or woman to get close to Him, then, God become more real to me. Hearing Sunday’s sermon was more confirmation that indeed, I am on the right track, that track of seeking a deeper, more meaningful relationship with my maker.
    Thanks and be blessed!


  4. That sermon was made and designed for me. In fact, during the week I had sought an appointment with Pastor M to get clarity and insight about where I am in my Mavuno walk. It turned out, even though he does not know it, that the appointment was at 12.30pm on Sunday.

    My stand has always been I am not a Christian if the rituals of the church, reading and memorizing scripture are what qualify me as one.

    In the spirit of being real I was asked to step aside from serving in ministry because of a belief issue. I have an awesome relationship with God. However, I do not believe in the divinity of Jesus Christ for myself. I admire the man that he was and acknowledge he was a historical figure. I aspire to be like him. I do not have a problem with others declaring their beliefs in JC or even other faiths. I even have couple of friends who are self confessed atheists. And they are some of the realest people I know.

    Mavuno indeed has accepted me as I am. I easily could have declared that I am “saved” for fear of being chucked out of church as I have done several times before In order to belong. I want to keep serving in ministry as I identify with the sermons, or lectures as I call them, and the Mavuno mission. It may not happen because of the belief thing and that would be ok. I have new insights to work with and certainly new questions and conversations.

    My take out on Sunday especially was that Jesus Christ was neither saved nor a Christian and most of all is that in my relationship with God I can just relax.

    I stood up during the altar call because I saw, accepted and confessed that I have created a religion in all the hard work and intellectualization I have put into my spiritual growth. I have done the sessions, the seminars, the written exercises, and I’ve even written book to boot. In and of themselves, they have been useful and effective spiritual aids. But I have used them as evidence of my ‘goodness’ and created a religion out of them. I still value personal growth, honesty, respect and justice. And I choose to live by them.

    Trust me I have come to expect a reward, recognition and acknowledgement for that.

    I must confess relaxing or trying to this week is REAL HARD WORK.


    • And now He clearly has a sense of humour.

      I started a new job on Monday and the first thing I heard when I got there was the community singing hymns. And then talk of Jesus and and my perceived religousity all day long.

      I have declared that I will keep an open mind (after all the confession was mine not theirs or anyone else’s for that matter) and given a real situation in which to see how much of that declaration, I mean.

      I have survived week one. Certainly not by my strength but for His grace.



    • @ Vindicated; a close examination shows that the single issue that non-Christians have with Christianity is on the Person and Deity of the Jesus. Its a question that seems to have also troubled many during His time on earth as evidenced by the question He asks the disciples ‘ Who do people say I am/ Who do you say I am’ in Mark 8:27.

      A major human failure is to try and quantify God based on human understanding and reasoning. This then makes it impossible for one to realize that God is One and He exists in Three Persons (the Trinity). I shall try and give a simplistic comparative explanation of how to view God and understand the Trinity; In Kenya we have a constitutional office called the President of the Republic of Kenya, now the constitution defines some of the major duties/roles/functions of the President as Head of State, Head of Government and Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces. Now when President Kibaki is addressing the Nation, he is doing so as the person of Head of State (and not Head of Govt/C-in-C), when he is presiding over Cabinet its as the person of Head of Government and when he is commissioning cadets at Lanet its as the person of Commander in Chief. Once again this is very simplistic but just an illustration to get a basic understanding of God.

      Now, justify all you want but the truth is, one cannot claim to have an ‘awesome relationship with God’ and yet deny Christ as God…unfortunately the ‘God’ you have a relationship with is not the God of the Bible. Sorry that it sounds harsh but that’s the plain truth and my prayer is that the one true and living God (who is also Jesus Christ) will reveal Himself to you.

      Click on this link (and website) to further give light on who Jesus is;-


    • Thanks Dan Toro for sharing.

      And no, you were not harsh. trust me to get where I have gotten, I have confronted much more.

