Why Are Christians Hypocrites?

Are there times you have seen hypocrisy in Christians? What did it look like?

Read Luke18:9-14

Hypocrisy: hy·poc·ri·sy [hi-pok-ruh-see] – A pretense of having a virtuous character, moral or religious beliefs or principles, etc., that one does not really possess.

In other words, a hypocrite is an imperfect person who is desperate to look good!

How do you spot a hypocrite;

  • Hypocrites have a high view of themselves and look down on everyone else
  • Hypocrites are blind to their own issues
  • Hypocrites miss out on the big picture

Why are so many Christians hypocrites?

  • Makes us feel better – to compare ourselves with others who are not doing as well as we are.
  • To protect ourselves – we fear what people would think if they really knew who we were on the inside and so we mask ourselves with spirituality.

What’s the antidote to hypocrisy?

  • Recognize my desperate need for God – The bible tells us that all are sinners and that even our best attempts at doing good are like filthy rags before God. The reality is many times even when we give to the poor, it’s so that we can feel better about ourselves or look good or impress God. A genuine Christian is an imperfect person who is desperate for God’s help.
  • Find a safe place to be real – Church is a place where God meets seeking people who are far from perfect. When we begin to focus on the masterpiece instead of the mud, we help each other become who God intended us to be! We’ll pray for you but we won’t try to fix you – that’s not our job! It’s God who fixes all of us.

We are all imperfect people. That’s not even debatable. But the real question is… are you desperate to look good or desperate for God’s help?


28 Responses to “Why Are Christians Hypocrites?”

  1. i love mavuno and i would just like to thank God for this great blessing. church is really meeting God and learning Him and being challenged to be real-deal christian.thank you for allowing yourselves to be used; you are transforming lives, really.


  2. After that sermon i sincerely felt so demoralized coz ive been a hypocryte at some point particularly when i prayed to God to come thru n he didnt so i slipped n became a “bad gal”! but there were times i didnt have an excuse…i simply msrepresented Him. is there a diffrnce btwn one who sins one time n then stops with one who continues to sin habitually for whatever reason. Are they both hypocrites? heh, this walk is tough…God help us.


  3. former pharisee Says:

    Yaani….you killed me. The message was so truthful cut so deep after service i had to ask my wife to pray for me, as I cried…Yaani i am wicked through and through-i may not have been a driinking hypocryte but my attitudes…I just saw my ugliness and my sins of motives….its like a bad inevitable trap-wither your super bad or super holy-who will save us from this prie nad insecurities-Yaani God help me. Even the good i do is so that people can say hallelujah-me…God help me!HELP ME! AND SAVE ME FROM MYSELF!!


  4. That sermon left me saying..Father,have mercy on me a sinner.
    Thanx pastor M for that sermon.


  5. It was a wonderful opportunity for me to attend that sermon.I have been absent from church for a while since i didnt think it caused me to change.I have been to church severally in the past and have felt like am still the same.Am not changing no matter how much i wish to or want to.I concluded that those who are doing great are the ones blessed with the 10 talents and i can never get there.I have asked myself so many questions about God and as much as i read the bible Life still doesnt make sense especially here in Africa.God bless pastor wanjau mureithii and the mavuno team for the great hope they are putting in us.I have joined mizizi and hope its my breakthrough


  6. I am confused at myself.After the sermon on Sunday i felt like a low life christian who just does stuff to look good to others & get standing ovations from life,so i made a conscious decision to change my ways immediately, but before i had even left the premises of church (like many times before) i compared myself to someone with my nose held up high thinking to myself “thank God am not like so & so”…what a hypocrite i am.Surely my battle with my thoughts of being so superior have to come to an end.All the good deeds i think i posses have put me to shame in the eyes of God seeing as i constantly look for glorification for myself.Dear Lord please forgive this great transgression on my side & i ask for mercy for myself as i am a sinner.Thanks Pastor M for reminding me that its a waste of time if i don’t have love for God & others.Its a constant struggle.May he have mercy.


