Not On My Watch!

In the beginning…God created Heaven and Earth. He looked at all He had created and saw that it was good. And then human kind got other ideas, fueled by the prince of this world…corruption, hatred, greed, fear manifested, and the beauty began to die…the ugliness set in and soon, we faced it everywhere we looked.

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All was not lost however, the battle could still be won. A group of special individuals with God given abilities and an honorable mandate to change the city. But there was just one problem.

So is this how its going to be? Are we going to let greed and injustice decide out destiny? Are we going to allow our city to be ruled by violence?…and impunity? Are we, the fearless ones, going to sit back in apathy and hope that someone else…a member of parliament, the city council…the government, foreign donors, will somehow fix the city? Are we, who are called to be the hope of our city, going to stand by as our moral and physical environment is compromised? Harmed? Destroyed?…NOT ON MY WATCH!!!

Who are the fearless influencers? Where are the fearless ones? Where are the men and women who our children will tell stories about in a city that was changed because we chose to care?…to get up and do something?…stand up and be counted? Where are the fearless citizens who will stand up and say, loud and clear…NOT ON MY WATCH!!!


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  1. i like to write, it beats talking any day…because no body can see you cry. i wish i could be profane…but i can’t not because this is a church blog but because my mama talk me better…but im angry and frankly i am looking the room to see whose fault it is but in here there is only me and God…so you figure whose job it is that im in this fine mess.

    i have never been good with the galz; they may have been a shoulder to cry on. never been good at keeping friends they could have bailed me and my family out, and now the way things are going im not even good at talking to god coz all to often he has been dissing my prayers.

    i mean tell me…is it bad to want your father to stop cheating on your mother and blowing away all his doe, is it bad to read so had in campus and then want a job that will pay the rent and take care of your mama…coz if it is then the big guy upstairs should say something after all he took the time to write 10 commandmets, over 60 books in the bible that im still yet to read, and oh yes begins his intro with the words “in the beginning there was the word and the word was me”. For all this pensmanship i would at least like an answer.

    my mama has worked so had for most of her life…she seriuosly Lord does not need to be 1.3 millin shillings in debt…this is a travesty. May be we have sinned, maybe we are reprihensible, i don’t know…maybe you got a beef with me and my folks…maybe this is happening to us coz we are just wrong…maybe maybe maybe maybe maybe…this five letter word is not giving me confidence and by now in your infinite wisdom you should have figured that out. i need answers, i need a job, i need to save my mother and her business, i need to bring my father home… i need to be heard today by you Lord.

    Your spirit is reputed to know us all by name… im tired of you saving my neighbour, my enemy, my ally, my friend, and then jump me along the queue and look for some other miserable soul, i m angry too and very miserable… just had to let you know

    if ever this should get to you…just know for all my venting…i m grateful you are God, and thank you for my family, and thank you for infinite mercy…now let me thank you for hearing me.



  2. Hi Ignored,
    I may not be able to answer you or guarantee you an answer but believe me when i say, your prayers are heard and are gonna be answered. I pray as i write this that you were able to attend service this month of September becoz your questions will be answered and your spirit queled of that anger. God does hear you and He loves you soooo immensely, His promises are fulfilled, dont despair.
    I will pray for you and together we are gonna be a formdable force pushing the darkness that has clouded your life.

    Be blessed and you shall no longer be Ignored but Favoured.


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