Change The World No.5

What is the most courageous thing that you have done this year?

We have spent the last four Sunday’s talking about the kind of person it takes to change the world. Now we want to put what we have learnt into practice and do some world changing. It seems that courage is indispensable in the changing world. A lot of people are waiting for things to be shaped up, but is it possible that we could enter there and shape things? What would it take for us to set the tone and begin to take action?

To change the world you must set things in motion against all odds.


The S.O.A.P. Formula;

  • Scripture

Read 1 Samuel 13:22 – 14:14,20-23

  • Observation
  1. There was neither sword nor spear in the hand of any people who were with Saul or Jonathan, in other words, they were at a disadvantage.
  2. The odds were against them [2 men vs. a garrison]. Nevertheless, Jonathan understood that the morale depended on activity. His courage quickly threw his troops into action.
  3. The result of this action was that the troops regained their morale, even though the victory was small.

  • Application

If all we do is prepare you to change the city and never send you out, it is a waste of time. If you never do anything, if you never say a word about your convictions, you will never fail, but neither will you achieve anything, which in itself is as good as denying what we believe.

We have therefor designed an entire month of outreach called  ‘Spread The Love’. This is how we bring our friends to Christ. It is very easy to watch others without participating.

God wants you to start taking risks and trust in Him for things you can’t do in your own strength. If you want to see change you must stand up and be counted, even if you’re the youngest in the family.

  • Prayer
  1. Spend time praying for Nairobi. Next Sunday is our fifth anniversary. God has built a strong foundation for this church, but it is time to move to the next level.
  2. Pray that in the next five years, we as a church will experience God’s goodness. Moses came down from the mountain to find rebellion led by Aaron. The Lord was ready to wipe out the entire community, but Moses pleads with God to relent, but there was a crisis. In this situation of doubt, concern and bleak future. Moses goes to God and cries that if You do not want us to go do not send us from here. God promises;

Exodus 33:19

19 And the LORD said, I will cause all my goodness to pass in front of you, and I will proclaim my name, the LORD, in your presence.

God’s goodness is our highest good. He is our ultimate benefit; our greatest inheritance, our fulfillment, happiness and joy. But that goodness also invlolves our kindness and compassion to one another.

Watch the archive of the LIVE stream on the link below as well as previous sermons within this series;

Change The World No. 5 – The Catalyst Formula


3 Responses to “Change The World No.5”

  1. The lesson is the very manifestation of God’s goodness passing in front of us.


  2. Wonderful post. It resonates with one I wrote some time back about God using us even when, in our estimates we are “not perfect” but to Him we are perfect for the job.

    The classic example was when God used Gideon (Judges 6-7) who was fearfully threshing wheat in a winepress to lead an army of 300 to defeat Israel’s enemies who were as numerous as locusts.

    This was the Gideon who said he was unqualified to save Israel because his clan was the weakest and he was the least important person in his father’s house. But God already knew this when He chose him as Commander in Chief and He promised to be with him.

    Therefore don’t let your low self esteem or low socio-economic status or the challenge’s magnitude stop you doing God bidding and changing the world. Understand that when you are “weak”, then God is strong on your behalf and let Him work on you and on your weaknesses as you work on His job and fulfill your life’s purpose.

    To read he full article visit


  3. Last born gal Says:

    He! yaani! God is an amazing God!! Wacha tu! This message was for me!!! I donno about anyone else! I had been praying over the weekend for Gods guidance over speaking to my boss about my work as he was to let me go on tuesday 31st. As I travelled back to nai on sunday morning I asked God, yaani seriously monday is here and you havent given me direction? As soon as Ps. Linda uttered the words courage…I knew. This is it!! And when we prayed for each other my friend prayed for favour for me! Let me suffice to say, My boss decided to give me a further one month to assess my work and will make a final decision end of September! Yaani …Oh ooo My God is good oh!!


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