  7. Disappointed Says:

    The message achived only played 15 minutes…very disappointing


  8. you helped me see clear things Pastor M. i have been searching for the deeeeep church and i think i messed up your church because of the imperfections i saw in me.
    Jesus said the works that i do, you shall do them also…i refused to acknowledge the power God has given us to heal the sick,raise the dead and stuff…
    i`m being more of a hypocrite by denying the commission to be fearless and do what Jesus gave us authority to do..
    i neeeeeed heeeelp,

    thank God, He is our present help in time of need.
    Thanks Pastor M for showing me the only perfect place is heaven….n i ain`t there yet!


  9. Let’s just say that I was thoroughly challenged.

    The word is true when it says “The entrance of your word brings light” and “Darkness and light cannot coexist, when light comes, darkness has to go”.

    This sermon was just like a massive search light shedding light on so many ways I had fallen into the hypocricy trap even without realizing – she’s such a subbtle enemy that one!

    Anyway, Now I’m learning everyday to be careful how I view others and realize that they are God’s very image… whatever size or shape that image comes wrapped up in. I pray God, helps me always see beyond the outward appearance and instead identify with his image and likeness.


  10. I love the quote that Pastor said (can’t remember the exact words) but that Gandhi would have become a Christian were it not for the Christians. I totally agree. I don’t know why we are the way we are. I was a very staunch Christian (I still am, a Christian tho not staunch) until I fell. Believe you me the first people to mete out judgement to me were, you guessed it, the Christians, who some were not even bold enough to tell me to my face but sent harsh sms’es through anonymous numbers and even quoted Bible verses. That’s when I realised, am alone in all this, so I quit whatever Christian activities I was involved in, even church, since after all why go and I can speak to God on my own? So I decided that I will live my life for God in whichever way I understand Him to want me to live it and were it not for my baby, I would never step inside another Church.
    I truly believe that Christians are the biggest hypocrites ever and if they took off their masks and looked closely in the mirror, they would realise that they are no different from the non-christians, and as Donnie McClurkin sang, ‘A Saint is just a sinner who fell down and got up’.

    Let’s remove the gigantic logs in our eyes before we go tyring to extract the little planks in other’s eyes.


  11. i only have only one challenge to mavunites after listening to sunday’s message; LIVE IN A WAY THAT MAKES OTHERS WANT TO KNOW JESUS.


    • Thanks miss M. for your comment above..
      Ni YESU pekee who should shine out of our lives. His Love manifesting all over our lives.. tho i`m finding it hard to do..
      how do i get out of this closet when i know i already have it (Rom5:5);yet working it out ,meeeeen!… is this where we should flow with the Holy Spirit regardless of how we feel, ama?


  12. thekenyannutcase Says:

    i once heard a response to the accusation that Christians are hypocrites that said “at least the hypocrite is closer to God than the unbeliever”. of course this is said with a sarcastic tone.

    i must say Pst M’s vulnerability just takes Christian realness to another level. if your Pst is that real, how can you fake your walk??thks Pst M. thks Mavuno for challenging me to be a better Christian


  13. wait!..hear me out Says:

    i have a view about this that i beg guys to just give me airtime.

    hypocrisy as we learnt on Sunday–is attempting to look perfect when you are nothing close to it. (let him without sin cast the first stone:).
    my point is this. Christians are not perfect. i have been a christian many years and have thought and done things that have ashamed the gospel. i know more than anyone else that i am unworthy of the calling on my life. i believe in confessing sin one to another–but i’m not sure of the benefit of telling everyone i meet my struggles?? so some would think me a pretender– but they simply don’t have meddling rights in my life!–i’m accountable to certain persons in my life, just not them.

    No one but God sees my struggle with my own sinful state, my stinking thinking and the things that i do, that i don’t want to do. the thing about Christianity is that God changes us bit by bit, it’s not overnight.

    this is really to say..let’s not judge one another, within the church or from the outside looking in.
    i dare say that if you’re not a christian because you think we’re a bunch of pretenders, you’re making excuses. you simply need to be honest with yourself.