      Thankfully I have arrived at a place where my relationship to God needs no defending or justifying. It just is.


  5. Dear Pastor M is Jesus the only way to heaven?


    • @ Question,

      Thank you for your inquiry. The sermon on Sunday was very detailed about this issue. Please look for the sermon online if you were not able to attend the service. the sermon will help you answer that question i don’t think a blanket blog answer will do it justice. I pray that God will help you understand what he has to say to you.


    • If I may I respond,

      Fact: Our sin nature as flawed human beings keeps us from accessing heaven i.e. God is Holy and cannot even look at sin. BUT he loves the sinner, for all have sinned and fallen short of his glory; BUT He offers him/her redemption thru His grace. Not because we deserve it , but because His love is unfathomable and unconditional. Not because of anything we did but because of who He is..a loving God who does not want anyone to go to Hell.

      Fact: Our sin is waht judges us and all evidence points that our sin is what will keep us from heaven. But God in His mercy does not want anyone to go to hell. Hell was designed for the devil and his demons..BUT the devil wants company so he deceives us into thinking that we cannot make it…

      In light of this despair, there is hope, through God’s grace, God sent Jesus to die on a rugged cross for our sin. he was a gift, Like Pastor M. said , it is ‘done’, we don’t have to ‘do’ anything to earn that right except repent from our sin,and receive that free gift of salvation that cost God his own Son on the Cross. To me Jesus’ Blood on the cross is the ONLY bridge to God. He rose that we may rise with Him too.

      So my deduction: Yes He is..Jesus is the only one with the powere to forgive sin, He is the bridge between us and God because all our efforts to reach Him as as good as filthy rags. And inasmuch as we would wanna earn salvation, we cannot do it on our own..Righteousness comes after salvation, never before.

      That’s why I believe, the sermon was about stopping being ‘religious’ and pursuing that ‘relationship’ which can only be gotten thru Jesus Christ’ sacrifice for our sin.


    • Thanks Nina for making it clear HE IS THE ONLY WAY. Lets continue praying for our Muslim brothers and others who don’t know the message of the cross lest they go to a burning hell.


  6. Ashamed Sinner Says:

    Thanks Mavuno for your prayers, deliverance is taking place and God has been speaking to me through the bible. @I stopped i love your site and your passion. Thanks to all who stood in the gap for me (in fasting and in prayer), may the Lord increase you.


    • We thank God for that. God will continue showing himself strong in your life and you will make it for real. Keep pushing on we never say die. May God continue working amazingly in and through you.


    • Hey Ashamed Sinner,
      God promised that he will save many though my testimony and I know it is possible to get completely free from this bondage, you have to be on guard 24/7. My prayer to you is that you will never loose your passion and that prayer will be your lifestyle to tackle this issue from the inception of the thought.

      This body is just a vessel. God says our lifetime on earth is like a second to him, so in your one second please God with your all.

      Pastor M’s sermon was too on point, yes he will forgive you but it doesn’t give you permission to take advantage of him. Do it out of love and you will get complete healing Ashamed Sinner. God bless you and we will definitely continue to pray for you.


  7. Christine Says:

    You know I really felt this message coz I always wondered if God was only interested in Christians then why did He answer Muslims’ prayers as well and why are non Christians prosperous while many Christians aren’t. Relationship with God really is the only way to heaven. I get it now!


  8. Last born gal Says:

    I must say this was a particularly hard sermon for me. Not the overall topic but more of christians clothing themselves with so much dogma there is no evidence of Jesus. Having been saved ‘forever’ the ‘christian practices’ are part of me. It was hard to take a look at me and dig into whether I was doing because of the relationship or the religion!! I am still digesting 🙂


  9. Lovely sermon. Jesus said ‘Blessed/happy is anyone who is spiritually hungry, for their’s is the Kingdom of God’… not a religion!


