Mavuno Journey

It began five years ago, one man had a vision. It wasn’t too clear but he had a band of friends of about 400. They may have been small in number but they were brave of heart. After rain could not hold them back…the rain and mud could not stop them, because these warriors were fearless. They were a breed set apart for great exploits. They lived by a code, that divided they would fall but together the world was there’s to change.

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Though there were moments of pain and struggle, they purposed never to give up, never to give in. They would not flinch fear nor fly in the face of overwhelming odds. They had a mission to spread this passion to everyone who came in contact with them.

So…days passed…weeks…months…even years! And this band of fearless influencers grew. They grew in number and they grew in heart. They were no longer a band of brethren, but an army with a mission.

Their generals then got together and asked themselves some critical questions. WHAT WOULD CHANGE BECAUSE WE EXISTED? WHAT WOULD BE DIFFERENT BECAUSE WE LIVED? And they said that it is not enough to grow to 3000 people. We must take the message to the REST OF THE WORLD!

How do we do this they asked?

We might not know but there is one who knows. The one who holds our future. Conquering unforgiving terrain, distant locations…and treacherous conditions was not enough for the fearless ones. In their new home their numbers continued to grow as more warriors were trained in the Mavuno way. Something awesome was happening…something that will forever transform the face of the city…the continent…the world! They went in ones…and twos…in groups to distant parts of the world…each one to change society for the sake of God’s glory. But will these young warriors be found worthy? The time has come to forget the past and press forward in rock solid formation. As the fearless ones are unleashed! To take the city, to change the continent…to win the world!

The transformation is complete…this is who we are. This is what we do! This is the life we choose. Let the real fearless one stand firm and be counted…let the ones who have chosen this mission be recognized! Let the armies of our God and King be unleashed on the world! Straighten up! Face forward! Look lively! For onward Christian soldiers…we…are marching on to war!


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    If this mission was to change the city then you will be found in breach of your mission. seemingly you will end up turning over the country which is outsude your mission. Tell me what soldiers, are you ready to handle a nation instead because if you are ready then I want to join you!


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