    God is perfect, but he uses people who are less than perfect. i would even say that the guy in Pastor M’s sermon has some days when he does what is right. who knows how God convicted him of his behaviour or how he felt about it? who knows how much God may have changed him, since then??
    the important thing is to let God work in us and work on others without labelling them, because we ourselves badly need the mercy we’re depriving others of. he acted like a jerk, but we’re ALL imperfect people.


  14. just as i am Says:

    hey all,great stuff on the comments section.i was just wondering,because of some experiences i’ve had…is it really possible to ‘live like christians’ through willing oneself to do so? I ask because for the longest time there’s sin i had struggled with,with no good stories to tell.i had fallen and fallen hard.the only thing that kept me coming back to God was his amazing love and grace,and my girlfriend who has never given up on me.then one day it all went away.suddenly.like this sin no longer had any hold on me whatsoever.now,i’m not one to easily believe in supernatural events,but i have no other explanation but to say God rescued me.which makes me ask-are we really hypocrites or people who are just trying to follow Jesus while living in a fallen world?people who will sin and do so often?people who are trusting God to save them from themselves.maybe the failure is in not understanding that salvation is not only the instance but a process.maybe we don’t understand that grace is available.if we did,maybe then we’d let others see that we are screwed up. And maybe then they’d see God’s amazing work at fixing screw ups-instead of our horrible attempts at sanding over the cracks.


    • @just as i am
      Your comment is so heartfelt and honest. I think we are all sinners: hypocrites, murderers, thieves…it’s all equal sin in God’s eyes.
      We are in a fallen world and this world is not our home. We are so imperfect I think God must look at us with so much compassion as we struggle through life. The worst part about being a hypocrite is that it is a barrier to others to share in the delightful truth of God’s grace when they look at us. When they look at us being hypocritical, they think “I’m no perfect and never will be. So I can’t get saved, got to church…coz I won’t fit in”. I think this is the saddest part about being a hypocrite…showing a wrong picture of God’s grace that people can’t relate to. You are right though, if we were not so afraid to look imperfect, to be stripped down bare and mocked, if our love was so perfect that it had no fear, we would be vulnerable and real in front of all these people and show them that we are just weaklings looking for God’s strength to fill us, that we are only alive because He lives in us.
      As it is, it’s a process of brokenness. We have to be willing to love without inhibitions.
      Perfect love casts out all fear.


    • @ just as i am, I feel you bro. TOTALLY!!!


  15. @ Pst M. Was at the ombi launch, n i just want 2 say i felt so judged when u talked abt sisters aving kids outa wedlock…. True that this is not in divine order, n sometimes the circumstances r so complicated- as in this dint happen out of choice- lakini how come that statement always seems to excuse the men who go around siring kids outta wedlock n not taking responsibility. Is it coz the woman is more visible as we r the ones left holding the baby?


    • @ Just me, Thanks for pointing that out. I honestly can’t remember saying that, but I very much appreciate your bringing it up. It is certainly not my intention to judge anyone, and I agree with your statement that men are equally responsible as women when it comes to parenting. Please receive my heartfelt apology for any harm I may have caused. Pastor M


  16. Thank you Lord for using Pastor M in spite of himself to jolt us from our self righteousness.

    one thing always confuses me and that is ” Why do people think that Mavuno is just a trendy church were cool people come to be seen but the word is shallow”

    How can anyone who claims to be a Christian listen to this sermon and consider Mavuno as just a fad.

    Anyway just to clarify on the Gandhi thing he said that He likes the Christ but he doesn’t like the Christians, but to clarify Gandhi’s impression of Christians was a bit skewed because his perceptions of Christians were the oppressive colonial masters who had their feet on his countrymen. Had he lived to see Mother Teresa helping the poor and hopeless in India he may have been able to distinguish those who claimed to be Christians and those who really know Christ.

    Also for those looking for the perfect church, a story is told of a man who was rescued after being shipwrecked in an Island.

    He was the only one in the Island and so the captain of the rescuing ship got curious when he saw that the man had constructed three huts in the island. So he asked the man why he had three huts yet he was alone in the island.

    The man replied that one of the huts was his home, the second hut his church and the third hut the church he previously went to.Think about it, it will come to you…..