  10. the power of relationship and the illustration of ps M and his wife left me feeling really overwhelmed. the love that exists in the power of relationship is one thing i will never fully understand. how an amazng God can still love me after all my unfaithfulness. eish i will neva understand that. and so evryday when i remember that amazing unconditional love, i fall on my knees and just give thanks to God for loving me even when i dont deserve it. the power of relationship brot me to complete brokeness for God.


  11. @ Pst M. The sermon was Ok. The only thing i found disconcerting was the idea of the tatoo ring. Maybe u should explore the possibilities of a wooden or beaded ring perhaps? Or just stay without?


  12. Hi,
    I was waiting for this sermon for quite a few weeks. When pastor started my heart started to beat, god he should not confuse the people.

    I born in a 90% Hindu nation where Christians are 2%, I can say very confidently that Christ is real and there is no other god in this world.

    Majority of non Christians, they worship there god out of fear, and they know it is not the real god and there god is one among the millions of god in this earth incl Christ and in the end they respect a Christians and also respect Christ, this shows they believe in Christ, the society which is tightly knitted makes them to fear.

    I know Christ is real and he speaks to us and we have tasted his love


  13. heeeehh!!!yaani dint i neeeeed that sermon…iv bin do blesd by the whole series this month i almst wish it cld strt up agen!!iv grown up in a chach tat is the epitomy of religious n iv fallen 4 it all n known no atha way bt this mnth iv strtd to ask God to transform me Himself,if my gud waks r js dirty old rags then who am i kiddin..n the transformation God style is permanent and real and heart changing..i know i will neva be the same again.its a slow painful process but im actually being trtansformd and learnin what rily mataz to God.Mavuno_thank u for allowing this to be a plc that people can get impacted by “God” yaani of all things..this could be any other blog about food or whatever but no,im onlyn blogging bout God.God bless the mavuno team abundantlyest!!!! 🙂


  14. Hi,
    Pastor S. Mbuvi’s sermon today was targeting me. I love my family very very much. I’m a protector, Provider and I try to be a priest most of the time. I have a daughter and expecting another. It has been challenging with my wife’s craves for food that’s not in the house especially Galitos Chicken and chips which happens at very odd times, including tonight. I always try to negotiate so I don’t leave the house but I feel guilty can’t sleep that I leave to get her to quench her crave. After your sermon today all this has changed! when she asked me today, just from my sunday afternoon power nap, I jumped from the bed got onto my car and drove there got her the chicken and chips and was back to the house served her and they ate with my daughter. I felt so good doing it with renewed energy for I realized when it comes to my family, I am the foundation and what I do today will determine the future of my family tomorrow. I don’t want to regret and everything you said about what you are to your family gave me so much passion to take care of mine. Thank you for I will not regret for I have taken my being a dad a notch higher. God bless you!



    I absolutely loved the sermon Pastor M.

    I also had a concern about the tatoo thing. 1st I woul like to say that we are called as we are ( 1st Cor.7:18-24) in brief If one was circumcised he is to remain that way, if one wasnt, he should remain that way, if one is a slave, he is to remain that way………….

    Where am I going with this U might ask……..well, Leviticus 19:28 says – You shall not make any cuttings in your flesh for the dead, nor tatoo any marks on you: I AM THE LORD.

    My take on the tatoo thing is, dont do it Pasi. God spoke the above words. People may argue that the above was from a different time and culture but note that they have nothing to do with Moses, God spoke these words. The ten commandments stand to date because they were God’s words.

    I also think that the first portion of scripture means that If you came to Christ with tatoos already on your body, then U dont have to remove them to be atoned as we are called as we are with all our imperfections. However, if you are already saved, then you shouldnt put tatoo marks on yourself because the Bible now becomes your reference. Please I implore U Pasi, stay without a ring or get an alternative for metal but dont put a tatoo.

    Aside from that, I loved the series and it put a stamp on my firm belief in following the Bible and living by it and not religion.


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