  17. Desperate Mavunite Says:

    The sermon on hyprocrisy was nothing short of awesome, and i felt pastor M speaking to me directly. It made me realize that i may be one of those hyprocrites. i recently gave my life to Christ and i have loved every minute of salvation ever since! HOWEVER, elements of my past life have been constantly haunting me,more so after i gave my life to Christ..(i dont get why by the way). i have had a history of past gay relationships, my most recent one ending quite hurtfully. i passed the point of saying “its just a phase i am going thru” or “i’m sure i’m not the only guy suffering from this.” but even then, before salvation, i still knew who my creator was and worshipped Him daily. but none of my feelings have changed ever since salvation! in that area of my life i am still the same guy! am i destined to battle with my sexuality forever? is it who i am? like for real? i dont think the term “saved but gay” sounds right at all!!! I AM TIRED OF BEING A HYPOCRITE!!!! HELP!!!!!


    • @ Desperate Mavunite, let me first affirm that you are not just a Mavunite but God’s son, whom He loves dearly. Thanks for sharing so openly what you’re going through. You are not alone! Psalm 68:19 says that He daily bears your burdens. Let me invite you to come to the prayer tent after the service and pray with one of our pastors. We would love to pray/walk with you. God bless.


  18. Hi pastor M

    The sermon was great yaani it really revealed a lot about me to myself, and reflecting back at it i really feel blessed that i was able to gauge myself this time and not others i was able to see the spec in my left eye and Ive just realized my right eye is actually blind and i thank the lord for showing me my own short comings

    God bless you.


  19. your sermon touched me in more ways than i can explain a battle on me that answered the battle around me if ever there was a time i needed GOD it would be now.


  20. your sermon touched me in more ways than i can explain a battle in me that answered the battle around me if ever there was a time i needed GOD it would be now.


  21. Hey Pastor M. Thanx 4 posting th sermon.i wldnt hv knwn bout hypocrisy nw tht i din attend th service.
    Nway,on th hypocrisy subject. I am saved bt i ws dng all th bd thngs.I recently dcdd to change my ways n live a better lyf aftr being convicted by sam1/thng in my heart mre thn 3tyms.i stl listen to secular n rock music tho (aftr i read stuff bout xtian artists n hw they dnt sing 4 God bt 4 money and fame.i cnt stand xtian music 4 nwdys.they dnt even mention Jesus’ name in their sngs.)th lyf change hs bn harder ever since i made tht dcsn.i pray n read th bible evrydy bt nw mre thn ever b4,i argue wit evry1 at hme.am always slpn an angry lady.5tyms ths wk.i usd to wake up to pray n nw i dnt…wats hapnin 2 me?plz hlp cz i dnt want 2 b a hypocrite.


    • @ Prity lady, am no authority, but I look to the passage below to guide me whenever am feeling out of sorts with the world. Remember, God is love. If you cannot love you cannot find God…

      Matthew 22:36-40 (New International Version)

      36″Teacher, which is the greatest commandment in the Law?” 37 Jesus replied: ” ‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.'[a] 38 This is the first and greatest commandment. 39 And the second is like it: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.'[b] 40 All the Law and the Prophets hang on these two commandments.”

      Note that nowhere does Jesus talk about loving oneself more than God or more than one’s neighbor. That is the challenge we have to overcome everyday as people (family, friends, lovers, colleagues, teachers, pastors, etc) break our hearts and abuse our trust even as we try to love them. Then we start trying to create a version of ourself that we think other will love when we know deep down we are not being real…and it becomes a vicious circle…we do not get the love we crave because others see through our HYPOCRISY!

      Love God, love people, be true to yourself, and let God do the rest. I hope this brings some clarity to your situation. God bless.


  22. corn of the cob Says:

    Thanks for that sermon, in as much as i have dated a couple of men from Mavuno who all ended up cheating on me in the multuples, and this totally disgusted me. where do we draw the line?
    Anyway, I can only hope that they were listening to the sermon, and that women they come across in future will not be left damaged as I was. thanks.


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